A stadium refers to a place where a majority of the outdoor sports and events take place Stadium seats make it possible for many spectators to utilize the limited space when attending an event or watching a sport. Some of the popular sports that are played in stadiums are football, baseball, soccer, ice hockey, cricket, rugby, and many other outdoor games and concerts.

How stadium seats work

Seats in a stadium are arranged in such a way that a majority or all of the seats are placed higher compared to those in front of them to allow spectators who are further back to have a view of what is happening in the arena. To ensure that seats behind the front row are elevated, engineers often use permanent concrete or stone pavements. Some of the pavements are used as stairs to access the rear seats. Stadium seats cannot be placed on the same level because only the people seated on the front row would have a view of the stadium. Although stadium seats are typically meant for sports and performing art venues, other places that require a clear audience can use stadium seats. Such venues include religious facilities, movie theaters, or lecture halls.Check Out: The Baseball Stop

What are the different types of stadium seats?

Stadium seats can be classified based on their purposes, and the locations they are designed to fit. Below is a list of the common types of stadium seats:

  • Bleachers: Although bleachers are common with gymnasiums, they are considered a type of stadium seat. Bleachers can be either made of wood or metal materials. These kinds of seats are different from the other stadium seats because they comprise a straight seating area that has no separations. Bleachers can be attached to the metals rods or the concrete found in a stadium.
  • Seat modules: You can identify this kind of seat by assessing your ability to assemble them in different ways. Seat modules are also characterized by their lightweight nature, which makes it possible to stack them. Seat modules are common with sports venues meant for kindergartens, small gyms, and dance studios.
  • Adjustable seats: You can spot adjustable seats in theaters, sports stadiums, or concert halls. Adjustable seats offer the audience more seating space compared to the other commonly used seats. They are more comfortable because they feature armrests, a backrest, and most of them are cushioned. You can differentiate these seats from the others because they are installed permanently to the structures by cement.
  • Platform chairs: You can spot platform seats in lecture halls or auditoriums. They are separated and often come with a backrest. They, however, are held together by metal beams. Some modified platform seats feature a small table designed to help you use your laptop or take notes. The platform chair's backrest is often limited to supporting only your upper back.

What to look for when buying stadium seats

If you are planning to purchase stadium seats, below are tips that could be helpful.

  • Comfort: A stadium is often used for outdoor activities that can be time consuming. When attending such activities, comfort should be a priority since you are likely to be sitting for a long time. The comfort of a seat depends on the material used to make it, the thickness of the material used and the presence of padding. The best seats feature designs that ensure your comfort is enhanced through proper cushioning.
  • Cost: Before making any purchase, you have to consider the price of the product you are about to purchase. If you are shopping for comfortable stadium seats, you will need to set your budget first. A budget allows you to research available seats and their prices. Moreover, you will be able to identify the seats that are within your budget before you buy them. Although the price is an important factor, always remember that the comfort a seat gives you will rely on how much you are willing to invest on it.
  • Determine how much weight it can withstand: A seat could be comfortable and affordable but if it cannot support your weight, then it will be useless. If you will be sharing your seat with someone, ensure that the seat is solid, and the frame can support considerable weight. Seats that are made specifically for light people are not convenient because they cannot be shared and could disappoint if you gain weight.
  • Durability: You should not be tempted to go for the cheapest seats because they tend to be expensive in the end. A durable seat is one made from high-quality materials. A seat that is sturdy is likely to last longer. Seats made of steel frames, for instance, are often durable compared to those made from wood or plastic. Consider seats with tubular frames because they are safe and unlikely to cause injuries.
  • Portability: A stadium seat will be comfortable if it is highly portable. The weight and size of the seat come into play when determining its portability. It is even better if you can stack your seats together because it makes handling them easy.

Top 5 Reviews of the best stadium seats

Here is a review of five of the best stadium seats that you should consider buying:


The Ventura reclining seat from ONIVA: photo


The Ventura reclining seat from ONIVA features polyester padded cushioning and a sturdy steel frame to ensure that it is durable. You can adjust the seat to six different positions based on your preference. It has integrated armrests for enhanced comfort. It is also portable thanks to its backpack shoulder straps. It has a comfortable seating space of 32 by 20 by 2inches that can fold flat for convenience.


  • It features a zippered pocket that will hold your small items.
  • You can adjust the seat to different positions to enhance your comfort.
  • The seat folds flat to allow you to store it easily.


  • The seat's straps might not last for long.

I highly recommend this seat because it is ideal for any outdoor sporting activity thanks to its portability.

Rio Gear

RIO Gear Stadium Arm Chair Bleacher Seat: photo


The distinct feature for this seat is its ability to attach easily to bleachers. For comfort, the seat comes integrated with pads and armrests. You will benefit from the beverage holder that allows you to hold cups, and the storage pockets that you can use to store your items while away from your home. The steel frame of the chair allows it to support up to 225 pounds.


  • It has cup holders that will hold your drinks while out in the field.
  • You get extra storage space with its storage pockets.


  • The seat can only support a person with 225 pounds or less

I found this seat ideal for people who want more storage space and cup holders while out in the field.

Alpha Camp

ALPHA CAMP Stadium Seat Chair for Bleachers: photo


This chair features arms that are structured to increase your comfort when watching any sporting event. The seat comes installed with pads and a backrest that will transform any hard bleacher in the sporting stadium into a soft seating place.


  • It comes with two hooks that you use to attach it to the bleacher.
  • You can tilt the seat to your preferred angle for convenience.


  • The cup holder is relatively small

The seat won't be ideal for people looking for large cup holders.


Coleman Stadium Seat: photo


If you are looking for a comfortable outdoor sports stadium seat, this could be the one for you. It is characterized by a water-resistant back and bottom for durability. You will find the seat's mesh seatback pocket convenient for holding extra items. The shoulder strap and the padded comfort will ensure that you can comfortably sit on the ground or the concrete stands in the stadium. You can also fold the seat into a bench pad, and its 15.5-inch allowance makes it comfortable to sit on.


  • It has padded seating surface for comfort.
  • You can store it easily by rolling it up.


  • The seat back is not ideal for tall individuals.

This seat is ideal for people who are looking for a comfortable seat with minimal investment.

Flash furniture Grandstand

Flash Furniture Grandstand Comfort Seats: photo


This stadium seat is designed for adults. It is made of lightweight material that makes it highly portable. The seat's carrying handlebar has a grip to ensure you can move with it easily. It comes integrated with foam pads for comfort. The seat features a black aluminum frame finish that can withstand a weight capacity of over 500 pounds. You can install the seat using the bleacher hook that is on the bottom of the seat.


  • It is comfortable
  • Can withstand a weight of up to 500 pounds


  • It is a little too heavy to carry around for long hours

I recommend the seat to anyone looking for a durable yet affordable seat.


When purchasing a stadium seat, consider its durability, comfort, cost, and other features that are integrated into it. It is also important to note that advances in technology will increase the number of designs in the market. This will guarantee more comfort and durability for customers.

Comparative Chart of Stadium Seats




The Ventura reclining seat from ONIVA min: photo

It features a zippered pocket that will hold your small items.

You can adjust the seat to different positions to enhance your comfort.
The seat folds flat to allow you to store it easily.


 Rio Gear
RIO Gear Stadium Arm Chair Bleacher Seat min: photo

It has cup holders that will hold your drinks while out in the field.

You get extra storage space with its storage pockets.


 Alpha Camp
ALPHA CAMP Stadium Seat Chair for Bleachers min: photo

It comes with two hooks that you use to attach it to the bleacher.
You can tilt the seat to your preferred angle for convenience.

Coleman Stadium Seat min: photo

Water-resistant back and bottom
You can store it easily by rolling it up.


Flash furniture
Flash Furniture Grandstand Comfort Seats min: photo

Foldable for Storage
Can withstand a weight of up to 500 pounds