Don’t Part with Music Even In the Shower! 9 Best Waterproof Shower Speakers from $10 up to $99

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Bathroom is a chamber of wonders where even the quietest individuals discover their vocal talents. Today we tell you about the best waterproof wireless speakers permitting you to sing in the shower, pool or even on the beach.

Nowadays you’ll find over 48 million (!) wireless speakers on How do you keep your head from spinning when you see such a range of choice? We have compared all the speakers and have chosen the best ones for you to use in different locations, including compact ones for shower, floating ones for the pool and powerful and loud for the pool or beach parties! And for those who never part with the music, we’ve even found outdoor speakers.

How to Pick Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speakers

The first and most fundamental problem which each shower tenor is to encounter is the banal risk of getting water in their phone or mp3, so we recommend refraining from taking your gadget into the bathroom and saving and connecting the playlist to speakers via Bluetooth beforehand. Pay attention to the following characteristics when picking shower speakers:

  • Wireless connection.

Here we come to the first and one of the most essential qualities of any shower speaker is Bluetooth signal activity area. By default most models’ signal range is 10-30 meters. Even if you leave the gadget in the room, and place the speaker near the pool, the signal will be sufficient. Check if the device in question supports Bluetooth 4.0 as many manufacturers are still equip their gadgets with the obsolete Bluetooth 3.0, which creates compatibility problems with some modern gadgets

  • Powerful battery

Battery capacity is just as important for choosing speakers. And though many won’t face a problem of frequent recharging the speakers, it is still worth to focus on the "long-run" options. 400-500 mAh will assure 8-9 hours of playback. Pay attention to solar charges if you want to be able to recharge outdoors.

  • Weight, dimensions and mounting

A shower speaker is a lightweight and compact thing. It will fit your palm and it weighs 200-400 grams. Usually it is mounted on a suction cup and can be easily attached to a tiled wall or a mirror. For those who like relaxing by the pool, there is a special "floating" model. There are also speakers and with special elastic bands and carabineers allowing to fix the gadget on a backpack or clothing. Such speakers are designed for outdoor activities, but no one will forbid you to use them at home.

  • Sound volume

Volume is the key feature of speakers, especially when it comes to a huge and noisy party gathering. 5 Watt will be enough for listening to the music in the shower, double the power if you are planning a beach party and turn to the models with several speakers which will spread the sound to the distance of up to 20 or even 70 meters!

  • Price

The manufacturers’ pricing policy varies as there are over 48 000 wireless speakers on The prices of the items in the waterproof category fluctuate from $10 to $100. Still, the top devices’ price does not usually exceed $30 while the main features are all intact.

We have covered several cool items today, including:

  • The best shower speaker;

  • The best pool and beach speaker;

  • The best outdoor speaker.

Best Bluetooth Shower Speaker

We’ve picked top 3 models in this category.

SoundBot SB510 HD Water Resistant Bluetooth 3.0 Shower Speaker

bluetooth shower speaker

This is a rightful best seller which makes a bubble bath or an invigorating shower even more enjoyable. The compact, round speaker is available in several colors from pale pink to khaki, so picking the right color to match your room design does not seem difficult. It is mounted to the surface with the help of suction cups.

A 4000 mA battery will provide for 6 hours of music. The device takes 3 hours to fully charge via micro USB. The only significant technical disadvantage is Bluetooth 3.0. Let’s hope that the manufacturers will support Bluetooth 4.0

The speaker is equipped both with good sound and an integrated headset, so that you don’t miss an important call. Any Bluetooth device can also support music broadcast. 5W will be sufficient for bathroom, as you are highly unlikely to twist the volume slider until it stops. However, if you get out with SoundBot to your backyard it will become clear that a good level of sound is achieved only at a 5-7 meter distance.

The model has nearly 1000 customer reviews, is rated 4 stars out of 5 on and is affordably quoted at ~$11.79 Check the current price

Mpow Buckler Bluetooth Wireless Waterproof Shower Speaker with Mic

Mpow wireless shower speaker

It's a #1 Best seller in Sound Modules category on This is a more premium-priced alternative to the previous product. Its technical features are nearly identical to it as it also has 5W power, which is more than enough for bathroom and a built-in headset. The battery is a bit more capacitive than the previous item’s one as it will sustain 8 hours of playback.

A more rigorous design which allows mounting the speaker not only with suction cups but also by hanging it on a lever is a major difference. Such a speaker is versatile and can be carried when you go outside. This might be the cast of cyclists or rollers since the sound is perfectly perceived by the speaker’s owner and is almost mute for the others. You won’t be able to throw a huge party with this speaker though as 5W won’t fully cover a basketball court, for instance, with full crystal clear sound.

The model has collected nearly 400 customer reviews, is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 on During sale you’ll be able to buy this gadget for ~$15.99 Check the current price

Cambridge SoundWorks Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

bluetooth speakerIf you feel like throwing a bathroom party regardless of the sound quality, here is the most powerful 10W shower waterproof speaker. It will be more than enough for the music to be heard within 15-20 meters.

The 2200 mA battery allows enjoying the music at full volume for 7 hours, and a full charge cycle takes 3 hours.

A built-in microphone is also available, but do mind the mediocre input senility given the loud volume. Perhaps, your neighbors will be able to hear your interlocutor but you’ll have to get close enough to have a proper conversation.

This best-selling item in Portable Bluetooth Speakers category on has nearly 7700 customer reviews and is sold with a discount at the moment. The incredible product can be obtained for only ~$27.99. Its power will let you arrange a really loud pool party, so it is a decent competitor for the following speaker.

Best Bluetooth Pool Speaker

Waterproof IPX7 Wireless Bluetooth Speakers

waterproof pool speaker

All you need to know about IPX7 is that this is a classic Boombox, made in a modern style, is water-, dirt-, and cold-resistant. The model is indeed noteworthy not only because of the remarkable design, but also due to its characteristics. 10W power is enough to relax in the backyard pool and nothing will be able to disturb you for 10 hours. After that, of course, the speaker will require a 4-hour recharge. Don’t limit yourself to the pool only, if you take the gadget to a skate park, not only its stylish design but also its clear sound spreading at 15-20 meters will attract everyone’s attention.

The best selling device in Component Car Speakers category will cost you ~$49.99 which is rather acceptable for a 10W speaker. The customers’ reviews won’t lie.

There is also a nice perk! If you want your speaker not only to stand on the edge of the pool but also to float, invest in a special inflatable speaker stand. You’ll be able to fit the speaker as well as leave your glasses, chips or fruit in it and have it all handy. If you are a true sybarite and love everything to be top-class, find the Chill Floating Cooler for only ~$16.50 Check the current price

Best Bluetooth Pool Floating Speaker

The category of floating speakers deserves your attention despite not being most popular. The Ivation item below is one of the best representatives of floating speakers.

Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker

best floating speaker

It is the spherical shape that makes such models fit specifically for a pool or a bath, it will be definitely inconvenient when camping or merely walking. It is barely possible to invent something better for a pool though given the stability of the structure when afloat.

The power is standard for its size, it is 5W. Charging with the small batteries rather than a regular power supply is a fly in this ointment, although some individuals might find changing the batteries more convenient than completely re-charging the device.

The floating musical sphere will cost you ~$59.99 and it has only gathered 33 customer reviews to date on These are modest figures, but it’s a pretty stylish option if it is precisely a floating speaker you are looking for.

Best Bluetooth Beach Speaker

Are you about to throw aloud beach party? This model is surely louder than any existing analogues! It is 10x more powerful than the above mentioned products as the fantastic 350W will drown out even the noisiest squad without distorting the sound.

TUNES2GO CA-E065O KoolMAX Bluetooth Speaker (Orange)

best bluetooth beach party speakerIf you take Tunes2Go to the beach in the evening, we can assure you that the sound will be heard dozens of meters away and will attract the neighborhood residents’ attention. No, this isn’t a huge bulky speaker; it reminds us more of a full-scale portable fridge. This must be the most the most "musical" fridge of all we've seen.

The portable stereo system looks like a trolley, the kind you would see in a Pepsi commercial. Frankly speaking, such resemblance is important at least due to its impressive capacity of 48 soda or 28 beer cans which will easily fit the “trunk” which is able to maintain coolness for 3 consecutive days. A couple of wheels mentioned facilitate the mobility and are perfectly suited for pavement. Be careful when you take it on a sandy beach though, as the trolley’s clearance is way too low, the sand is often a serious obstacle.

Both the mobile gadgets (which have a specially designed stand) and SD and USB drives up to 32 Gb can be connected to the speaker. Also, you can easily enjoy your favorite radio stations.

This monster’s battery provides for up to 16 hours of playback, and the charging cycle is about 6 hours which makes this model the longest-playing one in this review. I have to say, this purchase is definitely not a cheap one, especially if you are in search of a small, stylish accessory that can bring color to everyday things. Still, for the loud parties and large and stylish gadgets fans this a great investment option for the price of ~ $338.72 Check the current price

Best Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker for Outdoor Activities

Last but not least, as we’ve promised we’ll cover the best outdoor speakers if you’re the kind of person that lives a music life.

VicTsing Wireless Bluetooth 3.0 Waterproof Outdoor & Shower Speaker

best speaker for outdoors

This speaker will become your partner in crime if you love picnics, cycling and mountain hikes. A 5W speaker provides decent quality sound which will please you despite the mediocre power at the expense of an open dynamic.

The design does not resemble a shower head, so the speaker will look presentable even when hooked onto your backpack. A protective grid over the speaker looks especially cool, as you would hardly suppose that this is a water-proof product when you glance at it. The material from which it is made is not subject to corrosion, so do not worry about durability.

This model costs ~$17.99, and the 3500 customer reviews further contribute to its best-selling status in in Internet Radios category. This is a must-have for active recreation.

Arespark Outdoor Bluetooth 4.0 Speaker with 12 Hours Playtime

best bluetooth speaker for party

This is an active recreation model which has some very decent characteristics. Unlike its analogues it has two (rather than one) speakers of 3.7 W each. They are hidden in shock- and water-resistant case of 4.8 x 1.8 x 2.5 inches, the weight of which is slightly inferior to 300g. Taking into consideration the general heaviness of the design, the item is really compact. The total power will be sufficient for a backyard party, and thanks to two speakers available the sound quality is also excellent. The sound will spread for over 15 meters without distortion.

Yet another competitive edge of this model is Bluetooth 4.0. 1600 mAh battery must be the unique selling point of the product permitting to enjoy the music for 12 consecutive hours.

The speaker is a steady best seller on, as at the moment of writing this article it had over 800 customer reviews and was rated 4.5 stars out of 5. When on sale, the discount reaches 57% which makes it a feasible purchase as the final price will reach only ~$32.99 Check the current price

UE ROLL 2 Atmosphere Wireless Portable Bluetooth Speaker

 portable bluetooth speaker

The only reason for this Ultimateears’ premium model for ~$99.99 not to make it into the best-sellers list is its price tag. In general this is the best mini-speaker for active recreaction. First of all, its design is immensely stylish. The ergonomics are great, as an elastic band permits mounting the device to any surface, and this literally outdoes any analogues with clumsy hooks. The sound quality exceeds any 5W speakers, and even at maximum volume there is no significant quality deterioration. Don’t expect the pure sound to spread farther than 10 meters, though.

There are only two control buttons, some might think this isn’t enough, but the device is flexibly customizable with the help of special software. Unnecessary options would have only spoiled the image of a truly stylish speaker.

The battery charge will be enough for 9 hours of playback, full charging cycle takes 3 hours which is quite productive.

The gadget is nevertheless stylish and interesting. Like any typical underground trend, it might not become a best-seller, but it will leave you with positive impressions only. There are few customer reviews, only 33 of them, the item is rated 4.5 stars out of 5 and the price tag reads ~$99.99 Check the current price

Bluetooth Shower Speakers Comparison Chart



Coverage (m)

Autonomous performance (hr)

Dimensions (lxhxw)



SoundBot SB510 HD







Mpow Buckler shower speaker




2.1 x 6.2 x 4.2 ”



Cambridge SoundWorks Bluetooth Speaker

10W 15-20 7 2.5 x 5.25 x 2.75” 255g


Waterproof IPX7 10W 15-20 10 8.1 x 3.1 x 2” 680g


Ivation Waterproof Bluetooth Floating Speaker 5W 5-10 ~66 6.9 x 6.8 x 6.6” 907g


TUNES2GO CA-E065O 350W <70 16 26.2 x 18.5 x 19” 14kg


VicTsing wireless speaker







Arespark Outdoor Bluetooth














We have listed the most attractive and state-of-the-art models to our taste in this review and the mini guide at the beginning of the article so that you can easily compare and contrast other models you might come across. Let the music and the good mood stay with you all the time!

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