Decorating a natural Christmas tree can be a challenge since you have to deal with tangled lights, be able to check if each bulb works, etc. To make the experience easier for you, we will help you find the best fiber optic Christmas tree. They are a perfect choice for everyone looking to save time during the hectic Christmas period. They also help you create an energy efficient home, making them ideal for environmental conservationists.

Below are the top 8 fiber optic Christmas trees in the market. They come in different shapes, sizes, and styles to serve a wide variety of decorator preferences.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

How does it work? What are the types and their differences?

There are two types of fiber optic Christmas trees:

  • One that is fully covered with lights so it appears like a wispy strand of fiber optics.
  • The other one is the regular artificial tree that looks like natural trees. Its limbs are decorated with dotted fiber optics that are mostly multicolored.

You can also find pre-lit models that come already fitted with white fiber optics in a more natural way. The trees are upside down, so you can hang them on your wall or ceiling. They also come with a weighted stand, so that they can stay stable.

Top 8 Best fiber optic Christmas trees

Holiday Time Green Fiber Optic Christmas Tree

Holiday Time Green Fiber Optic Christmas Tree: photo

Get yourself this 32-inch fiber optic tree for this year's Christmas. It is highly versatile since you can plug it into the wall or your computer for convenience. It is a perfect choice for small apartments since you can place it on the tabletop or suspend it on the wall.

It has 83 tips, and it is multicolored. The colors change continuously to create a beautiful atmosphere for your home.

The white colors are ideal for Christmas since they look like snow all over. It is bright and capable of creating a super festive style. This makes the theme in your home festive and gives it a modern style.

Holiday Time Green Fiber Optic Christmas Tree: Check the current price

National Tree Fiber Optic Evergreen Firework Tree

National Tree 36 Inch Fiber Tree: photo

This artificial tree is 36 inches Long and features multicolor lights that will make your room beautiful during the festive season. The base is gold to give your home a luxurious look. The base is made of a strong material, so it maintains the balance of your fiber optic Christmas tree at all times.

It is 23 inches in diameter and only has a single light operation that is found at the base. The lights are super bright to light up your room. The lights are also ever-changing, which gives the space a colorful and lively theme. It is the perfect height for use in apartments.

National Tree Evergreen Firework Tree: Check the current price

DAK Pre-Lit Fiber Optic Artificial Christmas Tree with Candles

DAK 3 Pre Lit Optic Christmas Tree: photo

This might just be the best fiber optic Christmas tree on the market. It comes with a star tree topper, which is an extraordinary feature used for decorative purposes. The candle accents are a better option over tiny bulbs because they give your home a classy, inviting theme. The candles are pre-lit, and they are made with multiple lights.

DAK Pre-Lit Christmas Tree with Candles: Check the current price

National Tree Fiber Optic Ornament Fireworks Tree

National Tree 48 Inch Fiber Optic Tree: photo

This is the best fiber optic Christmas tree for large apartments. It is designed with a gold top star that is a unique feature. It has a stable gold base that adds to the style of your room.

It has a single bulb operation like other lines from the same manufacturer. It is trimmed with colored ball ornaments. The lights featured are multicolored and will leave your room looking amazingly bright.

The lights are ever-changing, so they can give your apartment a glow. The tree is single standing, implying that it is easy to set up since the base is separate.

National Tree Ornament Fireworks Tree: Check the current price

6ft Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Pine Tree w/ 250 Warm White Lights | Best Choice

6ft Pre-Lit Snow Flocked Artificial Christmas Pine Tree: photo

If you’re looking for a taller tree, then this Christmas tree from Best Choice Products is a beautiful alternative. It’s 6 ft tall, not so big, and not so small, ideal for an apartment or a spacious living room. The snow-flocked pine needles create a unique frosty feeling that’s so pertinent to Christmas holidays. The tree features 250 pre-strung incandescent lights that add up to its beauty and elegance. The completely assembled and set-up Christmas tree along with your decorations will look like a perfect photograph. I’m pretty sure your kids are going to love it!

6ft Christmas Pine Tree: Check the current price

6, 7, 7.5 ft Artificial Christmas Unlit Tree w/Flocked Snow | Senjie

Artificial Christmas Tree: photo

Senjie tree is available in three sizes, although none of the options are lit, and falls into the same price category as the one from Best Choice. This tree also features the flocking snow, but has the pine cones too, which look super cute on the branches. It’s beautiful, affordable, and would fit into any space. Along with the blinking lights, which you can purchase separately, this tree will just as well create the festive Christmas feeling and would make your kids beam with joy and happiness waiting for Santa Claus.

6, 7, 7.5 ft Artificial Christmas Tree: Check the current price

Best Choice Products Pre-Lit Fiber Optic 7' Green Artificial Christmas Tree

Best Choice Products 7ft Christmas Tree: photo

This fiber optic Christmas tree is designed with LED multicolor lights, and it comes with a stand for stability. The stand is made of iron, making it sturdy for provision of adequate support to the tree. This also makes the tree base resistant to breakage and durable.

The 280 LED lights are manufactured to reflect four colors with varying flashing sequences: combo, waves, flash, twinkle, slow fade, and sequential for an adorable Christmas theme. If you do not fancy any of these themes, you can turn them off so the lighting remains constant.

It is made with PVC needles that appear natural due to their dense state. This also allows the artificial tree to last for years.

Best Choice Products Christmas Tree: Check the current price

9ft Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree w/Clear Lights | Balsam Hill

Classic Blue Spruce Artificial Christmas Tree: photo

This tall tree (although available in different heights as well) is far more expensive than the one from Best Choice, but it’s also much bigger and looks like a real pine tree fresh out of a forest. Besides, there are options to choose different lights, as well as no lights at all, in case you might be interested. It also comes with some pretty nice add-ons, like storage bags, cotton gloves, extra bulbs, and fuses. This one would look like an enormous tree that can be seldom found outside in the piazzas and which takes your breath away every time you look at it with all its glistening decor and glowing fairy lights draped around.

9ft Classic Christmas Tree: Check the current price


Can you plug fiber optic Christmas trees into just any outlet?

No, you cannot. Most of them require to be used on a standard outlet for efficiency.

How do I know how the lights are supposed to work?

Most of the fiber optic Christmas trees come with instructions to direct you on how to use the lights. This makes it easy for you to set them up.

Do fiber optic Christmas trees come with power adapters?

Yes, they do. Most of the cords are 5 feet long, especially for trees that are huge. This will allow you to plug it in and set it up wherever you want.

What types of LED lights are featured in fiber optic Christmas trees?

Most brands come with internal fiber optics that are designed to reflect one or several light colors. You may also opt for replaceable LEDs that are usually used to decorate the artificial tree.

Where can I buy an extra cord for my artificial Christmas tree?

This will depend on whether the manufacturer provides them. This is because some manufacturers sell them while others recommend that you search elsewhere. As such, you should visit the nearest electronics store for inquiries.

Pros and cons of optic Christmas trees


  • It eliminates the hassle of dealing with tangled Christmas lights.
  • Some brands feature MP3 players and sound systems so that you can listen to the Christmas melodies.
  • The upside-down models save on space since they are suspended on walls or the ceiling.
  • They are energy efficient since the lighting is made better by reflective coating.
  • They are economical to purchase compared to the natural Christmas trees that need to be decorated.


  • They can be pre-lit and pre-decorated, which will limit your contribution in the style you are looking for in a Christmas tree.

Tips & life-hacks for using fiber optic Christmas trees

You can add extra assortments to the tree for added decorations as you make your home livelier. The good thing about them is that they do not emit heat, which means that you will not need to install a fan nearby to cool it. If one bulb burns out, you don't have to worry about it blowing the other bulbs out.

Comparative Chart of Optic Christmas Trees

Product Important features Important characteristics

Holiday Time

- 32" high
- 83 tips
- Multicolored
- It has white colors that give it a snowy theme
- The lights are cute
- The artificial tree has a sleek yet modern look

National Tree 36"

- 36" high
- 23" diameter
- Multicolored
- Gold base
- Ever-changing colors
- Super bright
- Sturdy gold base


- 3'
- Star tree topper
- Candle accents
- Multi-lights
- Unique pre-lit candles add beauty to your home
- The star topper is shiny for a brighter room

National Tree 48"

- 48" high
- 27" diameter
- Gold base
- Multicolored
- Gold top star
- Ever-changing colors
- The star and balls add a beautiful design

Best Choice Products

- 6' high
-250 Warm White Lights
-Sturdy steel stand
- White colors


- 6-7.5' high
- 49-57" diameter
- Available for outside install
1000 pcs high classic tips with pine cones

Best Choice Products

- 7' high
- 280 LED lights with 4 colors (multicolored)
- PVC needles
- Highly durable iron base
- Dense PVC needles
- 6 flashing themes that are adorable

Balsam Hill

- 9' high (including stand)
- 64" diameter
- 100% PVC
- Composed of 4,632 branch tips and 1,500 hand-strung clear LED lights
- Includes tree stand, storage bag(s), cotton gloves, extra bulbs and fuses, and an on/off foot pedal


Optic fiber Christmas trees are the best way to beautify your home during the festive season. You can get a tree that reaches to the ceiling or one that just fits on your table. You can also get an artificial tree that comes with accent candles, MP3 players, speakers, and a star topper.