5 Best Headphones for Sleeping

 |  Updated 10/17/2018
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If the manufacturers did not sell headphones for sleeping, I would have personally invented and started distributing them! Music fans from around the world who are not willing to part with the music even while sleeping will perhaps share this view. This practical gadget does not require special advertising and explaining as everyone knows what it is. But, despite the clear and simple purpose, it should be said that modern sleep headphones differ not only in price but also in terms of additional features. They can be wireless, Bluetooth or noise cancelling.

We have already focused on the 3 Best Bluetooth Beanies, and today’s review will help you find the best headphones for sleeping, and learn how they differ, and how to choose the most suitable option.

How to Pick Headphones for Sleeping?

We’ll start with the most important thing. You have to choose headphones for sleep in terms of convenience: the material should be of high quality, pleasant to the touch, and preferably natural. Needless to say that the headphones will feel steamed just like after the sauna, if you fall asleep wearing synthetic earphones.

Wired or Bluetooth? Think ahead: if you’re not sleeping on a plane or a train, but are meditating before falling asleep, would you like to wake up several hours later tangled in the wires? What kind of meditation that would be?

Hygiene. Moreover, bear in mind that this is an object of frequent use, and in order for it not to become a breeding ground for the microorganisms, the manufacturer should use washable materials and removable electronics or presuppose some other way of cleaning the headphones.

Sound quality should meet the same high standards as a full-scale expensive audio system. However, if you are willing to spend extra $10-15, you'll get quite a decent sound source and for the night, the quality of which is enough to transmit the sounds of nature, the sea or birds.

Noise cancelling. Naturally, you have to remember that this gadget will come in handy when you need to silence outside annoying sounds: be it snoring, travelers’ chat (especially in public transit), noisy neighbors, etc. Obviously, the ones that position themselves as ultra-thin will manage with this task a little worse than those that are made more thoroughly.

That is why taking into account these crucial criteria we’ve ranged the best sleep headphones according to their price. In our review you’ll find both the cozy aesthetic sleeping eye mask and the clear sound for fans. You’ll sleep with royal comfort wearing them. For those who do not want to overpay, we found the simple earplugs suitable not only for sleep, but also for sports.

ТОP-5 Sleeping Headphones

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs
MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs

✔ Super light soft design can't feel them in ear even sleeping on the side
✔ In-ear earplug design effectively drown/block out background noise


They are compatible with various sleep aid apps and white noise, they extend the deep sleep phase and make sure you fall asleep faster. The earplugs’ light weight and flexibility will let you sleep on your side soundly. Those who are always in touch will find a built-in microphone that permits taking calls.

star Excerpts from buyers’ reviews star

«I was searching for earphones that could block out sound while I rested. These are perfect for that! The earplug is really soft as well as pliable and really small. The sound components are totally encased in the soft yet resilient silicon covering and also are tiny sufficient to fit easily in any type of ear. I sleep on my side and am truly delighted to locate earbuds that will fit for that.
The headphones fit well into my small ear canals, however would be fine in smaller sized or larger ears. The silicon has a mild grip so they do not befall too easily. They still take out with a mild to moderate yank however won't fall out on their own like lots of other earbuds that gradually function themselves out of the ear.
I believe these would certainly be excellent for children with sensory problems or for grownups that are light sleepers. They won't silence products train snoring but can make it bearable».

Inexpensive ($13.99) and simple earplugs are leaders in the sleep headphones category on Amazon.

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones & Travel Bag

CozyPhones Sleep Headphones: photo
These cut-rate sleep headphones made of light thin lycra material are suitable not only for sleep, but also for sports, yoga or meditation. Flat regulated dynamics are located inside, and they can be placed farther away from your eardrums if necessary. Despite the general high rating, there are enough dissatisfied buyers because they have discovered product defects.

Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Wireless Headphone

Sleeping Eye Mask Wireless Headphone
Sleeping Eye Mask Wireless Headphone

✔ Thickness is only one-third of the average speaker, which is very comfortable for side sleepers.

✔ Charge about 2-2.5 hours and provide more than 8 hours of play time.



If you don’t like sleeping wired, Bluetooth Sleeping Headphones are just for you. This Sleeping Eye Mask has an external panel for regulating sound volume or pausing the music.

According to the manufacturer, the charge takes about 2-2.5 hours and provides more than 15 hours of play time. This sleeping mask is made of velvet and elastic cotton and, therefore, does not cause any discomfort when worn. The buyers note that the sound is very loud but this may be done on purpose, as the mask is made primarily for nighttime use.

star What do buyers say? star

«I in fact obtained these for my other half because he is constantly falling asleep with his headphones in yet I've been utilizing them every night so he hasn't had the opportunity. I like that the speakers aren't too large so you really can not even feel they exist. Sound top quality is terrific as far as I can tell. I haven't turned it up incredibly loud however-- given that they're made to wear when you are attempting to fall asleep/sleeping. I additionally actually enjoy them in the early mornings when I just want to stay in bed a little longer yet the sun coming via the blinds is bugging me. All I need to do is place these on and viala, it's midnight once again. Also, the fabric is extremely soft. I think if I were going to make any type of whine it would certainly have to be that they can have a tendency to obtain a little cozy. Not like cozy due to the electronics or anything, just cozy because it's material twisted around your face while you are resting, and as one that is too affordable to turn the AC down really reduced any type of extra layers often tend to push the warm factor over the side. Still, it's not too bad, most definitely convenient».

The Bluetooth Sleeping Mask is charged via USB.

ACOTop Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask with Wireless Headphones

ACOTop Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask: photo
This is a great option for those who have no idea which connection you need. This sleep eye mask has both types of connection: 3.5mm jack for wired connection and wireless Bluetooth. A single accessory will let you experience both wired and wireless headphones. TheSleep Eye Mask ($36.76) is grey and is gender-neutral. The manufacturer proudly notes that it is made of an extraordinary magnetic material. The customers, on the other hand, are looking for comfort. They typically complain of discomfort. You’ll need to wear it very tightly so that the mask does not slide off at night or let noises through such as snoring or bird singing.

SleepPhones Classic Headphones

SleepPhones Classic Headphones: photo
This is the most expensive item covered in our review. SleepPhones Classic Headphones cost $33.65. SleepPhones are made of pleasant hypoallergenic material, and the manufacturer provides a wide variety of colors and sizes. Among them, you’ll find lavender which is rare for headphones. They are compatible with devices that incorporate a standard 3.5 mm audio jack. The manufacturer claims that this band can also be used as a sleeping mask if you pull it over your eyes. We don’t consider this to be too convenient though. The disadvantage of these headphones is that the material they are made of is too hot for summer.

Headphones for Sleeping Comparison Chart

Product Wired/ Bluetooth Microphone / 
Color Range
MAXROCK Sleep Earplugs min: photo
Wired yes /


CozyPhones Sleep Headphones min: photo
Wired no /


Bluetooth Sleeping Eye Mask Wireless Headphone min: photo
Bluetooth yes /


ACOTop Bluetooth Sleep Eye Mask min: photo
Bluetooth / Wired no /


SleepPhones Classic Headphones min: photo
Wired no /


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