Do you hate warm beer or soda? We bet you had a chance when a sip of a cool drink literally made your day. We doubt you always carry around a portable fridge. These cool devices are called Koozie, Beverage Thermos, Can & Beer Bottle Cooler or Insulator. Their idea is to cool your beer or keep other beverages cool for as long as possible. They will come in handy anywhere: on a beach party, a picnic, a meeting with friends on the golf course, a trip on a boat or camping, and even just a walk around the city!

Top-6 Can & Beer Bottle Coolers, Insulators and a Beverage Thermos

RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler 12oz

To keep your beer or soda can cool, leave it in this stainless steel Insulator, he was #1 Best Seller in Sports fan tumblers category. It will keep your drink cool for several hours and that’s why it is perfect for a picnic or a football match! It can be easily washed. It does not leave condensation outside, which makes it possible to use without a cover. It is suitable for most bottles and cans.

Such brutal can coolers will be an excellent gift not only to yourself, but also for your friends, especially if they are sports fans. So, it is better to buy at least two at once as it’s highly likely that your best friend will want the same one. Everyone should drink cold beer only!

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Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator for 12 Ounce Can

Do you only go for canned drinks? Do you carry them around on you or in your car? This thermos can cool any canned soda or beer and maintain the temperature for 3 hours (which is 10 times longer than a can is able to hold on its own) thanks to the special vacuum technology!

It is made of durable stainless steel, both on the outside and inside, and also does not leave a condensation. It looks stylish, and the top of the thermos is covered with rubber, so it is easy and pleasant to hold. This thermos will always be with you wherever you need it, be it a party with your friends, chilling on the beach, camping or promenades.

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BottleKeeper - The Original Stainless Steel Bottle Holder and Insulator with Bottle Opener

If a single bottle cooler is insufficient for your favorite drink (beer, soda or cider). The stainless steel make sure this cooler will never slip out of your hands and will serve you for a long time. In addition, this beer bottle stainless steel thermos has more functions as it is supplied with an opener. This is a perfect cooler for travel, even the most extreme, involving hunting or fishing. It is suitable for most bottles, is very easy to wash and is always dry on the outside.

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Bright Neoprene Zipper Beer Bottle Coolers Sleeves

If you feel like throwing a huge beach party, these 6 bright koozies are your best choice. They are made of dense waterproof neoprene, and will keep your drinks cold and your hands dry for a long time. The zipper allows easy placement and removal of the sleeve on the bottle. By the way, it is neoprene that is used for making diving suits as it provides thermal insulation and maintains the original temperature.

99% of the buyers have rated these coolers highly as they will perfectly fit any situation from street games to birthday parties. They are suitable for most 12 oz beer cans and for long-necked bottles. The set includes 6 koozies of different colors: red, pink, purple, green, blue and black.

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Chillsner Beer Chiller, 2-pack

Chillsner Beer Chiller

What do you think of this innovation? It will make you forget that warm beer exists! These fashionable beer chillers should first be frozen for 45 minutes and then dipped straight into the bottle. Some cooling gel that will turn any bottle in an arctic-like cooling device is packed inside these chillers.

Don’t take them out of the bottle and drink your beer straight through the frozen Chillsner as if it were a tube. Put it back in the freezer after a while! Two beer chillers are supplied for you to share with friends!

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The Song of Ice and Fire! Thermo Tank Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Do you prefer cool water or juice to beer? In that case, we’ve got a Thermo Tank Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle. It will provide you with a refreshing drink on any hot summer day. It maintains coolness for up to 36 hours thanks to the vacuum void which is additionally surrounded by a copper layer between two steel walls. This design helps keep the drink cool longer than other similar devices and protects the walls from condensation.

But that’s not it! As this is a thermos, it can also retain heat, so you’ll always have some hot coffee or mulled wine handy in winter! Any drinks will have the exact temperature you would like for the whole day! Isn’t it perfect for a good day?

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Best Can & Beer Bottle Coolers, Insulators and a Beverage Thermos Comparison Chart

Product Description Price

RTIC Stainless Steel Can Cooler

beer cooler

Stainless steel Insulator for cans and bottles, a #1 Best Seller among Sports fan tumblers

Thermos Stainless Steel Beverage Can Insulator for 12 Ounce Can

Beverage Can Insulator

Stainless Steel Insulator for cooling beverage cans for 3 hours

BottleKeeper - The Original Stainless Steel Bottle Holder and Insulator

Stainless Steel Bottle Insulator with can openers

Neoprene Zipper Beer Bottle Coolers Sleeves

Coolers for beer

A pack of neoprene koozies of different sizes

Chillsner Beer Chiller

Insulators for beer

2 bottle chillers: freeze it, put it in the bottle and drink on!

Thermo Tank Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottle

Thermo Tank Insulated Water Bottle

A thermos for hot and cold beverages will maintain the initial temperature for up to 36 hours

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