Much like other implementations of snowblowers, the primary purpose of these machines is to remove snow from your driveway, sidewalk, other places you just don’t feel like shoveling today. Anyone who lives in an area that gets a lot of snowfall, and a lot of ice, will vouch for the fact that having to shovel snow early of a morning, just to go work a job that they hate, is something you call adding insult to injury, or rubbing salt into a wound.

Snowblowers come in a variety of power sources, including battery, gas and electric. These all have their trade-offs but can be supplemented by a secondary stage, which can mean one of two things, depending on the snowblower. In one case, this simply means two power settings for heavier, icier snow, and in another case, it can mean a secondary pass to get compacted, ice bonded snow off of the pavement.

All snowblowers pretty much work the same way, with a Caterpillar powertrain lifting the snow off of the ground, and the second blower or projector stage throwing the snow away somewhere else. While they don’t quite match the perfection of cleanliness at a shovel can create, they are a very convenient way to do away with one of nature’s greatest annoyances, and the leading reason that people move to Florida or California.

What is a two-stage gas snow blower?

Snow blowers can do snow clearing operation in one, two or three stages.

The term “single-stage” in a snow blower’s description means that its auger not only gathers snow but also crushes it and throws away. To prevent large pieces of snow and ice from getting into the mechanism as well as to ensure a sufficient throwing force, the auger in single-stage models has to spin at a high speed, something that will eventually result in its rapid wear. However, such units are more lightweight, have a simpler mechanism and cost less money.

PowerSmart 2-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower: photo

Two-stage snow blowers — and these are the most common among gas-powered models — the auger only pulls snow in while a separate impeller crushes it and moves it further. This allows the auger to spin slower, reducing wear. However, since two-stage models are more complicated devices, they have a higher price, weight and failure probability.

And finally, there are three-stage snow blowers. They are equipped with one more impeller for crushing snow. That said, three-stage snow blowers are rare and it is quite hard to find such a product.

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