Tired of crushing your feet with a pumice stone, processor, sander, and grater-like devices? With this electric file, you'll bid farewell to split impact points and say hello to increased foot comfort. Pamper your feet with a spa-like pedicure in the solace of your own home. Say goodbye to your callused, dry, hard skin and embrace your skin's greatest potential.

Electric Feet Callus Remover

Electric Feet Callus Remover: photo

Professional Foot Care Results

This electric foot file works to efficiently remove dead skin cells from the bottoms of your feet. Once you've charged this file, the battery will likely last for a long time without you having to spend time recharging. This file is convenient, lightweight, and ideal for travel. With double-voltage, this file works more efficiently than others on the market. Do not apply additional weight or use for more than 3-4 seconds in the same area. Your best outcomes will be achieved by applying light pressure.

Rechargeable and Eco-Friendly

This callus remover will let you feel as though you are experiencing getting a pedicure. You will feel as though you've gone to the salon without having to pay extravagant prices. This unit is rechargeable and will save you from spending extra money on batteries.


This file delicately buffs away thick and unpleasant skin quickly and efficiently. You can utilize the Own Harmony electric callus cushion from the comfort of any surface in your home. Its no-slip grip makes it simple and easy to use, making it our foot-file of choice.

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