If you have firmly decided to lose weight, then weight-loss gadgets & body shapers are just what you need. We are not going to describe such things as a talking plate, or a smart fork or a pig-shaped refrigerator lock for losing weight. This all is useless and pointless. In our review, you won’t find any “magical wands” which would help you lose 10 kilos in a month or get a six-pack without working out. However, we WILL tell you how the following devices as smart scales, fitness and weight-loss trackers could help you lose weight. All of these devices can contribute substantially to losing those extra kilos. The primary rule is to use them properly and to know their competitive edges.

Pedro Bernardes, an expert on fitness and sports equipment at Gadget Reviews, explains what factors contribute to developing strength.

If you want to lose weight you have to change some behaviors (because they were the ones that made you gain weight in the first place). This is probably the most important step and the greatest barrier for people that want to lose some extra pounds. And there are some gadgets in the market that can help you achieve your goal, depending on your needs and preferences. You have EMS devices and Waist Trainers to help you tone your body, fat removing machines and a lot of other gadgets. But that’s all they should be used for – help you achieve your goal. There isn’t any device that can give you the total benefits of a healthy lifestyle. LIFESTYLE – the way you live your life.

Then you have Fitness Trackers that are great gadgets to monitor and register your performance and/or your daily activities. The only thing you have to be careful is the fact that they extrapolate certain parameters indirectly (through data that can be measure directly, for example, your heart rate, they determine the calories you burn). Like all indirect parameter’s assessment, they have an error associated with it. They are only valid for personal comparison between exercise sessions for the same activity.

Finally, you have some workout games that can be used in a console, like the Xbox Kinetic Training. For gamers or those who just want to workout at home, this is a good and motivating solution. But like the other gadgets, this one should be used to help you achieve your desired weight. Exercise is aggression to your body and if not done properly it can lead to injuries, resulting in a few steps back away from your goal. So, the gym should also be an option.

I recommend the use of one or more of these gadgets, depending on your needs and difficulties. But always remember that they should only be used to help you achieve your goal and if you want long-lasting results you have to change some behaviors. And for that, you should also reach out for certified professionals to help you.

Will EMS Help Me Lose Weight?

This is a technology that stimulates the muscles through electrodes delivering electronic impulses. The equipment typically include a EMS machine and conductive pads placed on the skin. The FDA has not approved this technology for weight loss but it is worth noting that the agency refers to a “significant change in appearance.” Indeed, no EMS device can become a viable substitute for dieting and doing exercises, but this technology is worth trying as a supplementary measure.

Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator

Compex Edge Muscle Stimulator: photo

Compex is produced by a reputed company based in Switzerland that has been successfully manufacturing muscle stimulators for decades. What singles out Compex from other brands is its unique muscle stim technology. Although its main purpose is muscle stimulation, some users apply it as an additional method helping to shed extra pounds.

The device is rechargeable, which means that you will not have to waste money on batteries. There are three programs for different intensity of stimulation and 4 pads that will be enough for about twenty EMS sessions. The treatment takes no more than six minutes, however, some customers think that it is time-consuming, considering the time spent on preparation. Once the device is activated, the blood will flow hundreds of times faster than it normally does.

The Flex Belt Abdominal Muscle Toner

The Flex Belt Abdominal Muscle Toner: photo

Another device that uses EMS technology is the Flex Belt that exercises all of the ab muscles at a time. It stimulates the ab muscles, sending signals through the nerves and causing the muscles to contract. However, the manufacturer warns that the stimulator is not a weight loss product but should be considered as an additional method to a healthy lifestyle.

What it does really well is increasing the firmness of the ab muscles, something that has been proved by clinical trials. Moreover, this model is suggested by a number of celebrities who are satisfied with the results. The unit is simple to use, you will need to place the gel pads at the area of stimulation and repeat the procedure according to the label. The changes will be visible in several weeks.

For Those Who Believe In Losing Weight Without Exercise And Diets | Do Body Shapers Help You Lose Weight?

I know loads of people who want to lose weight but hate being on a diet or doing exercises. Little wonder, since dieting in no fun while spending hours in the gym does not actually result in burning huge amounts of calories. Worse still, people tend to overestimate their achievements in the gym, allowing themselves to eat more. All these complexities lead many of us to believe that there are simpler and not so exhausting methods to lose weight.

Well, there is no easy way, but if an unusual solution is supported by faith in success, why not to try? Let’s take a look at the three most popular products that are advertised as devices designed to help you lose weight. However, it is worth noting that these products have not been scientifically proven as an effective way to get rid of excess pounds. That is why I am not going to recommend them but I am not going to discourage you from buying them either.

Isavera Fat Freezing System Easy Fat Loss with Cold Body Sculpting Wrap Belt

Isavera Fat Freezing System: photo

This is a simple-to-use wrap belt that was designed to destroy fat by freezing its cells. The manufacturer, Isavera, claims that this results in the loss of weight. The company supports its claims with scientific studies and refers to the experience of the product’s users who say the wrap helped them reduce their cellulite and firm their skin. However, it should be noted that the studies that Isavera website mentions relate to cryolipolysis as a technique, not this specific product.

The product comes with gel packs allowing to reach temperatures that allegedly cause fat loss while the skin remains unharmed. The manufacturer recommends that customers should apply the packs to the most stubborn areas, such as the abdomen and thighs. The packs are said to have a dual action, working by destroying the fat and burning calories.

How to use it? Just place the packs inside the belt and wrap it tightly around the area of your body where you have excess fat. Apply the treatment one hour per day over the course of 3 weeks. According to the manufacturer, you will see full results in about three months. 

Most customers commented favourably on this product, recommending it as a less expensive alternative to cold coolsculpting. One purchaser says he has seen some difference in a week. At the same time, he notes, it is not the same thing as just applying ice packs. The gel packs are more convenient as they are gentle and wrap around your body well.

6-in-1 Fat Remove Machine

6-in-1 Fat Remove Machine: photo

This device promises multiple benefits, such as improved skin and cell metabolism, using both positive and negative ions. The former are intended to cleanse the skin, keeping it fresh, while the latter are meant to nourish it. The product comes with EMS gel pads that are designed to target excess fats and improve blood circulation.

The treatment can be applied to any part of the body, including the waist and hips, but make sure you have put enough cream or lotion beforehand. You do not need any special knowledge to use the device, it is easily activated and adjusted. It works with a frequency of 1 MHz per second, penetrating into your skin up to 0.2 inches deep, something that is believed to shed extra pounds. The vibration amplitude is safe and also help the skin to relax.

Customers like the product, saying that the pads fit well and can safely be reused because they are sticky enough. At the same time, they are comfortable on the skin and easy to peel off. While no one argues the stickiness of the pads, some customers are dissatisfied with the effect of the very treatment, claiming that the pads do not transmit enough current, compared to EMS devices.

Oways Slimming Belt | 4 Massage Modes for Weight Loss, Skin Firming | Adjustable Vibration Massage with Mild Heat 

Oways Slimming Belt: photo

Such slimming belts are widely advertised and this one is also said to help people make their waist, thighs and other parts of the body thinner. It works by delivering a 360-degree massage and vibration heat, which is meant to burn the fat. The device has 4 massage modes with over thirty motion effects and 4 vibration settings.

How does it work? Once activated, the unit emits vibrations that are supposed to increase your blood circulation, improving your metabolism. Made of premium ABS material, the waist belt is easy to adjust to fit your size and quickly absorbs the body sweat. You may find the device pretty loud when it works at full speed and all the six balls are activated simultaneously. Another downside is that this unit is quite heavy and has a weight of more than 3 pounds.

Customers like the idea that the belt was designed specifically for the waistline and many of them are satisfied with the product. Some of them say that using it once or twice a day helps to lose some fat on the belly, however, there is a number of downsides. For example, the device is not wireless and, therefore, not so convenient to use. Secondly, buyers note that they cannot use it for a long time because the skin feels itch after ten minutes of use.

Weight-loss trackers

Weight loss trackers are gaining popularity in the US market. What kind of gadgets are they and how will they help us all lose weight?

They analyze the muscle to fat tissue ratio in your body. This suits those who have already lost the excessive weight and decided to bulk up a bit and make their body look more aesthetic or those who are still in the course of losing weight. The former people will have a real opportunity to see fat leaving their body, and the latter deceive themselves by thinking that they are slim, but they weigh much because of alleged muscles and bones, apparently. With the help of the bio impendence technology the “body fat analyzers” scan its owner’s body and output all of the statistics as percentages: how much fat and muscle there is.

Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor

Today there are two types of “fatness trackers” on the market. The first one is manufactured by Omron (the same company which produces the smart scales).

Fat loss monitor

Omron Body Fat Loss Monitor looks like a bicycle wheel or an aircraft helm. You have to grab both sides, hold on tightly and feel the electric impulse run through your body through your palms. Omron device and all the similar ones will output the final results after matching the obtained data with your age, height and weight, your physical condition (a sports mode is designed for the jocks and the normal one for those who are losing weight). There are 7 different indicators showing not only your weight but also body fat percentage and visceral fat. This product doesn’t cost much and its error is alleged to be in the range of 2-5%.

Skulpt Aim Measures Body Fat Percentage

The second type of “body fat analyzers” was launched by the Skulpt Aim Measures Body Fat Percentage and Muscle Quality developers. This analyzer is supposed to be placed on the muscle the fat tissue of which you want to analyze. This is a more tuned and professional device which suit beginner bodybuilders rather than other people. While Omron analyzes your whole body, Skulpt Aim examines particular muscles and gives more detailed statistics on those.

The Skulpt Scanner: photo

The users note that this device is perfect for motivating constant physical activity and is simple and easy to use. Many of them even advice that «The shower is a great way to use it since you are already wet and they have a setting that lets you capture all the muscles you are measuring at once» You’ll find more helpful tips.

Losing weight with the help of smart scales

What is the difference between a smart scale and a regular one? First, the former recognizes its owner and can tell other family members apart. Second, just like any other smart device, this one is easy to sync with your smartphone and keeps track of your weight changes. Third, it has a number of special options and services which we will cover below when describing the most popular models.

Fitbit Aria Wi-Fi Smart Scale

Fitbit is one of the world leaders of health gadgets production. This American manufacturer has introduced smartwatches, Fitbit fitness trackers, gym and sports equipment. They also make very good smart scales, such as Fitbit Aria.

This gadget is distinguished for its weight measurement accuracy and the ability to calculate the percentage of fat in your body; in addition, it can calculate your personal body mass index. In general, this data will be enough for designing a physical activity schedule for the Fitbit owner. The body mass index, by the way, is used by coaches and dieticians when they assess their clients’ health.

smart wi-fi scale for loosing weight: photo

Apart from giving complete information about your weight, this gadget also keeps a record of your achievements, gives advice on improvement and even supports and motivates you. By the way, the device can automatically recognize up to 8 different people.

Nevertheless, this scale is not recommended for pregnant women, children and those who have cardiovascular diseases as the percentage of fat tissue is measured by slight electric shocks on your skin which may lead to health problems. For those of you who don’t have any contraindications and who are ready to spend money on this best selling product, the manufacturers promise a high-quality, useful home device.

Withings Body+ Analyzer

It is another super popular smart scale model. It monitors weight, body fat, water percentage as well as muscle and bone mass. This scale can also evaluate the quality of the environment by measuring the temperature outside and the air pollution.

Unlike its rivals, Withings Body+ can transmit the data not only via Wi-Fi but also via Bluetooth. This scale can work in a regular or in a sports mode.

smart scale for loosing weight: photo

How does it detect the percentage of fat tissues? The same as Aria does. Withings claim on their website that the scale gives off a light electric impulse which is then interpreted and given your height, age and gender the device is able to output a result.

Withings also have their own app, Health Mate, which helps you view all of your weight data right on the screen of your smartphone. The app is compatible both with Android and iOS systems. Not only this app can output the data obtained from the scale, but it can also serve as a step counter. All of these functions are worth paying for.

Weight-loss fitness trackers

Fitness bands are probably the best known and most popular health gadgets nowadays. They are indeed convenient: you get a step counter, a heart rate monitor, a body temperature monitor and even a mood sensor. How does that help you lose weight though?

1. YOU MOVE MORE. The most basic option that is available even in the most ancient fitness bands is a step counter. The motion sensor keeps a record of your personal activity continuously (i.e. 24/7). It detects how much you walked on your way to work, whether you moved around much in the office, did you go jogging in the morning and in the evening, how many calories were burnt… This smart device analyzes the obtained data and recommends how much more you should walk to be of your dream weight. All you have to do then is to obey this interactive coach and start walking more.

2. COUNTING THE CALORIES. Most of the modern trackers have the option of counting the calories burnt. Some of them cope with this task better than others. The scheme of counting is the same everywhere, though: at first, you input some info about yourself (such as your weight, height, and age) in the database. Then, on this basis, the device analyzes all of its owner’s activities during the day. After that, you get a detailed report containing information about the calories burnt during the day and about possible consequences of this on your shape.

Jawbone UP 3

UP3 by Jawbone Heart Rate: photo

The ability of a tracker to identify different types of activities, such as walking, working in an office or training of various levels of difficulty is crucial. Jawbone UP 3, HTC Grip (which can even recognize rope jumping), Basis Peak all have this option. Trackers with a built-in heart rate monitor have a certain competitive edge: analyzing the heartbeat helps identify the number of burnt calories much more precisely. However, be aware that having a heart rate monitor will have a considerable impact on the price of this gadget. It can’t be the other way around for you have to pay for precision…

3. WATCH YOUR DIET. Okay, you have calculated how many calories you have burnt. However, there’s no point in this if after a hard day of working out you have 5 burgers and a large pack of French fries for dinner. The solution to this problem has already been invented, and many fitness trackers already have an option of counting the calories you intake. With the help of some special apps, you’ll be able to keep a diary of products consumed and even get a professional dietician’s advice.

Fitbit Charge, Jawbone UP 3, UP24 and even a cut-rate priced Fitbit Flex all have a consumption diary. So does Misfit Shine, which also is waterproof and can be used a swimming fitness tracker. We shall also note the ability of some devices to report the number of calories in some products by their barcode. These devices also work in local markets as they are able to calculate the calories of national dishes and products.

Let’s say a couple of words about smartwatches. We can’t lose the sight of smartwatches – at least those the functionality of which strives to reach the level of fitness gadgets: those are tuned distant cousins of fitness trackers. Such are the models Fitbit Surge, Wellograph, and Nike+.

Nike + SportWatch GPS

Let’s take a closer look at one of the most appropriate for sports models of smartwatches, – Nike + SportWatch GPS. This watch is an attempt of an interaction between a gadget and… the running shoes of a famous manufacturer. It stimulates the customer to jog regularly and has the basic functions of a step counter, a lap counter, and a calorie tracker which works with any type of shoe.

smart watches for loosing weight: photo

Nike serves a personal coach for those who want to lose weight: it compares the results of the previous and the following runs, gives advice, recommends on how to run properly…. By the way, this device even takes into account the landscape changes, and a GPS module helps you monitor the real efficiency of your runs.

With the help of such gadgets, you’ll be able to switch from walking around the city and dieting to becoming a local Usain Bolt! Of course, you will hardly be an Olympic champion, but you will most likely improve your health and shape.

Аdidas MiCoach pacer tracker will help you run away from being overweight

While HydroCoach will teach you proper drinking habits, this thingie will teach you how to run properly, to run in such a manner which would not do harm to your help but will help you lose weight and gain some muscles instead. The device is aimed at the beginner runners.

Basically, Micoach Pacer is a tuned fitness tracker which tells you how to work out properly. Simply put, this is a tracker which talks to its owner with the help of the earphones plugged in.

fat loss fitness tracker: photo

The tracker itself can be fixed on the seam of your pants just like an Apple iPod Shuffle. It comes with a speed tracker, heart rate monitor and all of the necessary cables. The heart rate monitor is really interesting as it is fixed on your chest (which is quite a novelty for fitness gadgets). You can plug in the earphones into the jack and listen to the gadget announcing your speed, the quality of run and the distance you covered. Though, the most important thing is not the gadget’s ability to monitor the runner’s data but to give some recommendations.

You might sarcastically ask, “Why do I need this tracker? Can’t I simply go jogging?” Really, professional advice is essential. Try jogging in the morning. What will be your speed? How will you know when to stop: after feeling slight fatigue in your legs or when you’ll be about to fall down? Such a random approach is actually very hazardous to your health. The improper technique and wrong running conditions will lead to some serious injuries.

Just like any other quality tracker, this product by Adidas can be connected to a smartphone and has an Internet connection, keeps a track record of your results and has a smart app. What is important is the fact that among others, there is a weight loss mode, which was not found in other classic fitness trackers.

As for the advantages of the device, we have to mention that the heart rate, step counter, and other sensors’ reports are extremely detailed. GPS module is also available: how can you do without it when it comes to fitness trackers for running? Speaking about the disadvantages, we’ll point out the weak battery and poor cold resistance.

Other than that, this is a budget and open-minded device: its manufacturers update the software quite often, the gadget may be connected to other manufacturers’ heart rate monitors and step counter, though they claim that they are not responsible for any flop which may come up consequently.

The price for the basic supply of Adidas MiCoach Pacer Bundle is Check the current price. Its rating is 3.5 stars out of 5. The customers’ feedback is also positive and joyful, which may be either because of the gadget’s real benefits or because of the wow-effect inevitably caused by the Adidas brand name.

HydraCoach smart bottle will teach you to drink properly

And now let’s turn our attention to gadgets which virtually have no similar rivals, such as a Hydro Coach smart bottle. In order to lose the extra kilos not only you have to eat properly, but you also have to drink properly.

Sportline HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle is the official name of the project. According to the HydroCoach’s developers’ idea, this bottle is to be at your disposal all day long, you’re supposed to drink from it during the workouts, at home or in the office.

What can this Intelligent Bottle do? The device will calculate your personal rate of fluid intake per day. After that HC tracks how much water you actually drink per day and whether you do it right – as in the volume of your intake and the frequency. You know, drinking the daily requirement of water in two minutes cannot be really called healthy hydration.

smart hydration bottle: photo

Why is proper drinking essential for losing weight? Firstly, the water accelerates metabolism in the human body. You will recycle received calories and toxins faster and all the harmful substances will leave your body sooner as well. Second, the food aids digestion: drinking half an hour before a meal and an hour after it is strongly recommended by dieticians and nutrition specialists. Moreover, the water cleanses the body, overrides the feeling of hunger, moistures the joints, strengthens muscles and does so much more. But in order for all these perks to work you have to know your personal rate norm of fluid intake and drink liquids accordingly at regular intervals. This is when the HydroCoach comes to help.

HydroCoach also keeps a diary of your hydration, the same way fitness trackers keep a calories diary. The product will help you adjust your daily routine so that your water intake stimulates achieving your initial aim, i.e. losing weight! The manufacturer assures that the gadget was designed with the guidance of the leading dieticians and fitness coaches of the USA. The name of the first interactive bottle in the world is justified by a small digital screen with which the device is equipped. This screen shows the main statistics recorded by this product.

This product isn’t expensive, but users don’t appreciate the benefits of HydroCoach very (it is rated 2.5 stars out of 5). The lack of automatic notifications about the necessity to drink a cup of water (there is not even a sound notification!) and the LED screen is known to glitch. However, to each his own, and so, read other customers' reviews and decide whether you personally want to purchase this smart bottle.

Xbox Kinect: losing weight while gaming

The society views a typical gamer is an overweight dude who lies on the couch 24/7 in front of a screen and plays video games with the help of their favourite console. Xbox manufacturers decided to refute this stereotype and launched a whole range of sports products. Their virtual workout systems and active game play help you lose weight while playing!

kinect loose weight training: photo

The manufacturers have long been keen on sports and have already launched a dozen of simulators where the gamers may appear as boxers, runners, javelin throwers, etc.

What sports novelties have Xbox introduced recently? A well-known project Xbox Kinect Training devoted to losing excessive weight was one of them.

The idea goes like this: a tanned jock with a pleasant voice appears on the console screen before you. Your virtual coach will enquire what his master’s goals are for working out, he will then think a bit and start showing you some of the pro exercises. Your task is to repeat them and follow the directions of your “genie in a bottle”. Each squat or stretch is worth a certain amount of points. At the end of the workout, when you’re all in blood, sweat, and tears, your virtual personal coach will calculate the load, the number of successful bends, push-ups and leg swings, will come to a common denominator and on the basis of all that will come up with a fuel print quotient which is a detailed indicator of all that you’ve accomplished.

After that, you’ll be able to make your final choice and decide whether you will follow this workout program and go on the next day or you’ll throw away the CD with this software and run to your nearest McDonald’s to have some burgers. The point of this software is that it’s not going to be easy: although your coach is virtual, he is very demanding, so you’ll literally have to work your behind off.

By the way, despite the difficulty of the workouts, the project has a good rating, 4.1 stars out of 5. Kinect Training for Xbox 360 costs Check the current price

Fat Removal Procedures And Cryolipolysis

A more expensive but quite effective alternative is fat removal procedures that are divided into invasive, such as liposuction, and noninvasive. The latter includes laser and ultrasound therapy as well as cryolipolysis which is also known as coolsculpting. The ultrasound treatment targets the fat by increasing the tissue temperature above 130°F while low-level laser therapy is believed to liquefy your fat cells, releasing its content as waste.

Cryolipolysis a quite a new technique that has not yet been studied thoroughly enough. It is a treatment that involves using cold temperatures to destroy fat cells without damaging the skin. The point is that fat cells are more sensitive to cold than nerves, blood vessels and skin, and therefore, will get frozen first. The machine cools certain areas of your body, with each session taking around an hour. According to the developers of the technique, coolsculpting gives long-term results reduces the fat in a treated spot by up to 25%.

If it is that easy, why hasn’t it become so widespread? First of all, because it is costly as you will have to pay about $1,000 per treatment area. Secondly, this method is not for everyone. While being a safer alternative to liposuction and an FDA-cleared technology, cryolipolysis can be applied only to a small area. Apart from that, this treatment is contraindicated for patients with a number of health issues, such as cold agglutinin disease, reduced blood circulation at the treatment area, diabetic neuropathy, eczema, dermatitis, chronic pain conditions, and some others.


When we decided to devote this review to this subject, we expected to find much more extraordinary and effective fitness devices. Nowadays there is a demand for a healthy lifestyle in our society, and the wearable gadgets market expands on a monthly basis… Despite this, most of the devices that we’ve tested turned out to be unfinished, flawed or useless. Only those which deserve your attention made it to our review.

Perhaps the time of perfect weight loss gadgets is yet to come, and they only ripe in the industry giants’ labs. At the moment, though, this is all we’ve got. We’ll be genuinely happy if you will control your weight with the help of the devices described.