There also exist special cooling devices for dogs. Everyone is familiar with special winter wear for pets, aren’t they? The vests are tailored for virtually the same patterns and they work in a completely identical manner: you should soak it, put it on, save your dog from overheating and repeat after a few hours. It will come in handy not only when taking your dog for a walk in hot weather, but also when you, say, participate in a dog show competition. Use the vest to cool a tired dog after a tense race.

Comfort and freedom of movement for an active pet are essential when it comes to a cooling vest. Ideally, such a vest should be made in a way that doesn’t cause any discomfort whatsoever. You will be able to take off most of them in a couple of movements as zippers have been replaced with Velcro. Be prepared though that a dog vest will wear and tear faster than a human one. Dogs can be hyperactive and can easily damage the fabric while playing.

Most issues arise if you choose to wear vests covering the entire back as many complain of the fastening being insufficient and of the vest always sliding to the side, especially if a dog is very active. Vests with poor chest fastening usually pose such problems. In that case, opt for a product with 2-3 fasteners both on the chest and on the back. Also, make sure you choose the right size, if you pick a smaller one, a dog will feel too tight, if you buy a larger vest, it will merely slide off the back. Certain customers complain that they were forced to alter the vests for their dogs, that is why you’d better go ahead and measure your pet before the purchase and compare the measurements to the dimensions offered by the manufacturer. Another popular complaint is that sometimes the wet vest becomes too heavy for some dogs and they feel even more uncomfortable in the heat because of the additional load.

We’ve picked several items of different shapes: covering the entire back, similar but smaller ones, and the most compact bibs. They are available in different sizes so it won’t very difficult to buy something for both minuscule and large breeds.

The largest item covering the entire back, HyperKewl Evaporative Cooling Dog Coat, is suitable for furry breeds. It provides for maximum cooling and minimum suffering in heat for your dear dog. Thanks to its special design, the vest will cool you for at least 5-7 hours. It is available in XS-XXL, so even the puppies can be protected.

Cooling for your dog: photo

This huge vest has a cheaper analog, Dog Cooling Vest, Swamp Cooler Jacket for Dogs. It is equipped with conventional fasteners. It retains moisture for a much shorter period of time, though: for up to 2 hours.

Cooling for your dog analog: photo

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Also, a multi-layered Ruffwear vest is available for those who don’t save on their pets. Its idea is in being multi-layered, i.e. the top layer facilitates moisture evaporation, the second retains the said moisture and the third one gives off the invigorating coolness to your dog. It is noteworthy that all sizes, ranging from XXS to XL are available for the same price. The only color is light Graphite Gray and the manufacturer promises that it will reflect sunlight.

If you don’t need a large vest, a bib will be handy.

Dog Cooling Vests: photo

Two of such available are remarkable. The first one is Hurtta Cooling Dog Vest which is thicker and has a Velcro. Its main benefit is that it is available in any size.

Hurtta Dog Cooling Vests: photo

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The second one, Guardian Gear Cool Pup, cannot really boast of diversity. You can invest in it if your dog’s chest is about 12-17”.

Guardian Gear Cool Pup: photo

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10 Best-Selling Dog Cooling Vests Comparative Table