No one likes being cold, especially when it’s windy. Barely any one would dare to ignore gloves in bad weather, but about those who cannot get warmer even wearing the warmest mittens? The answer is simple: take advantage of hi-tech and science, invest in a cute hand warmer and warm up finally. Today we have selected 12 best hand warmers from disposable hand warmers to famous Zippo hand warmer and Heated Gloves - a complex system supplied with special gloves equipped with reusable batteries for those who:

  • Love active winter sports, such as skiing, skating, snowboarding.

  • Spend much time outdoor or travel a lot for work.

  • Are fond of hunting and fishing.

  • Suffer from the Raynaud's Syndrome.

Even if you’re that dude whose hands get cold when he sees his girlfriend, don’t worry, we’ll find a hand warmer for you too. Let’s get started!

12 Best Hand Warmers to Save Your Hands from Being Cold

We have selected all kinds of hand warmers to suit any taste or budget, ranging from 30 cent disposable warming bags to the most advanced $90 rechargeable warmers and have classified them into several categories:

  • Disposable hand warmers;

  • Pocket warmers for smart phones;

  • Reusable & rechargeable hand warmers;

  • Heated Gloves;

  • Football hand warmers;

  • USB hand warmers.

We were about to buy a couple of such gadgets for ourselves as winter (and chilly fall) is coming!

The Cheapest Disposable Hand Warmers

best hand warmersDisposable hand warmers are very popular and most accessible that is why different manufacturers have launched a whole bunch of similar models. Such warmers begin working when they come in contact with air. You can either merely hold them or insert in your gloves or pocket and warm up safely regardless of the way you use them. Such hand warmers usually contain the same ingredients, which are iron powder, water, salt, activated charcoal and vermiculite. You can warm safely for 7-10 hours. Open it, shake it and use it! A single warmer costs 30-40 cents that’s why they are sold in packs. Two manufacturers listed below are considered to be market leaders, check them out.

HotHands Hand Warmers from ~$22.97 (30 pairs) Сheck the current price

Grabber Warmers HWPP10 10-Pack Hand Warmers – from $6.30 (10 pairs) Сheck the current price

Pocket Warmers for Smart Phones

best pocket warmerThis is a cut-rate reusable warmer for those who don’t need to warm up for long. These small warmers contain gel which releases heat for about 20 minutes after being activated. However, you’d have to boil it for about 5 minutes after each use, which is not very convenient. Still, the effect of these hand inserts is not limited to warming up your hands. Users share their own life hacks, for instance in the dead of winter they would put these warmers with their phones and the battery would survive low temperature. Certain popular models of gel warmers can also be used as coolers if necessary if refrigerated in advance.

For Pro Hand and Body Warmers, Hotsy!, 2 Countwarmer/cooler – ~$6.65 (2 pack) Сheck the current price

Hand Warmers - HotSnapZ Reusable Round & Pocket Warmersonly warmer – ~$29.99 (8 pack) Сheck the current price

Best Reusable & Rechargeable Hand Warmers

Zippo Hand Warmer

zippo hand warmer

The undisputed leader of any rating is cult manufacturer Zippo hand warmer. This #1 Best seller in the Camping Hand Warmers & Foot Warmers category for the starting price of ~$10.14 is an example of an excellent gift for yourself or someone else. However, in contrast to the Zippo lighters, there is no open flame. This is a heating pad, which generates heat as a result of flameless oxidation of the gasoline-containing vapor liquid contact in oxygen. Ventilation openings are available to ensure consistent air supply to the warmer. To make the warmer work, you only need to fill the warmer with the special Zippo Lighter Fluid (not supplied by default), and you will end up having 6 to 12 hours of being pleasantly and safely heated by a stylish accessory. Heating time depends on the model you choose, each is available in 5 colors: from juicy orange to brutal camouflage paint.

Price: from ~$10.14 Check the current price

EnergyFlux  Enduro 7800mAh - Rechargeable double-sided hand warmer

best rechargeable hand warmerThis is any geek’s real must-have with double-sided heating. A single device combines a hand warmer, a USB gadget and a flash light for only ~$37.95! EnergyFlux Enduro also has a battery charge indicator and allows you to set the temperature according to your needs. As a result, you can enjoy up to 7 hours of heat. You can conveniently turn the gadget off when you don’t need any more heat. Even the mailing men who work regardless of weather conditions use this device. The most impressive feedback we’ve come across was “..How did I get by without this?” - read more customer reviews on

Price: ~$37.95 Check the current price

Rechargeable Double-Sided Hand Warmer & 4,400 mAh Power Bank For Most Cell Phones & Mobile Devices

hand warmerThis is a stylish hand warmer designed for female audience. Its bright design is combined with a range of useful functions available. You’ll get a warmer and portable charger for gadgets and an LED flashlight for only ~$29.97. This model resembles the previous one a lot, but unlike the latter it’s clearly not unisex. Depending on the temperature settings, you’ll get 4-5 hours of heat and the warmer can be recharged using either a USB cable or an outlet (an AC adapter is available). Judging by the reviews, this is also a great gift as long as you don’t lose it in your purse: yes, it is that small. Raynaud's Syndrome patients have also praised this hand warmer a lot, as in their case it is effective against such symptoms as palm ache and cold fingers.

Price: ~$29.97 Check the current price

Heated Gear Gloves Kit

heated gear gloves kitThis isn’t a mere hand warmer, but a complex system supplied with special gloves equipped with reusable batteries available at the starting price of ~$86.17. This is an option for those who don’t want to spend time messing with any gadgets. All you have to do is charge the battery, put the gloves on and you can go ahead and have fun in the rain or snow as the gloves are waterproof! The battery, however, will only live for 4 hours so plan your adventures with the device thoroughly. The gloves are unisex, so it they will fit everyone. Be careful with the size though, as the consumers claim that women who wear size 7 (average) will find S suitable, and men would require at least an M size.

Price: from ~$86.17 Check the current price

Best Football Hand Warmers

NFL Hand Warmer, 15 x 7.5-Inch

best football warmerWe couldn’t ignore this device! It is highly recommended for football fans! Such a cool accessory has 3 huge advantages. First of all, there are hand warmers with the logos of all American football teams. Whether you’re a fan of Baltimore Ravens, Washington Redskins or any other team, you’ll find a model for yourself. Second, you can use it either with or without the heat packs. Last but not least, an internal pocket with a zipper allows storing change, keys and phone, so you don’t have to carry a bag to the stadium any more. This hand warmer was made for you if you never miss you team’s matches.

Price: from ~$9 Check the current price

If you’re not a football fan, you can obtain a colored Heat Factory Fleece-Lined Hand Muff which is used with two disposable warmer packets (also supplied). The muff is available in 3 colors, black, mossy oak, and blaze and its price starts from ~$10.62 Check the current price

Best USB Hand Warmers

We’ve found two cute and funny and still quite useful hand warmers for gamers and those who simply spend much time on their PC and are cold even at home. What would you choose, heated gloves or heated mouse pad?

Smoko Toast USB Handwarmers - Tato & Butta


usb handwarmers

A cute thing, isn’t it? It was designed especially for those whose hands feel chilly when sitting at their PC. Guys, though, you might want to hold on as Tato & Butta is more of a female USB hand warmer as it will be too tiny for men’s hands. Each toast is connected separately, which is quite convenient. If you want a wireless option, such model is also available. Kawaii fans, go ahead: Tato& Butta warmers were made to lift your spirits.

Price: from $26.53 Сheck the current price

VIVISKY(TM) Cute and Lively Minions Despicable Me 5 Watt Underpower USB Heated Mouse Pad, Warming Hand &Keep it Warm


best usb hand warmerThis funny Minions heated mouse pad available at the price starting from ~$12.99 will suit both guys and girls. It copes with the task well and your hands do indeed warm up. You have to simply connect this device via USB and disconnect once you get too hot. It makes working on the computer more fun, as according to the users, your routine activities have novelty to them! Some, however, are disappointed that moving the mouse is a bit limited when you have the device connected. Still, if you’re not a gamer that shouldn’t be an issue. There are 2 mouse pads available, with one- or two-eyed minion, the price difference between the two is only $1.

Price: from ~$12.99 to $13.99 Сheck the current price

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