What are Cold Weather Face Masks? Cold weather face masks are very similar in design and appearance to knit ski masks, the differences being mainly in material and often the absence of an opening for the mouth. The principle is that a lot of heat is lost through the face, especially if riding an open-air vehicle in the winter, or when there is an exceptionally cold wind.

The face can become numb and uncomfortable, which can lead to unpleasant sinus drainage, colds, sniffles or soreness and redness in the skin (even wind burns). These usually are made of wind-breaking material like nylon blends, and are more face-conforming, with extra stitching and shaping to accommodate the contour of the nose. An opening exists for the eyes, but it encloses the scalp, nose and lower portion of the head and face.

The absence of the mouth opening is to prevent the inhalation of exceptionally-cold air, which is bad for respiration, maintaining body temperature, and can dry out air passages much more quickly as a result. Those with claustrophobic tendencies may find these to be a little uncomfortable initially, but they are very comfortable, and easy to grow accustomed to.

One added advantage is the lack of the air feeling like it’s on fire when you step into a heated building, as your face hasn’t been exposed to biting cold.

Self Pro Balaclava - Windproof Ski Mask: photo

Take a look at Self Pro Thermal Retention Balaclava, which will effectively protect you from cold, wind, dust, and UV rays. These face masks for winter are unisex and will fit men, women, and children.

The secret is in hi-tech polyester fibers and soft polar fleece, which make the product a perfect choice for outdoor activities. By the way, it is particularly popular as a cold weather face mask for motorcycle riders and bikers. Not only does this garment effectively protects you from wind, but it is also breathable, hypoallergenic, soft to touch and comfortable.

What I especially like about this product is that it is a versatile face cover for cold weather. You can wear it as a ninja hoodie, neck gaiter or a cold weather half-face mask. Actually, there is a multitude of wearing options, just use your imagination!

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