Are you suffering from a hair loss? Or simply would like to learn the science and benefits of the head massagers? If so, then this guide will take you through all the nitty-gritty of purchasing the best head massagers that the market has to offer. We’ll look at how they work, discover and describe the major types of head massagers, explain the scientific evidence behind the benefits of scalp massage, and of course, review the TOP 7 Best Head Massagers worth buying.

What's The Hype?

Head massagers are becoming increasingly popular. Why? It seems that back pains and losing hair are not about today’s youth who enjoys sports and outdoor activities.

Actually, there is another aspect that makes head massagers so much in demand among young boys and girls — #ASMR. Why do head massages feel so good? Apart from improving our well-being, this kind of therapy boosts feelings of happiness and relaxation.

Just look at this girl. Do you feel a pleasant tingling sensation in your head? This is what “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” (ASMR) is about. The idea is to make the viewer feel good by making him or her experience a relaxing tingle on the head or spine. These videos go viral and well resonate with youth audiences.

According to Scientific American, ASMR has a large presence on YouTube, with millions of entries for “ASMR”. As the article’s author, Deirdre Sackett, has explained, the most common triggers for these “tingles,” or “brain bubbles,” include tapping sounds, hair brushing, massage, whispering, and some other sensations. It may surprise you, but one of the enthusiasts, professor Craig Richard, has even established the ASMR University, which mission is to explore this phenomenon.

However, it is not that simple. In 2018, the Chinese government decided to ban ASMR videos on the basis that they are allegedly “pornographic.” Indeed, a psychological effect is understudied. So a 13-year old girl from Colorado, who is filming ASMR videos, from time to time gets comments that should be reported under child abuse.

Types of head massagers and their differentiating features

There are different types of head massages and let’s explain a few of those below:

Spider head massager: photo

Spider massager (forever 21, bokoma, massager with prongs). The classic and maybe the most famous one in the West is a device with copper wires connected at the handle, and trademarked as … wait for it … Orgasmatron. It was invented by Dwayne Lacey in the 90s in Australia and then drifted further North to the States. Although it is not a deep tissue massage, it rolls over the scalp smoothly and simulates all the necessary nerve endings that are closer to the skin.

Head Massager Tezam: photo HaloVa Head Massager: photo

Plastic brush with rolling balls. Then there’s a type that looks like a brush with rolling balls on the tips. It doesn’t cover as much surface area as the one described above and could be thus, ruled as less effective and less stimulating.

EYX Formula Head Hair Scalp Massager: photo Electric Scalp Massager: photo

Shampoo & shower massagers. Some of the massagers are marketed as brushes for head washing and massaging in the shower, they come in an array of shapes, and can look like a modified body bath brush or a scrubber and can be worn over the hand, or even electric brushes intended for use in the bathroom with several attachments.

Electric Head Massager: photo

Electric massagers. And then there are the pure electric head massagers that are not designed for use in the shower, but which are pretty good at doing the job and often boast of having versatile accouterments as part of a package, which doesn’t necessarily costs a fortune.

I was pleasantly impressed by the number of scientific studies that involved the research into the benefits of a scalp massage. For example, the study published in the Journal of Physical Therapy Science recommended a scalp massage program as an effective stress management tool for use in office settings.

study published in Eplasty, the Open Access Journal of Plastic Surgery, concluded that the regular scalp massage induced mechanical stress on and changed gene expression in human dermal papilla cells, which resulted in increasing hair thickness in males.

The Pacific College of Oriental Medicine also agreed on the benefits of head massage for hair loss, saying that the massage increased blood flow to the hair follicles and enhanced the strength of the roots.

The scientists from Taiwan also discovered the benefits of head massage to the autonomic nervous system function, noting that the activity of sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves was thus, regulated to more balance.

Benefits of owning head massagers

Thus, summarising the conclusion drawn by scientists from their research, we can highlight the following benefits:

  • Hair loss prevention
  • Stimulation of new hair growth
  • Reduction in stress and anxiety
  • Stress management
  • Prevention of mental health issues (like depression) or utilization of head massage as part of a mental health treatment

TOP 7 Best Head Massagers

Spider Scalp Massager | LiBa - classic head massager with prongs

LiBa - classic head massager: photo

Here is the most well-known hero of #ASMR — an Octopus with multiple relaxing tentacles! This is the item we previously talked about and which was initially sold as Orgasmatron in Australia. In the US, it’s best known as a spider scalp massager or head massager with prongs. This is an absolute bestseller that doesn’t really need an extensive description or introduction. But in case, you’re not familiar with it, it does really work as advertised!

It, indeed, looks like a spider with spindles connected at the head and rubber beads at the ends. Each spindle gently glides over the head producing a euphoric feeling.

For the price of fewer than 10 dollars, you’re getting two of them, which is a killer bang for your buck.

I think, in case you’re tight on a budget before Christmas, or any other holiday for that matter, go for this head massager as a gift to anyone, really, from your grandparents to a friend at the office.

The customers were so pleased, it’s hard to describe! Many said they were surprised how simple the item was but how great it delivered! One of the testers said she saw the item used on Parks & Recreation and decided to buy one for herself since she had Lyme disease and anxiety-inducing discomfort, in the end, she confessed it did help her cope with the condition when she used it every day.

The spider is thus, very easy to recommend: it’s inexpensive, works as described, and almost meditative in nature. Just a heads-up!

LiBa: Check the current price

But if you are not satisfied with a regular model, try this 20-head premium scalp massager. What is so good about this model? It has more “tentacles” and therefore, gives you more touches. As a result, the relaxation is deeper and more thorough. Massage you scalp slowly and you will experience amazing sensations!

For lazy users, there is a battery-run Electric Rainbow. What you will need to do is just lift and lower it gently. The device will do the whole job for you! It will take the massager a couple of seconds to stimulate your scalp, increasing blood pressure and relieving the pressure. You will enjoy this thing as it will help you relax at the end of a stressful day.

Head & Neck Massager | Tezam

Head & Neck Massager Tezam: photo

This electric device is a great tool for vibration therapy as it produces over 8,000 vibrations per minute. It will enhance your blood circulation, relieve tight muscles, headaches, and spasms.

Massage your head for about ten minutes in the morning to feel energetic and the same amount of time in the evening to sleep better. Keep in mind that the massager should be used only on thoroughly brushed and dried hair.

With a weight of a bit more than 4 ounces, this item is easy to carry on the go and can be used not only at home, but also in the office or while on a trip. However, it is not just the product’s light weight that makes it convenient to use.

Apart from having only one easy-to-use button, it has a rounded structure and is less than 9 inches in length. The device runs on two AAA batteries, which do not come with the product though.

Tezam: Check the current price

Scalp Shampoo Brush | Heeta - for everyone, including pets

Scalp Shampoo Brush: photo

Heeta Hair & Scalp massager is a manual operation shampoo brush that doesn’t require the use of batteries. The manufacturer claims the brush is good for all hair types, no matter wet or dry, meaning you can use it instead or with your regular brush to comb your hair, even if on the go. In case you’d like to purchase the brush for your pooch, this item might be a good option to consider. The massager is lightweight, designed ergonomically to perfectly fit in a palm, and features a high-quality soft silicone brush head not to damage hair.

Surprisingly, the item, although very simple, received a great deal of positive feedback. Testers who used the brush on very thick hair were pleased with its performance, even testers with thin hair praised the nice massaging qualities of the brush.

A lot of consumers reported good results with reducing dandruff and scalp flakes; others said the massager could even go through a handful of braids just as easily.

Considering its small price, versatility, and positive consumer feedback, this product merits our solid recommendation.

Heeta: Check the current price

Handheld Electric Percussion Head Massager | VIKTOR JURGEN

Handheld Electric Percussion Head Massager: photo

This item is the most expensive on our list, but don’t worry, it’s not going to break your budget since it’s less than 30 dollars anyway. And believe it or not, this item also offers a killer bang for your buck and brings a lot of positives to the table: it’s as versatile as any professional electric body massagers, only for half the price.

Victor Jurgen massager comes with 3 sets of removable free massage heads and a variety of massaging options. It can be used anywhere from the head, neck to legs and feet. The item features a powerful motor that runs up to 3,350 pulses per minute. It has customizable speed settings to manage the intensity and power of the massager through multiple personalized speed features and adjust the motion and strength as you desire.

Perhaps, the only downside of this item is that it looks huge. Although, this fact didn’t deter all the happy testers who bought the product and shared their amazing stories and the results of using this device.

Overall, if you’re okay with the item size and weight, then go for it.

VIKTOR JURGEN: Check the current price

Electric Scalp Head Massager with Deep Tissue Kneading | LATME

Electric Scalp Head Massager with Deep Tissue Kneading: photo

This model is significantly pricier than the previous one, which is no wonder as is it looks like a full-fledged massage machine. More importantly, this electric device performs more functions. Not only does the massager increases blood pressure, releases stress and helps to sleep better, it also said to boost hair growth.

What is so special about this model? It comes with 28 individual nodes and 3D deep-kneading, something that provides deep and full massage of the head. There are 4 modes of massage: clockwise, counterclockwise, high speed, and low speed.

Since the product is waterproof, feel free to use it in the shower to enhance the massage effect. It is rated to the IPX7 waterproofing standard, which means that the device is protected only against short-term water immersion — less than half an hour. So, with this item in the hand, do not take a long shower.

LATME: Check the current price

Electric 3-in-1 Scalp Massager | MARNUR - for everyone, including pets

Electric 3-in-1 Scalp Massager: photo

This is a nice little item which looks a little bit like the first one we described in this guide. But what makes it stand out is that it comes with versatile attachments, which include a hairbrush scalp massager, a mini full body massager, and a shower loofah pad. The item is also electric (batteries included) but can be used in a shower, meaning it’s waterproof (although directly not stated by the manufacturer). It's also ergonomically designed to fit in the palm of the hand for extra comfort and control.

The testers seemed happy with their purchases, with only a handful of detractors complaining that it was not as strong as they expected.

MARNUR: Check the current price

Handheld Scalp Massager with 2 Replaceable Massage Heads | Ikeepi - for head & face

Handheld Scalp Massager: photo

Ikeepi Scalp Massager is also electric and comes with two massage heads: finger gripper claw massage head for scalp massage and 3-point round massage for face, eye area, shoulders, and neck. The item works with vibration to accelerate blood circulation and skin absorption. Just as other items on the list, it’s ergonomically designed, but unlike Victor Jurgen massager, it’s lightweight, and portable, meaning it’s perfectly suitable for traveling as you can store it in your backpack or handbag easily. The batteries (not included) ensure 3 hours of worry-free use.

The testers were relatively pleased with the massager, saying it helped with itchiness, was very relaxing, and performed well for ponytail headaches. Other, who were less enthusiastic, said the vibration was weak, and the plastic bristles were pretty hard on the scalp.

Ikeepi: Check the current price

Body Sport® Head/Scalp Massager – Handheld Portable Massage Tool

Body Sport HeadScalp Massager: photo

The Body Sport® Head/Scalp Massager is a convenient alternative to pricey spa massages. You can experience a professional massage anywhere with this personal handheld massager. This unique model can be used on legs, arms and back as well as the head and scalp.

The head massager has 28 points of contact across 4 nodes which rotate clockwise, counterclockwise, and alternating directions. The design is simple and easy to use when changing modes from low to high speeds.

The Body Sport massager is waterproof, so you can use it in the shower. The small size and rechargeable battery make it convenient to carry while traveling, at home or in the office! This soothing scalp massager will soon become a favorite way to relax after a long day.

Body Sport: Check the current price

What Do Buyers Say?

Let’s take a look at recommendations offered by blogger Naptural85 who has tested top-rated scalp massagers purchased on Amazon and shared her opinion with the Youtube audience.

Well, the first model she has tested was an “old-school scalp massager” or a so-called spider massager that is available on Amazon in abundance. While being affordable, this product has a number of benefits such as “soft knobs” that prevent scratching the scalp and deep tissue massage. It seems that Naptural85 liked this item most of all as it feels really very good. However, she has mentioned a downside as well — its catches up the hair.

Another model is a head massager with balls on its tips that, according to Naptural85, looks like “little E.T. fingers.” Well, the plastic this item is made from feels scratchy but this option is even cheaper than the previous one and will cost you some $6. The second weak point of this product is that it does not cover much area.

A shampoo and shower massager looks like a “little glove” that can be used while you are shampooing. As a result of the test, this item has turned out to be quite a cool stuff. The downside to the product is its “toxic smell” and small knobs.

There is also a battery-operated option that “looks like something out of Terminator.” This device has a really smooth front and slides through the scalp well during the massage. More importantly, it does not pull out the hair. The massager producer substantial vibrations, giving you deeper tissue massage

Now that you know how all types of head massagers feel, it is up to you to decide which one is right for you.

Comparative chart of Head Massagers

Product Features


2 packs
Copper wires with rubber beads


One button
Over 8,000 vibrations per minute


Silicone brush

Victor Jurgen

Full body
3 sets of attachments
3,350 pulses per minute


One button
28 individual nodes and 3D deep-kneading


3 attachments


2 massage heads (one for face)

The roots of a head massage could be traced back to India, where it became a part of an ayurvedic holistic medicine more than 5,000 years ago. A brief search on Wikipedia forwards “head massage” inquiry to “Champissage”, which is, in fact, an Indian head massage, that was brought to the West only back in the 1970s.
People in Asian countries look forward to their next haircut because it includes a powerful yet relaxing scalp massage. Look at a few examples of head massages from Indian barbers that would prove that massage is much more than a simple show, but indeed involves a lot of skill, dexterity, determination, and even stamina:

And if you’ve ever experienced a head massage (even not as skillful as the above examples), I bet you would like to try it again. With such a proliferation of inexpensive head massagers that flooded the market in recent years, you now have plenty of options to choose from and do it yourself as often as every day if you please.

What is a head massager and how it works

Head massager is a gadget intended to stimulate the blood vessels and nerves beneath the skin, thus improving blood circulation and releasing muscle tensions.

The reason the massage feels so good is that the stimulation of the nerve endings in the scalp increases the dopamine levels which in turn create that amazing feeling of pleasure and satisfaction. And the reason the massage is part of a holistic approach to human health is that along with dopamine, it helps the body to produce other chemicals like serotonin and endorphins, thus reducing fatigue, improving mood, helping combat depression, etc.

If you’re looking for specific examples from evidence-based research, then head on to the section “How effective are the head massagers according to science?”, where we’d look in greater detail at some of the studies that embarked on a journey to find out the short and long-term effects and benefits of a head massage.

Product suggestions for different situations

Head massager for headaches

If you’re in the market for a good head massager that would help you with mild headaches, then consider buying a classic spider scalp massager or Victor Jurgen full body massager. If these items don’t help, we recommend visiting a healthcare professional because your condition might be a sign of a serious illness, which can’t be treated by a head massager alone.

Head massager for blood circulation

All head massagers will improve blood circulation. However, if you’re looking for a particular recommendation, then go for a spider massager, and you won’t get disappointed.

Head massager for hair growth/hair loss

Improving the blood circulation helps hair grow faster and thicker, and since all the massagers we’ve described are good at doing their jobs, you might go for any of them, really! If you’re in the market for a recommendation, and pretty tight on a budget, then Hair Scalp Massager from Heeta or a massager with prongs will do their job! However, if you need something stronger and more professional, and budget is not a concern, then invest in Victor Jurgen, which has 3 sets of removable massage heads and features a powerful motor with more than 3,000 pulses per minute.

Head massager for dogs/cats

There are a few options from the list above that can work well on your pets: Heeta Massager and Marnur Brush. However, Marnur is electric, and if your pooch doesn’t like the sound of a vibrating motor, perhaps, it’s best to opt for Heeta.

Head massager on baby

Classic spider massager is good babies. Proof? Here it is:

Head massager for migraines

No head massager alone would treat a migraine. However, in combination with medication or other therapies, it can, indeed, help. Try spider massager first, and if it doesn’t work, try something stronger, like Victor Jurgen.

Head massager for a tension headache

If you’re having a tension headache, it’s never enough to massage the scalp alone. We’d advise you purchase Victor Jurgen full body massager which can work marvelously on neck and shoulders as well.

Head massager for dandruff

According to consumers, the first option we covered worked beautifully for dandruff, Heeta Massager. Besides, it’s inexpensive, lightweight, and very easy to use.

Head massager for sleep

All of the described options are good at putting a person to sleep. Massager with prongs is great at making you feel super euphoric and relaxed.


Is a head massager good for hair?

Absolutely, as long as the massager doesn’t have sharp plastic bristles that mess up your hair, it’s all good for cleaning the scalp from dandruff and flakes, promoting blood circulation, and hair growth.

Is a head massager good for you?What is a head massager good for?

The head massager is a great addition to your self-massage kit. It’s a great anti-stress tool that helps you relax. It’s also a great thing to have if you’ve recently started to lose your hair and would like to slow down that process or try to regrow your hair naturally.

How to use a head massager?

Usually, it’s very simple: just get the massager into your hair and gently rub the scalp all over your head. If you’re using a vibrating electronic massager, then simply push the button, choose the appropriate setting, and proceed as described by the user manual.

How to make a head massager at home? How to make a head massager out of a whisk?

There are multiple recipes on youtube for making a head massager from a simple whisk. One of this is 

A simpler version might include cutting whisk prongs with plyers, bending them apart, spacing the rods, covering the sharp ends with the glue, and sealing them with nail varnish or something similar. Honestly? The spider costs 8 dollars for 2, so why would you want to DIY, if it’s that cheap?

How to use a zen head massager?

If you’re looking into buying the Zen Head massager, we’d suggest you still go for another option, which we’ve reviewed in this guide, namely Victor Jurgen. It’s a little bit pricier (but not critically), just as big, but much more powerful. Besides, Victor massager received much more positive consumer feedback, unlike Zen. If you’re still considering Zen, then it’s pretty easy to use: switch it on and follow the instructions per particular zone you’d like to massage. The main advantage over Victor might be that Zen comes with a mini massager attachment that allows you to massage face as well.

How to use a bokoma head massager?

A bokoma massager is the same spider massager with prongs we’ve covered earlier in this guide. All you have to do is wrap the prongs around your head and gently shift the spider up and down first, and then to the sides. It’s pretty intuitive, so you don’t really have to follow any particular instructions, just do as you feel.

What is a head massager forever 21?

You won’t believe it, but it’s just yet another name for a spider massager.


While all the options that we’ve covered are easy to recommend, nothing beats the good old spider massager, which is very inexpensive, extensively used, and which has become a part of a massage culture in general. However, if you’re looking at a more powerful electric option, then Victor Jurgen Head Massager is a viable option to consider. It’s powerful, durable, and works beautifully, according to consumers.