Many people have low heat tolerance. Some people, such as athletes, farmers, builders and road workers regularly have to deal with harmful sunray and hot air impact. Many of them not only have to spend the entire day under the sun, but also experience tremendous physical pressure, that is why they value any source of coolness as gold. We’ve been able to find a solution to the problem, namely, a cooling towel.

However, if you are feeling as heated as ever and don’t want to spend your precious time reading about the hazards of overheating and finding out whether cooling improves stamina in the section devoted to the results of scientific experiments on the effectiveness of neck cooling, move on straight to Top-5 items.

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Why is Overheating Dangerous and Why is It Important to Cool Your Body?

We’ll scare you a bit now, but those who regularly encounter terrific heat should be aware of consequences. According to the official USA Department of Labor statistics, in 2010 30 workers in the U.S. died of heat stroke. The list doesn’t include athletes, teens and unregistered workplace accidents. That is why the real figures are much scarier!

There exist dozens of diseases, both short-term and chronic ones, connected with heat, high humidity and direct sun exposure, starting from the problems with the vision to oncology: skin cancer, leukemia and organ cancer. Thousands of workers annually take sick leaves because of overheating and related complications, as per the USA Department of Labor.

Is sun that dangerous in fact? The thing is that when it’s hot our body exudes excessive heat, leading to increased heartbeat (sometimes it increases to critical figures). At the same time the brain overheats and we lose concentration (hence the accidents in the heat), irritability and headaches also occur. In some cases, a heat stroke victim would interest in water, and thus almost certainly dooms themselves to fainting or even death.

Quite often the workers or athletes break their limbs and farmers and those who work out in the woods encounter wildlife one-on-one. Moreover, all the athletes are aware of the effect of delayed onset muscle soreness meaning that when training in a hot place the muscle pain lasts longer and stronger than usual. Is there anything that can help them?

Scientific Research on Neck and Shoulder Cooling Effect on the Stamina

Here we’ll please those looking for a little cooling piece for the summer! Even people with minimal medical knowledge can guess that it is neck and shoulders that are the most promising areas for cooling. After all, here passes the carotid artery and other important blood paths. Theoretically, cooling them by any means available must protect a person from overheating.

Christopher Tyler, a researcher, agrees with that. Along with Dr. Caroline Sunderland he managed to prove the effectiveness of this theory. The scientists carried out a number of uncomplicated experiments: they made people exercise in an unbearable heat when wearing a cooling collar or not. The test subjects were running, doing sit-ups, lifting heavy loads.

The main criterion was the rate of complete exhaustion of the athletes. Both Tyler and Sunderland would wait for a person to refuse the next task. The experts claimed that the load level was “despotic” (just like some working conditions, you know?). It turned out that those wearing a cooling scarf could endure the exercise for a longer period of time meaning that it has positive effect both on moral and physical well-being of a person. It looks like we’ve found what we’ve been looking for, we need some cooling towels!

5 Best Cooling Towels

There are few differences among the existing cooling towels. Half of them are made of microfiber, while the rest are made of mesh material. Both types absorb and retain moisture well, so it comes to your taste and tactile preferences. The things work in the same way as well, you simply have to soak them in the water. There are some nuances, though, as often polymers with cooling properties, such as polyvinyl alcohol (PVA), are used in their manufacturing.

After a cooling towel has become a trendy accessory, a whole bunch of goods with the properties identical to those of a wet scarf appeared. At the moment there are over 7000 items available, who wouldn’t get confused there? That is why we picked 5 most popular options for brutal farmers and workers, athletes and stylish yoga and jogging fans.

A Bright and Colored Towel — Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel

Stylish cooling towel: photo

This line can be named the brightest, as 8 colors are available: from gray to neon orange. Neutral colors will suit those who do much work with the dust, and some more stylish ones will be loved by yoga and golf fans. The fiber is smooth and thin, so it doesn’t become harsh and sticky when dry as it can happen with some cheaper materials. The towel will serve as a kind of a shield to both cool and protect you from sunburns if you constantly find yourself under the scorching sun. The size of such a towel is 12” x 33”. One- and two-piece (of different styles) sets are available.

Price (1 pack): Check the current price

Similar bright microfiber Frogg Toggs Chilly Pads are a bit cheaper.

The Most Stylish and Creative Mission Microfiber Towel

Multifunctional Microfiber towel: photo

Would you like to be as stylish as Serena Williams when training? It is her endorsement in the Mission ads that has made it the most famous brand in the category. You’ll find the patriotic American Flag or Texas State Flag, cute polka dot and a wide variety of fantasy patterns with fancy names, such as City Scape Teal/Lime. Wearing such a towel will make you look trendy and you’ll be able to go on a date or a beach party like that.

Price: Check the current price

Breathable Mesh Material Sport Towels — Alfamo Cooling Towels for Sports, Fitness, Gym & Yoga (40-Inch)

Cooling towel for yoga: photo

According to the sellers, this line has been designed especially for sport, as its main competitive edge is breathable mesh fabric which doesn’t stick to the skin when dry and absorbs sweat well. Being an absorbent fiber towel, it cools you when the moisture evaporates. It’s often difficult to find cool water to soak fabric in it when it’s too hot. Here even warm water will do. The towel will be about 57°F. its size is 40” х 12”. As for the effect, it lasts for about 3 hours before the towel dries out completely. This is an absolute market average. For your convenience, the case to place the wet towel in after the training is also supplied. The prices vary within the range of a few bucks depending on the color.

Price: Check the current price

All other towels are quite similar. Do you prefer reserved color patterns? Pick one of the two mesh options: Way 2 Cool Mesh Cooling Towel or Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel. The most cut-rate item is the Syourself Cool Bowling Fitness Yoga Towels.

The Thickest Towel — The Original Chill Pal Cooling Towel

Thickest cooling towel: photo

This product is made of thick PVA, the density of which allows for the towel to absorb more moisture. The disadvantage of the polymer is that the towel becomes rougher when dry and many complain of skin redness at the spot of the dry towel. There are only three colors available: sky blue, navy blue and yellow. The size is a bit smaller than that of the previous items; it is 24 x 16 inches. The length to width ratio, though, is more comfortable for wearing the towel on the neck.

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If you feel that the best-selling item is too expensive for you, turn to the 29.5” x 13” Ergodyne analogue, Chill-Its 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel. The towel is executed in the same technology but is less expensive. There are 5 colors available: blue, grey, orange, pink and lime.

A Multi-Functional Cooling Towel — Mission Multi-Cool

multifunctional cooling towel: photo

This stylish Mission transformer scarf can cool not only your neck, but also your head. It can be folded quickly and conveniently in 12 different styles, ranging from a bandana to a facemask to protect you from dust and sand. In fact, it is also a cooling towel that has been sewn in a different manner. The properties and use are the same, as the fabric remains wet for about two hours. There are 7 colors available, and both a construction worker and a jogger will be able to find something for themselves.

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To facilitate your comparison, as usual, we have made a comparison chart.

Cooling Towels Comparison Chart

Photo Item Dimensions Material Price
Way 2 Cool Microfiber Cooling Towel 12” x 33” Microfiber

Frogg Toggs Chilly Pad Evaporative 13”х33” Thick PVA fibre

Mission Enduracool Reflective Cooling Headband 12.25" x 33" Microfiber

Alfamo Cooling Towels for Sports, Fitness, Gym & Yoga (40-Inch) 12” х 40” Mesh

Way 2 Cool Mesh Cooling Towel 12” x 38” Mesh

Chill Pal Mesh Cooling Towel 12 x 40” Mesh

Syourself Cool Bowling Fitness Yoga Towels

12”х40” Mesh

The Original Chill Pal Cooling Towel 24x16” Thick PVA fibre

Chill-Its 6602 Evaporative Cooling Towel 29.5 x 13” Thick PVA fibre

Mission Multi-Cool 10" x 21" Fibre

Apart from cooling towels there also exist a number of cooling gadgets for hot weather. We have already focused on the cooling bandanas, the best hats for unbearable heat and cooling vests for those who are not satisfied with the tiny bandanas and who need something more large-scale. Are you worried about your pets? We won’t neglect them either; pick one of the special cooling vests for them. Take care and don’t let the scorching sun ruin your day!