While these lamps may have originally gained popularity through social media apps such as Instagram which help to shape aesthetics, these lamps can actually serve more of a practical effect than one may think.

What Is A Moon Lamp?

These lamps are 3D-printed to reflect the exact topography, giving their owners the unique experience of own an exact replica of the moon. What's more, when these lamps are lit they have been shown to have a calming effect.

Because they so closely reflect the actual effect of the moon on a peaceful night, due to the topography, when they are lit up, they give off a highly familiar effect to those witnessing it. This familiarity has been shown to be both calming and mood-boosting, making this lamp one-of-a-kind.

Their calming effect and unique design make these lamps a great addition to any space, as well as great presents for friends and family.

16 Colors LED 3D Print Moon Light Lamp

LOGROTATE 16 Colors LED 3D Print Moon Light: photo

This moon lamp has something for everyone, with 16 different colors and a bright LED display. This lamp can be set to flash or strobe, creating a unique effect during parties or holidays.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, this lamp can help to add some ambiance to nearly any social event. What's more, the remote control included is able to reach up to 50 feet, allowing users to seamlessly switch between moods easily.

This moon lamp has a unique design when compared to others, as there is no power line hanging out, allowing one to hold the lamp right in their hands and admire its design. Additionally, this lamp is easily charged via the included built-in rechargeable battery. This can also be charged by USB through one's computer or through a power bank.

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