Smart technologies penetrate all spheres of our life as even the most ordinary and familiar objects become smart and make its owner’s life easier in some way or another. Today it's time to talk about smart suitcases which are a yet another nice "smart ordinary objects".

We’ve picked for you the 3 best pieces of smart luggage with GPS tracking, smart locking and loss or theft notification, as well as the 3 accessories that can make an ordinary suitcase smarter. But first, let's talk about the principle of operation of these devices. If you understand the essence of the matter, move on directly to the item of interest.

What Features Does Smart Luggage Have?

Have you ever lost your luggage? Has the combination lock on the bag ever broken? These aren’t the most pleasant situations. Sometimes the ending is happy and the missing item gets found, but most often a lost suitcase is never returned to its owner and the combination lock has to be roughly removed. Hundreds of such cases occur. Smart luggage is literally the savior from such scenarios. The newfangled smart suitcases possess 4 main functions:

  1. GPS tracking, which allows for luggage tracking with the help of a smart phone or any other device. The cost-savvy users can obtain special keychain trackers under $18 which allow tracking the location of the bag to which they are attached from wherever you are connected to the internet.

  2. Remote locking is an alternative to an obsolete combination lock keychain. A lock is built into the luggage and it can be controlled with a mobile gadget. It will cause trouble to all the airport thieves as you’ll hardly imperceptibly open such a suitcase.

  3. A battery charger is a built-in power bank. It’s a great invention for emergency charging, which allows you to reanimate your gadgets without opening the suitcase to find the charger.

  4. A built-in scale will save you from ever paying for overweight luggage.

That’s it concerning the smart technologies, but the convenience and reliability of the suitcases are also upgraded:

  1. The design is ergonomic and convenient as the smart luggage is always designed in such a way that each pocket serves a special purpose. Here, there are pocket- covers for a laptop, a smart phone, tablet and other electronics that securely fix the device and eliminate any damage caused by other things in the bag.

  2. A shock-proof case is needed to avoid the wearing and tearing of the luggage along with other cargo in the airport. To avoid this, smart luggage is with a special anti-shock casing. It also makes the suitcase water resistant, so the precious cargo will not be damaged in the pouring rain.

  3. Improved wheels prevent from any jamming and stopping. This effect owes to the larger diameter wheels, special know-how and materials.

Smart luggage is an innovative device. The market niche hasn’t been entirely formed yet, but we can already identify three clear leaders in the upper, middle, and lower price ranges. If you love new and trendy items, it’s high time to obtain such a smart suitcase. It’s up to you to device which model to choose.

Top-3 Smart Luggage Pieces from $219 to $499

The Most Heaped Premium Suitcase: Bluesmart Black Edition - Smart Luggage: GPS, Remote Locking, Battery Charger

Smart Luggage: GPS, Remote Locking

A premium suitcase is the most expensive one reviewed. Why is it considered premium? This smart luggage has all the existing features (which we will describe with this example) and is made of more expensive materials than its rival products. Another remarkable detail is that the device is not the no-name brand fruit of creativity, but a full-fledged IndieGoGo product, where 10 592 backers gave it a green light

The model is available in two options: the reserved “Black Edition” made of finest materials (we’ll go into more details below) and a more informal "One" with blue accents. The second model is less expensive, and by the way, this is the better-selling product. The technical characteristics are completely identical; the only difference lies in the design. Read, choose and buy one that you like more

What do you imagine when you hear the words “smart luggage”? Most likely you think in terms of futuristic designs where all the bells and whistles" are visible to the naked eye. That’s not the case, though! Bluesmart Black Edition looks fairly concise and familiar. Its case is made of high quality polycarbonate and reinforced nylon, which makes the suitcase literally immortal rather than of shine chrome materials. It is virtually impossible to bend or scratch something, and this is its main advantage over aluminum models, which become dented after a couple of trips. Following the fashion trends, the manufacturers have equipped the luggage with a «wheels+» mark: 4 wheels are built in a suitcase, which are aimed to ease carrying for the owner. The users flatter this option: speak about that decision: «The wheels are amazing and it takes no effort to ride it (even on rough surfaces).». Read all customer reviews to know more.

Smart features are most interesting; we’ll start with a GPS tracker. You are to download a special app for your smart phone that allows you to track the location of the suitcase from all over the world both with 3G networks and by using GPS. There is quite a useful optional feature which alerts the inattentive users of the luggage loss: as soon as they move away from the suitcase for more than 10m, an alarm will ring and a smart phone notification will pop up. Then a single click will turn the alarm sound on the suitcase. In case the theft is done in a public place, this will frighten the hapless thief!

A smart lock is the next perk. Once again, you control it with your smart phone. It is piece of cake: the lock opens when you click. No clever combination lock schemes were implemented, but this is not an issue as you can protect your smart phone with a password. Smart lock can be synced with the tracker so that when the alarm is on (or goes off), the lock will shut even if it’s been unlocked and only the owner of the gadget will be able to unlock it. The next digital feature is the built-in 10000mAh power bank (which provides for about 3 complete charges of iPhone 7). The charger output has not been randomly placed; it is located near the base of the handle, where it can be connected to a mobile device with a cable. Simple access is what makes it superior to a classic power bank as you only have to click once to begin charging your smart phone.

The final digital innovation is the smart scale. The screen is located near the handle, right next to the activation button. Once you’ve packed the suitcase, take it, click and you’ll see the precise weight of the luggage on the screen. This is definitely impressive, especially if you compare this suitcase with an old one. In addition, the ergonomics are thought through. A quick-access pocket for tablets, laptops or papers has been designed so that you no longer have to dig in search of the required gadget. Mind that there is no digital lock on this pocket and you’re not the only one to have quick access to the objects there.

All in all, the device is fresh and innovative and will definitely impress others with its functionality.

Price of "Black Edition" model: Check current price

Price of "One" model: Check current price

All Functions for an Affordable Price: Payeel Multi Function Smart Luggage GPS Remote Locking Battery Charging Port

Multi Function Smart Luggage

This is a cheaper analog of the top model. The most obvious differences are smaller size and low cost materials. Instead of polycarbonate, absolute plastic is used with aluminum inserts. Yes, it is far easier to damage such a suitcase, but if you don’t travel much, do you really need the fanciest luggage?

The manufacturer saved on the materials only as the functionality of this product is identical to the previous one’s. The only difference is that other software is used. The design is also slightly different as the scale is built into the handle, and the USB port for charging is located lower. The color options are also less reserved as the classic black has been replaced with silver exterior and blue interior.

The price is more reasonably, the functions are pretty much the same, so why not invest into such a smart travel bag?

Price: Check current price

A Cut-Rate Smart Suitcase – Planet Traveler USA USA Smart Tech Case 23" Check In

A Cut-Rate Smart Suitcase

This cut-rate model has limited functionality as it lacks a digital lock, a power bank, and alarm tracking. A digital lock is replaced with a classic combination lock. In general it looks poorer, but you wouldn’t complain for the price. Scale and a GPS tracker (similar to the best one in this review, but without loss notification) are available. The 4 wheels are more mediocre than the previous models’ ones. They are not rubberized so we don’t recommend going off-road with this suitcase. Think carefully, perhaps your regular suitcase with a GPS tracker will be a better alternative.

Price: Check current price.

3 Smart Luggage Accessories

Do smart travel bags seem overpriced to you? This isn’t a problem. You can upgrade your old suitcase with the help of several devices, namely the GPS tracker, alarm tracker and luggage scales. Choose what is missing in your luggage.

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Smart Deluxe Steel Luggage Tag & Braided Steel Loop

Smart Deluxe Steel Luggage

Is tracking the luggage essential? Then this device will save a lot of money! This is a GPS keychain with built-in functions identical to full-scale GPS trackers. You can use any browser for tracking as each model has its own account with the help of which the monitoring can be carried out. You visit this private page, enter the required data (your username and password) and get the keychain location data via synching the device with the map. An audible alarm has not been built-in, unfortunately. The only tinge is that you’d better to keep the device inside the bag so that it does not get lost, and thieves will not notice it so you could easily track your luggage.

Price: Check current price.

Yunt Mini Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Anti-Lost Alarm Wireless Remote Shutter GPS Tracker Alarm Keychain for Kids,Keys,Pets,etc.

Doraemall Smart Bluetooth Tracer GPS Locator

With this keychain you won’t be able to properly track your luggage, as its task is to notify you of the luggage loss. Once the tracker is a certain distance away from you, a notification will pop up on your phone. It runs from an app, rather than a browser, which makes things easier. Remember to mount the keychain well so that it doesn’t get lost.

Price: Check current price.

Smart Weigh GO110 On-The-Go EZ Grip Digital Travel, Hanging Scale

Smart Weigh GO110

If you like to take many things when travelling, but don’t want to pay for overweight luggage, you definitely won’t do without pocket scales. This smart hanging scale has a load capacity of up to 50 kg, and it is the best idea if it is necessary to quickly weigh the suitcase. The build quality is certainly much inferior to the full smart suitcase built-in scales, but would you actually demand much from the gadget? They do perform their intended purpose, as the scales work accurately and quickly. We don’t ask for more from this mini-gadget.

Price: Check current price.

Below we’ve compared all of the smart luggage and accessories in terms of functionality:

Smart Luggage Accessories Comparison Chart

Model GPS Tracking Alarm tracing Digital Locking Battery charger Scale Price
Bluesmart Black Edition - Smart Luggage + + + + +

Payeel Multi Function Smart Luggage + + + + +

Planet Traveler USA USA Smart Tech Case 23" + - - - +

Dynotag Web/GPS Enabled QR Smart Deluxe Steel Luggage + - - - -

Yunt Mini Smart Bluetooth 4.0 Low Energy Anti-Lost Alarm - + - - -

Smart Weigh GO110 On-The-Go Hanging Scale - - - - +

Smart luggage is a potentially growing device niche. So far there are few models available on the market, but you can obtain one of the above mentioned especially if you travel a lot and are serious about the luggage safety. To save some money and to take a first step in the smart life style you can try one of the cheaper accessories.