Richard D medical doctor in pediatrics: photo

Richard D. Singer

Douglas R., a medical doctor in pediatrics, reviews our guides to health-related gadgets. He is a graduate of Wright University School of Graduate and has experience in handling health issues in both children and seniors. Douglas R. also worked with pharmaceutical companies producing drugs and supplements. As a medical writer, he cooperated with Novartis' Publishing Endeavors and Pinnacle of Excellence Program in 2007 and 2008 and was engaged in writing continuing education manuscripts.

personal trainer Pedro Bernardes: photo

Pedro Bernardes

Pedro Bernardes, a sport science teacher and personal trainer, reviews the guides that cover gadgets for active lifestyle. He has experience in teaching sports in public schools and fitness in gyms. Mr. Bernardes has been working both as a personal trainer and group classes instructor, teaching fitness, football, tennis, and swimming. In 2017, Pedro Bernardes started his Master degree in Sports.