This guide deals with TOP-5 best sticker makers, including not only machines but also kits containing various useful as well as units resembling dispensing pens. Some items allow you not only print but design and create your own designs while others come with the pre-set ones. Before buying a product, pay attention to the length of a roll of permanent adhesive, which means how many stickers you will be able to produce.

Do you want to add a personal touch to your décor or flair to your projects? Or make professional looking greeting cards, labels or gifts? How about engaging kids in fun, creative projects? You can achieve all of these with these devices.

I recently looked into having stickers of my dog’s head made for a gift and was surprised by how high the cost was per item (almost $0.60) and production time was 6 to 10 days. With a little additional research, I discovered I could buy a machine that included an adhesive cartridge for less than $0.10 per item.

There is a wide selection of these products available. To make the best selection, you need to think through what you are trying to accomplish. For example, do you want this for crafting with kids? Do you have size requirements? Does the machine need to be portable?

What You Will Learn From This Guide:

How Do Sticker Maker Machines Work?

Sticker maker machines add an adhesive to the back of the paper, vinyl, fabric, ribbon or similar mediums to enable it to stick to another surface. The machines are promoted as adding adhesive “edge-to-edge” on the item and replace the need for liquid glue, glue dots or glue sticks. Many machines have the option to use permanent adhesive or repositionable adhesive that lets you adjust the sticker before the adhesive sets. The adhesives are usually not waterproof.

What Are The Types of Sticker Maker Machines And Their Differences?

You have an array of options when selecting a machine — from cutting machines to machines that add an adhesive to pre-cut and designed images to tape dispensers. Factors for consideration in selecting a machine: size of images you want to make; how portable you want the machine to be; the cost of machine and supplies; and who will be using it.

The units that only add adhesives are manually operated and have easy-to-replace cartridges that snap into place. These machines are basic and not complicated to learn.

Cutting machines are crafting tools that are capable of a range functions. Creating stickers are made by using a special paper or vinyl with adhesive on one side and cutting the images into the sheets. These machines are sophisticated, cost several hundred dollars and use software and Bluetooth to program or upload images.

Another option is kits that include all the tools to design and then make stickers.

A key component of each machine, no matter what the basic function, is refillable supplies such as glue cartridges or specialized papers or even paints.

TOP-5 Sticker Makers

Below, you will find products within the price range from $7 to $200. There is a feature-packed machine capable to print even personalized home decors and simpler and cheaper options where you design and produce stickers yourself. An interesting solution is a unit resembling a dispensing pen and allowing you to create items of pre-set designs. Or you can opt for a balanced solution — an unsophisticated machine that works by adding the adhesive backing and a film.

5-Inch Create-a-Sticker Machine | Xyron XRN500EN

Create-a-Sticker Machine from Xyron: photo

The product tops the list in our Best of Guide. Xyron produces several inexpensive, easy-to-use machines. The XRN 500 makes stickers or labels up to 5 inches wide and 1/16 inch thick. It can make them out of paper, photographs, ribbon, vinyl, and numerous other materials.

This model is portable, light-weight (just over 1 pound) and easy to use. The machine does not require electricity, heat or batteries. You feed the material in one side and hand crank it through the machine. A perforation strip lets you pull off the appropriate length on the other side. You should burnish the edges before removing the paper backing the adhesive.

The product comes with an 18-foot long roll of permanent adhesive in a cartridge. The cartridges are easy to install and are available in permanent or repositionable adhesives. The adhesives are acid-free but not waterproof.

When making stickers, you will need to be mindful of how wide they will be. If it is smaller than 4 or 5 inches, you will waste adhesive. You can feed multiple pieces next to each other through XRN 500 to get to the 5-inch width and maximize use of the adhesives.

Some purchasers have reported problems with the adhesive getting on the from side of the sticker and a few people noted an issue with paper jamming. While these issues have been reported, it appears to be on a very limited basis. Burnishing the edges may help with some of the adhesion problems.

XRN 500 and its refill cartridges can be found both online and in craft stores.

Xyron XRN500EN: Check the current price

Affordable Decal Maker | Xyron XRN150

Affordable Decal Maker from Xyron: photo

This model is a much smaller and less expensive machine than the XRN 500. Priced around $10, the machine’s width is limited to 1.5 inches. Designed in an X shape in bright colors, the tool itself has visual appeal and weighs only 5 ounces.

Insert your material and pull it through the other end. It will be sandwiched between the adhesive backing and a clear film. Rub the sticker to ensure a strong adhesive bond and to limit excess adhesive on the item before removing the film.

XRN 150 comes with a 20-foot roll of permanent adhesive. The adhesive can be applied to paper, photographs, ribbon, etc. as long as the thickness is 1/16 inch or less. As with other Xyron machines, the cartridges are easy to replace and are available in both permanent and repositionable adhesives.

The XRN 150 and its refill cartridges are widely available online and in craft stores.

Xyron XRN150: Check the current price

Multicolor Cute Sticker Maker | Eff-cientt

Multicolor Cute Sticker Maker: photo

The product functions like a tape. Sold in a set of four, each unit has its own images and operates like a white out dispensing pen. The four unique designs are hearts, alligators, coffee-related images and small animals and bugs. The tape surrounding the images is clear.

These machines are inexpensive and easy to master. They can be purchased on Amazon, Etsy and Ebay, among other online retailers, for less than $10. Unlike the other items, these tools offer pre-set designs in one size, approximately 1.5 cm. The cartridge is approximately 4 meters long.

The tape can be used to embellish journals, planners, scrapbook pages or other projects. Such machines are not suitable for young children as they do require some dexterity and controlled pressure.

One drawback is that I was unable to locate any sticker tape refills for the pens.

Eff-cientt: Check the current price

Sticker Design Studio | Crayola

Sticker Design Studio Crayola: photo

This is a kit that focuses not only on adding an adhesive but also on making your own designs. The manufacturer’s age recommendation is 8 years old to 12 years old.

The kit includes tempura paint and related tools, stencils, foam stickers, sticker sheets and an idea booklet. You blend the paint to create random color designs, then transfer them to stickers that have repositionable adhesive.

The kit is available at online retailers like Amazon. Michaels and other craft retailers as well as online or in-store at Walmart and Target. It costs around $20. All the kit components are replaceable.

Crayola: Check the current price

DIY Cutting Machine for Personalized Home Decor | Cricut

DIY Cutting Machine for Personalized Home Decor: photo

Cricut is a do-it-yourself cutting machine. It makes stickers when you use a medium with the adhesive already applied. The Explore Air 2 enables more complicated designs and die cuts. You can upload an image or use Cricut’s online Design Space to create an image or access the image and project library. The Explore Air 2 works faster than other models and is well suited for producing a larger volume.

The Cricut Explore Air 2 is expensive with a cost between $200 and $300 and not very portable with a weight of 17 pounds. It requires electricity to operate. The machine has Wireless Bluetooth to mobile apps and access Design Space and has a USB port.

If selecting the Explore Air 2, you need to be comfortable with software applications and will need to subscribe to Cricut’s Design Space for $10 per month to maintain access to the image and project library. You can bypass the online subscription by only uploading your images from Photoshop or Illustrator.

YouTube has many videos on how the Cricut works and the range of projects you can undertake with the Explore Air 2 machine. If your sole interest is creating stickers, this may not be the best machine to select.

Cricut Explore Air 2 can be purchased in most craft stores, such as Michael’s, Jo Ann Fabrics, Hobby Lobby, or it is available from online retailers like Amazon and Walmart. It comes in many different colors.

Cricut: Check the current price

Comparative Chart of Sticker Maker Effectiveness

Product Features

Xyron XRN500EN

  • Makes stickers up to 5 inches wide and 1/16 inch thick.
  • Light-weight (just over 1 pound)
  • 18-foot long roll of permanent adhesive in a cartridge

Effectiveness: 9

Xyron XRN150

  • 1.5 inches in width
  • Weighs only 5 oz
  • 20-foot roll of permanent adhesive

Effectiveness: 9


  • A set of four units with unique designs
  • Pre-set designs in one size

Effectiveness: 8


  • Implies making your own designs
  • Includes tempura paint, stencils, foam stickers, and sticker sheets

Effectiveness: 7


  • Enables more complicated designs
  • It has Wireless Bluetooth to mobile apps
  • Weight: 17 pounds

Effectiveness: 10


What is the best machine to make stickers?
The Cricut model which is the most feature-packed device in this review.

Where can I buy it?
All these products are available online.

How to reload a sticker machine?
It depends on a particular model, but it is not more complicated than reloading any printer.

What do I need to make vinyl decals?
Vinyl decal cutter and rolls of vinyl

Are sticker maker toy good for kids?
This is a great toy encouraging children’s creativity.


Creating your own stickers in-house is easy. Thinking through your needs will help you make the best selection of machines. The all-around best machine is the XRN 500 with its flexibility in sizes, ease of use, kid-friendliness, and portability. For highly creative designers and those seeking professional products, the Cricut Explore Air 2 may be the best investment. And if you are looking for a gift or to provide a creative activity for kids, the Eff-icient or Crayola products might be the best.