An elegant garden fountain is a state-of-the-art and refined decoration of any garden. It will help you relax and will nicely make you garden look outstanding while giving it a unique charm. Such devices are not rare on the market (there are over 31 000 options), but most of them require access to a power outlet that is not always possible, and is often unprofitable. That is why today we have selected for you TOP 3 solar fountains lines made by different manufacturers, which will decorate your patio or garden, without requiring monthly service investments.

If you are an experienced user and know all about the fountains, just omit the technical part and go straight to TOP 7 best solar fountains at the starting price of ~$14. If you are looking for a fountain suitable for bird bath, you will be able to find a floating fountain for ~$17 and the most powerful model for ~$60 which could easily become part of a large fountain in the best solar bird baths section. For those who do not want to bother with the design, we chose an exclusive smart solar fountain, which does not require painstaking installation and will please the eye immediately after being unpacked.

Solar Fountain Operation

A solar fountain has a quite simple and uncomplicated design. It has ridiculously few elements, usually they are:

  1. A water pump which supplies water from a pond or bowl in the sprinkler

  2. A solar panel which powers the water pump. It can be either built-in or wired.

  3. Replaceable spray nozzles vary depending on the model. You’ll need nozzles with smaller perforation for a bird fountain and with a large one for medium and large fountains.

Solar Fountain Advantages and Disadvantages

The only major drawback of this design is that it can only work autonomously in the afternoon. It is no wonder as the design is mediocre and the fountain isn’t supposed to be a sprinkler of luxurious fountains with marble statues. However, you can use the device at night as you only have to power the pump from an outlet or to get a second one so that the two fountains work in cycle.

The rest of the design fully justifies its cost:


  • Affordable price for purchase and service
  • Zero energy use
  • Installation simplicity
  • Customizing the design of certain fountains
  • Light design and quiet performance


  • Poor pressure even when it’s sunny
  • The fountain turns off when it’s overcast

TOP-7 Solar Powered Water Fountains

A Universal Solar Fountain Pumps Line For Birdbaths, Fountains And Ponds – Ankway Solar Pump for Water Fountain

Universal Solar Fountain Pumps Line: photo

Like always, we’ll start with the best item. This #1 best seller in the Birdbaths category is available in 4 different options. Why do consumers love this very fountain line? Well, they largely do due to versatility of the products available. The line contains:

  • A cut-rate item is a mediocre option with quite poor pressure (at 1.2W). Despite this, this is a bestselling model perfect for placing it in a bowl as a birdbath because of the three nozzles supplied and good value and performance for money provided.

  • A universal fountain (can be varied as either a pond fountain or a fountain pedestal) at a single price:

A filter pond fountain is well-suited for placement in a natural pond; a removable filter will protect it against sand and soil particles. Everything works within reasonable limits, so please regrain from placing the pump in a swamp lower the pump is not necessary. Maximum quantity of flow of a filtered model is lower than that of the filter less analogue, namely 35Gallons /H, because when passing through the filter element the water flow slows down.

Price: Check the current price

A no filter fountain pedestal’s pump is much faster than the previous one’s due to the lack of filter. It has the same power and its maximum quantity of flow is 46 Gallons/H. The item looks very attractive and is quoted at a similar price. You should opt for this product is you have a pedestal fountain, and the filter pump will come handy in the natural ponds.

Price: Check the current price

Universal Solar Fountain Pumps Line: photo

Then follows a more powerful item made by the same manufacturer which is suitable for a small pond. The increased capacity provides for sufficient pressure, a 27” jet will certainly contrast the pond. Although your creativity will be limited by the length of the wire: you won’t be able to place the sprinkler in the center of a large pond, you will have to make a special floating support under the battery for that at least. If the pond will be deep enough, you can enlarge the sprinkler in from 2.75". In this case, the main thing is to monitor the state of the pump, since there is no filter, the particles from the bottom can clog it fast enough.

The only obvious disadvantage is that the solar panel is wired to the pump. You will either have to exercise your camouflage skills on the spot or ignore the fact completely. We’ve picked a floating model for those who are looking for a large pond in the following section.

A life hack: if you like DIY stuff, why don’t you camouflage your sprinkler as a boulder, log or a bamboo branch and thus create a unique design? You’ll also scarcely consider camouflaging the wires to be an issue.

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The Best Solar Bird Bath Fountain – AnkwaySolar Bird bath Fountain Pump

best solar bird bath fountain: photo

Placing a bird bath in a pond is a stylish idea for giving your garden natural ambience. Here comes the bird bath fountains line.

A floating circle fountain is a great idea if you own quite a large pond. In this case the standard issue is banal shortness of the wires connecting the pump to solar panels. A floating fountain doesn’t have any of these problems and so it will easily surf your pond or pool without being damaged. Regardless of whether there is a big pond, the pump is perfectly suitable for a small bird fountain. And for those wishing to decorate their garden in the wild nature style we have is an excellent idea: using a technically similar "Lotus", which looks like the said flower.

A powerful universal product is the most powerful item of our review with the maximum flow capacity of 356 gallons/h. This sprinkler is suitable not only as a bird bath but also as a complete mini-fountain. Its length is 6.3” so there is no problem in using it in a deep pond. It can also become a supplementary sprinkler of a large fountain, though, you’ll have to take some time and cope with the design challenge. The product can’t float and is wired to a quite bulky solar panel of 10.2” х 13.4”. You will hardly see such a powerful jet anywhere else though!

Price: Check the current price

The Best Smart Solar Fountain –Smart Solar 21372R01 Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain

Ceramic Solar Koi Fountain: photo

Original solar fountains are not always elegant and sophisticated. Especially for those who lack this classiness and who are too lazy to design, we’ve picked this solar koi fountain.When you look at the exterior you will immediately ask yourself where the actual solar panel is. It is not built-in, it is connected to the fountain with a three meter wire, its length is sufficient for hiding the panel somewhere in the bushes. The only disadvantage is the sensitivity of the solar panel as even a slightest cloud will temporarily deprive the fountain of the energy. Still, the product is quite presentable even when it is turned off. Beware though, ceramic is very fragile.

Price: Check the current price.

With a solar fountain you will decorate your backyard, and if you try hard enough several such fountains will contribute to a complete garden remake. Don’t be afraid to become a landscape designer, you will surely achieve great results. That’s not it! Did you know that not only garden fountains can be powered by solar panels? Do you want to use your pool even in the fall? This is also possible with solar energy. The best solar pool heaters will help you minimize the costs of prolonging the summer.