Portal Gadgets-reviews compares three popular models of the line Cyborg R.A.T. Is Mad Catz R.A.T.9 really better than Mad Catz R.A.T.7 and Mad Catz R.A.T.5 ? Is it worth to spend money on the “nine” or is it better to content oneself with an old and reliable model? Let’s look into together.

We must begin this review with paying compliments. Not otherwise, as all models of series Cyborg R.A.T., without a single exception, possess merits which any gamer can appreciate.  Sensitiveness, the possibility of fine setting, and, of course, CUSTOMIZATION! These are three fattiest pluses of any model of the R.A.T line.

However, they are to be compared. Otherwise, how can we identify a model which is “the best of the best”? The “five”, the “seven”, the “nine”, all of them have their special features.

At first glance they look one and the same as twins. But if we look more closely at our review "heroes", we will find very important differences both positive and negative.

The most important common features of all Mad Catz R.A.T. mice

To begin with, let’s scrutinize the factors common to all products of the Cyborg R.A.T line.

So, all “small rats” are not manipulators only, but real transformers. Cyborg R.A.T. products allow to customize the exterior of a mouse considering all trifles! According to the words of experts, these are the most easily customized wireless playing mice at the market.

Buying the mad catz rat 9, rat 7 or rat 5, you are guaranteed to get:

  1. Three different palm shapes, whose components can be customized at different distances from  mouse body;
  2. Three various buttons for little finger and thumb;
  3. Weight control with the help of additional cartridges which can add 42,5 g to mouse total weight (men can appreciate this, especially those who hate mice light as feathers);
  4. Metal plate at the foundation of case (+100 to a sturdy and long-lived device).

Mad Catz R.A.T.9

This is an excellent variant for shooters admirers. Is it not enough for you???

Then, here are other advantages which practically all game models of Cyborg R.A.T possess:

  • Besides main mouth buttons, RAT 9 possesses a button of regime choice  (to the left of a left click), "Back" and "Forward" for browser and “Accurate Aiming” for thumb;
  • A side wheel for thumb allows (after being customized) to perform sidelong moving and horizontal scrolling of a page;
  • Mad Catz contributes program software for configuration to the complete set of Cyborg. Each button and wheel can be separately programmed for a key and keys combination as well as for various profiles!

Mad Catz R.A.T.7

At this similarities end, and differencies begin. At first glance they seem to be insignificant, but we recommend to our reader to look more closely at them.

What Mad Catz R.A.T. Gaming Mouse is cooler?

In theory, the coolest model of the manipulator line is the “youngest” one, that is R.A.T. 9. Let’s test this statement by means of a banal analysis and … the study of opinions of mice masters.

The evolution of model range of Cyborg R.A.T. may be described by few lines. Everything is simple:

– The «seven» differs from the «five» by the possibility to customize the area placement for thumb;
– The «nine» differs from its precursor by the absence of conductors.

The differencies would seem to end at this. But this is true only for a «spherical vacuum».

Let’s look closely at the users feedback. And again we turn to our expert Dr. Anatom. We are lucky that the first two models of “rats” are well-known to him.

«I have been using the Cyborg rat 5 for three years without any interruption. And no problems at all. I liked everything. Concerning the gaming mouse rat 7, I must say the problems appeared rather quickly. At first the drivers couldn’t be put on windows 8, i.e. the mouse was identified simply as a standard mouse without the possibility of configuration. At last it was identified after rain-dances, which cost much to my nervous systemlaughing. And in half a year the mouse refused to move along the vertical. At first this disorder could be treated by disconnection, then it ceased to help too !».

Mad Catz R.A.T.5

To be objective, we have monitored the opinions on R.A.T. mice at large technoforums. And that is what we saw.

Indeed, the Rat 5 gets rather high ratings and just a few claims everywhere.  Someone blames it for its “rigid cord”. Another one doesn’t like the coating of a strengthening bolt (as it wears out fast). Still other lacks the rest for little finger.  But all this is a “teaspoonful of tar” in the “ocean” of honey sweet opinions. For the sake of justice we have to note that the “five” is the least sensitive – 5600 dpi, as compared with its “elder brothers” of the same series. But on the other hand it costs less by an order.

It is interesting to compare the RAT9 and RAT7 models. To all appearances, in the “nine” the program software hasn’t improved since all users go on to complain of tiresome «rain-dances», which are necessary for routine customizing of the wheel of side scrolling. Moreover, both site and a mouse driver use only the English language. The latter circumstance may become dramatic for a purchaser who doesn’t speak English.

Many people are annoyed by the frequent change of accumulators, which problem is unknown to the masters of Mad Catz RAT 7.

Though, the counter question arises – are these slip-ups actually worth to prefer them to wireless controlling?!  Mostly, all other claims on the “9” are laid because of shortcomings common to all models, including older ones: a fastidious sensor, bolts coloring which is easily rubbed off, faults of system resonators… In general, trifles!

Thus, the choice of R.A.T. model is a matter of taste. And, of a “purse”. As it is necessary to keep in mind what is the price difference between the “nine” and the “seven” (if not to mention the foregoing models). And here the “nine” surely takes the first place cool.

OUR VERDICT  - we choose & recommend Mad Catz R.A.T.7