• 2014-08-17
    An indestructible laptop – what is this? Is this a marketing move of manufacturers or a device useful under the conditions of wild nature and dangerous work? We have examined the most popular rugged laptops and made up our own top-list of winners....
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  • smart backpack  AMPL
    We have first known about the backpack with installed accumulators AMPL which has been  announced by AMPL-labs Company as an “ideal backpack” for geeks in February of this year, when we have seen the official video commercial of the startup....
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  • the best cooling laptop stands
    The moment when most people switched to laptops has finally come. BUT there arises a very unpleasant issue when you have to work on your laptop, especially when it’s hot. The laptop gets terribly heated as well. Not only does this cause discomfort...
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