You can increase your blood circulation using palm massagers. Apart from that, these devices improve range of motion and remove trigger points. Considered by many chiropractors as a source of pain in different organs, these knots can be effectively treated by means of massage. On top of that, the pain in your palm hinders your daily activity, something that must not be tolerated. These massagers can be either electric devices that treat the palm with heat or simple mechanical rollers.

Breo WOWOS Palm Massager: photo

Take a look at this electric device, Breo Hand Massager, that employs air pressure and heat compression. It stimulates various points on the palm are stimulated, improving blood circulation. As a result, it relieves numbness and soreness of your hand or fingers. With three modes of pressure and various settings, this massager can be adjusted to suit your needs. It delivers five types of massages, so you will be able to choose the most comfortable one. Moreover, the product comes with the Breo app that will allow you to customize it, choosing the area of your palm you want to treat.

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