A multi tool iPhone case is not only a reliable phone protector, but also your first assistant in work and hobbies. A case can tell a lot about its owner, though it is sometimes difficult to choose an appropriate case from hundreds of options available. You’ll find some useful, unusual, and fun iPhone cases in our review.

We have found 10 best cases for you for all occasions: brutal multifunctional cases with a cigarette lighter and a bottle opener, stylish retro camera or selfie illumination cases, and ones, such as a never sink waterproof cases and even with a built-in battery charger. Pick any one you need!

10 Best Multi Tool iPhone Cases

iPhone 6s Case, ZVE Multifunctional Cigarette Lighter Cover for iPhone 6/6s Built-in Cigarette Lighter/bottle Opener/ Camera Stable Tripod Case

iPhone 6s case

This bottle opener iPhone case is a real gift for any practical person, whether a bar or outdoor recreation fan. Your ability to open a bottle, put out the cigarette butts and lit cigarettes with your own iPhone will make you the star of any party. However, don’t worry about the safety of a gadget, as the brutal design aimed to protect the case against bumps and scratches.

Moreover, a case is equipped with a standard tripod jack allowing taking pictures and videos (a tripod is sold separately). This device’s advantage is that the lighter has no effect on the iPhone battery. However, as the users claim, a lighter latch is detachable, so the case should be protected from children. Another reason for criticism is the considerable size of the device. On the other hand, the iPhone itself has impressive dimensions, so that their owners know what they are doing!

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iPhone Case, Apple iPhone 6 6s -Multifunction with Cigarette Lighter/Bottle Opener/[Heavy Duty] (Green)

iPhone SE Case, ZVE® Apple iPhone SE (2016) & iPhone 5 5s

This case is made exclusively for iPhone 5/5S. The case can serve both as the opener and lighter, but does not look as bulky as other similar models. Perhaps the reason for that is the fact that is available in different colors: red, green and turquoise, white and blue.

The customers believe that the bottle opener iPhone seems fragile only at the first glance. In reality it is made of polycarbonate which is a heavy material able to protect the gadget even if it falls. The multi tool iPhone case allows for easy button access and fits the hand well. Its built-in lighter can light up to 250 cigarettes which will undoubtedly be handy for the fans of camping and hiking in case they leave matches at home. Once you’re back home, you’ll be able to charge the lighter via USB.

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iPhone 6 Case, Vofolen Impact Resistant Wallet Cover iPhone 6 Card Slot Case Protective Shell Shockproof Rubber Bumper Case Anti-scratches Hard Cover Card Holder Wallet Case for iPhone 6 6S 4.7" Gold

iPhone 6 Case, Vofolen Impact Resistant Wallet Cover

This case has been designed for those who value minimalism and sense of freedom. If you don’t feel like carrying a purse in your hands or sticking your things in your pockets, check out this case. It will replace a wallet as cash and cards can be stored under the rear sliding cover. Its definite benefit is the rich color palette ranging from refined gold to a bold leopard prints. The case is made for the owners of of iPhone 6S and iPhone 6 (and not for iPhone 6 Plus).

Of course, there are certain buts. According to the feedback, some customers encounter the problems with the cover: it is either too tight or, on the contrary, it slides too easily without clicking if the slot is not filled with both cards. The manufacturer’s warranty for the product is 90 days.

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IPhone 6 Wallet Case, Crosspace® iPhone 6s Envelope Flip Handbag Shell Women Wallet PU Leather Magnetic Folio Cover Cases with Credit Card ID Holders Wrist Strap for Apple IPhone 6/6s 4.7inch

phone 6 Wallet Case

Do you like elegant clutches? Many cases are suitable for formal occasions. For example, you can pick an elegant black envelope with a strap made of durable artificial leather (PU Leather). Inside there are compartments for cards and bills.

Furthermore, for the same price you can buy a bigger clutch with two compartments instead of one. If you like to carry a lot of cards, this product is just right for you, as in the plastic in an overfilled case gets torn, and the magnet cannot tightly close the cover. This case has been made especially for iPhone 6s 4.7 and iPhone 6 4.7.

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Vanjunn Selfie LED Light Case For Iphone 6 plus Iphone 6s plus 7 plus 8 plus, Selfie Led Case with Rechargeable Backup (Stone black)
Vanjunn Selfie LED Light Case For Iphone

ThedesignofthiscasewillturnyouriPhone 6 intoacelebritydressingroommirror. The gadget’s screen is lit by bright LED lights which help to take perfect selfies instantly. Flash works in photo, video, and FaceTime video calls modes, and has an own battery. The brightness can be easily adjusted, so you can edit the image, making it more or less natural. A Strobe Lighting Effect will be a great addition for a party. There are five colors available: pink, blue, black, white and coral. The developers promise the case to be robust with additional corners protection and easy access to the buttons.

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Waterproof Case Universal CellPhone Dry Bag Pouch CaseHQ for Apple iPhone 8,8plus,7,7plus,6s, 6, 6S Plus, SE, 5S, Samsung Galaxy S7, S6 Note 7 5, HTC LG Sony Nokia Motorola up to 5.8" diagonal

Universal Waterproof Case

This waterproof case with a wrist trap is quite a useful accessory for attending a water park or relaxing on the beach. A bright orange strap (also available in other colors), serves as a life jacket, the gadget does not sink to the bottom, even if you let it go accidentally. The case maintains the touch sensitivity of the screen, so you can message, talk and capture video underwater. The case fits various iPhones (from 4S to 6 Plus) and Samsung Galaxy.

Lifehack: before putting the case on, the users recommend testing it for leaks. Place a paper towel in it and position the entire construction in a bowl of water. If the tissue remains dry, you can put the phone into this case and go take a swim!

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uFashion3C Running Belt Waist Pack with Zipper for iPhone 6, 6S, 6 Plus, 6S Plus, Samsung Galaxy S5, S6, S7,Edge, Note 3, 4, 5, 7, LG G3 G4 G5 with OtterBox/ LifeProof Waterproof Case -9 Colors

uFashion3C Running Belt Waist Pack with Zipper for iPhone

Many athletes have already managed to appreciate the convenience of a belt waist pack iPhone case. When in the gym, you can put your gadget in this case and mount it on your belt or behind your back. Unlike conventional waist bags, a belt case holds the phone in a fixed position. If you need your iPhone during the workout, you will no longer have to stop and fetch your pack as the phone is secured in front of you and maintains the sensitivity of the touch screen despite being covered in transparent film. The case has a headphone jack, and t a second zippered compartment for keeping keys and other small items. An elastic waistband is adjustable and is available in two sizes (25.5 inches or 39.3 inches). The case is suitable for many smart phones (from LG G3 and Samsung Galaxy S5 to iPhone 6S Plus).

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iPhone 6/6s/6 plus/6s plus Case, Guojia 3D Camera Design Case PC + Silicone Cover Case with Long Strap Rope (Moderate Hardness)

iPhone 6/6s/6 plus/6s plus Case

This seems to be an interesting option for those who like retro. The case resembles an old reflex camera which could make unusual ambient shots. A black 40 inches long strap for wearing the case over your neck reinforces such similarity and frees your hands as you let go of your iPhone. Four colors are available: pale pink, white, magenta and black. The back panel, as well as the strap can be replaced if you need to. The case is made of silicone and PC and is compatible with iPhone 6 / 6s / 6 plus / 6s plus.

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TFY iPhone 6 / 6S Case Cover with Hand Strap Holder

TFY iPhone 6 / 6S Case Cover with Hand Strap Holder

Sometimes we tend to forget about everything, including our own iPhone just to take a fancy picture. In that case a cover would be needed, as the most desperate Instagramers might want to obtain a case with a ring which helps to keep the gadget in your hand in any situation. The case is made of frosted thermoplastic polyurethane (matte TPU material), that is why it is flexible and resistant to temperature extremes. Precise cuts on the surface of the case provide easy access to all ports and jacks. The case has been designed especially for iPhone 6 / 6S.

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Moreover, a universal mobile handleLove Handle As Seen On TV - Holds any Handheld Device with just a Fingerhas been recognized on the market.

universal mobile handle

It can be attached to any gadgets, be it a tablet or any kind of smart phone. The product’s back panel is not stained with glue. The elastic strap is shorter than that of the TFY case, which makes the gadget hand grip tighter. Manufacturers offer different color options including the American flag print.

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BoxLegend iPhone 6 6s Battery Case 3000mAh Polymer Battery 2.5hrs Fast Recharge Rate Black/White/Rose Gold battery Charger Charging Case Battery Pack Charger Case for iPhone 6

BoxLegend iPhone 6 6s Battery Case

Of course, when you are picking a case, you can’t ignore ones that ensure protection of your phone. The BoxLegend item is attractive not only due to its built-in 3000mAh battery, but also because of its tiny size (the case weights 2.96 ounces or 84 grams and is only 0.24 inches thick). The rechargeable case promises to significantly extend the life of your iPhone: music playback is extended for 60 hours, calls are effected for 18 hours longer is games can be played 6 hours longer. The case takes about 2.5-3 hours to charge and indicates low battery with the front panel lights. The case is compatible with iPhone 6 / 6S

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Still, many users complain of overheating of the device and insufficient IPhone protection. If you’re for a more solid charger, suitable for hiking and extreme sports, you should consider buying an external battery. A decent option with a built-in solar panel is Solar Phone Charger with 1-year Ironclad Guarantee - Sunferno 5000mah Dual USB External Power Bank.

 Solar Phone Charger

This durable and waterproof battery is equipped with a solar cell with the actual 5000 mAh performance. This is important because the manufacturers sometimes indicate battery capacity of 5000 mAh, which actually corresponds to only 3750mAh with an average 75% conversion rate. Sunferno Flintstone creators promise that their 5000 mAh means really 5000 mAh without any reservations

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