No matter how warm your regular blanket is, it can only retain the heat rather than exude it. Like always, we’ve been able to find it a more hi-tech substitute, namely the heated blankets for keeping you truly warm when it is cold. There are over 6000 heated blankets available, but not all of them will unconditionally make you warm and cozy. Today we’ve picked 10 best products among thousands of them for any occasion: King size, heated throws, USB and a portable heated blanket in the price range from $24 to $80.

Types of Electric Blankets

How does it work?

To put it simply, a heating blanket is a huge warmer. You can manually adjust the heating temperature with the help of the remote control that allows customizing personal temperature settings.

Certain products provide for auto shut-off after a determined period of time. This will be useful for those who use a heated blanket to fall asleep quickly and comfortable. A heated blanket is much more expensive than a regular blanket; an average price tag is within the range of $50-$70.

Disadvantages. The heated blankets are electricity-powered that is why you won’t be able to move around far enough with this device. Batteries simply cannot supply sufficient amount of energy to the blanket, so having a cord is frequently the only disadvantage of any heated blanket.

Are such blankets able to retain heat when turned off?

They are, but for a limited period of time only. After 15-30 minutes after being turned off a heated blanket will no longer emit hit, it will only retain it like a regular blanket.

Benefits of Owning a Heated Blanket

One of the obvious reasons a heated blanket is a keeper is that it helps you save on utility bills which in winter can become exorbitant. It’s much easier to heat up a sleeping space rather than a huge house or a large room for that matter.

Another benefit is also pretty much obvious and perhaps the exact reason you decided to buy the blanket: it keeps you toasty throughout the night so you won’t have to wake up cold every hour and check if your radiator’s still working. Yet again, you might end up saving on your medical bills as well, because you wouldn’t need your doctor for a common cold.

Marriage saver! As mentioned earlier, the larger blankets provide for dual control over the temperature of your bedding, so there’s no need to argue about trifles anymore. However, the blanket won’t save you from other quarrels, just so you know ;)

In case you’re a fitness fan and often find yourself with aching muscles or shoulder pains, the heating blanket can provide you with soothing experience and help you recover faster.

Health Benefits

Heated blankets claim to have therapeutic qualities and would be especially beneficial in case:

  • you often suffer from muscle tension and soreness after physical training;
  • have a medical condition which requires for a subtle heating therapy as prescribed by your doctor;
  • if you suffer from allergies, know that using a heated blanket would kill half the dust mites which hate the elevated temperatures, according to scientists from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. To thrive dust mites would require high humidity levels and warm temperatures, conversely, to eliminate mites you’ll need to take actions to reduce humidity in your house (and bedding for that matter) and either cool your room down (by using AC) or heat up the bedding (using electric blanket or washing clothes under high temperatures, like 100 - 130 degrees).

Top-10 Electric Blankets from $24 to $86

We’ve chosen the best products that are available on the market for electric heated blankets. However, we’ve included different items to suit everyone’s tastes and budget. All of those options, though, are based on the same technological concept and perform relatively well. The main difference could be the price due to the availability of minor additions, accouterments, and, of course, different sizes. The most popular mass-market options are sold by Sunbeam. However, if you’re looking for more branded products, then we’re pretty sure you’ll appreciate Biddeford Blankets.

The main difference is in the number of settings, which can be as many as 10. Of course, such a customization provides more convenience and a freedom of choice: you’re not hard-pressed to choose from low, medium, and high, but are allowed to choose the most comfortable temperature out of ten possible. You’ll never argue about it again with your spouse since ten customizable options would finally allow you to reach consensus

Electric Blanket for Your Feet - Serta Warming Pad for Feet

Sunbeam Heated Warming Pad: photo

Keeping your feet warm is not merely a popular saying, but a good advice actually. A feet blanket is not a limited function item, the ratings show. This model is one of the Best Sellers in the Electric Blankets category.

What is the purpose of this half-blanket and why is it so popular? The thing is that it is the feet that get most cold and therefore they require special attention even if the room temperature is not critically low. You can cover your feet or put them on a heated blanket, cover yourself with a regular one and stay warm! The remote control provides for four temperature modes: low, medium, high and warm. Judging by the feedback of some customers, high temperature can burn you if keep the blanket on for the entire night. That is why low and medium temperature settings are most reasonable if you fall asleep with a heated blanket.

As for the gadget care, everything is quite simple. The heating element and the remote control can be removed from the actual blanket and the latter is washed just like a regular one. This works for all heated blankets.

Serta Warming Pad for Feet: Check the current price

The Best King Size Electric Blanket - Sunbeam Velvet Plush

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket: photo

King size blankets lead most categories and king-size heated blankets are doomed to be ever-popular with the customers. The reason for this is that they are big, warm and soft and, what is most important, they have 10 heat settings!

The blanket is made of velvet which is the best material to be used by Sunbeam. The product is the best one in the king-sized blankets line of this manufacturer and is one of the most popular ones; its dimensions are 100”x90”. The blanket not only covers an entire king size bed, but is also very comfortable.

There are two temperature controllers in case you become too hot but don’t find it too convenient to search for the temperature switch on your partner’s side of the bed. Unfortunately both remotes control the entire blanket and you won’t be able to turn off the side you’re sleeping under… but the idea is still quite practical. There are 10 settings suitable both for a cool fall evening and for a frosty winter night. Don’t worry about the safety as a 10-hour auto-off is available.

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket: Check the current price

Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw |Sunbeam

double heated blanket: photo

A double heated blanket with warmer and cooler sides is one of the warmest blankets in Bed Throws category. A cooler side is designed for summer while the warmer one will save you even when the frost is biting.

One side of the blanket is made of Sherpa and the other resembles mink which is similar to the habitual fleece. There are three temperature settings: low, medium and high. However, this is sufficient because of the material: you would be warm under it even without a heating element. It is super plush with 26 mm of Sherpa layer on one side, and 22 mm of Royal mink on the other. If you’re looking for a device suitable to the coldest climate, you’ll be likely to pick this one.

Sunbeam Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw: Check the current price

If Sunbeam Sherpa Heated Throw size is not enough for you, then Biddeford blankets, which are available in multiple sizes, might be a great option to consider. Besides, they are much more sophisticated and have 10 customizable settings, instead of just 3! Also, the king and queen sizes come with two controllers, in case your spouse or partner needs a separate one for themselves.

Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket: photo

My God! This looks perfect! If your house is seldom pretty cold during winter, this blanket is a must-have. See how thick and plush it looks, I bet it feels just the same and even more. You can choose between four sizes and six colors, so there’s really Sherpa for anyone!

It features 10 heat settings, auto-off function, digital control, and is made of 100% polyester micro plush top and sherpa bottom. The wires are so thin, you won’t even guess they are there. Many people chose this blanket as Christmas gifts for their loved ones, and maybe you should do too?

Biddeford Electric Heated Blanket: Check the current price

The Best Electric Heated Throw | Fleece | Sunbeam

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw Blanket
Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw Blanket
✔ PrimeStyle controller features 3 heat settings so you can adjust the temperature to your needs
✔ 3-hour auto-off shutoff for peace of mind
✔ 5-year limited warranty

A heated throw is a compromise for those who believe a heated blanket is too large and bulky. This best selling item is rather a light throw than a thick blanket, but thanks to a heating element it is not inferior to full-scale blankets.

The convenience of a heated throw is in the fact that you can easily and cozily wrap it around yourself while sitting in an armchair. This would be more difficult in case of a king-size blanket. This one is suitable for both a terrace and an armchair as long as a socket is at hand. The temperature settings are standard: low, medium and high. As fleece is a heat-retaining material, the blanket itself is rather thin, so if you’re going to sleep under it in a cold room, you’ll have to keep turned on the whole night. The most remarkable feature of this model is that it comes in a variety of colors: different kinds of check, solid colors and animal print. Perhaps it is the color options that have made it one of the best sellers in the bed throws section.

There is also a velvet Sunbeam Heated Throw which is more popular with the customers. Its characteristics are absolutely identical to the fleece one, there are only three colors available and the price is higher. The choice is up to your taste.

Sunbeam Fleece: Check the current price

Sunbeam Velvet: Check the current price

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket: photo

This super plush and beautifully designed blanket will surely keep you comfy and toasty throughout the cold winter nights. If you have a single friend who needs a little bit warmth during these chilly days, it might be a great gift idea, and I’m sure your friend won’t get disappointed.

The blanket features 10 personal heat settings to ensure a great customizable heating experience. The material is lightweight 100% polyester, there’s also a shut-off feature for convenience.

And while this blanket might seem like everyone’s dream, there were still a few unsatisfied consumers who said that the blanket became dangerous after about a year of use. Well, unfortunately, heating blankets indeed should be watched for very closely and never left turned on while you’re away; even this blanket proved to be no exception to the rule.

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket: Check the current price

Biddeford Comfort Knit Fleece Electric Heated Blanket King

Electric Heated Blanket King: photo

This is yet another beautiful fleece heated blanket from Biddeford, that’s available in an array of colors to match anyone’s room aesthetics. The king option costs roughly 85 dollars, whereas the twin will cost half as less. If you like fleece as much as I do, then you’d be amazed at how soft and gently fluffy this blanket is!

Just as many other blankets from Biddeford this one also features 10 heat settings for superior customization, digital controls, and an auto-off function for peace of mind. The wires are ultra thin, so you won’t feel like you’re wrapped around electrical coils and strands.

I think this seems perfect. My take? No more cold winter chills with this beautifully delicate fleece heated blanket!

Biddeford Comfort Knit Fleece Electric Heated Blanket: Check the current price

USB Powered Heated Blanket - USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket

USB Powered Heated Blanket: photoSometimes there is no convenient outlet near a laptop, but several USB ports are always available. This blanket is designed for that very occasion. It is powered by a PC USB port, so bear that in mind when acquiring it. The most frequently asked question is whether the blanket could be connected to another device, a power bank, for instance? The answer is it could, but two power banks will only provide for 5 hours of the blanket operation which isn’t very rational if you’re going camping and are supposed to save energy.

There are two types of temperature modes: high and low. There are also two USB jacks. No remote control is available as everything is operated simpler: if you use one port for connection, the blanket will work in the low temperature mode, if you use both of them, the blanket will switch to a high temperature. The 13.2 x 9.7 inches dimensions are more than enough to cover your shoulders without sweeping the floor as you would with a larger blanket.

USB Powered Heated Blanket: Check the current price

Portable Heated Blanket for Car - Trillium Worldwide Car Cozy 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket

Trillium Worldwide Car Heated Travel Blanket
Trillium Worldwide Car Heated Travel Blanket
✔ 100% soft, high-quality polyester fleece provides a cozy ride
✔ 30 or 45 minute timer with automatic shutoff
✔ 7-foot fused cord with LED indicator

If you don’t like to spend the night in your car with the battery on, invest in a portable blanket powered by a lighter. Are you afraid of your battery’s charge being low? There is an auto-off provided for that. Just turn the blanket on before sleeping, and the automation will save the car’s energy.

Unlike Sunbeam products, this one is simplified. There is no temperature regulation, auto-off within 30-45 minutes only. The heat is not that hot, but it is retained thanks to the fleece, and the substantial dimensions of 58”x42” allow for thorough wrapping in the blanket. There are few decent portable blankets, and much controversial feedback, so make sure you study the reviews of other customers before buying it.

Portable Heated Blanket for Car: Check the current price

An Electric Wrap — Sunbeam ChillAway Heated Wrap

Sunbeam ChillAway Heated Wrap: photo

This product will meet the taste of those who spend much time at work. Unlike other blankets this wrap has shoulder anatomy shape. There are no warmer or cooler sections as the heating is even. There are also a couple of nice pockets which are also heated. Many criticize the small dimensions of 25" x 57" and the shape which makes it inconvenient to use the wrap as a blanket.

The main drawback which makes the wrap potentially impractical is the cord without which the wrap cannot be heated.

Sunbeam ChillAway Heated Wrap: Check the current price

Battery-Operated Heated Blanket

Does battery-operated heated blanket for camping exist? No, there are no battery-, solar- or alternative source-powered heated blankets. No portable batteries or power banks are able to cope with powering properly such a blanket even for a short period of time. Even the capacious 10000 mAh power bank that can charge a smart phone 4 times will only provide a few dozen minutes of operation of a heated blanket, to say nothing of AA batteries. It is wasteful to use a power bank like that.

What should you do though if you need to warm up in an emergency, when there is no socket nearby? In that case, take a thermal blanket along when going hiking, fishing or hunting!

A Blanket for Hiking, Fishing or Hunting - Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blankets

 Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blankets: photo

What is it? This thermal blanket is an essential part of the equipment of any rescue team. Its 54 inches x 84 inches dimensions are rather impressive and once you wrap yourself in it, you will be completely protected from external weather effect be it rain, snow, etc. Yes, you will look like a baked potato, but we’re speaking about an emergency, aren’t we? The unsophisticated design of the blanket will allow retaining up to 90% of your body temperature for an unlimited time period much better than a regular blanket or wrapping. The most important thing is that this plain piece of foil will really help you maintain a stable temperature. In addition, you can find a dozen of applications of this simple device in extreme conditions devised by enthusiasts online. The package supplied contains 10 thermal blankets. This is a handy thing to keep in your trunk just in case you need it.

Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blanket: Check the current price

As usual, check out the chart below to easily compare your options.

Best Electric Blankets Comparison Chart

Model Temperature Modes Dimensions

Serta Warming Pad for Feet

4 35"x 20"

Sunbeam Velvet Plush Heated Blanket, King size

10 100" x 90"

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket with ComfortTech Controller

10 100" x 90"

Biddeford MicroPlush Sherpa Electric Heated Blanket

 10 62" X 84" / 72" X 84" / 84" X 90" / 100" X 90" 

Sunbeam Reversible Sherpa/Mink Heated Throw

3 60” x 50”

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Throw, Walnut, TSF8US-R470-33A00

3 60 x 50”

Sunbeam Velvet Soft Plush Heated Throw

3 50" x 60"

Biddeford Blankets Comfort Knit Heated Blanket

 10 62" X 84" / 72" X 84" / 84" X 90" / 100" X 90" 

USB Heated Shawl and Lap Blanket

2 13.2 x 9.7”

Biddeford Comfort Knit Fleece Electric Heated Blanket King

 10 62" X 84" / 72" X 84" / 84" X 90" / 100" X 90" 

Trillium Worldwide Car 12-Volt Heated Travel Blanket

1 58 x 42”

Sunbeam ChillAway Heated Wrap

4 25x57”

Kangaroo Emergency Thermal Blankets

- 54”x 84”

What to look for when buying

As you’ve made a decision to buy an electric blanket, there are a few features and considerations you should keep in mind when shopping for one. Below is a quick summary of the main features that will likely affect whether a heated blanket is right for you or not.

Heat Settings

The best and not necessarily the most expensive blankets will allow you to choose between several heat settings so that you can customize your heating experience. We advise you to stay away from the blankets that only provide for one heat settings, because you may discover that it doesn’t get hot enough or, conversely, gets way too hot. Also, if you are not really tight on a budget or would like to take everything a technology has to offer, then look if the blanket has any programmable options which would allow you to set up the heating in advance before you go to bed.


We think it’s one of the important features you have to look for to avoid getting inadvertently burned or forgetting to switch off your electrical appliances after wake up. Thankfully, most of the options we’ve covered in this guide provide for such a feature for your peace of mind.

Dual Controls

If you seldom argue with your partner over the temperature of your bedding, then argue no more with the advanced dual control feature that has to come with a bigger size of a blanket. This is a must-have functionality to save your marriage! Look for dual controls in queen and king-sized blankets.

Machine Washable

Another thing to look for is maintenance. I bet you wouldn’t want to end up with a blanket that would require expensive and exorbitant care. Look for the blanket that allows you to strip it open to remove the heating elements for washing, also see if you can get the wires back in just as easily.

Size (twin, double, queen, king)

Again, the form factor would matter if you have different sleeping patterns with your partner and a bigger bed.


If you’re a stickler for detail, look for the material the bedding is made of. We advise you go for natural materials at least partially, like the casing or cover. It might be a little bit more expensive but can prove to be invaluable in terms of how you feel it on your skin and how durable the overall structure of the bedding is.

Heath precautions: medical conditions

However, “it’s not always sunny in Philadelphia”, and there’re certain precautions you have to be aware of before investing in a heated blanket.

If you suffer from diabetes, you have to be especially careful, because due to a decrease in sensitivity that comes with the condition, you might not discern when the blanket becomes too hot and would injure yourself by getting burned.

Also, if you decide to gift a blanket to a child or an elderly, consider explaining how to safely use the blanket and control the temperature. I would, however, discard a blanket as a gift idea in such a case, because you can never be sure whether your ailing parent or a minor would be capable enough to figure it out.

Also, if you have cancer, do not buy a heated blanket. While an electric blanket has not been proven to cause cancer, it’s best to avoid it when you already have it.

And if you’re pregnant or trying to get pregnant, do not use heated blankets. First off, because a developing baby is very sensitive to its environmental changes, and getting overheated in pregnancy is risky.

Heated weighted blanket

In case you’re looking for a heated weighted blanket, then we should disappoint you as none of them exist as of yet. Weighted blankets are, in fact, a very cool concept that indeed provide therapeutic benefits for people suffering from various mental health issues, like anxiety, PTSD, PDD, and even autism.

These blankets are usually filled with special pellets that add up weight to the blanket providing deep pressure touch stimulation and help “ground” the person down, freeing her off anxiety, agitation, OCD or ADHD symptoms.

The pressure from the pellets raises serotonin levels which relaxes the nervous system. However, if you’re suffering from postnatal depression, or something just as serious, you’d better seek professional help, rather than invest in something that would perform rather poorly or would not at all help with your issues.

Health issues: frequently asked questions

Can heated blanket make you sick?

It should not make you sick and, in fact, it’s designed to help you be healthy. Please, exercise caution by following instructions and always turn on auto-off function lest you get burned.

Can it cause headaches, fever, back pain?

Conversely, a heated blanket is designed to treat the conditions that you’ve outlined above. So instead of causing a headache or a fever, it actually treats and alleviates these conditions.

Can electric blankets cause cancer?

The studies say that there’s no scientifically justifiable evidence that would confirm such a hypothesis. However, there were some mixed results that associated child leukemia with the exposure to ELF radiation from magnetic fields, but the supporting evidence has been ruled out as insufficient to make any affirmative claims.

Can it cause yeast infections?

Whenever you have an infection, do not use a heating blanket. The heat can cause the bacteria to breed, and thus, the infection to spread. However, the blanket by itself cannot cause an infection.

Can it cause heart problems?

There’s no scientific evidence to prove that the blankets can cause heart problems.

Can I use an electric blanket while pregnant?

We’d advise you to stay away from heating bedding while pregnant. The developing fetus is very sensitive to changes in temperature, thus, it’s better to avoid the use of such blankets.

Can I use an electric blanket if I have diabetes?

Yes, you can, provided you’ve talked about it with your doctor and she approved it. However, there’s a general recommendation to avoid the use of heating bedding due to a decrease in sensitivity in diabetic patients.

Can heated blankets cause infertility?

There’s been no evidence that would link infertility with the use of heating blankets. However, in case you’re trying to get pregnant, do not use it.


How are heated blankets made?

The heating blankets have an insulated wire (or another heating element) inserted into its fabric and that heats up when the blanket is plugged in. The control that you receive with your blanket allows you to set the direct amount of current that would enter into the blanket.

Is heated blanket safe?

Yes, they are generally safe, otherwise, they would not have been approved by the Federal Commision for sale in the US, right? Anyway, as with any electric appliance, you have to be cautious while using it. For example, always follow the manufacturer’s instructions, do not start from the highest heat setting, and turn on the auto-off function.

What’s better: a heated Mattress pad vs an electric blanket?

First off, it’s a matter of personal choice. And second, in case you want to have something portable, something that you would take with yourself on a couch, a porch, or the like, then it’s obvious you’d rather go with an electric blanket. And as for the heating properties, the mattress pads are better, because all the bedding above it, along with your own body will insulate and keep more warmth, than just a blanket on top of you alone.

Can electric blankets catch on fire?

Yes, it can. As with any other electric appliance, there’s always a small risk of fire hazard. In fact, if you purchase an imported heating blanket, that chance will increase. Always, look for trusted (preferably domestic) brands with a good reputation and a solid track record.

Can an electric blanket burn you?

Yes, it can, if you use it extensively and go for the highest setting without first trying out all possible lower settings.

How to use an electric blanket?

Usually, the manufacturer will provide an extensively detailed instruction manual that would outline the steps you have to make in order to successfully and safely use an electric blanket. The standard procedure would include plugging it into an outlet, setting up a preferable temperature, turning on an auto-off function and getting warmed up by tucking yourself up and cozy beneath it.

How to wash an electric blanket?

Not all electric blankets can be machine washed, so look at the label carefully and see what the manufacturer advised you to do. Usually, you can get the heating element off the blanket and throw the blanket in the washer.

Is electric blanket safe for pets?

Just as for a human, the electric blanket should be used with caution and always set off at the lowest temperature possible. Do not forget to turn on the auto shut-off so your pooch doesn’t get burned.