What is the best electric fly swatter? It is important that the device is lightweight enough (no more than 0.7 pounds) because this is essential to the success of the whole process. For safety reasons, choose a model with several layers. A rechargeable battery will allow you to save money in the future. A LED flashlight is a beneficial feature as it will allow the swatter to keep on zapping insects when you do not use it. A powerful swatter should produce no less than 3000 volts. We believe that ZAP IT! Bug Zapper fits these criteria best.

As technologies are developing, consumers become less prone to apply effective but toxic chemicals while increasingly opt for new devices which are now available on the market in abundance. Perhaps one of the most popular devices is an electric fly swatter.

Producers of various bug zappers and mosquito traps make all efforts to introduce powerful attractants in order to lure pests into the trap.

The mode of operation of electric fly swatters, on the contrary, is based on the strength of human energy and intellect. It is you who detects flying insects and it is you who hits them with the racket.

How Does It Work

You may wonder, then why not to use a traditional swatter? Okay, you guys, it's simple! An electric bug swatter kills the insect immediately on contact because they got electrocuted but not just hit with the racket. The pest has absolutely no chance of escaping the punishment for being a nuisance or bloodsucker, be it in the house or wherever you are with this powerful weapon in the hand. 

Some sellers tend to describe their electric fly swatters as insect repellents. It is not true! These devices kill and do it pretty well but have nothing in common with units designed to keep pests away from the area.

Another strong point of electric fly swatters lies in turning your pest control efforts into a sheer amusement. You may even have an insect-killing competition with your friend or family members — the winner would be the one who could kill the largest number of bloodsuckers.

So, if you have decided on including an electric fly swatter in your pest control arsenal, which product should you choose? We have explored the issue and prepared a review, guided by the principle that “the proof of the pudding is in the eating.”

We have picked three samples of the three most widespread types of electric fly swatters, tested them in Thailand — a country rich in biting insects — and laid out our conclusions over the products’ strong and weak points.

Then we have prepared a review of the 5 best electric bug swatters. A detailed instruction on how a typical bug zapper racket works will help you make up your mind which product to purchase.

3 Electric Fly Swatters: photo

How We Tested 3 Electric Fly Swatters

All right, let’s get started. Our first test sample #1 is a pale green racket fitted with a flashlight. This one is the most expensive and feature-packed. Although being the largest sample in size, it was awarded just 3 out of 5 points for a number of reasons.

  1. The handle is too thick due to the incorporated flashlight, making it inconvenient for women to use.
  2. The power switch is located too far from where the hand holds the fly zapper racket.
  3. It takes too long to charge the device.
  4. The electric fly swatter is not intuitively comprehensible.
  5. The product is excessively feature-packed, including unnecessary buttons. It also consumes too much energy.
  6. It is unclear what a small flashlight on the racket’s top is intended for. Perhaps for operation at hours of darkness.

The sample #2 is the best electric bug swatter, according to our test’s results. It has scored the highest mark — 5 points.

  1. Its handle is convenient to hold.
  2. The power switch is easy to reach when exploiting the bug racket.
  3. Well assembled and without gaps.
  4. A blue electric discharge can be seen, appearing when the button is pressed. So you know that the current flow is switched on and the bug zapper swatter is ready for operation. Everything is intuitively comprehensible!
  5. The charge is sufficient for a month of operation.

And the sample #3 is the smallest electric mosquito swatter which has obtained 4 points.

  1. This one is very portable and runs on batteries, making the device the best bet for hiking, camping, and other outdoor activities
  2. However, this option is not cost-efficient for using at home since it requires extra spending on batteries.
  3. The fly racket is assembled well, made like a monolith.
  4. If you want to engage your children in such bloodsucker-killing activity, opt for this electric mosquito racket as it is small and easy-to-use.

What was our general impression?

Awesome! No wonder that electric fly swatters are so popular in Thailand which is literary swarming with all sorts of biting insects. Apart from the practical benefits of reducing the number of mosquitoes and other flying insects around you, these devices offer a variety of benefits.

First of all, this is a perfect pretext to do some exercise, develop agility and make yourself fitter. Then, we have revealed that this kind of activity is good for the nerves — it really calms down, relieves tension and relaxes. After all, you will just get caught up in the excitement of it all! Indeed, it feels like a game! You will have fun and never get bored with the game as the speed of killing insects is high — approximately one mosquito per minute!

electric fly swatter: photo

Here you can see how many mosquitoes we managed to kill for some 10-15 minutes using an electric fly swatter.

Anyway, in order to get a pile of dead mosquitoes, you will have to try hard. Well, this task is not for lazy people… Add to this biological peculiarities of mosquitoes which are actually smart guys quickly getting the whole point of the game. They start hiding and avoiding the lethal fly racket. So, keep the energy up if you do not want to lose the game to these bloodsuckers!

Weak Points

Meanwhile, when testing electric fly swatters, we have observed two weak points of this kind of devices that may entail some degree of inconvenience.

First, when the insect is fried, it smells, something that does not fit in the cozy atmosphere at home.

Secondly, once a mosquito gets on the grid, a specific crackling sound comes out of there. Not that it is a big problem, but perhaps you may find it a bit annoying. Also, after using an electric fly swatter inside the house, you will have to remove dead flies and mosquitoes or vacuum if there is a carpet on the floor.


When using any flying zapper racket, always keep in mind that you are dealing with an electric device which must be handled properly. During the testing, we have found out a weak point typical for all types of electric fly swatters.

  • After the power button is off and the bug racket is left on the table, electrostatic charge remains for a while. For example, if dust gets on the surface of the electric grid, it produces crackling sounds. That is why you need to discharge the grid somehow. We suggest you should use a dry towel to clean it but under no circumstances allow the device to contact water.

  • Do not touch the electric grid as an electric charge is strong and you can receive an electric shock and get hurt pretty badly! It is really painful, so, be sure that the device is out of reach of small children after its exploitation.

How to Pick a Right Bug Zapper Racket

1. The bug zapper racket is a device killing mosquitoes and it does not require any specific skills to be used. The main part of the device is an electrically charged metal grid.

  • The power of the electric grid ranges from 500 to 3000 volts. The more powerful the electric fly swatter is, the more insects you will kill.

2. Many devices have a 3-layer mesh so that people won’t be hurt by touch. There are also one-layer electric fly swatters which are more effective but are less safe for people because the absence of protection layers makes you more vulnerable.

  • Therefore, if you have kids, decide on a 3-layer bug swatter. But in case there is an army of mosquitoes around you and all precautions have been taken, it seems that the best bet for you is a one-layer fly racket.

3. When an insect gets into the grid, an electric flash of light is generated and the insects are incinerated. A high-voltage generator powered by the battery is located in the handle. The circuit includes an electronic oscillator, a voltage multiplier, and a transformer. It operates the same way the electric shocker does, but, of course, the former is much less powerful and dangerous.

  • Many products are equipped with a LED light at the center of the racket allowing for using the device as an average bug zapper. The bright light will serve as an attractant to insects. But, as you can imagine, in this case, the quantity of killed insects will be much lower.

4. To activate the bug racket press a button and do not release ii until the insect is done. As we have mentioned before, not all products have user-friendly buttons which may be installed where they are inconvenient to reach. With the power on, swing the racket in the necessary direction. When an insect hits the swatter, initial discharge kills it in most cases. But not always. Which is why you have to hold the button for a while so that the continuous current fries the insect to death.

  • The power source is either two batteries or a rechargeable battery. The latter can be recharged through a USB cord. When making a purchase, take into account the durability of the battery which influences the energy consumption and how long you can use it outdoors.

  • The weight of an average swatter is usually less than one pound — between 0.4 and 0.7 pounds. There are commercially available electric fly swatters weighing up to two pounds but keep in mind that such devices are likely to make your arm ache after several swings.

  • Besides, pay attention to the material of which the handle is made. Choosing between thermoplastic polymer and a recycled one, opt for the former as it is a longer-lasting option.

TOP 5 Electric Fly Swatter: photo

TOP 5 Best Electric Fly Swatter Review

Below you will find a review of the TOP 5 best electric fly swatter review. These are commercially available products which differ in many ways. Some products are more convenient to use due to their size and weight while others are more effective.

The power of the electric fly swatter mainly depends on how many volts it generates, with 3,000V being the threshold among the products available on the market.

Electric fly swatters also differ in term of their source of energy — they run either on two alkaline batteries or a rechargeable battery.

Another essential point you should take into account is the structure of the fly swatter zapper. Those based on a 3-layer mesh are less effective, particularly on large insects, while a new fancy model based on metal rodes promises not only killing big bugs but even exploding them.

And, of course, the price matters as well. If you do not need a sophisticated and a very potent device, you made purchase an electric fly swatter at a price of ~$10. But in case of a heavy infestation, you should better opt for items priced at $20 and more.

Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper Racket

This electric bug swatter has a middle size — 0.1 x 8 x 17 inches — and an average weight amounting to 0.6 pounds. So, it will be quite easy to use and convenient for women to hold. For all that, it is powerful enough generating 2750 Volts of electrical power. The device operates on two alkaline batteries which need to be purchased separately. Black Flag Racket has two features enhancing its usability — a pushbutton control with LED power light and a hook on the handle allowing for hanging the bug racket. One more strong point lies in the fact that hitting an insect does not produce any sound. What you hear is the moment when the insect is zapped. So you know that you have got it.

Black Flag Handheld Bug Zapper Racket: photo

It has a 3-layer mesh, with the two electrically grounded mesh pieces located on each side protecting your fingers from the charged mesh. Do not try to remove them as you will make the bug swatter zapper totally inoperative. As customers’ experiences show, such attempts have been made, resulting in damaging the product. “I didn't like it for safety purposes the outside is a nylon mesh. This blocks the insect from reaching the mesh. I cut out the protector but was careless and cut the wire inside so it's useless,” one of users wrote.

The producer claims that this bug swatter racket is capable of killing not only small insects like mosquitoes but larger bugs and spiders as well. And yet, not everyone agrees with this statement. Another user points out that when he hit a bug with this racket, it just sparks while the bugs fly off. He concluded that this is due to their armor coating helping survive the shock. Well, as we have mentioned above, using 3-layer mesh decreases the effectiveness of a fly swatter racket since larger bugs are less likely to penetrate the first layer.

star What do buyers say? star

«One of the most enjoyable I have ever before had being a mass killer of those troublesome insects that sneak right into our residence! This point is easy to utilize, efficient as well as rather safe around family pets, although our feline does not truly like the noise as another blasted flying animal attacks the dust!!! DIE! You bloodsucking little monsters !!! This even works with the feared Mississippi Swamp Skeeters that are rumored to complete kids !!! NO Zika virus spreading vermin permitted around below anymore».

This fly swatter racket has gained 4.3 out of 5 stars. “It zaps everything into oblivion so I can enjoy the outdoors without a cloud of relentless insects swarming around my head,” a satisfied customer said.

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Zap-It! Electric Mosquito Racket

The device of this producer has been the best electric fly swatter and the market leader for a long time. It is more expensive than the previous item but also a more feature-packed while this fact does not make the device heavier — it weighs 0.56 pounds, a bit more than Black Flag bug swatter. But this one is noticeably larger, amounting to 21 x 9 x 0.9 inches, with a large surface making it easy to trap insects in one swing. In addition, it is more powerful, having a 3,000-volt grid.

Zap-It! Electric Mosquito Racket: photo

Unlike the Black Flag, Zap It! mosquito swatter racket does not require alkaline batteries but, instead, operates on a rechargeable battery. What you need is to connect it into any USB device and you get it charged pretty quickly. Note that when the mosquito racket is on, it charges faster. According to one of the customers, when plugged into the USB port on a PC it takes 5 minutes to make this electric fly swatter ready to use.

This mosquito zapper racket can be used as a swatter and as a bug zapper. The latter is possible due to the built-in LED light near the electric grid that serves as an attractant enticing flying insects to approach the mesh and get zapped. So, once you get tired of swinging the fly racket, just put it on the table and switch to another mode. This allows for using the device day and night, almost non-stop, given that you charge it in time.

star Excerpts from buyers’ reviews star

«Well, I just got my own today as well as after a week of handling flies, today there was simply one (I hunt them down last evening with my hoover), and also I chose to chase it with the zapper, I can not describe the feeling of toasting that little prick! I'm almost 30 as well as today I was seeming like a 10 y/o many thanks to this thing. I even went out to chase whatever I could locate in my deck. Many thanks Zap-it for bringing extra delight to my life».

The electric mosquito racket has scored 4.3 out of 5 stars. Many customers agree that it effectively kills mosquitoes and flies but can’t say the same for larger bugs. It is more likely due to peculiarities of construction of a 3-layer mesh of this fly racket. “It's somewhat difficult to explain the satisfaction I get when I hear the mosquitoes fry,” a customer wrote. Another customer shares his positive experience with other users: “When the fly nears, I press down on the Zap button and hold it down while slowly maneuvering the racket toward the sound. Sometimes it takes a while,” he noted.

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Zap-It! Mini Electric Mosquito Racket

The main benefit of this option is that it is the best electric fly swatter for children to use. With its weight of 0.2 pounds, the device can be easily handled by children or women who are not used to dealing with heavy items. Zap It! Mini is smaller in size than its traditional version — 17 x 9 x 0.8 inches — but actually in that respect it is not different from an average electric fly swatter.

Zap-It! Mini Electric Mosquito Racket: photo

As for the other features, they are pretty the same as those of the previous product. It has a 3,000-volt grid, a 3-layer mesh protecting the fingers and operates on a rechargeable battery which can be charged by plugging into any USB unit. The built-in LED light both attracts insects to the grid and helps you detect them at night.

The product has gained 4.4 out of 5 stars in reviews. The customers were discussing which insects Zap It! Mini electric fly swatter kills and they have come to the conclusion that it works best on smaller ones, like mosquitoes. When it comes to larger bugs, they are stunned while their wings are burnt or they just drop to the ground. Anyway, most of them are unable to “bug” you anymore.

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Koramzi Electric Fly Swatter

Producer of this electric fly swatter has made an emphasis on the amount of light the device gives off. Apart from the powerful front LED light, the bottom 5 LED lamp can be used as a torch. This will help you improve an insect kill rate at the nighttime, something that can be viewed as a strong point, given that most biting insects are particularly active in the dark.

Another tangible benefit is the product price which is lower than that of the previous product. But as we know, a good product does not come cheap. Koramzi electric fly swatter has turned out to be poorer in terms of technical specifications — it has a less powerful battery of 2,600 volts compared to other items in or review.

Regardless, the producer has indicated that its product has the battery which can be recharged over 600 times. In addition, it says that an innovative technology is used in this electric fly swatter — a twice-speed discharge circuit outputting 2600 volts in a moment. So, we can state that the unit is not as powerful as other items but is good in terms of the light emission and battery charging.

Koramzi Electric Fly Swatter: photo

What’s about its usability? This electric fly swatter is the largest one, 22.2 x 8.4 x 1.8 inches in size, and is heavier as well, with the weight amounting to 7.5 pounds. This makes the bug racket inconvenient, especially for its durable exploitation at a time because unexercised arm muscles are likely to ache.

It rates 3.5 out of 5 stars. It seems that most critical reviews have been caused by the product failure. Some customers complain that Koramzi electric fly swatter has not lasted long and was quickly broken, other say that one such item even exploded while charging. “I have two of these. The only reason I've given this 4 stars instead of 5 is that the wiring is coming loose on one of them and I also have one of the units that won't charge,” one of the users wrote.

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The Executioner Electric Fly Swatter

This is the most expensive and fancy article in our review. Based on the product description and customer feedback, it’s safe to say that this is the best electric fly swatter.

It has a potent 3,000-volt electric grid and, according to the producer, is effective even on large bugs like wasps. The device is said to be so powerful that in some cases the swatted bugs may even explode. But this means that you should handle this electric fly swatter with caution in order not to be hurt.

Unlike the previous products, it does not have a 3-layer mesh. Instead, it is based on ElectroSwat Metal Rods Close Contact technology killing bugs on touch. When the device is powered on, under no circumstances touch its metal rods.

Electric Fly Swatter: photo

In addition, The Executioner bug racket is much more long-lasting device, with its body reinforced with Titanplast™ technology developed by the company’s experts. The size is quite an average — 21.8 x 8.2 x 1.2 inches — but the item is heavy, weighing about 0.7 pounds. The electric fly swatter operates on two alkaline batteries, so if you go hiking or camping for a long time, do not worry about a source of energy to charge the device. All you need is to have enough batteries in case you exploit the bug zapper racket too often.

star What do buyers say? star

«The most effective freaking zapper I have EVER had!! I am overwhelmingly happy. I feel like an expert tennis player,:-RRB- JK. I have contended least 10 of these sorts of zappers. I have a continuous need. I have two amazon parrots for whom I reduced fresh fruit and also veges day-to-day. I have a consistent fruit fly issue-- all year around (I reside in The golden state). This zapper is incredible! I like it! I am more than delighted. I was stressed over the zapper getting to the fruit flies since this set just has lines across as well as not weave like I would have assumed would function better (and like all the other ones I have actually acquired prior to). The fruit flies are substantially smaller than regular flies. Anyway, this is doing the trick! I love it. It really feels considerable as well as not flimsy. I am elated. I did NOT receive anything to post this testimonial ... this is just my truthful viewpoint».

This product has gained 4.5 out of 5 stars in reviews. “It works great. The screen allows for the killing of both small and large bugs, not just small bugs like other brands,” a customer said. “We were unable to sit on our front porch due to an abundance or carpenter bees. Bug sprays didn't work and left a lot of chemical smells. We were able to get rid of the bees with the bug zapper,” another user noted.

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Comparative Chart: TOP 5 Best Electric Fly Swatters

Product Type
Black Flag electric fly swatter

Operates on two alkaline batteries. Power — 2750V.
Size: 17 x 8 x 0.1 inches
Weight: 0.6 pounds
Fly swatter zapper has a 3-layer mesh.
Zap-It! electric fly swatter

Operates on a rechargeable battery.
Power — 3000V.
Size: 21 x 9 x 0.9 inches
Weight: 0.56 pounds
Fly swatter zapper has a 3-layer mesh.
Zap-It! Mini electric fly swatter

Operates on a rechargeable battery.
Power — 3000V.
Size: 17 x 9 x 0.8 inches
Weight: 0.2 pounds
Fly swatter zapper has a 3-layer mesh.
Koramzi electric fly swatter

Operates on a rechargeable battery (can be recharged 600 times).
Power — 2,600V.
Size: 22.2 x 8.4 x 1.8 inches
Weight: 0.75 pounds
Fly swatter zapper has a 3-layer mesh.
The Executioner electric fly swatter

Operates on two alkaline batteries. Power — 3,000V.
Size: 21.8 x 8.2 x 1.2 inches
Weight: 0.7 pounds
Fly swatter zapper is based on ElectroSwat Metal Rods.