A car seat massager is a chair shaped insert which attaches to any of the standard seats in most vehicles and draws its power either through USB or from the 12V cigarette lighter port common to most vehicles. Similar to massage chairs, these can provide a variety of massages, as well as sometimes heating or cooling to relieve muscle tension, joint stiffness and overall pain and discomfort.

Popular massage styles commonly implemented in these include Swedish, deep tissue and shiatsu, with many offering a variety of the three in various combinations. For those suffering from severe back or hip trouble, long drives can be very painful, which can result in reckless driving or worse, and these massage inserts can actually help alleviate this problem.

They can also help combat fatigue from sitting in one place for prolonged periods of time on car trips, long commutes and so on. These massagers should be used with discretion, as many people find that they relax them a little too much, which can result in them accidentally falling asleep or being somewhat less attentive at the wheel. Do not use one of these if massages are extremely effective in helping you to feel drowsy, and overly relaxed.

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