This guide covers 27 gift ideas for your brother. I have no doubt that you will find a good fit among this variety of options for hikers, campers, hunters, fishermen, healthy lifestyle supporters as well as for homebirds, gamers, gourmands, automobile enthusiasts and even metrosexuals.

They are divided into categories in accordance with interests and hobbies a brother may have. Still, we recommend that you look through all the categories in order not miss your best option. For example, a hardcore gaming headset would be great for listening to music as well.

We have picked up completely different products at a price ranging from $5 to $1000. So if it is just a gesture, opt for an item that will cost you no more than $10. If there is an occasion, a 50-dollar product would be a wise choice. For the price, you can choose something that has a practical application and will surely come in handy. And finally, you have a very expensive option at a price of more than $1000 — a hi-tech device which is likely to become a common gift… but in the future.

Best gift ideas for a brother:

If Your Brother Is Crazy About Sports & Adventures

Ultra Soft Cooling Mesh Towel | Alfamo 

Ultra Soft Cooling Mesh Towel Alfamo: photo

My brother is a big sports fan, playing baseball, tennis, and exercising in a fitness room. That is why I decided to choose something more or less universal so that I could know for sure that he will appreciate it. Now, let’s see what these kinds of sports have in common. Right, all these guys sweat and this is perhaps the most unpleasant part of the whole thing.

This multipurpose towel made of PVA material will be saving grace when your brother feels like he is overheating. This stuff will chill him instantly, reducing his body temperature by 30 degrees. Moreover, the item remains chilled for about 3 hours — this is approximately how much time the average training lasts.

Alfamo: Check the current price

Waterproof Digital Action Camera | GoPro HERO7

Waterproof Digital Action Camera GoPro HERO7: photo

My elder brother enjoys adventures, something that has determined my choice of a gift. Once I opted for this waterproof camera and it has turned out that I was right! The item made of rugged material is something that will help him to capture these unforgettable moments, turning them into memories we both will go through again and again.

Apart from being a truly reliable device, it takes accurate pictures, predicting movements and delivering smooth footage. So even though he happen to come across a bear and his hands start shaking, the picture will still be fine! And for extreme situations, he gets a voice control to take photos or start recording hands-free.

GoPro HERO7: Check the current price

70-pound MMA Punch Bag | Everlast

70-pound MMA Punch Bag from Everlast: photo

Since building muscles is so important for my younger brother, once I gave a punch bag to him as a gift. This is a good choice as any boy would be happy to have this thing in his room regardless of what kind of sport he prefers. In addition to its being so much in demand, this punch bag will definitely play to his vanity since it is used by MMA professionals for training.

With its weight over 70 pounds, the item is 53 inches in height and more than 13 inches in diameter. Made of high-quality synthetic polycanvas, the bag is filled both with synthetic and natural materials. All in all, it is safe, durable and very functional.

Everlast: Check the current price

Gift Ideas for Outdoor Activities

Portable Refrigerator for Camping | Costway

Costway - Portable Refrigerator for Camping: photo

When my bro is hungry, nothing seems to go right until he eats, which is often quite problematic outdoors where there is no refrigerator. Well, all sorts of snacks is something he can line his stomach with, however, this option is neither healthy nor rational. One could hardly argue that chips and chocolate bars are nothing even close to a piece of turkey cooked by the beloved sister or mother! Let alone the fact that beer worth drinking only when it is cold...

With a weight of 36 pounds, this item has a capacity of 52 liters, which is quite a lot both for drinks and food. You can adjust the temperature or select an energy-saving ECO mode. All settings can be seen on a convenient LCD display. On top of that, there are low, medium and high levels of battery protection.

Costway: Check the current price

Portable Stereo Speaker | JBL

Portable Stereo Speaker from JBL: photo

When my one of my brothers was a teenager, he got off on hard rock music. Whenever he came, his life would have been incomplete without music blasting from every stereo. This was particularly the case for outdoor events, being it in the backyard or in a wooded area. That is why this item would be a great idea for teenage brothers. Although this stereo speaker will cost you about $100, it has numerous features justifying the price.

You can connect it to two smartphones simultaneously to play stereo sound. The item comes with a rechargeable battery (3000mAh) that ensures 12 hours of uninterrupted operation. On top of that, the device is waterproof and can even be submerged in water without the risk of being damaged. Bearing that in mind, I would recommend using it on beaches and near swimming pools.

JBL: Check the current price

Inflatable Air Sofa | WEKAPO

Inflatable Air Sofa: photo

When on hiking or outdoor adventures, my elder brother often find himself in harsh conditions. You know, a point comes when you say: “Hey, I would give my all for curling up on my sofa at home!” Well, with this inflatable air sofa, I managed to fulfill this wish and let my brother feel the comfort of home when he is far away. The item that has both back and neck support is waterproof, something that makes it not only comfortable but also practical. Apart from that, it is easy to use as no pump is needed. The only downside I would like to highlight is that this thing remains inflated no more than six hours, therefore, this is not a good option for those fond of sleeping.

WEKAPO: Check the current price

Gifts For Hikers

Portable Espresso Machine | Wacaco

Portable Espresso Machine from Wacaco: photo

A cup of coffee in the wilderness is a great idea, isn’t it? But what should you do if there is no electricity supply nearby? This manually operated device is a good example of compromise between civilization and nature. Your brother will easily carry the item as it is very lightweight — just 0.8 pounds — and portable.

The device has a built-in cup so that you do not have to bother about containers to hold your espresso. On top of that, all sorts of coffee beans can be used with this machine which has a ground capacity of 0.28 ounces. Hey, why does my brother get everything? Well, I guess I will just buy this cool stuff for myself!

Wacaco: Check the current price

Dual USB Solar Charger | Anker

Dual USB Solar Charger: photo

I always worry about my brothers when they are away from home. Needless to say how important it is to stay in touch when you are on the go and especially in the wilderness where emergencies may occur. So a good idea to show your brother that you take care of him is to present him with a solar charger for mobile phones. This one is compatible with iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Note 5, LG and many other models. What I like about the item is that it works very fast — up to 2.4 amps per port. The product is made of polyester and is weather-resistant. And yet, it requires direct sunlight, something that will make it useless in shady places.

Anker: Check the current price

Compact Water Filtration System | Sawyer Products

Compact Water Filtration System: photo

An experienced hiker, like my brother, should have this stuff in his backpack as he never knows the quality of water he has to use along the route. With a weight of just 2 ounces and a length of 8 inches, the item is easy to carry and store. What makes the water clean in this device is a 0.1-micron filter designed to purify up to 100,000 gallons. Most of the known bacteria, including salmonella and cholera, will be effectively removed by the filter.

Sawyer Products: Check the current price

Gifts for Hunters and Fishermen

Digital Night Vision Binocular | Bestguarder

Digital Night Vision Binocular: photo

To monitor his surroundings, be it a fish or a girl swimming in the lake, your brother will need a binocular. But in order to make this experience particularly enjoyable, he will need a high-tech one. You should have seen my bearded brother in his mid-50s who was happy like a kid when I gave this binocular to him!

This model with a huge two-inch view screen can be connected to a TV or computer, which will allow him to transmit real-time images to his social network account. Since this binocular is a night vision device with the range of 1300 feet, it will be very helpful for those who are fond of hunting. Depending on whether you use its infrared illuminator or not, it can operate up to 14 hours.

Bestguarder: Check the current price

GPS Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder | Deeper PRO+

GPS Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder: photo

I know how upset guys get when long-awaited fishing turns into a complete waste of time. This is why a device designed to find fish and hot spots will surely make your brother’s day!

Not only does it detect the fish, but it will also define their size and tell everything you need about what can be found underwater, including the contour of the bottom and the presence of weed. It can monitor an area as deep as 260 feet. The product comes with GPS allowing to make bathymetric maps while the generated Wi-Fi signal can be synchronized with a smartphone.

Deeper PRO+: Check the current price

1080P HD Trail Camera | Campark

1080P HD Trail Camera from Campark: photo

What my brother liked in this model was its modern and, at the same time, military-style design. More importantly, it will remain unnoticeable in the wooded area and will not put the target animals on their guard. However, it is high-resolution 1080P video recording and quality photos it takes that makes the item worth the price — some $70. The camera has a very fast trigger, waterproof case, and a convenient strap for mounting it on a tree.

Campark: Check the current price

If Your Brother Is a Gamer

Mobile Controller with Power Bank Cooling Fan | Meilulan

Mobile Controller with Power Bank Cooling Fan: photo

If you have been watching your brother playing a lot of games on his smartphone, you should definitely consider this item as a gift. For some $30, you get a gaming controller with a convenient handle, a platform allowing to play with four fingers, and a cooling fan. The product comes with a 4000mAh charger intended to prevent a sudden game termination that may occur just because the phone’s battery run out.

Have you noticed your brother’s phone getting hot while he is gaming? This controller is equipped with a cooling fan preventing the overheating of the device. The product is compatible both with iPhone and Android phones, although not with all their models.

Meilulan: Check the current price

Gaming Keypad with 30 Programmable Keys | Razer

Razer Gaming Keypad with 30 Programmable Keys: photo

Promise your brother to make his game experience better and he will become your loyal friend for the whole life! And this is where this functional and stylish gaming keypad comes in handy. With an optimized set of actuation and reset points, the device has 20 programmable keys. Every key here can be customized while all configurations can be saved to the cloud. You may find this option quite pricy, though, as it costs more than $100.

Razer: Check the current price

Stream Deck with Adjustable Stand | Corsair

Stream Deck with Adjustable Stand: photo

This is what I have chosen as a birthday gift for one of my brothers. This option is more expensive than the previous one and cost me approximately $150. The device has 15 bright LCD keys allowing to switch scenes, adjust audio and perform a number of other functions. This model works with MacOS 10.11 or later and is compatible with Windows 10. It is easy to use as all you need to do is tap the required key. The stream deck is lightweight, weighing just 6.4 ounces, and runs on a Li-Ion battery.

Corsair: Check the current price

Multi-Platform Gaming Headset | HyperX 

HyperX Multi-Platform Gaming Headset: photo

Since headphones are an integral part of any gaming experience, presenting them as a gift would be a great idea! Now, let’s look at this model. The volume of sound and a microphone are controlled independently while the headphones produce virtual 7.1 surround sound. So if your brother has missed something during the game, he will hear it — every subtle detail. The microphone is noise-canceling with the volume going up as game sound increases. On top of that, the headset has a nice design which is particularly attractive for teenagers.

HyperX: Check the current price

High-Tech Gifts for True Geeks

64GB Drone with a Controller | DJI Phantom

DJI Phantom Drone with a Controller: photo

Did your bro behave well? Then why not to spend some $1000 and buy the gift of the future for him? He may use this drone either for entertainment or self-development or both. The device comes with a GPS system, takes off and returns automatically.

And yes, rest assured that the footage and pictures will be on the level as its camera captures 4K ultra HD video and high-quality photos. In addition, the device works on Gimbal stabilization technology and has the ability to hover, something that allows taking clear pictures.

The company has become well-known in recent years. Established in China, now it has subsidiaries in such countries as the United States, Germany, the Netherlands, Japan. Taking advantage of scientific breakthroughs, DJI provides tools for creative people and inspires dreamers. Based on advanced technologies, its specialists create simple and easy-to-handle devices — and this drone is a great example of that!

DJI Phantom: Check the current price

Kitchen Gifts for Heavy Eaters

6-Quart Popcorn Popper Machine | West Bend

6-Quart Popcorn Popper Machine: photo

There is nothing that reminds me more of home than a brother watching movies on the couch. That is why a popcorn popper machine could be an affordable gift associated with the comfort of home. More importantly, this device is advantageous because it will let your brother save money by producing more popcorn at a lower cost. With a capacity of 6 quarts, the machine has a nonstick plate and motorized stir rod. Convenient handles and lid are meant to prevent hands from getting burned, which makes the product a safe option for boys who do not have experience in dealing with kitchenware.

West Bend: Check the current price

Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker | Hamilton Beach

Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker from Hamilton Beach: photo

The same idea but for those who prefer to have a fuller meal. Something like sandwiches. The downside is that you bro will have to spend a bit more time preparing a meal whereas making popcorn is much easier and entertaining. This device is able to make up to 2 sandwiches in 5 minutes.

The downside for this product is that it is not meant to deal with raw meat. Therefore, he will have either to cook it beforehand or somehow try to do without meat — using just eggs, cheese and vegetables. The unit has a rotatable cooking plate and timer with a beep. And by the way, your brother will not have difficulties cleaning it as all the parts are removable.

Hamilton Beach: Check the current price

Pizza Maker with Rotating Oven | Presto

Pizza Maker with Rotating Oven: photo

This product is twice as expensive as the two above-mentioned devices but is more universal. Apart from making pizza, your brother can use it to heat up all sorts of snacks.

Why not do that in a microwave, you might ask? Microwaves have a number of disadvantages including food dehydration and uneven cooking, let alone the risk they are believed to pose to human health. Whereas this device does not have these shortcomings. It makes a healthier and evenly cooked meal. The latter is due to a rotating tray and heating elements located on the top and bottom of the unit. The product’s advantage over a conventional oven lies in its energy efficiency and portability.

Presto: Check the current price

Gifts for Guys Who Are Fond of Automobiles

OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android | BlueDriver

OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android: photo

Helping your brother to take care of his car will be a wise choice if he is a car enthusiast. This item at a price of $100 is a beneficial device that will let the owner checks the vehicle systems almost professionally. This model is not sophisticated so your brother does not have to be an engineer to understand a code reader. What he will need to do is download a BlueDriver app to get a solution on how to fix the car.

BlueDriver: Check the current price

Electronic Massage Car Seat Cover | Sotion

Electronic Massage Car Seat Cover: photo

You may want a less complicated gift, something associated with comfort and good mood. Okay, let’s look at this item — a massage car seat cover that has 8 vibrating points. Not only will it relieve stress and tense muscles, it is also said to be able to mitigate back pain as the heat penetrates deep into the body.

This product will be a particularly valuable gift in your brother is over 30 years of age and is suffering certain health issues. In addition to heat therapy, the device has a massage feature with 5 built-in motors.

Sotion: Check the current price

Wireless Charge Car Mount Kit | iOttie

Wireless Charge Car Mount Kit: photo

This is an inexpensive option for holding and charging a mobile phone in the car. The item comes with a mechanism allowing to easily lock and release the device. While the phone is charging, the view can be adjusted by means of a telescoping arm. The latter is able to extend approximately by 3 inches and can pivot. So your brother will be able to comfortably watch videos, read messages and talk while driving a car.

iOttie: Check the current price

Gifts for Tobacco Connoisseurs

Cigarette Injector Machines | Powermatic

Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine: photo

Using this device, your brother will be able to create his own unique flavors, making both king-sized and 100-millimeter cigarettes. Actually, he will be limited only by his own imagination! The machine works fast with jams happening very rarely. This level of speed is due to a powerful motor inside the unit. The product is lightweight, portable and easy to operate.

Powermatic: Check the current price

Stainless Cigar Cooler | Whynter

Stainless Cigar Cooler - Whynter: photo

If your brother is a cigar enthusiast, he will appreciate this store system as an effective method to preserve their flavor and provide protection from insects. The box is 20 inches in length and contains drawers made of cedarwood. Its LED lighting makes it more convenient to sort through cigars and pick up the right one when needed. The thermostat can be adjusted from 50ºF to 66ºF, with the information shown on a display.

Whynter: Check the current price

If Your Brother Is a Metrosexual

IPL Technology Epilator | Philips Lumea

IPL Technology Epilator from Philips Lumea: photo

Maybe you are one of those who have brothers obsessed with their appearance. Beauty is the pain, some people say. But those who are familiar with modern technologies would argue. I know guys who hate having hairs on their bodies but the problem is that males have thick and coarse hairs, which makes it harder and more painful to remove them. The Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) technology affect the roots and prevents most of the hair from regrowing. Five attachment heads designed for different body parts will make epilation more accurate.

Philips Lumea: Check the current price

If Your Brother Is Romantic, Passionate About Art and Imitates Gabbana

Art Books for All Tastes

Art Books for All Tastes: photo

This is exactly what I would gift to my brother! Take a look at this variety of art books available online. Since my brother is a fan of the Spiderman series, I bought a fascinating collection of art with sketches and storyboards for his last birthday. You know, this kind of gift is of great value to any fan. Or you may give him the How to Train Your Dragon trilogy, an art book that will allow him to dive into the magic world of dragons.

Perhaps he will be delighted to get the Mondo art gallery book containing stunning modern art posters that feature major characters in famous movies from Star Wars to Robocop. There are heavyweight sketch paper and a visual guide to art history from ancient to modern art. You will find an illustrated guide with exercises on how to enhance creativity as well as a book teaching to draw cool stuff. Not to mention masterpiece paintings from the Metropolitan Museum of Art and a visual encyclopedia of arts.

With a price ranging from $5 to $50, you have a really great choice!

Art Books on art - see all items

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Art Books on games - see all items

Comparative Chart of Gifts for a Brother

Ultra Soft Cooling Mesh Towel | Alfamo

PVA material
Reduces the body temperature by 30 degrees
Remains chilled for 3 hours

Waterproof Digital Action Camera | GoPro HERO7

Waterproof and rugged design
Video stabilization
Noise reduction
Voice control
12MP photos and 4K60 video

70-pound MMA Punch Bag | Everlast

Weight: 70 pounds
53 inches in height
13 inches in diameter
Synthetic polycanvas
Synthetic and natural filler

Portable Refrigerator for Camping | Costway

Weight: 36 pounds
Capacity: 52 liters
Adjustable temperature
Energy-saving ECO mode
LCD display

Portable Stereo Speaker | JBL

Connects to two smartphones
Rechargeable battery (3000mAh)
12 hours of uninterrupted operation

Inflatable Air Sofa | WEKAPO

No pump is needed
Back and neck support
Available in different colors
Remains inflated up to 6 hours

Portable Espresso Machine | Wacaco

Manually operated
Weight: 0.8 pounds
Built-in cup
Ground capacity: 0.28 ounces.

Dual USB Solar Charger | Anker

Compatible with iPhone 7, Galaxy S7, Note 5, LG and others
Up to 2.4 amps per port
Made of polyester

Compact Water Filtration System | Sawyer Products

Weight: 2 ounces
Length: 8 inches
0.1 micron filter
Purifies up to 100,000 gallons

Digital Night Vision Binocular | Bestguarder

Two-inch view screen
Night vision
The range: 1300 feet
Infrared illuminator
Operates up to 14 hours.

1080P HD Trail Camera | Campark

Practical and stylish design
1080P video recording and high-quality photos
Fast trigger
Waterproof case
Comes with a mounting strap

GPS Wireless Wi-Fi Fish Finder | Deeper PRO+

Monitors fish and surroundings
Reaches places up to 260 feet deep
Comes with GPS and Wi-Fi
Compatible with smartphones

Mobile Controller with Power Bank Cooling Fan | Meilulan

4000mAh charger
Cooling fan
Convenient handle
Playing with four fingers
Compatible with iPhone and Android
Weight: 10 ounces

Gaming Keypad with 30 Programmable Keys | Razer

Optimized set of actuation and reset points
20 programmable keys
Configurations saved to the cloud  

Stream Deck with Adjustable Stand | Corsair

15 LCD keys
Compatibility: MacOS 10.11 or later and Windows 10
Easy to use
Weight: 6.4 ounces
Li-Ion battery required

Multi-Platform Gaming Headset | HyperX

Independent mic and sound volume control
Virtual 7.1 surround sound
Noise cancellation

64GB Drone with a Controller | DJI Phantom

GPS system
4K ultra HD video and high-quality photos
Gimbal stabilization technology
Ability to hover

6-Quart Popcorn Popper Machine | West Bend

Capacity: 6 quarts
Nonstick plate
Motorized stir rod
Convenient handles and lid

Dual Breakfast Sandwich Maker | Hamilton Beach

Makes 2 sandwiches in 5 minutes
Rotatable cooking plate
Timer with beep
Removable parts

Pizza Maker with Rotating Oven | Presto

Cooks food evenly
Rotating tray
Top and bottom heating elements
Energy efficient

OBDII Scan Tool for iPhone & Android | BlueDriver

Reads all vehicle systems
Provides repair reports
Compatible with Apple and Android

Electronic Massage Car Seat Cover | Sotion

Relieves stress and pain
8 vibrating points
Massage feature
5 built-in motors.

Wireless Charge Car Mount Kit | iOttie

Easy lock and release mechanism
Adjustable telescoping arm
Extends by 3 inches
Weight: 3.2 ounces

Cigarette Injector Machines | Powermatic

Powermatic 2 PLUS Electric Cigarette Injector Machine min: photo

Makes king-sized and 100-millimeter cigarettes
Powerful motor
Weight: 2.6 pounds

Stainless Cigar Cooler | Whynter

LED lighting
Temperature range from 50ºF to 66ºF
Cedarwood drawers
LED display
Weight: 27 pounds

IPL Technology Epilator | Philips Lumea

IPL technology
Prevents most hairs from regrowing
Attachments for various body parts
Five settings

Art Books for All Tastes

Art Books for All Tastes min: photo

Sketch paper
Art history
Illustrated guides