Best personal alarms

What do you do in case you’re being attacked on the street? Situations can be very different, and an attempt to protect yourself is not always a good idea. As a rule, many victims are too traumatised and scared to shout for help in unfamiliar and dangerous situations. But it is much easier to give an emergency signal by using a personal alarm – a compact keychain alarm that spreads the sound 1,000 feet away. The device is so simple that it’s outrageous and there’s a wide range of shapes and colours to give you plenty choice. In addition, it is the only self-defence device that is easy to buy and is allowed in all states. On Amazon alone, more than 44,000 different models are sold – how can one not get lost? We have chosen the 6 best personal alarms.

The bestseller «Sound grenade» with an unusual robotic design
A keychain for drivers
A personal alarm with a special attachment for runners
A personal alarm for the elderly
A personal alarm for kids disguised as a teddy bear
Keychains with a colourful design for girls

Personal alarms operate on the same principle – after activation, they start making a loud sound, which should attract the attention of others. Often, this cannot only attract the attention of people passing by but can also have a psychological effect on the attacker – the alarm sound can greatly disorient him. The device has become quite popular, giving rise to a lot of articles in the press, as for example an article published by The Telegraph on personal alarms advising them as a way to protect a child who returns home from school alone: «The piercing screams of such alarms generate up to 140 decibels - six more than a Concorde taking off at full thrust - which should, in theory, stun and disorientate an attacker. This will give a kid vital seconds in which to run away, and may attract the attention of bystanders.» They differ not only in shape and colour. Some of them can be activated by pressing a button, while others – by pulling out a special pin. Which one is more convenient and more practical? Let’s find out!

What personal alarm will suit YOU best and solve YOUR problem? 

In what situations can a personal alarm save your life? In a parking lot if someone wants to take away your keys, in a park, campus or any other public place. The requirements for each person are different and the most popular resonate in several models: for drivers, athletes, kids, college students, young women, the elderly, etc. Thanks to our tips, you will easily pick the model that is right for you.

Do you want your children to call for help in a dangerous situation? Buy them a personal alarm disguised as a teddy bear keychain. They will love this cute toy and it will not attract too much attention on his bag.

If you are the driver who often returns to the parking lot late at night, it will be useful for you to have a personal alarm in the form of a keychain-car alarm for your car keys. You will not have to unfasten it because all you will have to do is to press the button.

Are you a fragile girl who needs a stylish and compact keychain that’s suitable for your handbag? No problem – you will like a personal alarm with minimalistic design solutions.

Do you like jogging early in the morning or late at night but you are a little afraid of strangers? Buy a keychain with a special attachment that allows you to comfortably keep it in your hand so that you are always ready!

Are you living with an elderly person who may start feeling unwell and need help? Buy a handy keychain on a long cord. It will help in case he falls ill or in other emergency situations – all he has to do is to wrap the cord around his hand, and in case of any problem, pull out the pin easily. The volume within the house will be enough. It will really help especially if an elderly person starts feeling unwell in the other room or on the street and cannot ask for help.

Are you afraid that your personal alarm will not operate well when it rains? «Sound grenade» is not afraid of water – even if you throw it into a puddle, the signal will not disappear.

Top 6 Best Personal Alarms

A stylish, waterproof «sound grenade» — ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm, Original Sound Grenade, Battery Included, Carabiner Included, Blue

ROBOCOPP SOS waterproof personal alarm: photoThis is perhaps the most promoted device among personal alarms. It has appeared recently but became widely known after the U.S. swimmer-Olympian Ryan Lochte had partnered with ROBOCOPP and said, "I do not go anywhere without ROBOCOPP", quotes him TIME.

The second name of this device is «sound grenade». And this is not an exaggeration but rather a successful metaphor since the device operates on the principle of a grenade – you have pulled out a kind of pin and the grenade works. The siren sounds in a deafening way by dispersing the sound 900 feet away until you insert the pin back. The model is waterproof so you do not have to worry about its performance even in the most horrible downpour. The shape resembles a USB flash drive rather than some kind of a protective thing. The keychain is attached to that same pin that is very convenient and allows you to act quickly.

Price (sky blue): ~$5.99 Check the current price

Price(green): ~$6.99 Check the current price

A personal alarm keychain for drivers - SABRE Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring with LOUD Dual Alarm Siren Heard up to 600 ft/185 meters Away. To Use, Pull Metal Chain from Base

SABRE Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm: photoThis model will suit a keychain of car keys – it looks like a keychain-car alarm and can be activated by pulling the pin. The volume here is lower - 110dB. This parameter allows the device to disperse the sound 600 feet away, depending on stranger noise. But you can be sure that the parking lot attendants will definitely hear the sound. The keychain is presented in three colours: black, pink and red. 

Price: ~$8.80 Check the current price

A personal alarm for runners — SABRE Runner Personal Alarm - 130dB (1,000 Feet/300M Range) with Adjustable/Reflective/Weather-Resistant Wrist Strap for Walking & Running Outdoors

SABRE Runner Personal Alarm: photo

A morning or evening jog is many people’s favourite activity. And if you were suddenly attacked at this time, the best means of protection would be to use your marathoner skills. In addition, you can give an emergency signal with a special keychain built in a special fastening strap. Simply pull out the ring to activate the siren. It is convenient for the athlete because the keychain is always at hand and does not bother you – you do not have to go into your pocket or bag. This one-size bracelet is fastened with Velcro, so it will perfectly fit any hand.

Price: ~$15.94 Check the current price

A personal alarm for the elderly — Vigilant 130 dB Personal Rape/Jogger/Student Emergency Alarm with LED Light and Included AAA Batteries (PPS8G Grey)

Vigilant Personal alarm for eldery: photoThis model is suitable for the elderly because it has a convenient long cord and a high-sound level of 130dB. With the help of the first one, you can comfortably attach the keychain to your arm and easily remove the pin if necessary. The sound is dispersed 1000 feet away, so if you live in the same house, you can always summon some help. On the street, your neighbours or passers-by will definitely hear the sound of the siren. Plus, a flashlight is built in the keychain, which is useful in a dark corridor or at night. You can activate it by pinching the button and it will illuminate as long as it is held.

Price: ~$19.99 Check the current price

A personal alarm for children — Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm Self Defense Rape Attack Safety Security with Keychain

Bear Gentleman Personal Alarm: photoIt is really hard to please a child: she or he will probably not like an ordinary and boring personal alarm. But he will not be able to resist a keychain in the form of a teddy bear. The manufacturer presented six different colour options, so you can choose the most suitable one. The design has been slightly modified here compared to the other keychains: the bear is attached to a ring and can be activated by pulling out the second cord. Thus, you will not have to pluck this lucky charm in case of danger – all you will have to do is to pull out a special cord. The manufacturer specifies a volume of around 120-130dB, which is dispersed 900-1000 feet away. The important thing is to teach your son or daughter not to panic and to quickly activate the siren in case of emergency.

In the run-up to Christmas, developers sell the keychain with a special smart app. By paying around $4, you will buy a set with an extension, which, according to the manufacturer, will send an alarm signal to your smartphone when your child activates the keychain – it is suitable both for iOS and Android.

Price: ~$13.39 Check the current price

Price (smart app included): from ~$16.19 Check the current price

A designer personal alarm for girls — Mengde 120db Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain for Women,Kids,Girls,Superior,Explorer Self Defense Electronic Device Bag Decoration

Mengde Designer Personal: photoThis keychain looks like a typical trinket on a baby or a female handbag and does not attract too much attention. In case of emergency, it is simply detached from the ring and then a typical alarm sound is activated. We must congratulate it since the signal is loud, and despite the compactness of the keychain, it disperses around 900 feet away. An oval model is sold in 2 versions – 1 pack and 2 pack.

Price: ~$12.99 Check the current price

What is the best personal alarm to buy? The Six Best Personal Alarms Comparison Chart

Best Personal Alarms Comparison Chart

Photo Мodel Sound volume Distance Sound Disperses Price
ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm min ROBOCOPP SOS Personal Alarm 120dB ~900 feet

from ~$5.99

SABRE Personal Safety Alarm min  SABRE Personal Self-Defense Safety Alarm on Key Ring with LOUD Dual Alarm Siren 110dB ~600 feet


SABRE Runner Personal Alarm min SABRE Runner Personal Alarm - 130dB (1,000 Feet/300M Range)  130dB 1000 feet


Vigilant Personal Alarm min Vigilant 130 dB Personal Rape/Jogger/ Student Emergency Alarm 130dB ~1000 feet


Bear Gentleman min

Bear Gentleman 130dB Personal Alarm Self Defense Rape Attack Safety Security with Keychain

≧130db ~1000 feet

from ~$13.39

Mengde Personal Alarm min Mengde 120db Emergency Personal Alarm Keychain 120dB ~900 feet


When will your personal alarm be able to help you?

Very often, in an emergency situation quick feet and self-defence skills are much more useful that any device. With regard to personal alarms – they replace cries for help. But sometimes they can really scare the robber. So, when is a personal alarm most effective?

  • If you have business with a cautious attacker, who is conscious of his actions, then he will likely decide to escape after hearing the alarm, especially if there are people around who are willing to help you. These things are usually able to scare petty thieves and hooligans who are interested in getting money.
  • A personal alarm will be also good for a child who returns home during daylight hours when there are many people around. When it is dark outside, it is best not to trust the keychain and pick up your child yourself.
  • It is also useful as an SOS signal for elderly people living with you in the same house. It is the best replacement for all sorts of bells because the volume is much higher.

If you are dealing with a serious attack on you and not a clash with a petty thief, it is likely that even best of the best personal alarm will not able to change the situation because here you will need an active protection. Take care of your important people, and for walking under a full moon on empty streets, choose something from our TOP-16 Best Self-Defence Products where we have chosen items for different situations. For those who often walk on dark and empty streets – big and powerful stun guns are able to scare anyone only by looking at them. For forgetful people, a pepper spray on a keychain is available, which will always be at hand. To protect against attacks in an elevator or in other enclosed spaces – a shot pepper gel is available, which does not splatter. And if you are afraid of aggressive dogs – special dog-repellents for protection will be really useful to you.