Are you sick and tired of snoring? Have you finally made up your mind to buy something against snoring? alone offers over 900 sleep apnea devices. How do you not get confused with this variety? Here you will find a comparison review of 5 anti snoring devices, to help you and your significant other finally sleep in peace.

What is snoring? It is low and vibrating sounds that some people emit during sleep because of soft palate and uvula relaxation. It is unpleasant to others, it causes sleep disorders and increased blood pressure and can be a signal of sleep apnea syndrome which is characterized by pauses in breathing for ten seconds or more.

Respiratory tracts are narrowed due to the curvature of the nasal septum, tonsillitis, rhinitis, sinusitis and adenoiditis, obesity, lowering the soft palate tone (because of liquor or sleeping pills) and anatomical features. To clarify the reasons for snoring in your case, consult a doctor. A family doctor will send you to the right specialist: an otolaryngologist, a neurologist or a surgeon.

How to Get Rid of Snoring?

  1. Surgery is the most radical method as it presumes directly removing the cause of snoring: nasal polyps, abnormal curvature and narrowing of the airways, and so on. There is a way to affect the soft palate, which is too relaxed during sleep, directly. A surgeon burns it with a laser, and after healing, the palate tissue becomes rougher and harder.

  2. Improving the lifestyle. A snoring person would always try to lose weight, control their daily routine, avoid drinking, reduce the intake of sleeping pills and quit smoking. It’s important to sleep in a healthy pose: do not throw back your head when sleeping on your back, use a prosthetic or an anatomical pillow.

  3. Anti-snoring devices. Removing the symptoms is necessary if surgery is undesirable for the patient and if they haven’t been diagnosed with any diseases. Various devices have been invented for that.

How to Get Rid of Snoring

According to the Medical College of Wisconsin  “Oral appliances may be either mandibular repositioning devices or tongue retaining devices.  A significant reduction in respiratory disturbance index (RDI) occurs with use of oral appliances especially when apnea is mild (RDI

There are nose and oral device for sleep apnea. As a rule, oral devices have breathing holes so they are unsuitable if you have a stuffy nose.

  • Nostril stickers are a cheap and easy way of treatment that has its drawbacks as the stickers tend to come unstuck and fall off during sleep or irritate your skin.

  • Nose Vents are inexpensive, easy to use and are aimed at widening nose passages. Their action is a bit different from the stickers as they are to be inserted in the nostrils. Users like them better as unlike nose stickers. they don’t fall off or irritate the skin as they are not stuck and are made of medical silicone.

  • A Jaw Strap prevents your mouth from opening at night. Not everyone would like to sleep with a bandage on their face. The use of such a strap is limited by its size which may be difficult to determine online.

  • A kappa is a device that holds the jaw and tongue in the right position. There are different kinds of them; our review will list two devices that are alike. Not everyone can sleep with something in their mouth though.

Sometimes, humans produce other unpleasant sounds at night, so our guide also covers devices that help stop teeth grinding. Most of the products listed can be washed in warm water with denture care detergents.

ТОP-6 Anti Snoring Devices

Sleep Apnea Nose Devices - SLEEPEACE

Sleep Apnea Devices Nose

This device comes in two versions: an old one with a pair of interconnected hollow and open at ends cylinders and a new, light one, which is a thin Dilator resembling a ring or a clip. The vents are placed in the nostrils for improving lung ventilation through the nose. Open nasal passages prevent vibration of the soft palate.

As for the benefits, the design is not bulky. It is really so as when you use the vents, you can only see the barrier that sticks out slightly between the nostrils. The device is almost invisible to others and is made of soft silicone. This product is a best seller among anti snoring devices, as other 70% of customers gave it a 5-star rating. First, buy the assorted size pack, which includes one of each size, to help determine which size offers the best fit for you.

Nasal Dilator for Snoring Reduction

The problem in such a device is that they don’t fix the lower jaw and don’t prevent your mouth from opening at night, although free nose breathing reduces the likelihood of that happening.

Price: ~$9.97 old style (cylinders) SLEEPEACE Check the current price

Price: ~$14.99 modern Rhinomed Mute Check the current price

Oral Devices for Sleep Apnea

Jaw Strap

Oral Device for Sleep Apnea

A jaw strap uses a different principle of eliminating snoring. It is attached to the lower jaw and prevents your mouth from opening during sleep, reducing the speed of air flow and soft tissue vibration, and widening the respiratory tract. Unfortunately, it may be difficult to determine the right size. The Q&A section on is full of customers’ complaints of their strap being too big and not ensuring a proper fix (hence the problem remains unsolved). Others note that a medium-size strap turned out to be too small for an average slim man with a regular head.

Price: ~$14.99 SleepWell Pro Large Adjustable Stop Snoring Chin Strap Check the current price

Deepsleepro Anti Snore Sleep Aid Device

SnoreX Anti Snore Sleep Aid Device

Deepsleepro went the other way and launched universal treatment against snoring and teeth grinding during sleep. A kappa is made of medical silicone and resembles an infant pacifier. It is fixed on the tongue in the mouth and holds the tongue in a position where the tongue retraction and consequent snoring become impossible. In addition, the design eliminates contact of the upper and lower jaws and teeth grinding. Compress the silicone bead before going to bed, and attach it to the tongue so that the device is retained during sleep. The downside of the product is the funny look of a person sleeping with this device.

Price: ~$16.90 Check the current price

Anti-Teeth Grinding and Mouth Guard

Sleep Aid Mouth Guard

Here we’ve picked two devices: one is a cut-rate one, another is three times more expensive. They are attached to the teeth and are like similar devices used in martial arts protection.

Apart from being anti-snoring, they are anti-teeth grinding. The soft material allows for the device to take the shape of the mouth. A kappa holds the jaw in the proper position preventing the overlap of the respiratory tract, and short-term respiratory arrest. In the middle, there is a hole for breathing in through the mouth.

The manufacturer promises a refund if the device proves to be useless within 30 days. 31% of the buyers have left positive feedback and gave it a 5-star rating, while 28% gave it a 1-star rating. The main claims are: wrong size, small breathing holes and front teeth and gum pain.

Serenity Sleep Aid Night Mouth Guard

Strange as it may sound, customization is a double-edged sword, being an advantage and a drawback at the same time. In order for your kappa to mimic your teeth shape, you are supposed to put it in boiling water for 10-20 seconds and then put them in your mouth and press on your lips and use your tongue/suck the air out of your mouth to get them molded to your teeth.

On the other hand, if you compare the price of a kappa with that of a device individually crafted by a dentist, (the starting price is ~$500), the inconveniences begin to seem trivial.

Price: ~$17.97 Sleep Aid Mouth Guard Natural Solution OTC Device Check the current price

Price: ~$19.99 Serenity Sleep Aid Custom Night Mouth Guard Check the current price

Best Sleep Apnea Device Comparison Chart

Product Type Price
SLEEPEACE - Sleep Apnea Nose Devices min: photo
Nasal Dilator ~$9.97
Mute Nasal Dilator for Snoring Reduction min: photo
Nasal Dilator ~$14.99
SleepWell Pro
Oral Devices for Sleep Apnea min: photo
Chin Strap ~$14.99
Deepsleepro Anti Snore Sleep Aid Device min: photo
      Stopper Tongue Retainer       ~$16.90
Dr. Sleep
Snore Stopper Mouthpiece min: photo
Mouth guard ~$17.97
Serenity Sleep Aid Custom Night Mouth Guard min: photo
Mouth guard ~$19.99