Husqvarna Group is a Sweden-based company that boasts a rich history of the equipment production, from chainsaws and bicycles to mowers and snowblowers. The first Husqvarna plant was set up more than 300 years ago and was engaged in weapon production. In the 1980s, it was acquired by Electrolux and since then, has been expanding internationally.

Today, the company is present in more than 100 countries worldwide. Actually, Husqvarna isn’t the only brand of the company. Perhaps you have seen gardening tools under the brand of Gardena, Flymo mowers or McCulloch chainsaws — all they belong to Husqvarna Group. All this leads to the belief that Husqvarna is a brand you can rely on when it comes to outdoor equipment and snowblowers in particular.

What is the best Husqvarna snow blower? We believe that Husqvarna ST330 is a bright example of a high-end snowblower at a reasonable price. This high-capacity and heavy-duty machine allows for clearing large amounts of snow and will perfectly work under any weather conditions. With an advanced engine based on two-stage technology, the machine effectively blasts away snow, making clearing paths and driveways an easy task. Another strong point of this product is convenience — you can adjust the height of the handle and choose which wheel will drive. On top of that, the unit comes with LED headlights and heated grips for better comfort.

Husqvarna Two-Stage Snow Blower: photo

How to choose the best snow blower? What should you know when buying a snowblower? This review of the best snow blowers will provide you with the essential information you need.

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