Looking for an extended mouse pad but lost in so many options available? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. In this article you’ll learn even more reasons to buy an extended mouse pad; we’ll also cover usage tips and things to consider when buying; by the end of the article we’ll cover TOP 5 best mouse pads in the market.

These days, people spend many of their waking hours in front of a computer and more often than not, they are either working or engaging in a hobby that has become wildly popular across numerous demographics, the one known as gaming. Because of how much time you spend using your computer, doesn’t it make plenty of sense for you to try to protect your setup while also remaining as comfortable as possible? If your answer to that question is yes, then you will want to get a good extended mouse pad and this guide will show you some examples of the top items. You’ll also learn how to identify which extended mouse pad works best for your computer setup.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

The Reasons to Get an Extended Mouse Pad

You’ve probably used a mouse pad at some point, right? You probably didn’t pay much attention to that little rectangle resting under your arm and your mouse as you kept your eyes glued to the monitor. Still, even if you didn’t pay much attention to the mouse pad, it probably improved your experience of using the computer quite significantly by making the cursor move faster and more precisely while also serving to protect whatever surface the mouse was resting on.

An extended mouse pad provides many of the same benefits as its smaller predecessor, along with some notable additions.

First, because it’s, well, extended, this larger mouse pad provides protection not just for the space under your mouse, but also for your keyboard and any other  peripherals you may be using either for gaming or working.

Extended mouse pads also add some style to your gaming rig and it keeps everything in place, so there will be no more instances when you use a critical online match because something slipped.

Lastly, an extended mouse pad can work to keep your gaming or working area free from debris and dust that may accumulate over time, resulting in you having a more pleasant experience while using your computer.

How Do Extended Mouse Pads Work?

An extended mouse pad works in conjunction with the mouse by providing it with a surface that it can function better on.

By using an extended mouse pad, the user can execute faster and more precise movements with the cursor. The materials used for extended mouse pads are also meant to stay in place once laid down, giving the user the freedom to move in many ways without having to worry about the mouse or the keyboard falling to the floor.

Extended mouse pads vary in terms of their size and material composition, so make sure to get the one that fits your desk and that you’re also comfortable with.

Now it’s time to take a closer look at five of the highest-rated extended mouse pads available on Amazon.

PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad - for smaller computer setup

PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad: photoMeasuring at nearly 31 inches across and nearly a foot vertically, the PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad is actually on the smaller side for this item type, making it an ideal fit for the similarly smaller desks that may be used by those with less expensive gaming rigs.

The heavy duty rubber base ensures that this extended mouse pad will stay right where you put it and that’s going to be something you will be thankful for when you are getting too into a particular game.

This mouse pad from PECHAM is also water-resistant and as you can imagine, that can come in really handy if you’re someone who prefers to have snacks and drinks nearby while you’re gaming. Even if you do end up spilling something on this extended mouse pad, you can place it inside the washing machine for a bit and have come out looking and smelling good and new.

Recommendation: This one’s worth a buy if you have a smaller computer setup.

GLTECK XXL Red Edge Large Mouse Pad - for larger setups

GLTECK Large Mouse Pad: photoIt’s really quite remarkable to see how such a small addition to an item can make such a difference in terms of how much visual impact it possesses, and that’s the case with GLTECK’s Red Edge Large Mouse Pad.

As its name gives away, the edges of this extended mouse pad are outlined in red and they provide welcome visual contrast to the deep dark color present in the rest of the item. The addition of the stylized GLTECK logo at the upper righthand corner of the mouse pad serves to elevate the appearance of the item further.

To show that there’s steak to go with the sizzle, GLTECK has made the Red Edge mouse pad out of multispandex material, and that helps keeps you comfortable as you rest your wrists on it.

Recommendation: GLTECK’s Red Edge Mouse Pad is better suited for larger desks, so make sure it fits yours before buying it.

Glorious PC Gaming Race Extended Gaming Mouse Mat - optimal for gamers

Glorious Gaming Mouse Mat: photoCompetitive PC gamers need every edge they can get if they are to consistently win against tough opponents, and while it may not seem like it at first, an extended mouse pad can help out quite a bit in that regard.

Glorious PC Gaming Race’s very own extended mouse pad is specifically designed for the purposes of aiding a player’s performance. The cloth surface is designed to allow for faster mouse movements while maintaining precision with every drag.

The anti-fraying stitched frame used for Glorious PC Gaming Race’s mouse pad will help the item stay in service longer, so you won’t need to buy another one only after a few months.

Recommendation: Gamers who prioritize performance over everything else will likely be content with this extended mouse pad.

Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad - optimal for gamers

Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad: photoCorsair is a respected name in the world of computers and computer-related matters, so it’s no surprise that they have their own extended mouse pads. Their MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad is an example of a well-designed piece of equipment that brings plenty of positives to the table, or in this case, the desk.

Its look is understated but certainly stylish and that goes along with its ability to capably provide support for both laser and optical mice. The textile weave is specifically designed for helping you make mouse movements exactly how you want to. The stitched edges are there to improve this mouse pad’s durability.

Recommendation: Gamers will appreciate the many gaming-oriented features of this larger extended mouse pad.

Razer Goliathus Control Gravity Edition - for smaller setups

Razer Goliathus Control Gravity Edition: photoMuch like Corsair, Razer is a brand known to many PC players all over the world, so it should come as no surprise that their extended mouse pad is also designed for gamers. The micro-textured surface of the Goliathus Control Gravity Edition is optimized for the player’s comfort and for ideal responsiveness. When you make a move with your mouse, this item will make sure your computer picks up on the exact move you want to make.

Razer’s Goliathus Control Gravity Edition mouse pad features a design that may prove appealing to those who prefer bold looks and it also provides additional functionality when used with a Razer mouse.

Recommendation: This item’s significantly smaller than the ones previously mentioned, so get it if you have a similarly smaller PC hub.

Answering Some FAQs

Is an extended mouse pad worth buying?
If you have difficulty keeping the mouse and keyboard on your desk, then an extended mouse pad can resolve that issue and is probably worth a purchase for you.

How do you clean/wash an extended mouse pad?
It depends on the specific item you’re getting. Some can be thrown into the washing machine and others can be cleaned using other household items.

Can an extended mouse pad be used as a writing surface?
In a pinch, a marker can work on most extended mouse pads.

Which extended mouse pad would be best for a gamer with 3 monitors?
The larger ones should help you better cover all that area.

Pros of Using Extended Mouse Pads:

  • The keyboard and mouse you use will be kept in place.
  • Some extended mouse pads provide additional comfort for your wrists.
  • Your desks will look much cleaner and more stylish with the addition of extended mouse pads.

Cons of Using Extended Mouse Pads:

  • They don’t really make that much sense to use if you have a small desk.

Tips and Life-Hacks for Using Extended Mouse Pads

  • Even if you don’t have a desktop computer, an extended mouse pad can work for your laptop and mouse combo.
  • The extended mouse pads with the anti-fray edges give great bang for your buck because they’re more durable. That’s important because these mouse pads will be used a lot.

Comparative chart of Extended Mouse Pads

Extended Mouse Pad Name

Size (in inches)

Surface Material



PECHAM Extended Gaming Mouse Pad min: photo

30.7 x 11.8



GLTECK Large Mouse Pad min: photo

36 x 12


Glorious PC Gaming Race

Glorious Gaming Mouse Mat min: photo

36 x 11



Corsair MM300 Gaming Mouse Pad min: photo

36.6 x 11.8

Textile-weave cloth


Razer Goliathus Control Gravity Edition min: photo

17.93 x 14.58

Micro-textured cloth


Extended mouse pads will not be the most important elements of your PC setup, but their effects can be quite significant and beneficial to you. Choose one that ideally fits your desktop setup, and you’ll be able to enjoy greater comfort and have better control over what’s going on in front of you.