Heat is not only an integral part of RnB music videos; it is also an essential feature of any subtropical vacation. There is nothing romantic about a heat wave covering your house or office. Naturally, an ice cocktail or a coolshower will improve your state of health for a short period of time. That is why people use various devices for creating a comfortable micro-climate.

Various climate gadgets meet various needs. AC and ceiling fans are the most radical solution. However, often we need a personal source of fresh air. Compact personal fans are suitable for these situations. You can carry them along on a train, mount them to your working place or install in a tourist tent.

Let’s find out which kinds of fans exist and which of them can be bought. We picked 15 different products for all occasions: for camping and beach, for vehicles, a USB fan for a laptop, bright and colorful cooling children’s misting fans, personal mini air conditioners and even an aroma fan resembling an aircraft engine.

TOP-15 Personal Battery-Operated Fans

The Cheapest and Most Compact O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan

This neat portable item with two speed modes is an bestseller. However, this miniscule five-inch fan requires two large D batteries. Although you will have to pay an additional ~$4 for a set of batteries that are not supplied and which must be replaced regularly. It is difficult to determine the regularity of these replacements as some users claim that the battery life does not exceed several hours while others claim that their fan worked slowly and continuously for a whole week. Since no other power source is implied, do invest into rechargeable batteries as they are more convenient and environment-friendly. If you are going to use your fan on a daily basis rather than occasionally, then check out some built-in battery devices.

The Cheapest and Most Compact Fan: photo

The manufacturer does not mention the device’s power, however, according to the users; it does not exceed two Watts. The users rate this portable fan highly and give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars. Read over 4000 customer reviews to decide whether it is worth buying.

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A Personal Handheld Fan Honeywell HTF090B Turbo on the Go Personal Fan

A Personal Handheld Fan: photo

This mini fan is twice as expensive as the five-inch O2COOL. First, apart from a section for four AA batteries, it is equipped with a USB cable and second, it has a handle for hanging this fan instead of setting it on an even surface. Still, the device can’t cover over three feet and has only one mode, so it cannot be considered ultra powerful. The users claim that you shouldn’t expect it to disperse unpleasant odors, such as cigarette smoke. However, this fan is quiet and is equipped with a DC motor (0.6A max USB) and is therefore energy-saving.

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Small Personal Necklace Fan O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Raspberry

This gadget’s design does not make its purpose clear as it does not have any blades or moving elements. This personal fan’s size is only 2.5 inches and its weight is 0.8 oz which is comfortable for wearing it over the neck. Of course, the effect of using this device resembles a slight breeze, but since the air flow is directed at your face and neck, it is often sufficient.

Small Personal Necklace Fan: photo

In general, the gadget is a modern cut-rate fan. The bright color of its casing (pink, purple, blue or red) contributes to this impression. It is also available in laid-back gray. This necklace fan will be perfect for those who can’t stand heat due to their age or health. It can be worn in any public place without attracting any strangelooks. The fan is powered by two AA batteries.

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SENPAIC USB Desk Fan Mini Portable Table Fan with Suction Cup

Most users consider this device to be cheap and cheerful. You will get a fan with two speed modes, 2.5 Watt power and accelerates the air flow to 4.5 m/s. The fan itself is quite small (5.2×7.9 inches) and is compatible with any USB device. The cable length is nearly five feet. The fan can be connected to a lighter if the latter is equipped with a USB adapter.

SENPAIC USB Mini Portable Table Fan: photo

The sucker, which either falls off or does not stick at all, causes most of the users’ dissatisfaction. However, the customers complain of the same issue in other devices with the same mounting. Don’t forget to dip the sucker into boiling water for 10-5 seconds and remove the plastic film before first use. Read all customer reviews to know more.

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Aroma Fan OPOLAR Battery Operated Aroma Fan to Blow Fragrant Wind, 2017 New Design

This battery-operated fan’s design resembles a jet engine. The device is as small as the previous ones, and its higher price is justified by its complicated design: the device’s speed can reach 4000 turns per minute, it has four modes and, surprisingly, it fills the room with a pleasant odor. To take advantage of this, unscrew the cap in the middle and drop in some essential oil.

Aroma Fan OPOLAR Battery Operated: photo

Another feature that deserves your attention is that both a USB cable and a 2200mAh battery are supplied. To charge the device, insert the battery into the fan and turn on the USB power. The battery will last for 2-8 hours depending on the mode. A full charge takes four hours.

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Portable Camping Backlit Fan O2COOL 10-inch Portable Camping Fan with Lights

Battery operated fans with large blades are perfect for camping as the bigger the mechanism is, the stronger the cooling effect. The fan size is about 10 inches which makes it more powerful than a regular personal fan. This device has LED lights with adjustable brightness so it might as well serve as a night light. The lights work regardless of the fan being on.

Portable Camping Backlit Fan vs Travel Charger: photo

Just like theO2COOL, most claims deal with battery charge options. There are only two of them: either you use six D batteries or an AC adapter that should be bought separately. The batteries will last for 20 hours on high speed and up to two days on low speed. Some users recommend buying an AC adapter, such as Rockbirds UL Listed 9V 1A Travel Charger.

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Portable and Powerful O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan with AC Adapter

Portable Fan with AC Adapter: photo

This fan resembles the above-mentioned camping fan (it is made by the same manufacturer O2COOL). It has the same speed and dimensions: 10 inches long with two modes and six D batteries. This fan does not have lights but its competitive edge lies in the AC adapter supplied. The users estimate that the device’s power reaches 5-9 Watt while the most popular portable fans have only 2.5 Watt, so its high price is quite justified. As a result, the cooling effect covers a whole six feet. The product’s owners note low noise even at maximum speed. Most users are satisfied with the device.

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A Pram Fan Dreambaby Stroller Fan, White/Blue

This funny pin fan has already received over 2700 customer reviews. it is powered by two AA batteries and weighs 4.8 oz. Parents share that this straightforward device has become a real savior when moving as most kids dislike car seats. If the fan is strapped to the pram, it will both cool and entertain your toddler (judging by the videos that the users upload, the children are definitely not indifferent to it).

A Pram Fan Dreambaby Stroller Fan: photo

The blades are made of soft colorful rubber foam, so kids can touch them without being hurt. However, because of such a pliable material, the fan is absolutely not durable and the blades rip apart at some point. Nevertheless, most consumers put up with this disadvantage because of the accessible price.

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Mini Personal Fanwith a Humidifier O2COOL Carabiner Misting Fan

At first sight, this plastic propeller fan resembles a toy, such as a water gun. In reality, these battery-operated fans can be used in the office, and on a basketball field (at least that’s what some users say). The fan can fit into your palm, and thanks to the carabiner, it can be attached to your clothes or backpack straps. The propeller is made of rubber foam and will not hurt children (small plastic details can be hazardous for children under three years old). A single AA battery lasts for a couple of days of operation. Although this fan has a single speed mode, in fact it has two performance modes: with and without water. Such a range of functions is impressive for this device.

Mini Personal Fanwith a Humidifier: photo

O2COOL has also launched a line of children’s misting fans O2COOL Licensed Misting Fan. featuring the most popular cartoon characters, such as Disney princesses, Minnie Mouse, Hello Kitty, Elsa and Anna from Frozen (for girls) and Marvel’s Avengers, Batman, Spiderman, and Superman (for boys). 13 colors in total are available. The blades are also very soft, and its distinctive feature is the water bottle for ice.

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Beach Fan Portable USB Mini Fan, OXOQO Desk Desktop Table Electric Quiet Fan with LED Light

Beach Fan Portable USB Mini Fan: photo

Thanks to its small size (5.8×4.8 inches) this fan will easily fit your beach bag or your backpack’s side pocket. The device is still quite powerful. It has three operating modes; its airflow speed reaches 4.2 m/s, a built-in2500 mAh battery and a USB cable. As an additional perk, you will be able to enjoy lit ears that will liken this black-and-white gadget to a panda. Moreover, the blades are also illuminated with blue. Such portable fans will not only cool you at the beach during the day, but will alsocreate a romantic ambience in the evening or become a night light.

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Ultrathin and Stylish WoneNice Mini USB Bladeless Fan Chargeable Genuine Ultra-thin

Fans have been available on the market for decades and are presented in all sorts of shapes and materials. However, the manufacturers could not ignore the needs of minimalists. WoneNice Mini looks as simple as possible, yet it also looks modern: you won’t hesitate wearing it over your neck or placing it on a café table. The fan is only 0.7 inches thick! It is impossible to design a battery section inside, so you can only charge it via USB.

Ultrathin and Stylish Wone Nice: photo

The device’s disadvantage is its small battery capacity, only 700 mah. Moreover, the airflow speed leaves much to be desired. This gadget is often compared to the O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, and although the latter is considered to be more powerful, its drawback is the lack of a USB cable. To sum up, we would say that both manufacturers have yet much improvements to make.

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A Round Laptop USB Fan ARCTIC Breeze (Summair Light)

This quiet personal fan can be used in offices. This device has a high rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars. Its rigid plastic blades are protected with a casing which makes the device safer than other laptop accessories. The spring is attached to the body and allows adjusting the air flow angle. The moving speed varies from 900 to 2100 turns per minute. According to the users, the cooling effect can be feltup to two feet away.

A Round Laptop USB Fan: photo

Most claims concern the spring. Some users say it is too short while the others believe it loosens over time and the gadget knocks over its own weight. However, everyone seems happy about the starting price. Many customers use this ARCTIC Breeze product not only for their own comfort, but also to cool other electronic devices.

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A Cooling Fan iEGrow Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan with Personal Cooling Humidifier

When choosing a personal air conditioner, be especially attentive as half of the manufacturers name their product a cooling one. However, few items are capable of actually reducing the air temperature. As a rule, humidifying ensures air cooling (these devices have a built-in liquid reservoir). The iEGrow battery operated fan is an example of an effective and popular device like this. This small gadget is made of a water reservoir with a fan mounted inside (the size of the fan is 7×3.5 inches). Once the engine starts, the device will humidify air and thus cool it.

A Cooling Fan iEGrow: photo

The body of the fan is equipped with operation and charge (USB cable or battery) indicators. The fan has three modes: two levels of regular blow and one cooling blow. Judging by the reviews, the product’s main disadvantage is that it loses power and can underperform when the charge decreases. In general, the battery life is 5-7 hours. The fan is available in green, blue and pink.

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A Cut-Rate Cooling Fan - WoneNice Portable Small Fan & Mini-air Conditioner, Runs On Batteries or USB--Pink

Let’s also review iEGrow’s main competitor. This fan is available for a lower price, and four AA batteries provide up to five hours of performance. The technology is slightly different. There is a sponge inside the device that slows water waste and evens it out. The manufacturer assures that it can cool air up to 30ºF. Unfortunately, the drawback of this power is the noise made by the fan. When cooling, this battery operated fan makes the same noise a blow-dryer does. Also, refrain from keeping the fan in your pocket while the sponge is still wet, as the water can leak.

A Cut-Rate Cooling Fan: photo

This device can be used both as a manual fan and as a table AC as WoneNice can be easily installed on a flat surface. A sealed 65 ml bottle, as well as a USB charging cable, is supplied. The owners of this gadget note that it works better in a dry hot climate and is less effective in damp tropical regions. Just like iEGrow, the item is available in three colors: blue, grey, andpink.

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Humidifying Fan with a Large Reservoir – O2cool 8101 Deluxe Battery-operated Handheld Water-misting Fan

Yet another O2COOL product resembles a spray (10×3.5 inches) with a fixed fan. The idea is very simple: the trigger on the body sprays the water and the fan distributes it. The manufacturer recommends adding ice into the reservoir to improve the cooling effect. Such a primitive design seemingly cannot be faulty, but the users do have some substantial claims as to the quality of this product. People complain that the sprayer leaks and the micro-climate in the room stays the same. This gadget is the most questionable one in our review as it has the most one-star ratings from the customers (32%). Only those who are willing to risk for an experiment dare buy it.

Humidifying Fan with a Large Reservoir: photo

Perhaps, such abundance of negative feedback is a result of high expectations. If you are really suffering from hot dry air indoors, consider buying a floor humidifying fan. Its power (~50 Watt) many times exceeds the power of portable and personal fans. Another option is to place a plate of ice in front of a regular portable fan to cool the air.

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The Comparative Chart of 15 Best Personal Battery Operated Fans

Item Use

O2COOL 5-Inch Portable Fan

A portable fan perfect for camping, outdoor activities and office. Willbe a perfect gift for colleagues!

Honeywell HTF090B Turbo on the Go Personal Fan

Can stand or be hung, use it in the least comfortable conditions!

O2COOL Deluxe Necklace Fan, Raspberry

A bright personal necklace fan will cool you on the go.

SENPAIC USB Desk Fan Mini Portable Table Fan

A cut-rate option for comfortable driving even in the hottest weather.

OPOLAR Battery Operated Aroma Fan

This is a perfect gift for your girlfriend or yourself to cool and fill the entire room with odor. Drop some aroma oil into the fan and enjoy!

O2COOL 10-inch Portable Camping Fan with Lights

Camping fan with a night light for fun camping with friends.

O2COOL 10-inch Portable Fan with AC Adapter

This powerful fan will be able to cool even a group of people.

Dreambaby Stroller Fan, White/Blue

A Pram Fan Dreambaby Stroller Fan min: photo

This safe and compact fan will cool and entertain toddlers when taking a walk.

O2COOL Carabiner Misting Fan

This personal carabineer misting fan can be used when you need free hands. It is suitable for adults and children.

O2COOL Licensed Misting Fan

Personal cartoon-style cooling for your kids.

Portable USB Mini Fan

This is a cool backlit option for beach parties during the day and romantic dates at night.

WoneNice Mini USB Bladeless Fan Chargeable Genuine Ultra-thin

This thin stylish device is perfect for fans of taut minimalistic gadgets.

ARCTIC Breeze (SummairLight)

Will make working at PC comfortable even in the stuffiest day

iEGrow Handheld USB Mini Misting Fan with Personal Cooling Humidifier

Will both cooland humidify air with the help of its water reservoir (watch the level of water).

WoneNice Portable Small Fan

This cut-rate mini AC with a humidifier is suitable for office or outdoors.

O2cool 8101 Deluxe Battery-operated Handheld Water-misting Fan

O2cool Handheld Water-misting Fan min: photo

Add ice for super cooling effect.