Solar ovens are an ideal way to cook your food. They use no electricity or fuel of any type, so there is no cost to using them beyond the original purchase. With just the rays of the sun, many solar ovens can reach temperatures comparable to regular ovens or grills, allowing you to bake, steam, simmer, boil and warm your food. Here you’ll learn how to choose the best one, find a Buyer’s Guide and the TOP-4 best solar ovens worth buying.

What You Will Learn from This Guide:

How does it work? What are the types and their differences?

One of the benefits of using a solar-powered oven is that they are highly portable. Some are lightweight enough to carry in a backpack without taking up much space. They are ideal for camping, hiking, boating, and other outdoor activities. In addition, they can be easily stored with bug-out supplies in the event of an emergency.

What to look for when buying

Choosing the right solar cooker is a matter of knowing what you want to use it for. If it is to be your sole source for cooking food, make sure that it is durable and well-reviewed. If you are looking for something to have on hand in an emergency, you will likely want a lightweight and portable model. If you are looking for something to cook on outdoors while camping or boating, you will probably want something that falls somewhere in the middle of these two features.

Some solar ovens come with pots and pans, thermometers and other accessories that can be helpful. Another factor to consider is how many people you will be cooking for. Some cookers are only suitable for preparing one dish that will serve one or two people. Others have the capacity to cook for a whole family.

Next, we will review five different solar cookers to see how their features stack up.

TOP-4 Best Solar Ovens

GoSun Sport: Easy, Delicious, and Versatile Portable Solar Cooker (New 2018 Model)

GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker: photo

This cylinder-shaped solar cooker uses a stainless steel cooking tray that slides inside a glass tube cooking chamber. Aluminum parabolic reflectors surround the chamber. The stove can reach temperatures of up to 550 degrees Fahrenheit in full sunlight and will bake, sauté steam, or roast. The whole unit folds up into a carrying case with handles.

What is the diameter and length of the tool that holds the food?

2.3 inches is the inside diameter, and it is 24 inches long.

Can it heat water or liquid?

Yes, you can put liquid in the tray, but you have to be cautious when removing it from the chamber so as not to spill it and burn yourself.

How much does it weigh?

It is 7 ½ pounds, so it's relatively lightweight to pack. It also has a handle for easy carrying.

Does it work in the winter?

Yes, it works even in cold weather. You just need to adjust for a longer cooking time.

How do you clean it?

It comes with a special green scouring tool specifically designed for cleaning this oven.


  • Cool to the touch, making it extra safe around children and pets.
  • Completely submersible.
  • Light clouds are not a problem. As long as there is a defined shadow, it will work.


  • Has a small cooking capacity. Will only serve one or two at a time.
  • Difficult to cook liquid ingredients as there is no enclosed container for this purpose.

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven Deluxe with Complete Cookware, Dehydrating Racks and Thermometer

Sunflair Portable Solar Oven: photo

The Sunflair Portable Solar Oven weighs just a little over one pound but is versatile enough to bake a whole chicken, boil water, cook a pizza, bake cookies, and more. It is ideal for emergency preparedness, boating, camping, RVing and even to use at home. Included with it are a solar oven thermometer, two heat-conducting/baking trays, two baking/dehydrating racks, one enamelware pot, two silicone pots, and a carrying bag. This oven takes just seconds to set up and take down, and requires no assembly.

How hot will the oven get?

It will heat up to about 255 degrees F in direct sun.

How long does it take to boil water for coffee?

It can take anywhere from five to fifteen minutes depending on the sun’s rays

How much does it weigh?

The oven itself weighs 1 lb. 2 oz. If you are carrying it with the accompanying baking dishes and accessories, it weighs about 8 lbs.

How can I keep this from blowing away on a windy day?

The oven comes with tie downs for this exact purpose.

What are the sizes of the pots and the racks?

The enamelware pot holds three quarts. The silicone pot holds one quart. Each of the racks is 15.5x10.5 inches.


  • Folds down so you can slide it into a narrow space for storage.
  • Cooks for 4 to 8 people.
  • Comes with a handy recipe book and user guide.


  • Some users have found they cannot get it to go above 200 degrees.
  • There have been reports of the zipper malfunctioning.

HUKOER 1.5m diameter 1800W portable parabolic solar cooker with higher efficiency

HUKOER portable parabolic solar cooker: photo

This Hukoer model is designed as a backyard or patio cooker. Shaped like a satellite dish, it intensifies and reflects the sun's rays toward your cookware. It reaches high temperatures 6 to 7 times faster than a charcoal grill, and you can fine-tune the heat by adjusting the reflectors. With a little practice, you can achieve perfectly grilled meats.

How hot will the oven get?

It will heat up to stovetop temperature in direct sunlight

How do you clean it?

Cleanup is easy with a warm, soapy cloth.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs about 37 pounds.

How do I cook with it?

You use the adjustable ring in the center of the oven to hold your own metal pots and pans.

What is it made of?

It is constructed from high-quality carbon steel plate.


  • Reaches high temperatures quickly.
  • Use your own cookware.
  • Easy to cook for a crowd using a large pot.


  • Directions for assembling may be complex.
  • Not as portable as some of the other ones on the market.

Silver Balloon Solar Cooker

Silver Balloon Solar Cooker: photo

The Silver Balloon Solar Cooker is a light and portable solar cooker that uses durable Mylar funnels to concentrate the sun’s rays internally. It is ideal for backpacking, boating, camping, and RVing, and is great to have on hand as an emergency preparedness item. The cooker folds down to pocket size for easy packing, and when inflated, the dimensions are 2' x 2' x 4'.

How hot will the oven get?

It will get up to 350 degrees in direct sunlight.

How do you pump it up?

A pump is enclosed with the cooker for your convenience.

How much does it weigh?

It weighs under six ounces.

How do I cook with it?

The Silver Balloon includes a cooking pan that you place directly inside the cooker.

What is it made of?



  • Fun and easy to use.
  • Nothing to assemble and nothing to break.
  • Highly portable.


  • Must be careful not to puncture the Mylar.
  • Can’t see your food as it is cooking.

A few tips and tricks to keep in mind when using a solar oven:

  • You can almost always use the same recipes in a solar cooker that you would use in a slow-cooker. The only modification you should make is to cut the amount of liquid by 1/3 to 1/2 because less liquid is boiled away using a solar cooker.
  • Try out a few simple recipes at home before you plan to take it on a trip to the woods. This will help you to know what to expect and avert any cooking disasters during your getaway.
  • Solar cookers can be used in emergencies to sterilize bandages and purify water.
  • You can use your solar cooker for projects like making soap, candles, and more.

As you can see, there are many different types of solar-powered cookers to choose from and many versatile ways to use them. Making food in a solar cooker can be therapeutic and enjoyable. So, get out there and have some fun with the sun!

Comparision Chart of Best Solar Ovens

  GoSun Sport
GoSun Sport Portable Solar Cooker min: photo
Sunflair Portable Solar Oven min: photo
HUKOER portable parabolic solar cooker min: photo
Silver Balloon
Silver Balloon Solar Cooker min: photo
Weight 7.5 lbs. 1.2 lbs. 37 lbs. 6 oz
Max Temp 550 degrees 255 degrees 300 degrees 350 degrees
Capacity 1 to 2 servings 4 to 8 servings 4 to 8 servings 3 to 4 servings
Includes accessories No Yes No Yes