This guide describes the TOP 6 best bidet toilet seats, their distinctive features and the most important properties you should take into account before shopping. These products can be connected to electricity or be manually controlled. Each of the types has its advantages and disadvantages and it is up to you which one to opt for. Learn about technologies that are behind these products and benefits they offer.

Luckily, there is a growing perception that having a bidet is not a luxury anymore but rather a matter of personal hygiene. I say ‘luckily” because I observe and welcome an increasing tendency to treat hygiene as an important element in our lives. In fact, this is essential for a healthy human being. So personal hygiene has become more affordable since new technologies have been developed.

The thing is those old-style bidets, while traditional in Europe, haven’t gained popularity in the U.S. But this is true for the units that are separate from toilet seats, something that caused confusion among the consumers regarding how the item should be used. That is why a new option, bidet toilet seats, has made successful inroads to the market.

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

How Does A Bidet Toilet Seat Work?

This is an attachment to a toilet and is installed in bathrooms. This item is used to clean the woman’s genitals and anus with a jet of water. It is quite easy to fasten the seat to a toilet. All the steps are normally described in a manual that comes with the product. But generally, the whole installation process does not take more than 20 minutes. As an added benefit: you will not have to call a plumber and can perfectly cope with the task yourself.

Nor will you have any troubles with using the fixture as it looks like a conventional toilet seat and what you need is just comfortably sit on it. To clean yourself, use a control panel to choose a water jet you need, which can have varying pressure and temperature. Generally, there is a wand with a nozzle inside which spray water. By the way, the nozzle receives water not from the toilet bowl, but from the water system. You can also have some extra filters to make the water even purer.

Some models offer only 1 nozzle while others have 2 nozzles, with one of them being intended for spraying the anus of both men and women and the other one being designed to clean woman’s genitals. When the job is done, the nozzle goes back in the housing where it is cleaned. This feature is called self-cleaning and is usually present in all models. In addition, these units may have air dryers that are very beneficial because in this case, you can do without toilet paper. This is more hygienic and, in addition, allows you to save on buying the paper.

What are the Types of Bidet Toilet Seats?

They can be loosely divided into electric and non-electric ones. They differ in the price and the way they function, which is why it would be reasonable to consider both strong and weak points of each type.

Electric models

Such items are pricier but come with more beneficial features. So such models offer the possibility for remote control and can include a feature allowing to heat the seat. They are much easier to operate, especially when it comes to physically challenged people, the elderly ones or pregnant women. There are also products with fully adjustable nozzles and air dryers, with the latter making the use of toilet paper completely unnecessary.

Electric models are generally more comfortable than non-electric ones and, as a rule, fit toilets well. And yet, make sure that the product you are going to purchase can be attached to your specific toilet. Apart from being pricier, such products have a disadvantage of being able to operate only in places with electricity supply, which can be a limitation for some customers. Secondly, using electric units will to a certain extent affect your energy bills.

Non-electric models

This type is preferred by those who are not ready to spend much money on this item and will be fine with having a bidet attachment that comes with basic functions. The cheapest option will cost you about fifty dollars and the most expensive one will not be more than some two hundred dollars.

There are some additional benefits of non-electric models, though. So they are more likely to fit any kind of a toilet as they are fastened to it underneath the existing seat. Such models can be considered an accessory because they actually enhance the quality of the existing toilet, without replacing its seat. This is particularly beneficial for those who are satisfied with their toilets, with a bidet being the only feature they lack. Another common variation of this type is a hand-held model resembling a shower head. It is designed to be connected to the water supply nearby the toilet.

Like the electric models, these ones also have a self-cleaning feature and may come with dual nozzles so that you could have more options for washing yourself. Some attachments can use hot water but this will require access not only to a cold water pipe but a hot one as well, which is an obvious disadvantage. There are also other downsides. First, such attachment is less convenient to use. Secondly, it is harder to adjust water pressure and in most models, nozzles cannot be adjusted at all.

What to Look for When Choosing a Product

Since the price range is broad, it would be helpful to know which features should be considered when buying a product.

  • Size. First and foremost, the item has to fit your toilet, otherwise, it will be just useless. For this purpose, you need to know the distance between the holes on the toilet bowl where the seat is fastened and the water tank. Then, look at a description of the product you are going to purchase.
  • Shape. As a rule, the unit is either round or elongated. The shape of the item should be chosen depending on the shape of your toilet.
  • Extra features. If you want the process to be more comfortable, it is better to look for models with additional functions provided by electric items. So using a heated seat will help you to relax in colder months while a remote control will spare you unnecessary movements.
  • Electricity. When buying an electric model, make sure there is an electrical outlet near the toilet. If there is no socket, install it or opt for a non-electric seat.
  • For ladies. If a girl or woman is going to use a bidet as well, choose the item that comes with a frontal nozzle.
  • Material. The product should be made of a durable material as it is utilized often and is intended to serve over the course of many years. Plastic seats should be preferred over wooden ones, as the latter can collect moisture. 

Pros, Benefits and Cons

Advantages & Benefits:

  • Clean better than toilet paper.
  • If there is not enough space in your bathroom to install a separate fixture, using this product would be a wise choice.
  • You do not have to get up to clean your intimate parts.
  • The product is cost-efficient as you will use less toilet paper and eventually save money on it. 
  • It does not use much water. just to compare, when washing your hands after using the toilet, you waste about the same amount of water.
  • Bidets are particularly good for pregnant women, physically challenged people and those who have certain health issues.


  • You will still have to dry yourself after using a bidet.
  • These units, especially the electric ones, are generally quite expensive

TOP 6 Best Bidet Toilet Seats

Below, you will find a review of six best products at a price ranging from $20 to $1,000. Both types of these attachments are present here, so you can choose the product you need among more pricier electric models and more affordable non-electric ones. These items differ in the number of features and the level of comfort they offer. Products with functions untypical for bidets, such as a massage feature, can be found in the review as well.

High-End Feature-Packed Bidet Toilet Seat | TOTO S550e

High-End Feature-Packed Bidet Toilet Seat: photo

The item will cost you no less than $1,000 and it is the priciest one in our review. A word about its manufacturer. TOTO is a Japanese company that has become the world’s leader in producing high-quality units. Established 100 years ago, the company has launched production of toilet seats with a washing feature about 40 years ago.

Why Japan? This kind of a product has become popular in Japan after the company has developed and added new innovative features. Now, the innovative models can be found in more than 60% Japanese households. At present, TOTO has offices in the US, Latin American states, Asia, and Europe.

While producing luxury models, TOTO offers products in different price categories. So why to buy such an expensive item? Let’s look at the features it offers. First, you get a feature that allows using warm water. What you need is to press a button. You also get a touchpad remote, making the experience particularly comfortable. There is also a number of advanced functions that have been added to the features present in previous TOTO models. This includes 5 settings and all of them can be adjusted depending on your needs. The lid opens and closes automatically which will be particularly appreciated by physically challenged people and elderly ones. In addition, the item can be illuminated, something that makes it more comfortable to use at nights. On top of that, the model has a feature of a heated seat, air deodorizer that operates automatically, and an air dryer. And it is stylish, after all.

TOTO S550e: Check the current price

Modern Bidet Toilet Seat | TOTO C100

Modern Bidet Toilet Seat: photo

This one will cost you a third of the price of the previous product but actually, it provides all necessary functions offered by a quality electronic unit. These adjustable settings for temperature and pressure of water, heated seat, as well as air deodorizer and dryer. The nozzle is cleaned automatically not only after the use but also before it starts operation. Like S550e model, this one is also elongated, which is an advantage for those using modern toilets as they are predominantly round in shape. The downside is that the seat can be too small for a man of people with excess weight.

TOTO C100: Check the current price

Dual-Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat | Bio Bidet

Dual-Nozzle Bidet Toilet Seat: photo

But if you have a round toilet and want an electric seat, take a look at this model. It will cost approximately the same amount of money as the previous one but is produced by another manufacturer. This one is another well-known brand of high-quality products. It is noteworthy that, unlike many other companies, this one offers a three-year warranty on many of its models. It is also known for its innovations.

This model offers dual nozzles, two types of washing and is children-friendly. The seat can be heated and adjusted. What I particularly like in this model is the availability of energy saving mode. Since you save on paper, it would be wise to reduce energy consumption as well. The downside is that there is no remote and the control unit should be attached to the seat.

Bio Bidet: Check the current price

Bidet Toilet Seat with Massage Feature | American Standard

Bidet Toilet Seat with Massage Feature: photo

This model is produced by the U.S. company with a 140-year history that releases both electronic and non-electronic items. However, the production is located in China. Like the two previous products, this one will cost you some $300. It comes with two nozzles, both of which are self-cleaning. Pressure and temperature of water can be adjusted, with five levels, two of which are not pre-set ones.

A special focus needs to be made on a massage feature. This function would be helpful for those who have to seat for a long period of time while massage enhances blood circulation. A weak point of this item is the absence of a built-in dryer, so if you wanted to save on paper, this is not the best bet for you.

American Standard: Check the current price

Affordable Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat | Brondell

Affordable Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat: photo

You may be unwilling to change the toilet seat or spend extra money on having a bidet. In this case, you may find it interesting to consider this option that will cost you just $20 or so. The item is produced by a company founded about 15 years ago and engaged in developing bathroom products. The company places a special focus on environmentally friendly solutions.

The attachment is very thin, which rules out a seat gap. The nozzle is self-cleaning and is retracted inside the house when the job is over. Water pressure can be easily adjusted by means of a control knob that moves smoothly. And there are no those annoying preset levels.

Brondell: Check the current price

Stylish Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat | Luxe Bidet

Stylish Non-Electric Bidet Toilet Seat: photo

The company specializes in non-electric models and utilized high-quality materials in their product. For a little more than $30, you get an attachment with a stylish blue control knob. The unit provides only cold water connection, however, there are other models of this manufacturer that can be connected to hot water as well.

Apart from looking elegant, this item is made of durable materials, including its valves and hoses, where quality metals are used. This accessory is attached to most toilets. Like in the case with the previous product, the nozzle is self-cleanable.

Luxe Bidet: Check the current price

Comparative Chart of Bidet Toilet Seat Effectiveness

Product Features

TOTO S550e

It comes with a touchpad remote
It can warm up water
5 custom temperature and pressure settings
The lid opens and closes automatically
Heated seat, air deodorizer and an air dryer
Effectiveness: 10


Adjustable settings for temperature and pressure
Heated seat, air deodorizer and an air dryer.
Self-cleaning nozzle

Bio Bidet

Dual nozzles and two types of washing
Heated and adjustable seat
Energy save mode

American Standard

It comes with two self-cleaning nozzles.
5 levels of pressure and temperature adjustment, 3 of which are custom.
A massage feature.


The cheapest option.
Self-cleaning nozzle.
Adjustable water pressure.
A control knob moves. smoothly.

Luxe Bidet

High-quality and durable materials.
Self-cleanable nozzles.


What is the best bidet toilet seat?
The most trusted brand is TOTO. This is a Japanese company that once placed a bet on innovations and, as we can see it now, have succeeded.

Are these units sanitary?
Yes, they are. Water cleans better than toilet paper because the latter smears the area. In terms of hygiene, I would recommend you buy a model with self-cleaning nozzles.

How do you dry off after using a bidet?
Many modern electric models come with air dryers. If there is no such a feature, use a towel or toilet paper.

How to clean a bidet seat?
First, make sure the device is not connected to electricity. Then, wipe it down with soapy water or liquid that should have antibacterial compounds.

Can you add a bidet to an existing toilet?
Yes, this is what this product is designed for. You can attach it to the toilet yourself, without calling a plumber. No special knowledge is needed, just make sure that the unit has the proper size.