If the manufacturers did not sell headphones for sleeping, I would have personally invented and started distributing them! Music fans from around the world who are not willing to part with the music even while sleeping will perhaps share this view. This practical gadget does not require special advertising and explaining as everyone knows what it is. But, despite the clear and simple purpose, it should be said that modern sleep headphones differ not only in price but also in terms of additional features. They can be wireless, Bluetooth or noise cancelling.

We have already focused on the 3 Best Bluetooth Beanies, and today’s review will help you find the best headphones for sleeping, and learn how they differ, and how to choose the most suitable option.

How to Pick Headphones for Sleeping?

We’ll start with the most important thing. You have to choose headphones for sleep in terms of convenience: the material should be of high quality, pleasant to the touch, and preferably natural. Needless to say that the headphones will feel steamed just like after the sauna, if you fall asleep wearing synthetic earphones.

Wired or Bluetooth? Think ahead: if you’re not sleeping on a plane or a train, but are meditating before falling asleep, would you like to wake up several hours later tangled in the wires? What kind of meditation that would be?

Hygiene. Moreover, bear in mind that this is an object of frequent use, and in order for it not to become a breeding ground for the microorganisms, the manufacturer should use washable materials and removable electronics or presuppose some other way of cleaning the headphones.

Sound quality should meet the same high standards as a full-scale expensive audio system. However, if you are willing to spend extra $10-15, you'll get quite a decent sound source and for the night, the quality of which is enough to transmit the sounds of nature, the sea or birds.

Noise cancelling. Naturally, you have to remember that this gadget will come in handy when you need to silence outside annoying sounds: be it snoring, travelers’ chat (especially in public transit), noisy neighbors, etc. Obviously, the ones that position themselves as ultra-thin will manage with this task a little worse than those that are made more thoroughly.

That is why taking into account these crucial criteria we’ve ranged the best sleep headphones according to their price. In our review you’ll find both the aesthetic silk headphones for ~$25 and the clear sound for fans for as much as ~$43. You’ll sleep with royal comfort wearing them. For those who do not want to overpay, we found the cheapest one (but not the most comfortable) for $9.

ТОP-5 Sleeping Headphones

  1. The most expensive headphones for sleep which have a slightly better sound quality.

  2. Aesthetic silk eye mask headphones covering the eyes and aimed at for the protection of your deep sleep from the first rays of the sun

  3. Inexpensive colorful headphones of different textures which can be bought in packs due to their low price. You can have a pair for the sleep, a pair for jogging and a pair matching the color of your workout outfit.

  4. The softest and ultra-thin headphones which will protect the sleeper from strong head and ears compression.

  5. The most cut-rate headphones for sleep that serve their purpose well.

 Sound Asleep Sleep Headphones: Memory Foam Eye Mask with Wireless Bluetooth Earphones & Mic – The Most Expensive Headphones For Sleep

The Most Expensive Headphones For SleepAccording to the manufacturer, these headphones are ideal for meditation and listening to binaural recordings that make the sound perception three-dimensional.

They are designed like an eye mask, though they’ve been designed more thoroughly, hence the price of ~$42.99. They are made of soft plush and are designed for 4-6 hours of continuous playback. Thanks to the built-in Bluetooth 3.0 EDR both the headset and the microphone (which also enables you to talk on the phone) can be connected via Bluetooth to any compatible device, be it an iPhone, an iPad or an Android device.

Let us warn those who sleep sensitively: sleeping with large speakers and buttons located on the exterior of the mask can be uncomfortable if you prefer to sleep on your side. But this problem can be easily solved by simply turning on your back. However, your partner might not be the fan on an LED light flashing at night. Although there is a way out: give them the same headphones.

As for the hygiene, we’ll presage you that you’d better not wash this gadget. Clean it locally wherever it becomes dirty instead.

Price: ~$42.99 Check the current price

 GoldWorld – Aesthetic Bluetooth Silk Eye Mask Sleep Headphones


Aesthetic Silk Eye Mask Headphones

These ultra soft sleeping and travelling headphones with built-in stereo speakers sell well thanks to their distinguished competitive edge. The gadget is made in the form of an eye mask, which protects the eyes from the light, and is well suited for those who like to sleep late and do not want to wake up at the crack of dawn, or those who travel a lot and sleep in airplanes and trains, where the lights cannot be turned off.

The eye mask headphones are available in light blue and navy blue for ~$24.98 per unit. This model is made of 100% silk, which will meet the tastes of those who love natural materials. It has a built-in sound card and can be connected to the phone, if necessary, allowing you to make calls, while keeping the hands free.

The Li-ion battery is supposed to work for 6-8 hours continuously. The USB charge takes only 2 hours. According to the specifications, the transmission range of the microphone is 1 m, while the audio transmission distance headphone can reach up to 10m, which is, by the way, possible thanks to Bluetooth.

This eye mask is tightly fixed on the head with Velcro. They are one-size-fits-all: as stated by the manufacturer, both adults and children can wear them. Perhaps this is due to the fact that the speakers can be moved inside the mask after it has been fixed on the head.

The main request of the manufacturer is to take out all the electronics out of the fabric before washing it. The gadget can be washed either manually or in the washing machine in cold water only. By the way, this allows easily solving the problem some customers with a particularly sensitive sense of smell encounter: they dislike the smell of a new mask, which can be removed by weathering or washing it.

Before moving on to the next item, let us add that the quality of the sound transmitted via these headphones can be given 4 points out of 5. The headphones reviewed above are preferable for listening to the classical music concerts with pure sound.

Price: ~$24.98 Check the current price

 ZenNutt Ear Warmer Headbands, Wireless Bluetooth  - Inexpensive Colorful Sleep Headphones Of Different Textures

 inexpensive colorful headphones for sleeping

The price for these headphones is from ~$14.45. For this money you’ll get a wireless stereo headset made of polyester.

The rim material is soft and stretchy and reminds us of a knitted elastic band. It will provide for sound sleep (if you avoid the light, you can cover your eyes with this headband). The removable electronic details, including the built-in V3.0 + EDR Bluetooth permit washing the headband once it gets even slightly dirty.

The gadget can be charged via USB either from an outlet or from a PC. The Li-ion battery takes 2.5 hours to charge and is designed for 5 hours of continuous operation (up to 60 hours of standby). The capacity of the built-in Bluetooth is enough to transmit a signal over a distance up to 30 feet (9.1m). You can also make and receive phone calls through this device.

To our mind, these are decent wireless headphones for sleep and sport (especially for those who love jogging, as sweat will be easily absorbed into the cotton lining of the rim), which have the best value for money among similar products of the category. Moreover, the manufacturer guarantees full refund to the customers within 90 days if they do not like the product.

Price: from ~$14.45 Check the current price 

 eBerry®  – The Softest And Ultra-Thin Headphones For Sleep

 The Softest And Ultra-Thin Headphones For Sleep

This $12.99 model is perfect for those who cannot fall asleep without listening to audio books, but are not willing to overpay. eBerry® headphones are sold directly with the case for carrying and storage. Practical, isn’t it?

You’ll be able to connect this gadget to all kinds of MP3, MP4, most of the smart phones and tablets (Apple: iPhone, iPad, iPod, and Android: Samsung Galaxy, Blackberry, Nokia, LG, HTC, Google Nexus, Lenovo) thanks to its wide compatibility and 3.5 mm connector.

4 mm thick headphones will permit for sleeping the entire night on your side. If you want to, you can even jog, go to gym or attend a yoga class with them, and they won’t fall as the fleece rim is tightly fixed on the head.

Still, let us warn you that these are wired headphones, and the wire is located behind, on the stitch of the headband.

Price: ~$12.99 Check the current price

 XIKEZAN - The Most Cut-Rate Sleep  Headphones


The Most Cut-Rate Headphones for sleeping

These plush earphones can be purchased at a ridiculous price from ~$9.99. As per the manual, they have been designed for air travel, sports, relaxation and meditation. However, no one forbids you from sleeping with them, especially since they are made of fleece, which is a very soft fabric. If you wish to "darken" your room, just lower the headband over your eyes with a simple flick.

The main disadvantage to prepare for with such a low price is the same as that of the previous model, i.e. the wire (although it is heavy-duty, durable and flexible). In fact, the manufacturer has greatly reduced price tag by removing the Bluetooth. They are "ultra-thin", and allow sleeping in any position for as long as you like.

These sleep headphones are equipped with a standard 3.5 mm jack and are compatible with most audio players.

Price: from ~$9.99 Check the current price

Headphones for Sleeping Comparison Chart

Product Wired/ Bluetooth Materials Color Range Price
Sound Asleep: Sleep Headphones Memory Foam Eye Mask Bluetooth Soft plush material 1


GoldWorld Ultra Soft Comfortable Silk Bluetooth Wireless Sleep Headphones Bluetooth Silk 2


ZenNutt Bluetooth Headphones Headband Bluetooth Polyester 6

from ~$14.45

eBerry® [Ultra Thin Sleep Headphones + Storage Pouch] wired Fleece 4


XIKEZAN Upgraded Sleep Headphones wired Fleece 5

from ~$9.99