Want to hide your valuable items in a more safe and reliable place, but don't want to spend money on a proper safe? We found a compromise solution - the top 10 diversion safes in the price range between $4 to $20. These safes are the keepers of your secrets disguised inside something familiar at first glance, such as cans, bottles, etc. They are not extremely reliable, but their main feature is invisibility. They can be disguised in the house, garage, in a suitcases, bags, and they are like a "real prototype", so it is difficult to uwork out their secrets. We picked up various options for the bathroom, kitchen, garage and car.

Top-10 diversion safes

«Water Bottle», safe for fridges and handbags — Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe Can Stash Bottle Hidden Security

water bottle safe

A good choice for hiding things in the refrigerator or a car. The bottle opens on two parts, the upper half is filled with water (to make it look more natural), while your valuables are placed at the bottom. It doesn't show up your treasure, when the bottle is filled with water, no one will pay any attention to it. Of course, you won't be able to fit something big inside, but it’s perfect for storing jewelry or flash drives with important information. The main disadvantage of this type of safe is that if you shake the bottle, your secret will be immediately revealed. As an option, you can wrap the valuables tightly in a piece of cloth or a foam rubber to avoid rattling.

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«Dictionary», #1 best selling diversion safe — Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Book Safe with Key Lock, Metal - Full Size

Dictionary large diversion safe

A very popular option, which by size looks more like a proper-size safe. At first glance it's just a normal dictionary, but under the cover, it hides a metal container which is locked with a key. It's quite spacious inside, and allows you to store money and jewelry as well as important correspondence. By the way, thieves often look for money or important data hidden between books on the shelf, so you need to place it in a real non-obvious place. But remember - such a safe can still be easily stolen along with the its content.

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«Can of Arizona Green Tea», safe for fridges and handbags — Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash

Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash

Place this can among all the other cans you have, and no one will ever look for anything valuable among them. A good option is to casually throw it on the floor of the car, where it will definitely not attract any attention. There is only one disadvantage - you have to come up with sophisticated methods of storage, so that nothing will make any noise in the can. A good idea would be to use a foam rubber or a similar soft cloth. And it's better to keep the contents light – the can itself weighs the same as the «real» Arizona Green Tea.

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«Can of Coke», safe for fridges and handbags — Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash

Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash

Another variation on the «Can safe» theme, and this time it's a can with cola. It can be placed anywhere: from a handbag to a refrigerator. The main difference from the previous safe is that this has a narrower neck. So, be careful when you are trying to push larger things into it. They may fit, but it will be very difficult to take them out. Even a pile of bills rolled into a tube can be firmly stuck, if you do not put a rubber on top.

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«Shaving Foam», safe for a bathroom — Southwest Specialty Products 30007C Barbasol Can Safe

shaving foam safe for a bathroom

You can equip your bathroom with one of the most reliable storage devices, especially if your shelves are full of all sorts of shampoos, tonics and gels. In this case, the can with shaving cream Barbasol will securely hide your little secrets from prying eyes. The obvious advantage compared to other can-safes — this one has a removable bottom, not the top. Therefore, you can place bigger things inside of it as well as take them out without any problem. The only issue is if the robbers decide to shave.

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«Bolt», safe for a garage — BOLT SAFE New! Diversion Stash Hide Valuables

bolt safe

This is one of the most discreet storage devices. No, seriously, would you pay attention to a rusty bolt, wallowing in the trash? Of course there's not so much space inside it, just enough for a few bills or an important note. Some code or password, which is helpful for people who are keen to forget things. This mini-safe looks natural, and you can throw it into a pile of similar “trash” in the garage so that you not be able to distinguish it later yourself.

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«Surge», safe for house and office — Surge Protector Hidden Can Diversion Safe by StreetWise

Surge Protector Hidden Can Diversion Safe

Where are surge protectors usually placed? Under the table, in a pile of wires and cables, which is even scary to look at, and that's exactly where you have to hide such a safe. And if the thief is in a hurry, it will be the last place where he will look for something valuable. Of course, if you look closely ,you will notice that the filter is actually not connected to anything, but, then again, it even has the power button with a light (working on batteries), so it's hard to notice that it's fake. However, there's not enough space inside, just enough for jewelry and bills.

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«Liquid Wrench», safe for a car and garage — Southwest Specialty Products 40005C Liquid Wrench Diversion Can Safe

safe for a car and garage

Very few people will be interested in a can of liquid wrench, but it's even more repulsive if it looks natural. For example, if you mark the can with the actual liquid from it, who will want to touch an oily can on the garage floor? The storage opens on the top at full-width, so there won't be any problem with taking your valuables out.

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«Hair Brush», safe for bathroom and bedroom — UNISHOW® Hair Brush Diversion Safe W/ a FREE Velvet Unishow® Pouch - Assorted Colors
hair brush safe

The most practical storage, as it can be actually used as a comb! And by unscrewing the handle, you can safely hide bracelets, rings, money, and other important stuff inside. To make it more naturalistic it is advised to actively use the comb for its intended purpose - brand new and untouched, it will attract a lot more attention.

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«Men's deodorant», safe for bathrooms, handbags and cabinets — Men's Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash by JayCeeCo

Men deodorant safe

Another practical thing — an actual deodorant, with space for valuables inside it. It can be very well hidden in a handbag as very few people would think about stealing a deodorant. After hiding all your valuable items, you can safely throw in the rest of the cosmetics and not worry about its safety when you leave it, for example, in a hotel room. But you should be still careful because anybody can steal the handbag together with everything in it.

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Diversion Safes Comparison Chart

Photo Model Type Price
water bottle safe Aquafina Water Bottle Diversion Safe Can «Water Bottle»

Dictionary safe Trademark Home Dictionary Diversion Safe with Key Lock «Dictionary»

Arizona green tea safe Arizona Green Tea Diversion Safe Can Stash «Can of Arizona Green Tea»

Cola safe can Coca Cola Coke Soda Can Diversion Safe Stash «Can of Coke»

shaving foam safe Southwest Specialty Products Barbasol Can Safe «Shaving Foam»

bolt diversion safe BOLT SAFENew! Diversion Stash Hide Valuables «Bolt»

surge diversion safe Surge Protector Hidden Can Diversion Safe «Surge»

Liquid wrench safe Southwest Specialty Products Liquid Wrench Diversion Can Safe «Liquid Wrench»

hair brush safe UNISHOW® Hair Brush Diversion Safe «Hair Brush»

Men deodorant safe Men's Speed Stick Diversion Can Safe Stash «Men's deodorant»

Can a diversion safe replace a proper safe?

Definitely not. Yes, it is much better at hiding things, but it can fit only small valuables and if the thief detects it, it won't be hard to open it, or just carry it away. Experienced "hustlers" know almost all sorts of secret chameleon storage. If you are thinking about buying a real safe, but do not want to spend a lot, take a look at the AmazonBasics Security Safe 0.5 Cubic Feet - a simple safe-bestseller, equipped with a digital lock.

best security safe

This item cost is cheap. It is quite simple: there's no water or fire resistance. But it may be convenient to mount it in the wall, which will increase its reliability by several times. Those who are forgetful can still keep a code for it in some "rusty bolt" in the garage.