Amazing, huh? I have seen many watches: there were ones with built in MP3 player, radio, Flash drive etc. However, I have never seen a Palm PDA built in such a small body. This watch is amazing and I bought it because of its functionality and its look.

This gadget is called the Abacus Wrist PDA and it is very true. You have a fully functional PDA on your wrist. It has an address book, calendar, and a list of things to do. It also has some standard features that most of the PDAs have.

This gadget's screen is black lit and it has a resolution of 160 x 160. This is enough because for most of the businessmen it is not necessary for their gadget to look very neat. What matters to them is functionality. Besides, the advantage of this is that you can see the black lit display better then the colored one in the sun.

This watch display is a touch-screen so it will be even easier to navigate it with a special stylus. This way you do not need many buttons so it has four of them and it is enough. Navigating the menus of this gadget watch is much easier because of the touch-screen.

The PDA needs some Os to run so it uses the 4.1.2 version of Palm OS just like an ordinary palm. This OS has some standard applications and you can even download any applications you would like to make it even more functional.

It is an ultimate personal digital assistant because downloading software is possible from any other device which has the Bluetooth technology built in.

Another feature of this watch is that when you write a memo or a message there is an on screen keyboard or you can do it with Jot. The on-screen keyboard is a very convenient way to do that. But unlike most of the PDAs when you use Jot it lets you write on a big square as opposed to small quadrants.

How, about its watch function? It is even better. You can set the watch mode as a screen saver or you can access to if right from the menu. The good thing about it is that it has several skins that you can use. You can set it to look like a regular analog watch or make it look totally weird.

There are some additional features that this gadget has and one of them is password protection. The watch will not turn to the PDA mode until you type in the password.

This gadget needs power to run on and it has a rechargeable battery. You can charge the battery using a special AC adapter or you can use you Computer's USB port. The battery will hold up to four days if you use the gadget not more than 30 minutes a day. However, it is not difficult to charge it every night and use it as much as you need.

How about the durability of this monster watch? Its case is made of stainless steel; the buckle is stainless steel too. Its band is made of leather combined with rubber so it is very durable too.

I think that it is one of the best PDAs for a businessman because it is small, it fits on your wrist, and it is very functional and has everything you need.

The most unusual and cool watch

I like watches and all the accessories that come with them so I collect watches and have a whole bunch of them at home. I thought that I had very many types of watches and my collection was very big until I went to Tokyo. I have seen so many new models that I was amazed.

There was one model that I really liked. It was the watch that had a stainless steel body and some LEDs to show the time. Its body measures 4.5 cm wide and 1.6 cm long which is really cool because it is big and small at the same time. It looks pretty cool because the body has this nice steel color and the LEDs light up with a very bright blue color. I think that this combination is very beautiful.

The way this gadget watch shows the time is very weird but it is fun at the same time. There are three parameters that you have to look at in order to know what time it is. watch led.

There is a circle in the left part of the watch and there are two rows of LEDs in the right part of this gadget watch. They call it 12 5 9 watch because the circle has 12 LEDs and the two rows of LEDs have 5 and 9 of them.OK.

The circle of LEDs in the left part shows you the hours like on the regular watch so there is nothing special to that. However, it is not that easy because there are no numbers at each LED. There are numbers only on the 12, 6, and 9.

The minutes are shown in a different way and I like it. There are two rows: one of them is longer and has 9 LEDs and the other one is shorter and has 5 LEDs.

The shorter row of LEDs shows you the tens of minutes. For example if one LED is lighted up it means that it is ten minutes past and if two it means that twenty minutes past. That is how you know the tens of minutes.

In order to know how many minutes exactly it is you have to count how many LEDs are lighted up in the longer row and add them up with the tens from the shorter row. It is a very neat idea because if you do not need a precise time you jut look at the circle and at the shorter row of LEDs. It is very quick and I think that it is more convenient to look at this watch rather then at a usual one.

Another cool thing about this watch is that when you want to see what time it is you just press a button. However, the first second or two the LEDs will go crazy like it is malfunctioning. Well, then it will show you the time.

It is a cool twist because when I do that my friends think that the watch has gone crazy and broke. Many people are fooled with that but I have to say that this watch is pretty durable and I like it very much.

The fusion watch that looks different

I have got this watch for my birthday and I think that it was one of the best gifts that I got this year. I have never seen a gadget watch like this.

It has no numbers the only think it has is some LED lights and the LCD display. It is a combined display that looks pretty good and gives the watch a futuristic look.

It is very easy to figure out how to "understand" this watch. There is an outer circle of big LED's that indicate the hour and there are twelve LED's there of course. The other circle that consists of small dots show you the minutes.

The coolest thing I think is the way it displays the seconds: there are 30 squares right in the middle. Firs they all light up and then when they reach to 30 they start to drain down until the minute ends.

Having this watch would be very interesting because it is very unusual and you really need to get used to that watch gadget.

This is not the end of the features this gadget has. First of all it will show you the time and date. Many other watches do not have such a feature so it is a good thing about this watch. It is a bit hard to read it though. When you press the button to show you the date a special indicator lights up in the middle of the screen. Now the outer circle will start showing you the month and the inner circle will show you the days. It is hard to tell what day it is because the lights of inner circle are very small.

The other feature that this gadget has is the alarm. You can set the alarm and it will wake you up very easy. It beeps very loud so you will hear it anyway. There is a light on the screen that indicates whether the alarm is on or off.

Its body is made of stainless steel so you do not have to worry about breaking it. This watch gadget is very durable and will last very long. Besides, it is water resistant up to 100 meters which is about 330 feet. They come in two colors: black and silver so it is up to you to choose the style of your watch.

I am not sure about the cost of this watch gadget but it surely looks very neat. I have heard that it does not cost that much. (I am not supposed to hear that but I heard my wife speaking about it.) That means that everybody can buy such a present for the person he or she loves.

The only thing that I do not like about this watch is how much the battery will hold. There are many LED light, besides the LCD screen needs energy too.

Generally this gadget watch has medium functionality but it has a very cool futuristic look and that means that you are going to bee cool wearing this gadget.

Reveal watch

There are so many kinds of watches that we do not even know about all of them. I will tell you about the watch that amazed me with its simple and cool design and the way they work. I fell in love with this watch the moment I saw it.

Here is the deal about this watch: its display is all black and it shows you only the current hour and minute. It shows you only one number so you will not have to look for the hand when somebody asks you what time it is. Well, most people when they are asked what time it is look at their watch and think for some time. First you have to find the hands and then read the numbers.

Now with this gadget watch. With this watch you just see only the number of current hour and current minute. This is the main idea of it creators from Projects Company. How it does that?

It works very simply. It glass is turning around not the hand. The glass is all black and you can see through it only in one spot where it is needed. The minutes are shown exact the same way except the circle is smaller.

You do not have any hands or anything classic. This is the watch for those people who like modern style. The watch is perfectly round and it comes in several colors. As far as I know there are black ones and orange once. May be there are more of them. However, I like the black ones the most because they look really neat.

This gadget will help you to live in present time showing you only the present time. Its body is made of black stainless steal and that means that it is very durable and you will be able to wear them as much as you want. They are very slim so you will not even feel them on your wrist.

This masterpiece gadget watch costs $ 80 but I think that it is worth it. Having a stylish accessory is a good thing for businessmen like me. I bought this watch for myself and I love it. I think that most of people can afford this watch if they want to look good.

There are some disadvantages to this gadget like there are some in every gadget. First, it does not show you the seconds that are needed for some people. Besides, there is no date and anything else.

My conclusion will be that you should buy this watch if you want to look cool. Everybody will ask you where you got that because this watch is very unusual. However, if you are looking for something more functional then you need to buy something else. This is a simple watch that show you only the time but it does that in a very cool way.

The ultimate sportsmen watch gadget

Old sportsmen watches had only a Stopwatch function with a memory for several times and I do not think that they had something else. This new watch has so many features built in that I am really amazed by its functionality.

This new gadget watch has a Suunto Wristop Computer built in which means that it is a very smart device. It is very useful for the sportsmen: particularly you can use it for hiking, jogging, and when you are camping or scouting.

The features it has built in are very cool and unusual. It has some timer feature, it has an altimeter, barometer, compass etc.


Regarding the time this gadget watch is very convenient to use. It can switch from 12 to 24 hours modes. It also has a calendar which is programmed to the year 2089. A very useful thing is the alarm. It has an alarm that you can set to ring three times a day daily. That means that you do not need to program it every day. As any other watch it has a Stopwatch which ranges up to 23:59:59 and a countdown timer with the same range.


It shows you the current altitude that you are at and it can measure up to 29500 feet. Its resolution is very precise and it is 10 feet. I think that it is a very good precision for such a long range. This gadget watch also has a function that shows you the ascent/descent rate which is very good to know when you are hiking. Besides, it stores all the data to its log file and you can see the statistics later. You can also zero the altimeter to see the vertical progress on the next stage.


Everybody knows what a barometer is. For those who does not know this gadget measures the pressure. It shows you the absolute pressure range from 8.9 to 32.4 inHg so you will know what the pressure is on the altitude you are at. The resolution of this gadget is amazing 0.05 inHg. It also stores the data about the changes every hour and you can see what it's been like the last night while you were sleeping. It has also a barometrical trend indicator and I am not sure what it does. The barometer will work fine in cold and hot and its range is from -20 to +60 C which is -5 to +140 F.


This thing shows you bearing in degrees and a point arrow that show you the directions. You can lock bearing of where you need to go and it will show you the current bearing and the locked bearing and the difference between these two parameters. The compass has some more feature but I have never used them and I am not sure what they are for.

Other features

For you to see it in the dark there is a backlight and the electroluminescent features so you will be able to see it any time. The battery is not rechargeable but it is very easy to replace it and there is a low battery indicator so you will know when it is time to replace it. Its display is big and it is very easy to read it. Like most of the good watches it is water resistant to 30 meters which is 100 feet.

The person that has this watch can go hiking and he or she does not need any additional devices because this watch gadget has them all. You will not get lost and for those who like the statistics this watch records all of it on a file. I think that this is a must have gadget for somebody who like to go extreme.