3 Best Bluetooth Beanies to Stay Tuned in Winter and in Summer

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Wireless headset trend is a tribute to the fanatical miniaturization and getting rid of unnecessary details. Do remember the first Bluetooth headsets? They were awkward devices primarily designed for users who are constantly on the move and busy. Average users soon found the tasteless ear boxes uninteresting and geeks with a sense of style and did not even look in their direction. Over time, there appeared trendy developers who brought this fusion of style and functionality to the masses with the help of hyping but not always functional rethinking of our usual gadgets. And now, here we come to meet a new trend of 2016: a Bluetooth beanie.

What is a Bluetooth Beanie?

It’s a hat with an integrated headset. It is functional, stylish and interesting. The idea is straightforward: it is often uncomfortable to use your smart phone in the cold or in a snowstorm, considering that you will have to remove your hand from a warm glove to experience a wide range of sensations. A hat with built-in speakers, a microphone and a pair of handy control buttons will solve the problem of frostbitten fingers once and for all. Many people will now remember smart phone gloves which became popular a few years ago, but did not have a microphone or speaker. They were a sort of a pseudo-gadget, a mere smart phone stylus. But Bluetooth Beanie is definitely one of the most stylish and practical wireless solutions in 2016.

Why Is a Beanie Better Than a Regular Hat?

  • Built-in headphones and a microphone allow listening to music and answering without jumping off your snowboard or bike.
  • The buttons are convenient to operate
  • The beanie is washable. The electronics are easily removed allowing not worry about cleaning or drying the hat.
  • A wide range of models and colors (currently there are about 5400 models just on Amazon.com) will suit the tastes of the most demanding users and will make you one of the guys who get constantly asked "Hey, man, where did you get such a cool hat?"

The Drawbacks:

  • Just like any wireless handset, the battery only lasts for 5-6 hours and requires regular recharge
  • Most likely you will like the gadget to such an extent that you become one of those who wear it all the time: in the summer, indoors or at the beach. Although, why would any stereotypes stop you if your playlist is worth it?

Today, after carefully digging in the newfangled trend, we have collected for you the best Bluetooth beanies by 3 manufacturers. These products are to be worn on a ski resort, for cycling, and just in while commuting to work. Their main perk is that they keep your hands warm, and let you rock to your favorite tracks! So, let’s check out the best items!

Top 3 Bluetooth Beanies

Soundbot Sb210 Hd Stereo Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Smart Beanie Headset

bluetooth beanie headset

This product is made by a reputable audio gadgets manufacturer, and it is interesting to us because of quality performance and affordable price, which is ~$24.99 in case of Sb210.

The hat is a thick winter option, made of acryl and polyester –no summer jogging wearing this, and gray coloring is quite restraining for party appearance. The fabric is perfectly stretchable, so both kids and large males can wear it. By the way, you won’t have to refrain from felting in snowdrifts and heading down the descents of the snow-capped peaks as the beanie is waterproof and moisture will not damage its internal components. Lack of vivid colors is the only serious disadvantage here.

The technical part is most delicious. A rather compact removable speaker with an integrated microphone is hidden inside the hat and does not cause discomfort during extended wear. Playlist management is carried out using the remote control disguised as a simple and convenient leather patch. Although the model is new, the manufacturer somehow managed to equip it with Bluetooth 4.0, rather than 4.1. You can ignore my grunting, as 4.0 is a good, stable version. It receives a signal within 10 meters, which will be more than enough even if the smart phone is in your jacket pocket. The microphone does not cause any issues (no wonder: the fabric is a good pop filter) as it brings clear voice without interferences, echoes and excess noise. The gadget has an overall rating of 4.1 stars out of 5 given by 250 people on Amazon.com, which is quite a good result.

star What do buyers say? star

«These are well made and have decent sound quality, especially compared to similar products on the market. The only downside of this product is the short duration of only 5 hours of music. The beanie itself is also comfortable and warm being perfect for night jogs or general weather where it is expected to be cold out».

«The speakers are surprisingly loud, but you can hear the calls and people can hear you just fine. Music sounds good and music won't disturb anyone around you. The battery lasts a long time on standby. The ear pieces are easy to remove from the cap - I tossed it in the washer/dryer without any issue. The cap itself is cozy and warm. 5 stars - this turned out better than I thought it would».

You can easily take it along to a ski resort or use in winter on a daily basis, you won’t freeze or get bored without your playlist. The device is not so useful in the spring as it will become too hot to use it.

Price: ~$24.99 Check the current price

Bluetooth Beanie Hat,Rotibox Winter Outdoor Sport Premium Knit Cap with Wireless Stereo Headphone

bluetooth beanie hatThis manufacturer offers bright and stylish colors so this beanie is rather trendy than helpful when it’s freezing! So check out this ~$39.99 model! The product line offers both exclusively winter options with pom-poms and less warm ones. All in all, there are 18 beanies to choose from!

All hats, regardless of their design cost the same during a sale and the price tags without discounts also barely differ. How come, you would ask? The hats don’t look like they should be charged the same price for. Let’s get the facts straight: the material is 100% acryl for all models. Yes, some them are very ably made and resemble posh knitting (kudos to the designers for that!). Acryl, by the way, is suitable for the objectives pursued: it stretches, is washable, water resistant, rather dense and warm. All the beanies are one size fits all, they stretch on any head. As for the insulation, some models are thinner, which makes them a great option for the spring-summer (if you're one of those guys who confidently can withstand treacherous sun strikes), but in the winter are not warm enough to wear. Notorious pompons options are unlikely to be useful at other times of the year. Check out all options on Amazon.com

bluetooth beanie hatWashing is possible as the electronics are removable just as easily. The remote control is located on the side of all hats; it is intuitive and easy to use. There is however, nothing new to invent. You’ll be able to enjoy music or talk on the phone for 6 hours, which is a standard time. The Bluetooth version is however obsolete, it is 3.0. Perhaps this is the main drawback of the model.

Stylish Rotibox beanies came to the liking not only of our editorial staff, but of many users too: the line received 425 customer reviews and an Amazon.com rating of 4.1 stars out of 5.

Price: ~$39.99 Check the current price

Mydeal Winter Fashion Bluetooth Beanie Hat

Image00001Yet another manufacturer, Mydeal, will find itself in our review because it offers sporty Bluetooth headbands apart from the beanies. The current sale gives a 50% discount for both a headband and a beanie and you can obtain it for only $49.99.

The first technical detail that catches the eye is Bluetooth 4.1 which is, without hesitation, superior to all others. What does it provide? As of today, this is the most state-of-the-art Bluetooth connection which the electronic gadgets have just begun to introduce. The innovation does not overload the battery, it provides for the said 6-7 hours of playback and 60 hours in the standby mode.

The remote control is located under the patch we’re all used to; its appearance varies in different models, though. You’ll find both leather lining and neat knitted pockets. The beanies are one size and of different styles ranging from tight to baggy ones. The same is true for seasonality, you’ll find a winter skiing hat and an early spring light one: all in all, there are about 20 options to suit any taste.

Bluetooth Beanie HatAs for the headbands, the technicalities are identical, while the design is much more interesting. The inside of the model is stitched with a special porous material that absorbs sweat and does not create discomfort during extended wear, unlike the usual cheap headbands. It fits the head quite firmly and comfortably and doesn’t slip down even if you move briskly. The sound volume goes much higher than in the hats as the headband is very tight, so the speaker is even closer to your ear.

MyDeal 258 line was rated at 4.1 stars out of 5 on Amazon.com. This might not be a renowned brand name, but the product is of high quality, stylish and comfortable.

Price: ~$49.99 Check the current price

Bluetooth Beanies Comparison Chart





Autonomous operation (h)

Color Range

Price, USD


bluetooth beanie headset min

Acryl and polyester (50%/50%)

One size






Bluetooth Beanie Hat,Rotibox Winter Cap min


100% Acryl

One size



18 colors



71M2 sEXSQL. SL1000 2

100% Acryl

One size



19 colors


Once you look at the chart, you understand that you shouldn’t expect Bluetooth beanies diversity. The technical characteristics are virtually identical, except for the important details (a Bluetooth version, for instance), which may become the decisive factor for some users. Today Mydeal is the leader among available manufacturers became as it provides both state-of-the art technology and a wide range of models (warm, lightweight, sports) available in different colors. What does a music fan need when winter is coming? The choice is yours to make!

Also bluetooth beanie is a perfect winter gift – you'll find more ideas in our review of 26 best winter gifts.

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Oh, It's a good idea for winter! Very comfortably. I will buy bluetooth beanie for my husband, he is a music lover.
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But, for such price, you won't find good headphones) Thus, it appears that Bluetooth headset is an extra to beanie. Practical and warm.

Sinestro 2016-11-24 00:42

Did I understand correctly, that those Bluetooth beanie are not a proper headphones, but rather just a headset on one ear?