Self-defense products are something that each and every person needs. We may face different situations and cases in our lives, and we never know what’s waiting for us around the next corner. Attacks, robberies and other criminal actions can seriously damage affect your nerves. But when you know that you are able to protect yourself, your mood becomes much better, doesn’t it? In our TOP-list today, we want to look at the best women's self-defense products. What will be your choice? Maybe you want to have a stun gun, a personal alarm, a pepper spray or an ultrasonic repellent?

  • 4 Pepper Sprays and Gels: a pepper spray and one with a key chain, a pepper gel for enclosed spaces and a special gel for running and jogging fans.
  • 5 Stun Guns: one with a flashlight, a big telescopic one, a small and unnoticeable one, one that can be hidden among your car keys and one powerful taser that doesn’t require direct contact with your attacker.
  • 5 Personal Alarms: for kids, delicate women and drivers.
  • Dog spray and ultrasonic repellent: a spray and a special device to protect women against dog attacks.

As you have noticed, there are no edged weapons in the list. We agree that they’re widely available, but such weapons are dangerous and if you use them in a wrong way, you become the criminal and your attacker will be the victim. Devices from this list will not cause severe injuries to the health of the attacker, but they can give you some additional seconds to run away as far as possible or to call the police. Thus non-lethal self-defense equipment, like pepper sprays, stun guns and personal alarms is the best choice for women.

What personal defense products will suit a woman best and solve YOUR problem?

There are so many products and all of them have different characteristics, advantages, disadvantages and limitations. We have prepared a list of efficient devices for kids,delicate or frail women, drivers, runners and joggers. What is the best choice for you?

Are you walking along the dark and deserted streets where nobody will hear your personal alarm SOS sound? – Then your choice should be a stun gun flashlight or a pepper spray.

Do you like jogging in parks? – There are special sprays created for athletes. Such sprays can be easily fixed to one of your arms, allowing you “to be ready” all the time.

Are you scared of strangers in the elevator? – A siren will be pretty useless, because there’s nobody to hear it, while a spray can be dangerous for your own health. However, a gel spray is the best choice for any enclosed space.

If you are a driver, then it can be useful to keep a stun gun or a pepper spray in your glove compartment, and put a special personal alarm on your keys.

Are you concerned with the safety of your own kids? It’s obvious that your child won’t be able to use a pepper spray, which is why the best choice for you is a personal alarm for your precious child.

Are you a delicate woman and you’re afraid that you won’t be able to use a pepper spray in front of a big palooka? – Just press the button of your personal alarm.

Do you like riding a bicycle, but you always meet dogs on your way? – Just take a small handy device - the dog ultrasonic repeller.

Are you strong enough to use a shocker on a short distance? There’s a taser — a special shock gun that can deliver its charge to the attacker, covering a distance of up to 15 feet.

Do you always forget to put your pepper spray into your bag? Or maybe you can’t find it when you really need it? Just put a keychain pepper spray into your pocket where it will always be at your hand.

Do you have perfect reaction speed and you are not afraid of anyone? Then grab a stun gun, a fearless woman!

TOP-17 Self-Defense Products for Women

The Best Pepper Sprays and Gels

A pepper spray is one of the most popular women's self-defense weapons. It can be used for rapid actions, blinding and disorientating your opponent. Furthermore, the burning effect is long-lasting, thus you will have enough time to run away from the dangerous environment. Despite such a scary description, the pepper spray will not hurt your offender.

Help Save the Next Girl, a national non-profit organization formed to sensitize young women and girls to predatory danger, advises:"Invest in pepper spray or, if you can find it, pepper gel--it's better because the wind doesn't blow the spray towards you or away from your attacker. If you have to walk your dog at night, attach a pepper spray key chain to the leash."

Currently, there’s only one leader among the pepper sprays, but we decided to add a pepper keychain, which you will never forget. There are special pepper gels which can be used in any type of enclosed environment (like elevator). These are great not just because of their sticky form, but for their extended range of use. We selected two of them for you: one for enclosed spaces and another one for the real fans of jogging.

Bestseller Pepper spray — SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray - Advanced Police Strength - Compact Size with Clip, Contains 35 Bursts (5x Other Brands) & 10-Foot (3M) Range

SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray
SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray

✔ Max strength formula is backed by our in-house HPLC laboratory - guarantees max stopping power, eliminate the 30% failure rate noted with other pepper spray brands


Do you think that a pepper spray is less effective than a stun gun? It’s not really true. In fact, it’s totally the opposite, because pepper spray creates a long-lasting effect (if you can reach the eyes of the attacker), giving you a lot of time to run away. Here’s some users’ opinion about this pepper spray: “If you have never been pepper sprayed, you have no idea how effective it is. In a police defensive course, I was sprayed and it is hell on earth. Trust me when I tell you it's not like the movies, where someone gets sprayed and thirty seconds later they are fine. After being sprayed, in real life, you have at least a half hour of blindness, skin on fire as though acid has been thrown in your face, and more fluids coming from your nose and mouth than you thought possible”.

The radius of diffusion is also great, because it covers up to 10 feet. One full can of this pepper spray can make 35 “shots”, which is more than enough for usual life conditions. This spray is effective against people, as well as aggressive animals. This model has a real reason to be a best seller. The products from Sabre are widely used in various police departments all over the world. This pepper spray is made in the U.S.A. and ISO 9001:2008 certified, which says a lot about the level of the manufacturer. By buying this pepper spray, you can be sure that you have selected the best model among all pepper sprays available on the market.

Price: Check current price

Pepper spray keychain for absent-minded women — SABRE Red Kuros! Pepper Spray - Police Strength - with Durable Aqua Key Case, Finger Grip, Quick Release Key Ring, 25 Bursts (Up to 5x Other Brands) & 10-Foot (3M) Range

Keychain Pepper Spray for Drivers: photo

The very same spray from the same manufacturer, but hidden in a keychain. This solution is a perfect choice for forgetful people, who always forget to take their personal protection from one bag to another. Your pepper spray will always be with you, hanging on your keys. The main thing is to know how to switch it to working mode; otherwise you can be doomed in a dangerous situation.

Price: Check current price

Pepper gel for indoor use — SABRE Red Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Tactical Series with 18-Foot (5.5M) Range, 18 Bursts & Belt Holster

Pepper Gel for Indoor: photo

If you try to use a pepper spray in any type of enclosed space (for example, if someone is offending you in the elevator) you have a high risk of tasting your own spray. There are special gels, which are intended to be used in all types of enclosed spaces. The main difference with the pepper sprays is their consistency. The consistency of pepper gels is more dense and sticky; thus such gels can’t be dispersed around, staying on the face of your opponent. After receiving a dose of such gel of the face, the offender will try to clean it by reflex. This requires some time, thus you can run away to a safe place. There’s no limitation in using this gel when outdoors, plus the effective range of this pepper can is 18 feet. The main disadvantage of this peeper gel is the number of bursts: it has just 18 of them.

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Pepper gel for joggers — SABRE RED Pepper Gel - Police Strength - Runner with Adjustable Hand Strap (Max Protection - 35 Bursts, up to 5x More)

Pepper Gel for Runners: photo

Jogging or running around an empty park in the evening can be quite dangerous, even if you know how to run away rapidly. The great idea is to take a pepper gel with you. Sabre produces a special model for athletes. Their pepper gel can be easily fixed to your hand with Velcro and can be easily used when required. In the event of an unexpected attack, you can react rapidly by making a sharp move with your thumb. Don’t forget about all the benefits of gel, which won’t be dispersed all around your face in case of a close contact.

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Women's Self-Defense Products (Pepper Sprays&Gels) Comparison Chart

Model Effective range Type Total number of bursts
SABRE 3-IN-1 Pepper Spray
10 feet Pepper spray 35 bursts
SABRE Red Kuros! Pepper Spray
10 feet Pepper spray 25 bursts
SABRE RED Pepper Gel - Runner with Adjustable Hand Strap
12 feet Pepper gel 35 bursts
SABRE Red Pepper Gel - Tactical Series
18 feet Pepper gel 18 bursts

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6 Best Stun Guns: the biggest one, the most invisible one, one with a flashlight, one in the form of a keychain and one taser

What makes you a fearless woman?You’re not afraid of anything and you are always ready to push back!One of the most popular self-defense means is the stun gun. And it is a good choice for a very brave woman.It hurts and it can scare your attacker away with its sound, and furthermore, it’s relatively affordable. We have selected 6 models which will satisfy all your needs: a big one in the form of a truncheon, a compact and totally invisible one, and one that looks like a keychain. Interestingly, the 2-in-1 Stun gun flashlights are the best-selling models. If you walk a lot along dark streets, guiding your path with a smartphone, then you’d better buy a stun gun flashlight and hide the smartphone in your pocket. Our special guest today is a taser gun. Similar guns are used by the police. It’s worth noting that this gun is pretty expensive, however, it’s the only device that can hit your attacker from a distance.

stun guns

Now let’s say a couple of words about the current strength of such devices. Manufacturers are writing incredible numbers of up to 230000000 volts. In fact, all these numbers do not affect the level of the attacking force. The main task of any shocker is to penetrate the clothing of the attacker and create some kind of a conducting channel between the electrodes of the devices and the skin of the attacker. The voltage of the shocker is responsible for such “delivery”. The voltage indicated by the manufacturer doesn’t affect the strength of the shocker. However, it works as a psychological attack, because the higher the voltage, the louder the cracking sound of the device. Don’t forget that such a loud sound of the shocker can also scare your opponent away, especially if your shocker has a high voltage. The real power of all civil versions of shockers lies in the range from 20kW to 90kW, a limit that is regulated by the law. Furthermore, even some light versions of shockers are limited for sale in several states. Thus, you need to research the actual laws of your state before buying a device.

Best Selling Stun Gun Flashlight — VIPERTEK VTS-989

stun gun bestseller: photo

VIPERTEK VTS-989 is the most popular stun gun. The flashlight shall be considered as an additional function, however, it can be used to guide your way.

Regarding the voltage and penetrating capabilities of this stun gun, we have to say that all the parameters of this device are exemplary. Here’s what people write in their reviews: “Extremely potent and effective. I am 6'3" 230 lbs and it put me on the ground in half a second”. The manufacturer claims that this device has a voltage of 230,000,000 (!) volts, which is pretty impressive, because even the loud cracking of this device will make your attackers change their mind and run away. This stun gun has a very practical construction: Spike Electrodes are located a bit outside of the case, allowing the charge to penetrate thin clothes and creating the maximum shocking effect.

Many experienced robbers know how to unarm all average users who are carrying a stun gun. In the majority of cases, they will try to take your stun gun away by holding its case above the area with electrodes in order to avoid direct contact. This model will make our clumsy robber totally disappointed, because the case part of this stun gun below the handle is made of steel, thus the attacker will be shocked even if he tries to grab your stun gun. Take your time and run away, while he’s falling on the ground.

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Disguised flashlight stun gun — VIPERTEK VTS-T03

stun gun flashlight: photoIn case you don’t want to confuse people around you with a stun gun, but you are still thinking about your own safety, we recommend you to look at the stun gun in the form of a usual flashlight. It has a smaller size and attracts less attention.

The main feature of such construction is that the current conducting electrodes (the manufacturer claims that this stun gun has the same power as the best seller) are almost unnoticeable on the body of the gun, thus it’s significantly harder to see that you are holding a shocker in your hands. This stun gun makes impulse shots, which are effective for a couple of seconds, which will be more than enough to carry out your safety measures plan. The second advantage of this stun gun is the built-in flashlight, which will disorient your attacker in the dark, giving you more space for action and evaluation of the situation.

Price: Check current price

Like a Catwoman. Imperceptible Stun gun — Streetwise Sting Ring 18 Million Stun Gun Discrete Protection Rechargeable Back to School or Holiday Gift

stun gun ring: photoVery often while watching action movies, one can see secret agents with various super watches, rings or cufflinks, which can be used to neutralize their opponents in one move. Maybe this sting ring is very small and it’s not the weapon of mass destruction, but it can protect you and your belongings.

It’s obvious that you can’t use this stun gun as a usual ring, because its construction looks more like a brass knuckle. But it will not take a lot of space in your pocket and you will be able to take it out immediately in case if you face any danger. The manufacturer claims that this compact device has a voltage of 18000000 volts, which is just a bit less than in more classic model. This “stealth” factor will definitely play on your side, because your powerful touch will shock the attacker in both meanings of the word.

Price: Check current price

Keychain stun gun — Streetwise Security Products SMKM20BK Mini SMACK 20 Million volt Stun Gun

stun gun keychain: photoIs someone trying to steal your keys? Well, we are sure that the robber will be surprised after getting an electric shock from your keys. This model is the most popular keychain stun gun, and the manufacturer indicated 20 million volts as its voltage. This model is less powerful than other classic shockers, however, it’s created not to fully protect you, but to surprise the attacker with an unpredicted movement towards him. This stun gun looks more like a flash card, but not a weapon, thus you can use all the benefits of the so-called “surprise” factor. Always remember to use it wisely and remember that the keychain is not as powerful as any other traditional stun gun.

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The biggest Stun Gun Baton with an emergency siren — VIPERTEK VTS-B01 - 300,000,000 Heavy Duty Expandable Stun Gun Baton with LED Flashlight & Alarm

big stun gun

Do you think that all these models mentioned so far are too fragile for you? This option will definitely satisfy all your needs. This expandable stun gun baton offers you 300000000 volts and has an internal emergency siren. Just the appearance of this stun gun can change an attacker’s mind. They will forget about you and your valuable belongings.

This stun gun is impressive and you can’t just put it in your pocket. It’s a perfect option for the trunk of your car in case if you love to travel a lot. This stun gun will be your safety guarantee in case your car breaks down somewhere in a deserted area in the middle of the night. The siren of this device is intended to scare animals away; however, it will be really efficient against people too. You don’t even need to use this stun gun baton because it looks like a scary weapon when expanded, and just a few people will have the will to test its power on their bodies. You can hit someone even without using a shocker. Don’t forget that this stun gun is very powerful and the attacker will literally fall to the ground. This shocker has one significant disadvantage – citizens of several states can’t buy it and use this stun gun because of the current law.

Price: Check the current price

Taser-gun — Taser Pulse with Laser LED 2 Cartridges Holster Target Black Finish

Taser Pulse with Laser LED: photo

Now we are moving to a more advanced and expensive model in the form of a gun or so-called taser. The main advantage of the taser in comparison with other stun guns is the 15-feet radius of attack. The manufacturer indicated 50000 volts as the voltage of this device, and this is more than enough, especially keeping in mind the fact that this “voltage” will reach your attacker from a distance. Attack the leg of your opponent and run away to a safe place. In order to charge this device, you need to connect it to a usual power socket. The taser can hold up to two charged cartridges. The price is high, but maybe such a distant shocker is the best solution for your situation or you were looking exactly for this model.

Price: Check current price

Best Self-Defense Products (Stun Guns) Comparison Chart

Model Type Nominal voltage indicated by manufacturer

Pocket stun gun

230000000 volts

Stun gun flashlight

230000000 volts
Streetwise Sting Ring 18 Million Stun Gun

Sting ring

18000000 volts
Streetwise Security SMKM20BK
Keychain stun gun 20000000 volts


big stun gun2 table

Baton stun gun 300000000 volts

Taser Pulse with Laser LED

Taser 50000 volts

Easy-to-use Women's Self-Defense Products - Just use a personal alarm instead of shouting for help

Sometimes it’s simply impossible to fight with your attacker, thus, you have to call for help. As a rule, many women are too traumatised and scared to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations. A keychain with an alarm is the best option to use instead of crying or shouting. Furthermore, the loud sound of such devices may scare your offender away. Such an alarm is the best choice for kids, college students and young women. We have carefully selected four personal alarms with various designs: from designer and stylish to usual and invisible. The initial concept of a keychain with alarm was to find keys, which were occasionally lost from your pocket. However, the manufacturers decided to modify it and offered us the personal alarm. This device is one of a few which are not just easy to use, but are also legal in the territory of any state – you won’t be required to show a license or need any other permission to use it.

Personal alarm-bestseller — ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm

bestseller personal alarm: photo

This model has a bright design, thus you will not just get a usual keychain, but a real mini-robot. It’s a little addition, but a really pleasant one. This alarm has the principally operates like a grenade, but it uses a fixation cover instead of a pin. If someone removes the cover from the keychain, it produces a loud sound. The device will become silent again only when the cover is placed back on the keychain. The best feature of this device is it’s water-resistance, thus rain, puddles, and even ponds won't stop it and this personal alarm will generate stable sound even under the water.

Price: Check current price

VindiTech GUARD – Safe Sound Personal Alarm System – 130 dB Personal Alarm for Women, Kids, Men – LED Flashlight – Battery Included, with Carabiner & Strap

VindiTech – Safe Sound Personal Alarm System: photo

If you are fond of large bags, small alarms in the sort of USB drives is not a great idea. These tiny devices can be easily lost at the bottom of the bag and will not be helpful at the critical moment. While the size of VindiTech GUARD is such that it will not get lost among other things and you will be able to find it easily even by touch. All you have to do then is simply pull the corded pin. An ear-piercing sound will be emitted, drawing everyone’s attention within a radius of 1000 feet. Such device is also convenient to carry on your backpack since nobody will figure out that this nice keychain is, in fact, a powerful 130dB siren. A cheerful design and affordable price make it a perfect gift both for yourself and your kid, as well as girlfriend or mother. All your loved ones should be protected.

Price: Check current price

A personal alarm keychain for drivers — SABRE Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring with LOUD Dual Alarm Siren Heard up to 600 ft/185 meters Away. To Use, Pull Metal Chain from BaseSABRE Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm

driver personal alarm: photo

This model will suit a keychain of car keys – it looks like a keychain-car alarm and can be activated by pulling the pin. The volume here is lower - 110dB. This parameter allows the device to disperse the sound 600 feet away, depending on stranger noise. But you can be sure that the parking lot attendants will definitely hear the sound. The keychain is presented in three colours: black, pink and red.

Price: Check current price

Designer personal alarm — Mengde 120db Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain for Women, Kids, Girls, Superior, Explorer Self Defense Electronic Device Bag Decoration

designer personal alarm: photo

It's amazing when such devices stay totally invisible. This personal alarm looks like a typical designer stuff on a bag of a kid or a girl. In any dangerous situation, you need to detach it from the ring in order to activate the typical alarm sound (proof link). We should mention that this type of sound shows the danger and the fact that you require help more effectively than another personal alarm. You can purchase of the following sets: 1-pack and 2-pack.

Price: Check current price

Personal alarm for kids — Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm Self Defense Rape Attack Safety Security with Keychain

personal alarm for kids: photoThis type of personal alarm is the perfect solution for your child. This soft toy won’t attract any attention, but it can generate loud sounds with the volume of around 120-130 dB. Unlike many other models, the retractable cord (link) is located on the bottom of the device, thus it doesn’t require the removal of the toy from a bag. The manufacturer offers a wide range of 6 colors, thus you can select one that fits the needs of your child.

Price: Check current price

Women's Self-Defense Products (Personal Alarms) Comparison Chart

Мodel Sound volume Distance Sound Disperses
ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm
120dB ~900 feet
VindiTech GUARD – Safe Sound Personal Alarm System
130dB 1000 feet
SABRE on Key Ring with LOUD Dual Alarm Siren
110dB ~600 feet
SABRE Runner Personal Alarm
130dB 1000 feet
Vigilant Personal Rape/Jogger/ Student Emergency Alarm
130dB ~1000 feet
Bear Gentleman with Keychain
≧130db ~1000 feet
Mengde Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain
120dB ~900 feet

Dog Spray and an Ultrasonic Repellent

Very often we can face homeless or even wild dogs, which can be quite aggressive. It’s great if you know how to avoid the conflict, but sometimes it’s simply impossible and such a dog will try to attack you. The worst idea is to run away. We have found two amazing solutions for you, which will help you to deal with dogs, making them run away from you. The first option is a spray, which requires a close distance with the dog. The second one is the ultrasonic repeller, which can scare the dog away even from the distance.

Dog Spray — HALT Dog Repellent Spray

dog repellent spray: photo

When a dog is going to attack you, the best idea is to use a dog repellent spray, which will scare it away and kill its will to deal with you, causing no harm to the health of the dog. This repellent includes capsaicin, which makes it possible to get rid of the animal with no danger to its health. Remember one thing – never put your hand close to the mouth of the dog, because it’s very dangerous. Make a strike from a distance of up to 12 feet.

Price: Check current price

Dog ultrasonic repellent — Hoont Electronic Handheld Dog Repellent and Trainer with Flashlight / Powerful Ultrasonic Bark Stopper and Dog Deterrent + Dog Trainer Device [UPGRADED VERSION]

dog ultrasonic repellent: photo

Are you riding a bicycle, but a pack of dogs is running somewhere around? Just use the ultrasonic repeller and they will run away, channeled by fear. This repellent is the best choice for a weak, defenceless woman, because it can help you to get rid of the dogs without any physical actions, giving you safety and freedom. This aspect is important for cyclists, because homeless animals simply love to attack them. You can easily fix this device on your bicycle, totally protecting yourself, because all the dogs will be aware of you at a distance of 50 feet. This device can be used not only to scare aggressive wild and homeless animals away, but to train your own pet. Have you caught your lovely dog eating your furniture? Don’t think about beating it, because an ultrasonic impulse will explain the seriousness of the situation much better and faster.

Price: Check current price

Model Effective range Active element
HALT Dog Repellent Spray
12 feet Capsaicin
Hoont Electronic Handheld Dog Repellent and Trainer with Flashlight
50 feet Ultrasonic impulse

There’s no doubt that by protecting yourself and your belongings you can significantly improve your mood and walk along the dark street with no fear. But you have to remember that any type of special measures and devices have to be used wisely. To be sure that the laws of your state allow you to buy such devices, please check our table. Have you already found your state there? Now check all applicable laws!

Type of self-defense products States With Restrictions*
Stun guns Hawaii, Massachusetts, Michigan, Connecticut, New Jersey, Illinois, New York, Rhode Island, Wisconsin, District of Columbia, Annapolis, MD, Baltimore, MD, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA, Baltimore County, MD, Crawford County, IA.
Taser gun

District of Columbia, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York, Rhode Island.

Pepper spray*

(Animal Repellents (including dog and bear sprays) can be legally shipped to and purchased from online retailers in ALL 48 contiguous states.)

Alaska, Arkansas, California, Delaware ,District of Columbia, Hawaii, Illinois, Massachusetts, Michigan, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, Rhode Island, South Carolina, Washington State, Wisconsin

*Before making a purchase, please check that the effective legislation faced no changes