A Retrospective View or How We Used to Do Without Gaming Chairs

Comfort is the first thing you need to fully plunge into the atmosphere of gaming. You might often reminisce on the childhood moments when you and your friends would spend hours playing some NES Battle City. At that fragile age few thought about making their game play truly comfortable.

You stationed yourselves randomly, as the massive CRT TV would be found on a huge pedestal or stand. This structure was very problematic to move therefore. Since the length of the console cables didn’t exceed 0.5 meters, all of the sofas and armchairs which stood far enough from the TV set became useless and the gamers would sit at random places.

Over time the massive CRT TVs were replaced with thin plasma panels, and the gamepads became wireless which meant that a sofa or a chair that is far away was no longer an issue. Comfort has become an integral part of gaming even for the most unpretentious gamers. There exists a specific segment of gaming chairs in the modern gaming market, and we’ll devote today’s article to this segment.

Why Would You Need a Gaming Chair?

Anyone who is far from the world of gaming will ask you that. Really, why do you need it, if you can buy an office chair in the nearest Wal-Mart and save some money? Well, this is when it comes to the most important thing, health. It is no secret that sitting for a long time can seriously affect the posture of a person so immersed in the gaming process, that is why comfort and, preferably, orthopedic properties are most important. Forget about cheap goods on sale. You’d better buy a stiff wooden chair that doesn’t squeak and that is stable.

What Should You Pay Attention to When Picking a Gaming Chair?

  • Comfort

Even the most expensive technology or materials become useless if they are not comfortable to use. Would it be comfortable to use a golden fork with blunt teeth?  See, the chair should also have the attributes you need to use it. As you’ll have to invest quite a sum in it, don’t compromise with the manufacturer for nothing.

  • Good value for money

You can come across a chair that reminds you of the one that is in your Nana’s attic, but it will have a famous company’s logo on it and the price tag will make you shiver. Quite often well-known brands manufacture inconvenient or ugly products, so make sure you check the usability and quality and relying on your own feeling only will be most appropriate.

  • Customization

Very often default settings of a chair are not enough for providing enough comfort to the customer. Some people’s feet don’t reach the floor, others have to bend their knees too much, and others don’t like the armrests which turn out to be impossible to dismantle. Unlike a good device, a person can’t really be tuned, so the more there are screws and bolts in the chair to screw, lift and lower, the better it is. Even if you don't have to unscrew anything, these features may come in handy for your family members or when your friends unexpectedly visit you with their young gamer kids.

  • Compatibility with extra gadgets

It would be plausible if you won’t limit yourself to built-in options when buying an up-market gaming chair. Many of those who’ve bought a comfortable chair later think of buying a special stand for their mouse, tumbler or cat. Large manufacturers, such as DXRacer, have taken care of possible thoughts and preferences of their customers, so you’ll be able to find a range of extra devices in stores. However, once you buy a premium-priced leather chair that is not a gaming one, you’ll likely be disappointed as you’ll hardly be able to upgrade it somehow. Of course, you can always demonstrate the level of your crafts skills to yourself and the others, but this is too inconvenient to be an option, isn’t it?

mouse tray

Here are some important aspects not to miss:

  • If you’re buying a classic office chair with the wheels, make sure its design is durable. The stability of the resistance cross is the key here, as the hydraulic system of a cheap product can easily break through the base and fall off. Trust us; in this case you’ll hardly be able to use a warranty. Have the wheels rubberized so that you could avoid scratches on the floor (especially in case you have a wooden floor) and you won’t irritate your family members and neighbors with the annoying sliding sound you’ll make.

  • The chair upholstery should be hygroscopic, i.e. it should absorb moisture. Intense gaming for a long time while sitting on faux leather will make you feel like you’re stuck to the chair.

  • There should be a headrest to ensure relaxation of the cervical vertebrae and increase overall comfort level. The same is true for the loin pillows. The ones on your sofa may not be suitable, as many manufacturers design special ones made of elastic material.

  • Bear in mind your aims and needs when making this choice. If sitting (or more like lying) idly in the chair is contraindicated to you, then soft-structured chair models are also contraindicated to you. The ones that would support your back are more suitable. Throne-like gaming chairs, such as X Rocker ones, are to be located right in front of the screen, as you won’t be able to simply move it back and forth.


Once you’ve studied a whole bunch of functions and options, you can literally drown in the range of products available online and still find out what it is that you need. Let’s try and classify the main types of gaming chairs which any gamer would love to have. I have identified 4 main categories, and I am going to describe the best models in these categories.

Basic Gaming Chairs

This is an option for those who want enough functions and comfort at an affordable price.

This chair reminds you of an office chair, but its design is often more sophisticated. It is shaped like a bowl or it looks like a guest chair you’d find in a bank, an office, a tour company or any other place full of clerks.

Would this be suitable for a gamer? It’s difficult to give a definite answer. It would be quite suitable if you have good self-discipline and if you can keep your posture for a long time even when sitting on a stool. However, if playing the games makes you forget about any rules of sitting in front of your computer and if you can’t keep your back straight, then make a pass. Also, keep in mind that such chairs don’t provide for any additional perks, such as connecting additional devices, or having pads and pillows. As you might’ve guessed, the armrests have a single position which cannot be changed.

Conclusion: this is a cut-rate option suitable for amateur gamers. The abundance of choice will let you pick the right model, but you’ll have to forget about any additional features for gaming. By the way, these aren’t brand name models so you’ll find more details in the nearest IKEA.

Best Gaming Chairs of Greater Comfort

The assortment of these chairs is better and more varied. Gaming chairs of greater comfort aren’t exactly a gaming throne, but they are a decent choice for those who spend enough time in front of the computer. Most of such gaming chairs are ergonomic, they have mesh and their height as well as the backrest tilt is adjustable. In some cases, the armchairs can be regulated as well. As for any additional perks, just like in the previous case, they are unavailable. However, you shouldn’t worry about your spinal cord as most of such chairs have orthopedic attributes.

By the way, models with mesh stretched over the seat frame are the most ergonomic thing ever. You will hardly stick to such a chair, soft elements won’t sink in with time and it won’t take much effort to clean the surface in case you spill something on it. Of course, they are not as shiny as deluxe gaming chairs, but still they are mobile enough and have a wide range of options.

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

AmazonBasics Mid-Back Mesh Chair

This ergonomic mesh chair is a standard for increased comfort. It is not in vain that this model has become a #1 Best Seller in the Adjustable Office Desk Chairs category on Amazon.com. Here the top part is rather decent as the seat is soft and the backrest repeats the contours of the spine. The bottom is not of high quality, as the wheels are plastic and not rubberized, the plastic is not smooth and you can easily scratch yourself with it. The armrests are fixed and you can neither lift not turn them.

This option will be just right if you are looking for a simple and ergonomic option. However, if you’re looking for comfortable experience and if you want anyone who enters the room to envy you, then scroll a few paragraphs down. The price for this item begins at ~$64.99, which turns out to be quite moderate.

Price: ~$64.99 Check the current price

LexMod Edge Drafting Stool in Black

LexMod Edge Drafting Stool in Black

This is a more advanced version of the ergonomic office chair for ~$184. It looks stylish and futuristic enough. This might as well be the most interesting model in the category as it has a curious feature: a chrome circle-shaped footrest. It looks like the footrests barstools have, but is way more necessary as once you put your feet there, you’ll automatically correct your posture.

The backrest and seat height of LexMod Edge Drafting Stool can be adjusted in a standard manner, by using a single lever. The backrest has mesh; the seat is made of faux leather which can repel certain customers. The armrests’ height is not adjustable, but you can recline them if they are not needed or if they bother you. Unfortunately, the bottom resistance cross is still made of rough plastic with some chrome elements.

In general, there are many improvements in comparison with the previous item, and the chair is much more comfortable.

Price: ~$184 Check the current price

Ergohuman Me7Erg-W09-01W09-01 Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

Ergohuman Mesh Hi Swivel Chair

This is the most advanced gaming chair in the category, and it is likely to appeal to most gamers.  The most interesting thing about Ergohuman Chair is, undoubtedly, the triple mesh on the backrest. This is not an aesthetic solution, but a functional one. Each segment supports a certain body part. Adjustment settings are the same; the armrests are still not customizable. Chrome resistance cross is also great as it is a better replacement of a rough plastic one.

Out of the three chairs overviewed, this one is definitely the best one. Of course, it is much more expensive (it costs ~$624), but the quality is many times superior as well. The gamers will be pleased by the excellent orthopedic structure of the chair which is unavailable for the majority of the products in the category. The design of the item is not super cool, but it doesn’t really matter here. By the way, the advantages of the chair are rated by the Amazon.com users at 4.4 stars out of 5.

Price: ~$624 Check the current price

The Best Racing Gaming Chairs

We’ve finally reached the most interesting category of real gaming chairs. Having quality upholstery, a headrest and being able to adjust literally everything is a rule rather than an exception here. Such a chair will decorate not only any gamer’s room, but also any office and will demonstrate to everyone who is the boss. The price tags vary and you’ll be able to find an option for any budget. The top models obviously require greater investment, but in return you’ll get a very exotic and extremely comfortable product. The products are alike, so let’s take a look at the representatives of the top manufacturers.

DXRacer Racing Series DOH/RT110/NWR Newedge Edition Racing Bucket Seat Office Chair Gaming Chair

DXRacer Racing Series  Office Chair Gaming Chair

DXRacer R-series Chair is a real race car chair which a real racer wouldn’t hesitate to use. Everything about it reminds of the vehicle design, from the backrest shape to its tilt. This wonder costs from ~$359.

The backrest is flexible, customizable and miraculously it won’t be difficult to keep your back straight even if you lean back. The armrests’ height is adjustable so that you could adapt the chair to your height. There are a few holes in the back for attaching the straps to fix the headrest and a loin pillow. The base of the resistance cross has plastic pads for a comfortable footrest. The chair is made of leather and steel which is a competitive edge over the above mentioned ergonomic models.

This is a real gaming chair here. Its price is high, but you’ll get good value for this money.

Price: from ~$359 Check the current price

Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair

Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Racing Style Swivel Chair

This chair is the ideological successor of the racing style. Unlike DXRacer it looks less portable due to non-adjustable armrests and a massive backrest (which is softer, by the way). The design itself is plumper. The holes in the backrest for attaching the pillow straps do not reduce overall heaviness of the structure. Unfortunately, this product is not that brisk and is considered to be a gaming adaptation of expensive office chairs. Its price is ~$199.

If you have to choose between this model and DXRacer, you’ll see that the perception in both cases will be pleasant. All will depend on the sensitivity of your back.

Price: ~$199 Check the current price

Further reading for the fans of racing: Picking the Best Racing Wheel for Racing Simulator

The Best Top Range Gaming Chairs

The items in this category are not cool office chairs at all. They are a real throne which you can literally inhabit. The main disadvantage of such gaming station is that they are not always portable, hence the audio ports and built-in speakers.

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair, Wireless

X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1 Video Gaming Chair

This is a #1 Best Seller in the Video Game Chairs category on Amazon.com and its rating is 4 stars out of 5. This is the versatile gaming chair suitable for both gaming comfortably and watching movies: it is not in vain that it looks like a chair from the cinema. Moreover, it costs only ~$215.

2 speakers and a subwoofer are available for instant plunging into the gaming atmosphere. The side panel has all the necessary audio connections leading to the wireless transmitter. The chair is a one-piece structure so you won’t be able to adjust the backrest without regulating the seat.

This model is worth buying if are willing to put up with the lack of mobility.

Price: ~$215 Check the current price

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio

This is a “light” version of the throne for the price beginning at ~$56. Its ergonomic design will entirely offset such drawbacks, as the lack of armrests and impossibility of adjusting the backrest which repeats the curve of the spine when you are half-lying.

Cohesion Gaming Chair has 2 built-in speakers and volume control. Its relative portability is its competitive edge. You can literally fold it and fit in a box.

The item is worth buying if you are the type of person to spend some time with a gamepad in front of the TV. It won’t do for any serious gaming.

Price: ~$56 Check the current price

We’ve drawn up a general chart where we rated each model of gaming chairs presented here on a scale from 1 to 5 to facilitate the comparison for you.

Gaming Chairs Comparison Chart


Quality of Material




Mid-Back Mesh Chair





LexMod Edge Drafting Stool





Ergohuman Black Mesh Hi Swivel Chair





DXRacer R-series




from ~$359

Arozzi Monza Series Gaming Racing Style Chair





X Rocker 51396 Pro Series Pedestal 2.1





Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio





 Is the Gaming Comfort Worth Paying For?

There is no explicit answer to this question. You might have noticed that different types of chairs are available for various prices. You can buy Cohesion XP 2.1 Gaming Chair with Audio for $56 and be apprehensive of charging $624 for a mere office chair. The range of gaming chairs is truly large and you’ll be able to find a model that will meet your budget and requirements.