A low-cost solution is not always a great option, especially when it comes to a motherboard. I have already mentioned the reasons for the high prices for certain models (especially the ones built on an Intel chipset) and have listed the arguments supporting investing into an expensive motherboard in our guide to Picking a Motherboard. We have already covered the best Intel chipset motherboard, and now it’s high time to turn to the cheapest segment of AMD chipset motherboards and to pick the best one among them.

The Best Affordable AMD Chipset Motherboard

ASRock Motherboard ATX DDR3 2400 AM3 970A-G/3.1

Best Affordable AMD Chipset Motherboard

Here before you is one of the best cut-rate options available on the market today. Although many models from “under $100” segment look like a high school D&T project, this item looks way better than an average cheap motherboard despite being far from top Intel models.

A promising cooling system is the second item to pay attention to. 6 fan connectors hint that your hardware won’t overheat if you assemble the PC properly.

The assembly quality is also decent, as confirmed by the customer reviews. No big flaws, such as lack of insulation or rough soldering of the elements were found. The interface panel will meet your basic requirements, the only thing that is not enough is USB 3.0 as there are only 2 such ports. Your fundamental needs will be met, the more so there are 8 USB 2.0 connectors. Obviously, the system will become irreversibly obsolete within a few years, this is undisputable. The main drawback of a reasonably-priced option is, therefore, its soaring outdating.

As a result, we have a great option, which will permit you to build a decent average system, but nothing more.






AMD Sempron

CPU power port

8 contacts

Memory slots

DDR3 4x

Extension ports

2x PCI Express x16 2.0
PCI Express x1 2.0


6x SATA 6 Gbit/s

Rear ports

1 x PS/2 port
8x USB 2.0
2 x USB 3.0
1 x LAN
6 x 3.5-mm mini-jack

Built-in Wi-Fi adapter


Sound adapter

Realtek ALC1150;
TI OPA1652

Fan ports

3/4 pin