Dr. Anatom, one of our authors, took a long time to choose his own laptop stand that was convenient for both gaming and working. Here are the conclusions he has come to and what he ended up buying. We used his experience to find the eight best laptop stands for bed and comfortable laptop tables for working while sitting on the floor or in a bean bag, for gamers, stylish ladies and businessmen working on the backseat of their premium sedan. Here is what you should pay attention to and what is comfortable and not.


I play on a MSI GT70 sitting in a bean bag in front of a 40” Samsung TV (I will tell you a long story of how I chose the TV set later). I use a wireless Xbox 360 gamepad as a controller. And two days ago, I bought two games which don’t support a gamepad: Age of Wonders 3 and Pillars of the Eternity.

And these two games broke the balanced system. Trying to place my laptop on my knees, after 10 minutes of gaming, I felt that it was getting too hot. And I badly needed a tray. And not a simple tray, but a cooling one, as my powerful monster burns my legs. Of course, you can say: "Dr Аnatom, stop showing off and get off your high horse, play on the table." But I want to play reclining at ease in my favorite comfortable bean bag. And so I started searching for a solution to my problem.

But it turned out that it is very challenging to find a tray for a gaming laptop. My laptop is an impressive gaming machine with a 17” screen, which weighs almost 9 pounds. At first I was searching for a cooling tray exactly for knees. But then I decided that the weight of the laptop plus the weight of a tray is too much for my knees.

I started looking for a stand. One is said to be wheezing, another doesn’t have enough space for a mouse. The third one has a separate tray for a mouse, but it doesn’t suit me. There are other cheaper items by FURINNO, but they don’t have fans, only air holes, which I find unsuitable.

In the end, having closely examined and forums, I found a perfect solution for me: Ergonomic Aluminum Adjustable Cooling Fan Laptop Table with 2 USB fans.

FURINNO X7 Dual Cooling Fan tray for a laptop: photo

So, this is the way a comfortable stand for a gaming laptop with a 17 ” screen looks like:

  • Made of aluminum, which decreases the weight.
  • The stands are quite comfortable to bear such a heavyweight laptop.
  • The stands must be adjustable to make it possible to adjust the height and any slope angle according to your needs, which makes the device a genuine transformer.
  • Powerful ventilators must be embedded into the tray, as you understand, the more powerful ventilators are, the quicker they cool the air. This means that your knees and everything which is above them are safe. I won’t explain to you why overheating genitals is dangerous (as this is not a medical lecture). I will only say that overheating reduces spermatogenesis (you can guess what the consequences can be).
  • Ventilators are powered by a USB hub on the laptop, which is also very comfortable.
  • And, of course, it looks very stylish.

And, actually, the most important thing is that I have already tested all the three statements: sitting in a bean bag or on a sofa, or lying in the bed. All this is comfortable, especially reclining at ease in my bean bag spreading out my legs. Frankly speaking, this is what I bought it for.

the best cooling tray for a gaming laptop: photo

I hope my experience will be helpful. And I will tell you later about how I chose a gaming TV, but now you may read our review of the best TV for gaming.

8 Best Laptop Stands for Bed

We picked eight various products: a comfortable metal one with inclining legs, a stylish polished wood and aluminum one (it will fit a business-class sedan very well), a light plastic one that will fit into a backpack, an eco-friendly wooden stand, and finally, a foldable and affordable ultra-lightweight one for $19.

Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed with 2 CPU Cooling Fans and Mouse Pad | AOOU

Adjustable Laptop Stand for Bed: photo

It’s a #1 Best Seller in Computer Tables category. What is the secret of such success? Everything is simple. The stand is made of aluminum, which means that heat insulation and durability increases and its weight decreases. The type of cooling is obviously active, with two fans which won’t let your device overheat even when GTA 5, Witcher 3 or some graphic editor is running. Being a transformer is the greatest advantage of the device. The construction of the legs can help you adjust the setup in such a way that the game play will be as comfortable as possible. Purchasing this item is one of the best ways to spend money, I definitely recommend it.

AOOU: Check current price

Stylish Laptop Stand for Bed | TaoTronics

Stylish Laptop Stand for Bed: photo

This is a pretty Apple-style laptop stand that will fit into any modern interior design. Its adjustable metal legs only have a few settings (and there isn't much spare room for expanding it either). However, it's quite enough for a breakfast in bed or working on your laptop. There is enough space for a 15.6-17” laptop and a mouse. The legs are equipped with slide-resistant pad which will fix your laptop on slippery surfaces.

TaoTronics:  Check current price

Foldable Laptop Stand for Bed | Ultra-Lightweight | Superjare

Foldable Laptop Stand for Bed: photo

This is the best option for travellers who are always on the go. Such a stand can be used as a table when camping, and as an actual laptop stand in a park or even in a hotel bed. I don't recommend it for long periods of time as it resembles your high school cafeteria table too much. Another point to add to your travelling kit is that this is the lightest stand for a bed, as it weighs only 2.9 pounds.

Superjare: Check current price

Wooden Laptop Stand for Bed | Nnewvante | 100% Bamboo with USB Fan

Wooden Laptop Stand for Bed: photo

This stand has all features of a trendy accessory: it is light, stylish and eco-friendly. It comes with only one cooler, but it's rather powerful. Its cooling, though, is not sufficient for AMD laptops or gaming on max settings, but it is more than enough for browsing the web while sipping some orange juice. There is a small niche for a smart phone and a cool drawer. Many of today's competitors of this product lack these simple features.

Nnewvante: Check current price

Multi-Functional Laptop Stand for Bed with Internal Cooling Fan | DG Sports

Multi-Functional Laptop Stand for Bed: photo

This stand is huge and pompous. It can hold sufficient weight, and the cooler will be effective for laptops as wide as 21”. Larger devices will require special stands. A built-in pad and a flashlight are nice perks. Such small features prove that the manufacturer indeed cares about its customers. If you use a touchpad, you can put a plate or a beer can on the pad. Three USB ports allow charging several gadgets or connecting additional devices and using the stand as a dock station.

DG Sports:  Check current price

iMounTek Laptop Table - Plastic - The Lighest Stand with a Fan

iMounTek Laptop Cooling Table: photo

Let’s move on to the next cooling system type. This product will suit those who use their laptop while sitting on the couch, on the floor or even when lying in bed. One of the main advantages of this system is that usually there’s additional space for a mouse or other things. iMounTek Laptop Table is one of the most affordable and straightforward models in the range. Two powerful fans won’t let both you and your laptop heat up. It’s convenient that the working surface’s angle can be adjusted, but you won’t be able to place a laptop wider than 15” on it. The table is portable, you can take it anywhere as it doesn’t take up more space than a laptop when it’s assembled, and it will easily fit into a bag. Although iMounTek is made of mere plastic and its weight is 6 pounds, it can withstand a load of 25 kg.

iMounTek: Check current price

LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk - Laptop Stand for the Left- and Right-Handed

LapGear XL Laptop Lap Desk: photo

This device will be convenient for left-handed users or ambidextrous users. There are mouse pads on both sides. Please note that this is not a conventional stand for a bed, as it doesn't have any legs. However, the stand is full-size and will be suitable not only for browsing the web, but also for working in a bed. There are two fabric pouches for a mouse, cables, additional devices, USB keys and other small items.

LapGear XL: Check current price

Folding Lap Desk

Folding Lap Desk: photo

This lap desk is perfect for students as it is truly multi-functional. It lets you play or watch a movie on your laptop, then it can be used as a tray for snacks, and finally you can do your homework on it. The desk is equipped with special compartments for supplies and other small items. Your binder and pens can be stored there. However, as the plastic is not the best quality and has low stress-resistance, you'd better take care of the stand and not put anything heavy on it.

Folding Lap Desk: Check current price

Bed and Floor Laptop Tables Comparative Chart

  Weight Material Number of coolers Additional Features
3.6 pounds Metal 1 Mouse tray, flexible legs
5.2 pounds Metal + Plastic + Wood - Adjustable height
2.9 pounds Metal + Plastic - Compact
5.8 pounds Wood 1 Phone tray, additional tray
DG Sports
5 pounds Plastic 1 Build in flash light, 3 USB, mouse tray
6 pounds Plastic 2 Mouse and cup tray
LapGear XL
2.2 pounds Plastic - 2 mini bags
Folding Lap Desk
2.8 pounds Plastic - Additional space