With so many options available, how would you choose the best accessories for your car? In this guide, we’ve talked about the nitty-gritty of purchasing the best steering wheel covers that would make your car quite literally shine! The further discussion concerns the benefits, limitations, and types of covers available on the market, as well as things to look for when shopping. We’ve also reviewed the TOP 5 Best Steering Wheels that are currently available for purchase, and some other bonus items of non-standard form factor. Join in and get your wheel covered in no time!

What is steering wheel cover and how it works?

A steering wheel cover is a protective cover that has to be put on a steering wheel for extra protection against wearing, or for better grip and greater comfort. Even if your present steering wheel doesn’t need any extra layer of protection, you can still consider investing in a wheel cover as a handsome and elegant addition to your car interior decor.


Increasing safety

Everyone knows the dangers of a worn-down steering wheel: it diminishes the grip, your hands might slip, and you would lose control of your driving car. The additional protective cover will almost always nullify those chances.

Comfortable driving

Besides, the cover adds greater comfort to driving, as it can become pretty tiresome to stroke the hard wheel on longer trips. Some of the covers provide for even greater functionality and are temperature and wear-resistant.

They reduce driver fatigue

Greater comfort equals less driver fatigue. Some of the covers feature ergonomic designs with finger grips or thumb pads. Others have memory foam inserts that serve as a shock absorber for bumps on the roads, reducing the stress off your hands, thus relieving fatigue, alleviating symptoms of exhaustion, and providing overall better driving experience.

Things to look for when shopping

Cover size

This is the most important and critical feature to look for because if you don’t correctly measure the outer diameter of your steering wheel, you might end up with something that won’t properly fit and would be therefore rendered completely useless. To determine the size of a cover wheel, measure the diameter from the outside edges and the circumference of the grip at the top or the bottom of the cover.


The material should be sturdy, durable and skid-proof. The TOP models we’ve covered are also temperature (heat and cold) resistant, so your palms won’t sweat or get too cold. If you like leather, then the choice is obvious. However, there are other materials, that are worth looking into, namely microfiber and synthetic leather, which are more affordable and eco-friendly, and would serve you just as well as the leather cover. You can also look for additional rubber inserts or synthetic mesh for better grip. Ensure you properly take care of your cover to prevent wearing off, crack, stains, etc.


All of the standard covers are pretty affordable, with leather options pricing at somewhat around 20 dollars. Other more affordable versions of synthetic blends would be priced 5 or more dollars less.


In case you’re choosing a synthetic option for a cover, then look if it has rubber linking or parts of the mesh that would make it skidproof and ensure you have a better grip. It’s important since no one wants to lose control of the driving, do they?

TOP 5 Best Steering Wheel Covers

Hereinbelow, we’ll cover all the major types of steering wheel covers, including leather and microfiber options. By the end of the article, we’ll also look into some of the curiously odd or non-standard models, in case you might be interested.

Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Universal | SEG Direct

Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering: photoIn case you care about the interior decor of your car and how it looks, then you’d certainly appreciate this bestselling beautiful and elegant steering wheel cover made of smooth and durable microfiber leather. It snuggly fits all middle-size steering wheels protecting them from unnecessary wear. It’s also skidproof and heat resistant, featuring sporty design and better grip. It looks absolutely elegant and unisex-ish and would be a perfect addition to your car accessories kit. Besides, testers absolutely loved it, so in case you're looking for something sleek and premium-looking at an affordable price, then go for it!


  • Material: microfiber leather
  • For wheels: with diameter 14.5 inches to 15.25 inches
  • Colors: 8

SEG Direct: Check the current price

Steering Wheel Cover Universal with Genuine Leather for Car Truck SUV | Valleycomfy

Steering Wheel Cover Universal with Genuine Leather: photoIn case you’re looking for a cover from a genuine leather, then this accessory should be your top choice. It’s a heavy duty cover that weighs a little more than one pound and is also very soft and thick. The new design features increased safety with a better grip. It’s just as well odor-free and skidproof. It looks a bit different from the first option we’ve covered above, meaning it has more of a gentlemanly or a little more masculine look and feel about it. As for the price, it’s more expensive than the first non-leather option, but not critically. If you love leather and don’t mind adding a few more dollars, then go for it.


  • Material: genuine leather
  • For wheels: with diameter 14.5 inches to 15.5 inches
  • Colors: 8

Valleycomfy with Genuine Leather: Check the current price

Car Steering Wheel Cover | Mayco Bell

Car Steering Wheel Cover Mayco Bell: photoMayco Bell steering wheel is also made of microfiber leather, which is breathable, cold and heat resistant, as well as environmentally-friendly. It looks pretty stylish and would perfectly fit practically any standard car. It’s also priced affordably and has received genuinely positive feedback from consumers. Some noticed, however, that after a while the thread came a bit loose.


  • Material: microfiber leather
  • For wheels: 14.5" to 15"
  • Colors: 6

Mayco Bell: Check the current price

GripDrive Pro Synthetic Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover | MotorTrend

GripDrive Pro Synthetic Leather Wheel Cover: photoThe MotorTrend cover is made of odorless synthetic cover that features unique color stitching patterns for either sporty or classy look. The size is small, so you should be careful while choosing this one for your car. Other than that the product seems pretty cool, although not very sophisticated design-wise.


  • Material: synthetic leather
  • For wheels: 13.5" to 14.5"
  • Colors: 6

MotorTrend: Check the current price

Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Covers Universal | Valleycomfy

Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Covers: photo

This one is another heavy duty genuine leather steering cover that weighs a little less than a pound, features excellent sewing and exquisite craft. It’s also stretchable, foldable, and overall deform-free. The design is pretty manly and sophisticated, sort of “drive it like a boss” type of cover. However, there are more “female” options available as well with colorful rhinestones and other pretty additions for a little as five dollars plus to the price.

Many consumers said they were very impressed with the material of this cover, saying they expected something much worse for the price, but apparently, the seller delivers as advertised.


  • Material: microfiber leather
  • For wheels: 14.5 inches to 15 inches
  • Colors: 7

Valleycomfy Microfiber Leather: Check the current price

Other non-standard types

We’ve decided to include a little bit more options for you to choose from, in case you were looking for a cover with specific additional functionality. The models below, however, have not made it to our TOP list for various reasons, like safety issues, negative consumer response, or because they have features seldom wanted by the general population.

Heated Steering Wheel Cover | Sharper Image

Heated Steering Wheel Cover: photoIn case you were looking for a heated cover, then you might consider purchasing this model from Sharper Image. It fits any standard size steering wheel of approximately 15 inches, and the adapter easily plugs into any vehicles lighter slot. The heating element is a conductive wire that runs through the cover’s outer lining. The problem with this model is that if the unit gets too hot, there could be damage to the native steering wheel. Also, what’s pretty important you can’t drive with this thing on, you have to unplug it before driving.

Sharper Image: Check the current price

Unusual steering wheel covers

In case you like something non-standard and authentic, then you’d probably appreciate the following two cover wheels that look pretty much the same although come from different manufacturers. These certainly have some hippie or boho feel to them, so if you or someone you love have some sort of a beatnik spirit, then they’d love those:

Unusual steering wheel covers: photo


Hippie or boho: Check the current price

Winter Warm Faux Wool Handbrake Cover | Yontree

Winter Warm Faux Wool Handbrake Cover: photoIf you’re a “rosé babe”, then you’d appreciate these faux wool handbrakes & wheel covers, which honestly look absolutely ridiculous, but if you like the stuff, then why the heck not?

Rosé babe: Check the current price

Crystal Steering Wheel Cover | Sino Banyan

Crystal Steering Wheel Cover: photoIf you liked the previous wheel cover full of pinkish burlesque, then you’d also probably find the following wheel of the greatest interest: it comes with super shiny crystals and rhinestones which are so sparkling you’d probably blind your boyfriend.

Shiny crystals: Check the current price

Star Wars Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover | Plasticolor

Star Wars Darth Vader Steering Wheel Cover: photoIf you’re not older than 16 and a fan of Star Wars, then this wheel is probably for you.

Star Wars: Check the current price

Reducing Vibration Steering Wheel Cover | Raysell

Rayauto Steering Wheel Cover: photo

We’ve mentioned this type of covers a bit earlier on in our discussion: for better grip and for adequate shock and vibration absorption, it has memory foam inserts and rubber lining. The cover might look a bit bulky, though.

Reducing vibration: Check the current price

Universal Fit Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers | Wheelskins

Genuine Leather Steering Wheel Covers: photoThis is the most expensive cover on our list (more than $50), but it also comes from a reputable manufacturer and is made of high-quality leather. It would fit perfectly virtually any steering wheel.

Universal fit: Check the current price

Skidproof | Anti-slip Silicone Car Steering Wheel Cover | JYPC

Silicone Anti-slip Car Steering Wheel Cover: photoThis is yet another skidproof cover wheel, which is made from anti-slip and anti-sweat silicone that is designed to increase friction and prevent slipping. There’s an “anti-static treatment”, as the seller claims, and a thickening design to reduce vibration of the steering wheel. The manufacturer also promises that the soft and comfortable surface would massage your palms and prevent fatigue.

Anti-slip: Check the current price

How to install a cover. Video instructions


Can I wash/clean steering wheel covers?
Yes, you can. Remove the cover and wash it in the sink with a mild washing detergent.

How to measure a cover? // What size do I need?
You need to measure the diameter of your steering wheel (which should be anything from 14 to 17.5 inches): stretch a measure tape over the front of the wheel from one side to the other to determine its length. Next measure a wheel’s grip, by wrapping a measure tape around it to determine its thickness (standards are 2-4.5 inches thick).

How to stop steering wheel cover from slipping?
I think it might be that you purchased the wrong size of a steering wheel cover because it should not come loose. If exchanging is not an option, then try double sided tape and see if that would work.

Comparative chart of Steering Wheel Covers

Product Features

Black Microfiber Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover Universal | SEG

Material: microfiber leather
For wheels: with diameter 14.5" to 15.25"
Colors: 8

Steering Wheel Cover Universal with Genuine Leather for Car Truck SUV | Valleycomfy

Material: genuine leather
For wheels: with diameter 14.5" to 15.5"
Colors: 8

Car Steering Wheel Cover | Mayco Bell

Material: microfiber leather
For wheels: 14.5" to 15"
Colors: 6

GripDrive Pro Synthetic Leather Auto Car Steering Wheel Cover | MotorTrend

Material: synthetic leather
For wheels: 13.5" to 14.5"
Colors: 6

Microfiber Leather Steering Wheel Covers Universal | Valleycomfy

Material: microfiber leather
For wheels: 14.5" to 15"
Colors: 7


If you're still on the fence about whether or not to purchase a steering wheel cover, it's time to weigh the benefits against all the odds. Seriously, though the cover wheels are all pretty much affordable, and won’t break a budget, besides, they all look nice and would make your car interior stand out. We’re confident in recommending those we’ve picked up for TOP 5, so choose whatever best suit your needs and tastes.