A Review of 9 Best Foot Warmers for Your Shoes, Home and Office

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“A cool mouth, and warm feet, live long”, reads a wise old proverb. It is true: to stay healthy, you have to make sure your feet are always warm. Incidentally, feet are exposed to the cold more than any other body parts! Just like you, we do not like being cold, so we have found the top 5 best foot warmers for different occasions: walking the dog for a couple of hours, going hunting or fishing in winter for the whole day, simply running to work, warming the ever-cold feet if you suffer from Raynaud Syndrome or sticking your feet into warm sleepers while surfing the net. The warmers here will meet any taste and budget, as this review covers heated insoles, thermal socks, toe warmers, USB slippers, warmers booties, heated cushion for foot and heated footrest at prices ranging from $1.6 to $79.

Best Foot Warmers for Outdoor Activities: Travelling, Fishing, Hunting, Sports or Walking

Best Foot Warmers for Hunting – HotHands Insole Foot Warmers (16 pairs)

This is a #1 best selling product among disposable foot warmers and is a real savior for those with cold feet. It is not in vain that these insoles have a cumulative rating of 4.6 out of 5 stars on Amazon.com. Use them when necessary: when you walk your pet, when taking up winter activities or when going fishing. All you have to do is take out a pair of insoles (a pair costs only ~$1.8), insert both insoles in your shoes and enjoy the comfortable heating which lasts up to 9 hours. HotHands Insole Foot Warmers are thin, they are activated when in contact with air, safe and don’t smell. They release soft heat, but it’s hot enough not to make you insert the insoles in your socks! You’ll become overheated if your skin directly contacts the heated insoles.

HeatMax Hot Hands Insole Foot Warmers
HeatMax Hot Hands Insole Foot Warmers

✔ Tailgating at Events, Outdoor Sporting Events, Hunting & Fishing, Camping & Hiking,
Working in The Yard, Jogging or Taking Your Pet for A Walk. Convenient, Compact, Portable.


Judging by the feedback, for many people it is the only way to warm up their icy legs in winter. In particular, the insoles help people suffering from Raynaud Syndrome as the pain and chills in feet will be gone. Many people repeatedly buy them for themselves and to give to friends. Make your own conclusions based on that.

Price: ~$19.62 (16 pairs) Check the current price

Heat Holders Original 2.3 Tog Winter Thermal Socks

If you are looking for hunting foot warmers, you won’t be able to resist the most straightforward option, i.e. socks. These ~$15.99 socks are not regular ones; they are ultra warm for the most extreme cold weather. As the manufacturer claims, they are seven times as warm as regular cotton socks. They are made of specially designed yarn that not only isolates the cold, but also absorbs liquids. Enough of dull socks, men can choose from a range of 35 colors that will meet any taste! Women have 25 colors to choose from.

Winter Thermal Socks: photoThe users appreciate the item: “They are perfect for hunting and skiing. The socks are very soft on the inside. These are a must have for winter!” However, Heat Holders Socks are suitable not only for hunters, fishermen or athletes, but also for Raynaud Syndrome patients. As the users claim, the socks relieve unpleasant sensations in the feet, such as cold, burn, tingling or pain. Some buy several pairs at once to survive yet another winter in comfort.. “My husband, who has Reynauds, says they do keep his feet warm. He says he wants another pair because whenever he finds a good product they stop making it!” Read over 700 customer reviews on Amazon.com on Amazon.com to know more.

star Excerpts from buyers’ reviews star

«The interior has a kind of furry material lining which makes the socks very thick and warm in the cold. The inside is very soft, but not so soft that they slip off easily. They provide warmth quickly. And my personal recommendation, wash this separate».

«These socks are really warm and extremely soft on the inside. It's best to wash them on a delicate cycle and lay them flat to dry, which because of their thickness can take several hours. I have put them in the dryer even on low heat and they shrunk considerably».

Price of Men's Socks: from ~$15.99 Check the current price

Price of Women's Socks: from ~$15.99 Check the current price

Best Toe Warmers – Meister 2.5mm Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer Booties for Cycling, Running, Hiking & Ice Baths (Pair)

best toe warmers: photoToe warmers by Meiser for the price from ~$7.99 are perfect for athletes, travelers and even office workers. Toe warmers look like sock halves and are aimed at protecting toes in particular as they are the part that gets chilly first. Unlike heating insoles, this isn’t a disposable product but one that can be washed and reused. Wear them over your socks and feel your feet being heated up by these tiny warmers. They aren’t thick and shouldn’t cause discomfort when wearing regular shoes. The warmers are one-size-fits-all, but are available in three colors: black, orange or pink.

Price: from ~$7.99 Check the current price

Best Electric Foot Warmers

Best Heated Cushion with Foot Pocket – Serta Ultra Plush Triple Rib Electric Heated Foot Warmer, Natural

This is a thing those for those whose cold feet are not saved even by a warm blanket. This big electric heated foot warmer (~$42.59) is designed to give warmth of any kind, be it therapeutic or relaxing one. The important thing is that it really succeeds in this. It will warm your feet wherever you find a power outlet: on the road or in the office, if you are allowed…but you will be most comfortable with this heater, of course, at home! There are four temperature settings, a sleep timer, it is large in size, made of soft fabric, and is available in three colors. The warmer seems to deserve to become a part of your daily life.

Serta | Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Pad
Serta | Ultra Soft Plush Electric Heated Warming Pad
Constructed from luxurious ultra plush fleece fabric that is exceptionally durable
✔ A soft fiberfill center adds comfort to cushion tired feet


Some users wonder if it can be used as a heated mat. The answer is no, as the warmer works only if you put your feet inside the pocket. The foot warmer, on the other hand, can be safely used even under the blanket. The pocket is large enough to fit two pairs of feet, so your loved one won’t be cold either!

star Excerpts from buyers’ reviews star

«I like this. I wanted to like it more. It heats up pretty quickly. I normally turn mine on about 5-10 minutes before I crawl in bed and that's enough time for it to warm the whole queen size bed up. It does have an automatic turn off of 6 hours.».

«This is soo awesome and works excellent! This was the perfect solution to my sometimes cold feet problem in the bed. Super soft material and very large with a long cord. Four settings, warm, low, medium and Hi. The temperature control seems very good and stable and you can set it from just slightly warm to very warm. I'm sure it will make a great heating pad for other situations also».

Price: from ~$42.59 Check the current price

The Best USB Warming Slippers – Narwhal Heated Footwarmers Slipper

Could you find a foot warmer that is cuter than this one? This is a pair of narwhal heated slippers for ~$24.95 which are great to wear when browsing the internet in the cold winter. Simply connect them to your PC via USB or use an outlet adapter (which is not supplied). By the way, after your disconnect the slippers, they will continue working for some time as the battery is powerful enough to store some energy. How convenient is that!

usb heated slippers: photoThe users are quite happy about these narwhals; they give them as a Christmas gift and are distressed that they are not allowed to appear in the office wearing these cute and warm slippers. It is only the size of them that’s being criticized as some find it too big or too small. We’ll leave that for the manufacturer. Overall, the slippers have a decent rating of 4 stars out of 5. Also check our winter gifts review.

Price: from ~$24.95 Check the current price

Best Budget Usb Foot Warmer – 7Buy One Pair Plush USB Electric Heating Slippers Shoe Keep Foot Warmer for Winter Cold Weather

These ~$16.95 slippers are the most accessible USB foot warmers listed. They are soft, plush and have one heating mode (to the temperature of 42ºC/107ºF). What else is there to wish for? They can be plugged into a PC port or a power bank and are therefore convenient to travel with. You can wash them once you take out the heating elements.

Best Budget Usb Foot Warmer: photoDespite the convenience and simplicity, the slippers’ rating is yet to grow. The users often complain that they cannot really walk around wearing them as the slippers are interconnected with a cord. Sometimes the heating elements break down quickly. To avoid this, do not overheat the product, take care of the cord and never let your children play with it.

Price: ~$16.95 Check the current price

Best Electric Foot Warmers Booties

Cozy Electric Vibration Massage with Carbon Fiber Heated Foot Warmer

Would you like to relax like never before? Those who don’t like to skimp on their comfort will love Cozy Electric Foot Warmer. Not only they will warm the feet, but will also perform a vibration massage with the small built-in engines. If you suffer from Raynaud Syndrome, live in a house that is not warm enough or your feet ache after a long day of hard work, this warmer is just what you need.

Cozy Electric Vibration Massage: photoTurn this pouch on for 5-15 minutes and insert your feet or make yourself comfortable in the armchair. Thanks to convenient settings, you can separately set the heating or massaging modes for either or both feet. Two heating levels are available: low-gentle warm up and high-instant heat and two levels of massage, strong and soft massage, are also at your disposal. The warmer is powered from an outlet and has a long power cord (about twelve feet), so you won’t have to look for an extension. Remember that your family members might also become fond of this gadget and they might want some royal heating for their feet during long winter nights.

Price: ~$27.97 Check the current price

Wireless warmer booties are a cheaper alternative to expensive electric foot warmers. Just microwave your Heated/Microwavable Foot Warmer Booties for ~$30.99 for 30 seconds before using them. These plush booties are stuffed with lavender and flax seeds that will slowly give off heat to your feet. Repeat heating for the whole eternity!

The manufacturer recommends using it not only at home, but also at work and along with massage, acupuncture and cosmetology. Heated Booties are a simple way to enhance comfort and pleasure of your leisure time. They are tightly attached to your legs and are washable. However, their soles are too soft for outdoor wearing.

Best foot Warmer For a Cold Office

Best Electric Heated Footrest – Cozy Products TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer

Finally, something special has been invented for the office clerks who are always suffering from cold feet and are obliged to constantly sit. They are no longer dependent on central heating, as a personal foot warmer is available for only ~$54.78. You’ll only need an outlet for it to work. Heated footrest by Cozy Products has several angle and temperature settings, is energy saving and has a conservative design so the heater will perfectly suit any office and might even go unnoticed by your colleagues, but not by you and your feet.

best electric heated footrest: photoThe users claim that average temperature settings will be excellent for warming feet in socks. Once you set it to the maximum, the footrest will warm not only your feet, but the entire space under the table (and nothing more!). This product isn’t an alternative to the room heater; it is for personal use only!

Price: ~$54.78 Check the current price

Foot Warmers Comparative Chart

Product Features Price

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers

HotHands Insole Foot Warmers min: photo

#1 best selling disposable foot warmers, a pair provides up to nine hours of heat

~$19.62 (16 pairs)

Heat Holders Original 2.3 Tog Winter Thermal Socks

Heat Holders winter Thermal Socks min: photo

Special socks for hunting and outdoor activities are seven times as warm as the regular ones.

from ~$15.99

Meister 2.5mm Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer

Meister Thermal Neoprene Toe Warmer min: photo

Minimalistic toe warmers can be conveniently worn over socks.

from ~$7.99

Serta Ultra Plush Triple Rib Electric Heated Foot Warmer

Serta Electric Heated Foot Warmer min: photo

This warmer will heat your feet better than any blanket as long as you have an outlet.


Narwhal Heated Footwarmers Slipper

Narwhal Heated Footwarmers Slipper min: photo

Feel at home anywhere with these funny heated slippers


7Buy One Pair Plush USB Electric Heating Slippers

7Buy USB Electric Heating Slippers min: photo

Cut-rate slippers for home or travel. They take up little room and can be powered by a power bank.


Cozy Electric Vibration Massage with Carbon Fiber Heated Foot Warmer

Electric Vibration Massage with Heated Foot Warmer min: photo

Royal relaxation with this foot pouch with four temperature and massage settings.


Heated/Microwavable Foot Warmer Booties

Heated Foot Warmer Booties min: photo

This is a quick method of warming up after being frozen: these booties will warm your feet after 30 seconds of being microwaved.


Cozy Products TT Toasty Toes Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer

Cozy Ergonomic Heated Foot Warmer min: photo

This is a special gadget for all the freezing office clerks out there. We bet your colleagues would want one as well!


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