What is the best heat glue gun? A heat glue gun is the strongest glue you could hope for, meaning it will solve a task of any complexity. There is another option — a cold glue gun, but what is the difference? Hot glue guns use high temperatures and work great with the toughest materials, such as wood and plastic. Moreover, the items that were glued with this kind of gun are more resistant to different weather conditions and can be safely placed outdoors. That said, at present, some manufacturers produce guns that can switch between high and low temperatures, which is pretty convenient. Heat glue guns can also be divided into corded and cordless models. The former ones are more reliable but require an extension cord, while the latter ones are more portable but need to be charged after a few hours of operation. And finally, hot glue guns can be either mini or full-sized.

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Take a look at the Cobiz Hot Glue Gun Kit, which is a full-sized model that allows you to switch between 60W and 100W power depending on your needs. The product comes with two finger protectors made from rubbers, which is a valuable accessory given that gluing under high temperatures poses certain safety risks. The tool is easy to use as it takes no more than 3 minutes for it to heat up. On top of that, the heat glue gun is corded and has a convenient ergonomic design, allowing you to work as long as you want.

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