Many love winter for its snow-covered streets, bustling pre-Christmas shopping malls, the long-awaited holidays and of course the cold weather. The last point can spoil the holidays, especially for those who consider themselves easy to freeze, so today we have selected for you 14 best heating pads, which will warm the frostiest days and stabilize your blood circulation and cold joints.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

Types of heating pads

Let’s cover the types of heating pads that you can encounter on the market in more detail so you know what they are all about and what features differentiate them from each other.

Infrared heating pads

Infrared heating pads use the power of far away infrared waves that produce heat. Because these pads use far away infrared waves their heat is able to reach deeper than the skin surface and penetrate soft muscle tissues (about 2-3 inches). IR pads are thus considered more effective among dry heating pads (but more expensive).

Electric heating pads

Electric heating pads use household current to heat up. The heating produced by an electric pad seldom goes deeper than a quarter of an inch, just below the skin, and it’s not going into the muscle tissue. Typically there are 3 heating levels and if you put it on a high level, it becomes extremely dangerous if left for a long time on a skin. Make sure you buy one that has a pre-set timer which switches off the pad after a specified period of time.

Moist heating pads

Moist heating pads have to be soaked in (or filled with) water before application. While these pads are considered a little bit more effective than regular electrical pads, they also won’t go much deeper than the skin level. However, they feel much nicer and better on the skin and won’t cause any irritations that are seldom associated with dry heat. With moist packs, you have to use several layers of fabric between your skin and a pad to avoid burns. Some of the electric pads can be sprayed with water for better comfort.

Microwave heating pads

Microwave heating pads are heated up directly in the microwave, as the name implies. They are usually made of insulating fabric and filled with grains such as buckwheat, flax seeds, wheat, etc. They won’t go any deeper than the skin level, but they are okay if you just want to stay warm on a cold night.

There are, however, some other non-typical heating pads that are well-worth the attention:

Portable heating pad that are mostly used by fishermen, hikers, and hunters. They are usually pretty small for maximum portability and don’t have to be continuously plugged into an outlet.

Heating pads for pets that are specifically designed for your four-legged friends to keep them warm on a cold winter day.

Heated mattress pad that you put on your bed for extra chill-free comfort. The one we’ll cover here comes with 10 heat settings for individualized muscle soothing experience.

Who will benefit from a heating pad?

Heating therapy has been around since ancient times. There’s also plenty of scientific research that confirms the efficacy of thermotherapy. Here’s a brief (and by no means exhaustive) list of a few conditions that heating therapy can alleviate:

  • Arthritis. Thermotherapy (along with cryotherapy) has been proven as an effective palliative therapy in the treatment of rheumatoid arthritis, meaning it doesn’t cure the disease, but helps to mitigate the acute symptoms and pain associated with it.
  • Fibromyalgia. The benefits of using heat therapy in the patients with fibromyalgia are obvious: warm temperature elicits vasodilatation, stimulate blood flow and oxygenate muscle tissues; all of these processes are crucial components in alleviating chronic pain associated with fibromyalgia. Overall, thermotherapy has revealed a significant reduction of pain in patients with fibromyalgia syndrome, according to the researchers from the University of Florida.
  • Muscle spasms and musculoskeletal injuries. Based on the available scientific data, it’s safe to say that topical heat therapy is beneficial for those suffering from muscle spasms or musculoskeletal injuries, because heat increases blood flow, and elasticity of connective tissues. Heat has also demonstrated therapeutic benefits for promoting the healing process and thus, can be used in combination with pharmaceuticals or as a monotherapy.
  • Lower back pain. The study published in the Journal of Clinical and Diagnostic Research (2014) concluded (yet again) that heating therapy caused “low back pain to be relieved.” And since this method had very few side-effects, it was, therefore, recommended alongside pharmacological treatments for reducing pain in the patients suffering from lower back pain.
  • Cramps. Since all of the above research has demonstrated the efficacy of thermotherapy in treating various medical conditions, it would be safe to assume that heat therapy would also alleviate pain associated with cramps. It’s inexpensive and drugless way to relieve painful symptoms of menstruation, restless leg syndrome, neuropathological and other medical conditions.
  • Mental health. Perhaps, not as obvious as the above-mentioned issues, heat therapy can help deal with daily stress, mental conditions, and even a loss of a loved one. There was a fantastic article in the NY Times where an author was relating a story about her widowed aunt who bought a heated pillow and put it on the side of the bed where her husband slept before he passed away. Turns out, her aunt was not alone in her desire to cuddle up with something warm by her side, there’s a whole bunch of people who can benefit from such a heating experience: people with PTSD, anxiety, those who lost their loved ones or suffer from a recent breakup or divorce.

Precautions: how to use and when you shouldn’t use a heating pad

However, there are certain precautions you should follow when using a heating pad:

  • Do not use a heating pad for more than 20 minutes at a time per hour
  • Do not fall asleep with a heating pad or you can inadvertently burn yourself
  • Do not use a heating pad alone and directly on your skin, always use a thin layer between your skin and a pad to prevent skin irritation or burns
  • Do not use a heating pad if you suffer from any skin condition (especially in places where you’d want to apply a pad), like eczema, psoriasis, dermatitis, etc.
  • Do not use a heating pad near water
  • Do not use a heating pad after physical activity
  • Do not use a heating pad on a swelling (because the swelling is bleeding in the tissue and heat will just draw more blood to the problem area)
  • Do not use a heating pad when you have diabetes, infection, vascular disease, deep vein thrombosis, multiple sclerosis
  • Do not use a heating pad over the open wound
  • Start with the lowest heating setting

How heating pads work

Heating pads work by increasing the temperature in the problem area, thus improving blood circulation and muscle flexibility, relieving pain and discomfort and helping the recovery process.

There are two basic types of heat therapy and every variation revolves around those two general types:

Dry heat (conducted heat) includes all sort of dry heating pads and saunas.
Moist heat (convection heat) includes steamed towels, moist heating pads, and hot baths.

What to look for when shopping: criteria

  • Three or more heat levels

In case you want to have control over heat settings, look for a pad with a digital controller with several heating levels.

  • Quick heat-up

When looking for a heating pad, read the manufacturer’s description carefully and see how quickly the heating pad heats up. We wouldn't say that this feature is crucial, but it’s always nice when you don’t have to wait hours for the thing to properly work. However, if the pad heats up too quickly, you might inadvertently burn your skin, so look for an average heating speed.

  • Easy machine washing of covering

It might be worth checking if the pad can be machine washed in case you don’t want to deal with hand washing.

  • An automatic shut-off timer

This feature is very important. Look for a pad with an automatic shut-off function to avoid overheating, skin irritation, and burns.

  • Size of Pad

Look how big the pad is. If you want to deal with regular menstrual cramps, then buying a huge massage heating mat might not be a practical solution.

  • Length of Power Cord

Check the length of the power cord and see if it’s enough in your case.

  • Heating Methods (Infrared, Electric, Moist, Microwave, Non-Electric Heating Pads)

Perhaps, the most important thing to look for is the heating method. If you need for the pad to reach deeper into the tissue, then buy an infrared mat, if you just want a relaxing heating experience, then a microwave or electrical heating would be enough.

TOP heating pads for Home, Office and Travel

Further discussion covers all types of heating pads that are currently available on the market. We’ll start from regular electric pads, then review some of the best infrared options. We’ll also go through natural pads, some of which might be microwaved, and finish with a sophisticated massage mats.

Sunbeam 2013-912 Xpress Heat Microplush Heating Pad for Quick Pain Relief– A Universal Heating Pad

Sunbeam Xpress Heat Microplush Heating Pad: photoThis best seller has been a leader in the Best Heating Pads category for several years with its over 9400 customer reviews. Why? Well, the success is owed to good value for money and a universal size, the dimensions are 12" x 24". Add the rectangular shape and you’ll see that it is really convenient and practical, because unlike other specially shaped heaters (such as the neck cut ones) this model is suitable for full coverage "without gaps" around any joints. With it you can sleep, and warm a damaged knee or elbow. Too bad you can’t carry it under your jacket as the heater is powered from an AC outlet.

The device provides for 6 heat settings, and the XpressHeat technology that completely heats the heating pad for 30 seconds and allows you to flexibly configure the remote therapeutic heating of various groups of muscles and joints for 2 hours ahead is integrated.

best sellimg heating pad

One of the main problems which the users encounter when using these best heating pads for medical purposes is that the ointments quickly stain the heater. In case of Sunbeam you won’t need an additional towel, as the case is detachable and washable, and doesn’t cause any issues.

As a result, this is a multi-purpose model providing rich opportunities for the treatment of joints, muscles, and with the possibility of flexible adjustment of warmth treatments for therapeutic and domestic purposes.

Sunbeam 2013-912 Xpress: Check the current price

Sunbeam 756-500 Heating Pad with UltraHeatTechnology – A Cut-Rate Heating Pad

A Cut Rate Heating Pad: photo

The competitive edge of this inexpensive model over other low cost heaters is its dimensions of a full-scale item (12" x 15").

The technical abilities suffered in favor of low cost. XpressHeat technology is limited here to three temperature modes, and there is no setup of progressive warming - in this regard, the item is quite unpretentious. But thanks to its user-friendly design, the device can be rolled up to become a perfect companion for winter travel. Who knows, maybe there will be heating shortages in your hotel, or you might pull the muscle after skiing.

This is a reasonably-priced option for those who don’t expect many functions from a regular heater, but doesn’t want to use granny methods either.

Sunbeam 756-500: Check the current price

Sunbeam 885-911 Renue Heat Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap – A Heating Pad For Neck And Shoulders Area

A Heating Pad For Neck And Shoulders Area: photo

This heater is one of the best heating pads for neck and shoulders area. Unlike its analogues, Renue is securely tightened to your body and that’s why it is great not only for heating your cold neck but also for keeping you warm while watching a movie, reading a book or working in a cold office as this is a tech and comfortable replacement of a plaid. Unfortunately you won’t be able to move around while wearing this semi-poncho at home as it is powered by an outlet.

The brand XpressHeat technology is also integrated in this product and here it provides for 4 temperature modes and can be programmed to distribute heat for two hours. The micro plush case is identical to the top-end version one as it is soft, pleasant to the touch and does not cause discomfort after prolonged use. Read over 2500 customer reviews to make sure of it.

Sunbeam Renue Heat Therapy Neck and Shoulder Wrap

The only thing that this useful winter device is lacking is a built-in battery. We’re all too tempted to bundle up and walk around in it all winter. But as they say, good things come in small packages.

Of course, this isn’t a low end model: its price tag higher than the top product’s one and functionality is less wide. Still, the convenience of design in comparison with the classical form cannot be underestimated. And we have not found any worthy competitors of this model too.

Sunbeam 885-911 Neck and Shoulder:  Check the current price

Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL King Size

Pure Enrichment PureRelief XL Heating Pad: photo

Pure Enrichment is a relatively new company that has already filled a niche among manufacturers of premium household appliances and personal care products and has quickly established itself as a leader in the industry. The heating pad from Pure Enrichment has become an all-time hit and a bestseller among heating pads on the market.

Pure Enrichment heating pad is an electrical pad that utilizes both dry and moist heating. To benefit from a moist therapy, just dampen the microplus side with a sponge or spray it with a mist of water.

It’s made of super soft microfiber that’s nicely warm and comforting to the touch. It has 6 heat settings and a 2-hour automatic shut-off feature. It comes with an LED digital controller, 9-ft extra long cord, and a convenient storage bag.

And while we know that electrical pads do not penetrate deeper than the skin level, the pad will certainly alleviate mild pain and cramps.

The testers praised the wonderfully soft fabric of the pad’s cover, the simplicity of the control settings, the heating properties, and durability of the device. The less enthusiastic consumers said that the pad was not hot or penetrated deep enough. So if you’re looking for a deeper therapy, then you have to choose something else.

PureRelief XL:  Check the current price

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad

UTK Far Infrared Heating Pad: photo

UTK specializes in infrared technology. The company not only manufactures infrared products but also researches the benefits of infrared therapy. UTK’s products are FDA certified and GMP approved for medical use.

Because of the specific nature of infrared waves, this pad will penetrate much deeper than the skin level and will get both to the muscle tissues and joints.

The device comes with a digital controller that can be used to adjust heat to your comfort level (6 settings). You can also set your own automatic shut-off function for up to 4 hours by 15 minutes increments. There’s a sophisticated memory function that remembers your last settings so you won’t have to go through the pain of adjusting the device every time you use it. The pad comes also with a 10-ft cord. The pad is made of soft PU leather and filled with 120 jade stones.

This device is pricey but it’s a great investment since most infrared pads can be used for years. Don’t expect the results after just 2-3 times of using it, allow some time for the infrared to really sink in deep into your muscles, perhaps a week for the results to be felt and seen. Also, do not be discouraged if you do not feel enough heat right away with this device, it works well even if you just feel warmer at first. And while there’s a high risk of burns associated with electrical pads. You’re on the safe side with infrared.

The consumers were generally happy with how the product delivered, with only a handful saying the controllers didn’t work properly; however, they could be purchased separately or exchanged under warranty.

UTK Infrared:  Check the current price

Thermalon Microwave Activated Moist Heat Pad

Thermalon Microwave Moist Heat Pad: photo

The Thermalon pad has to be microwaved for 1 to 2 minutes and applied for 30 minutes to the problem area. The pad features a special Hydro Pearl technology where water molecules are absorbed from the air and stored inside the beads. When microwaved that water is released thus providing “moist’ heat experience. There’s no need to dampen the pad in water before heating it up, thanks to the technology.

Don’t expect miracles to happen with this type of pad, it won’t reach deep and won’t work on your joints either. If you have a mild pain that seldom comes with menstruation or a strained muscle, then it would probably work.

The customer’s response was mixed with a lot of people saying it exploded in the microwave (especially when the pad touched the microwave walls), others complained that it leaked or melted. Overall, we can’t solidly recommend this product, but it’s cheap so might be worth a try.

Thermalon Microwave Activated Moist: Check the current price

HealthSmart TheraBeads Microwavable Heating Pad

HealthSmart Microwavable Heating Pad: photo

According to the manufacturer, this heating pad utilizes a special TheraBeads technology that is supposed to naturally recover moisture from the air (much like the previously described option). It’s slightly more expensive than its counterpart and also a bit smaller (9 by 12 inches).

Unfortunately, it’s also not as easy to recommend as more reliable heating pads with scientifically proven technologies. Customer response has also been far from positive with a lot of people complaining about the quality of the product they received; others said it exploded or burnt inside the microwave. So it’s more of a “buyer beware” sort of product that you obviously need to avoid.

HealthSmart TheraBeads Microwavable: Check the current price

Massage Mat with 10 Vibrating Motors and 4 Therapy Heating pad

Massage Mat with Vibrating Motors: photo

This is a huge mat by Snailax that has both massage and heating modes. It looks really impressive and the manufacturer promises 10 invigorating massage motors, 5 massage modes, 4 massaging zones and 3 levels of intensity! It also has 4 heating pads that target 4 heating zones in the upper and lower back, thighs, and calves.

The material is a soft plush fabric that certainly enhances comforting qualities of the mat. The customers are overwhelmingly pleased with their purchases, with a lot of people saying “it’s a keeper”, “top of the line”, “works as described”, and many others were pleasantly surprised with the quality of massage and heating. Those who were not just as lucky to experience all the benefits of the mat said they might have received a faulty product which they had to return or exchange. The warranty covers all unpredictabilities, so I’m sure you won’t get disappointed.

However, just as with any other electrical heating do not expect thorough and deeper heat penetration, it will mildly work on the superficial areas of your body providing a very light relief.

SNAILAX with Vibrating Motors: Check the current price

Hot Therapy Relief - Organic Flaxseed

Hot Therapy Relief - Organic Flaxseed: photo

I put all kinds of natural stuff on my Christmas wish list, among those are buckwheat hulls pillow, hemp laundry basket, cotton cloth coffee filters, and now this – heating pad with flax seeds! In my daily life, I try to avoid the use of unnecessary chemicals, plastic, synthetics, and yes, even cosmetics.

Generally, anything that ends with “–ics” gives me a headache. But long story short, this flaxseed pillow is a gem. It’s double-sided with one side made of cotton, the other - with fleece. The pillow is filled with purely organic flaxseed. It’s also unscented, which is very good in case you suffer from allergies.

The manufacturer says you can microwave the pillow, but I think you can just soak it in hot water, wrap it up in a dry tissue or linen and apply to a problem area. Store in the fridge to preserve freshness. The customers are pleased with the pillow, and those who were not mostly complained about the size of the pillow being too small.

Hot Therapy Relief: Check the current price

SNAILAX Massage Mat with Heat, Memory Foam

SNAILAX Massage Mat with Memory Foam: photo

This is another bestseller from Snailax, which is a bit pricier than the previous option we covered earlier. The difference between the two is in the memory foam padding which provides greater support for your body. It also has 6 (instead of 4) heating pads. The customers have wonderful things to say about this mat praising its comfiness, heating, and massaging properties. Not a single bad review to date.

SNAILAX with Memory Foam: Check the current price

USB Heated Wrist Brace

Quick Win USB Heated Wrist Brace: photo

This is an infrared pad that can be charged through USB. The product description is somewhat hard to read making it obvious that the product is imported (most probably from China). The customers complained that there was no thermostat, no control over heating, making the product too hot and dangerous. However, if you want a smaller device with infrared technology, this one is worth a try, considering its price.

USB Heated Wrist Brace: Check the current price

Sunbeam Quilted Heated Mattress Pad with EasySet Pro Controller - Best Heated Mattress Pad

Best Heated Mattress Pad: photo

SunBeam heating bedding is a great option for those how are up for anything to avoid sleeping in a cold bed.

Although, this heating mattress pad is imported, Sunbeam is a reputable business, that’s been in the industry for almost a century.
Sunbeam has its own patented technology that it calls ThermoFine® Warming System that monitors the temperature of your body as well as the surrounding environment. Moreover, it employes patented carbon-based polymer Positive Temperature Coefficient (PTC) that guarantees a consistent heating. For example, if during the night your feet become cold, the PTC will sense the drop in temperature and will automatically direct additional heat to your feet. This is a truly innovative technology that only Sunbeam employes at the moment.

The mattress pad comes with an EasySet Pro Controller that has 10 heat settings and a 10-hour shut-off feature, which is very important, in case you seldom forget to switch off your devices. The pad’s made of 100% polyester and has a generous 5 ounces of plush fill for increased comfort. The pad also features a dual-zone control in case you and your partner have different sleeping preferences.

You won’t have to feel cold any longer the first few minutes in bed as all you’ll have to do is turn on the encasement heating and spend a minute doing your thing. After the Sunbeam has heated the bed to reach the required temperature, it will maintain it. You can change the temperature and total heating time whenever necessary as up to 20 options are available!

There are 6 mattress pad sizes to choose from. The mattress pad itself is pleasant to touch, it doesn’t rustle and you won’t feel any wires underneath. It’s crucial as no one wants to be the princess from “The Princess and the Pea”! Just like with the blanket, you can set 2 temperature modes for individualized comfort. You can obviously wash and clean it without being afraid to damage it.

There is different feedback concerning this extremely useful bed accessory, as the sleep quality is a very delicate matter. Note that overall the customers rate this product highly, read over 2400 customer reviews to decide for yourself whether it is worth buying.

Sunbeam Quilted Check the current price

The Best Portable Heating Pad for Hunters, Fishermen and Athletes

Rechargeable Portable Personal Heating Pad

Rechargeable Portable Heat Pad: photo

This rechargeable and portable heating pad is the must-have gadget if you are an outdoor fan. However, if you don’t like fishing and hunting, don’t worry, this item can be used at home too. Use it for shoulders, back pain, cramps, or sore muscles, arthritis, and more.

The good thing about this pad is that the filling is pure water, which you can add or drain anytime anywhere to adjust it to your liking. The outer shell of the pad is soft velvet fabric which is very gentle on the skin. The water is sealed by 2 thick PVC sheets, so you don’t have to worry about leakage. All you have to do is plug this thing in an outlet and leave it for 8-10 minutes. The charger comes with buil-in automatic shut-off feature that stops heating the pad at 167 degrees, so the pad is never too hot and won’t burn your skin.

Outdoor activities fans do all sort of tricks to keep themselves warm in winter, including the fishermen carrying large coffee mugs, hunters wearing layered clothes and sprinters using warming ointments. As an analogue to such primitive heating we have picked a portable heating pad, which will keep you warm for 6 hours. Unlike home use models, this one doesn’t require constantly being plugged into an outlet as it is takes 15 minutes to charge (which is quite comfortable). Its 5x10” dimensions make it perfectly transportable in your jacket pocket. You’ll put it there and forget about it and still stay warm.

This is definitely good value for money at least since you won’t find any electronic analogues and hot water bottles don’t seem to be a smart choice in 2019.

Rechargeable Portable Heating Pad: Check the current price

USB Powered Far Infrared Portable Waist Electric Heating Pad Belt with Graphene

USB Powered Far Infrared Portable Waist: photo

This USB powered belt can be especially helpful for those suffering from radiculitis. Although, not much can be found online about SkyGenius Plus, the company that sells this product, but it seems as product worth recommending. First off, because the manufacturer claims that it uses graphine infra red waves of 6 to 19 microns, which easily penetrate the body and stimulate blood circulation in the problem area. There are 3 adjustable temperature setting for better control, adjustable velcro tape and a USB cable all of which add portability and convenience to the device. The customer’s response was mostly positive, but there were, however, unhappy customers who said it stopped working after a few times; others inadvertently burnt themselves in less than 5 minutes. But overall, for the time being and with the price it has, it’s worth giving this product a chance.

USB powered infrared belt Check the current price

The Best Heating Pads for Pets

After you obtain a heating pad, you might find out that it has certain maggadgets/imagesism over pets which strive to lay and fall asleep on its warm surface. We’ve found best heating pads especially for your pets.

Extreme Weather Heated Kitty Pad – a Safe Cat Heated Pad

Extreme Safe Cat Heated Pad: photoThis is a wired heated pad for suitable for small animals (the dimensions of the model are 12.5”x18.5”, such as cats, dwarf dogs and puppies. Unlike a human heating pad, this model isn’t equipped with a special fluffy casing for the sake of practicality: the tissue will very quickly wear out, because the cats like to run claws wherever. Therefore, the surface is made of hard plastic, which for will not be a problem for furry pets. Bald ones, though, might feel uncomfortable there so pad it with something soft.

Do not worry about safety of your pet as a special steel cover will not allow your pet to chew on the wire. The heating pad capacity is far less than its human counterparts’ one, no temperature conditions are available, but there is enough heat produced for pets.

The model is quite popular on as the 4.7 stars out of 5 rating and 1160 customer reviews prove (read all of them right now).

K&H Heated Kitty Pad Check the current price

Electro-Soft Outdoor Heated Bed - a Large Dog Heated Pad

Large Dog Heated Pad: photo

The dogs would require a larger pad, so we’ve picked a large K&H model. Its dimensions reach 25" x 36" (63x91cm). Unlike the previous item, this one is encased, and the case is detachable, washable and difficult to damage with claws. This isn’t a purely dog option as several cats at your house will adore this spacious bed.

A special sensor makes sure the temperature doesn’t exceed regular pet body temperature. Don’t you worry about control as this feature won’t let the pad overheat or burn, and you can easily place it near a convenient outlet.

The users gave this pad a 4.6 stars out of 5 rating and composed over 2200 reviews which you can read to decide whether it is worth buying.

K&H Outdoor Heated Bed: Check the current price

Best Heating Pads Comparison Chart


XpressHeat Modes

Warming Time

Sunbeam 2013-912 (12" x 24")


30 seconds

Sunbeam 756-500 (12" x 15")


30 seconds

Sunbeam Renue (14 x 22”)


30 seconds

Pure Enrichment (12" x 24")


within a minute

(21" x 31")

 6  15 Minutes

(9" x 12")

 -  1-2 Minutes

(9" x 12")

 -  2 Minutes

SNAILAX with Vibrating Motors
(69" x 24")

4  3-5 minutes

Sacksy Thyme
(6.5" x 12")

 - up to 2 minutes 

SNAILAX with Memory Foam
(69" x 24")

 3-5 minutes

(14.4" x 4.3")

-  10-15 minutes

Sunbeam Quilted (from 75” x 39”)

10 heat settings

within a minute

Cixi City
(10.7" x 7")

 8-10 minutes

(4" x 6")

within a minute 


Are heating pads safe?
Generally, yes, they are. However, there are precautions that you need to be aware of. Please, refer to the Precautions section in this article

Are heating pads allowed on airplanes?
Heating pads that are electric are allowed on airplanes. Any pad that doesn’t contain liquid can, in fact, be taken on an airplane.

Is a heating pad good for sciatica?
Yes, it is. We advise going for a more expensive infrared pad to make sure it definitely works.

Can you sleep on a heating pad?
We do not advise to sleep on a heating pad. Also, set a timer for an automatic shut-off to prevent burns in case you fall asleep.

Are heating pads good for headaches?
There’s no scientific data on the benefits of heating therapy for headaches. We advise you talk to your doctor first and see what she can suggest.

Are heating pads good for ear infections?
Absolutely not. In fact, your ear infection can get worse and even spread as a result of heat exposure.

Are heating pads safe in early pregnancy?
There are a lot of articles on heating pads on the internet that say heating pads are safe during pregnancy, but I would advise you stay away from any electrical heating or infrared devices, especially early on in your pregnancy, because you never know what can truly hurt the baby.

Can heating pads help you lose weight / burn fat?
No, this is a myth.

Can heating pads help cramps?
Yes, both electric and infrared can help to mitigate the cramps.

Can heating pads cause blood clots?
In fact, quite the opposite. However, if you are a risk of forming blood clots you should use warm compresses rather than hot, so not all heating pads can work in your case.

Can heating pads cause burns?
Yes, they can, if you leave them for long enough on your skin. So always read the instructions carefully and start with the lowest heating level possible.

Can heating pads cause cancer?
There’s no known research that would suggest that heating pads can cause cancer. However, if you already have cancer, it’s best to avoid any type of heat therapy unless approved by your doctor.

Can heating pads cause infertility?
There’s no known research that would confirm the negative effect of heating pads on fertility.

Can heating pads cause miscarriage?
Again, there is no known scientific evidence that could suggest the harmful effects of heating pads during pregnancy. However, it’s best you avoid any type of thermotherapy unless prescribed by a healthcare professional.

Can heating pads cause nerve damage?
Heat can cause inflammation in the nerve tissue; however, very few heating devices can actually reach that deep to cause any substantial damage. If you have a specific concern, it’s best to talk to your doctor as she might vouch for cryotherapy in your case.

Can heating pads cause rash?
Yes, in fact, it can. So if you have a very sensitive skin or susceptibility to dermatitis, it’s best to avoid thermotherapy.

Can heating pads cause skin cancer?
There’s no known research to prove that the heat can cause skin cancer.

Can heating pads damage skin?
Yes, if you do not follow the precautions outlined in the instruction manual that comes with a heating pad.

Can heating pads help constipation?
Theoretically yes. Heating can relax the muscles of the abdomen and make them function better.

Why are heating pads bad for diabetics?
You should not use a heating pad if you have diabetes. People suffering from diabetes have higher pain tolerance so you might not feel when hot is too hot and inadvertently burn yourself.

Why do heating pads help stomach aches?
The heating will distract your brain from the pain in your stomach, it also relaxes the muscles and reduces nausea that seldom comes with the stomach ache.

Why do heating pads make you itch?
Yes, they can. If you feel a dry heating pad makes you itchy, switch to moist heating. If itching continues, discontinue heating therapy.

Heating pads isn't the only way to keep warm in winter – read our review of the best winter gadgets