Choosing a console headset has never been trivial, as there are few models, the brands vary from no-name ones to premium priced ones (such as Sony). Do you often think about the traits that a perfect console headset should have? If you take a look at the previous generation of consoles, namely Xbox 360 and PS3, you are likely to notice the limited amount of accessories sold. An incomparably large amount of devices for the new generation is launched; we have focused on them in our announcement of the new console accessories.

What is the reason for the increased popularity of different accessories? Perhaps, the reason is complete online connection of the consoles. If you used to play some flash games with TV speakers before, now you are in need of better quality of sending and receiving your teammates’ messages as almost everyone is playing online. Moreover, your family members don’t need to hear other players’ feedback about your skills in playing Overwatch, for instance.

Top 3 Best Wired Gaming Headset for Xbox One

Let’s start with the simplest and most widely ranged segment of wired models. Xbox One wired headsets are connected to the gamepad with a special adapter. Yes, some would consider this to be an overload; but unfortunately, no alternative has been invented yet. What are the advantages of a wired headset?

  • This headset does not require constant recharging, and therefore will not leave you without a sound at the wrong time

  • If you find yourself in the “under $50” price niche, then a wired headset will almost certainly cost many times cheaper. This is irrelevant for average and premium-priced models, though.

  • There are many more wired Xbox One headsets than the wireless ones. Moreover, the console supports Bluetooth connection. Fortunately, the gamepad connection does not become an overload.

Xbox One Stereo Headset

Xbox One Stereo Headset: photo

The first in our review will be the Xbox One brand headset. It is reliable, relatively inexpensive, and is made in a stylish, low-key style. It is tailored for the console, hence no problems with the setup. Please note that the headset is quite advanced for a cut-rate model as the microphone quality, for example, is way above average. By the way, the microphone inflexible, and this may cause some user complaints. But unlike the first bendable model it can be easily placed into the side headband of the set. In general, the build quality and appearance of the headset make this Microsoft product one of the best. You can read over 1500 customers’ reviews to make sure it’s true.

Microsoft: Check the current price

Turtle Beach - Ear Force Recon 50X Stereo Gaming Headset - Xbox One

Turtle Beach Ear Force Recon 50X: photo

We have an ambiguous attitude towards Turtle Beach. On the one hand, this manufacturer cannot introduce anything breakthrough on the PC accessories market. On the other hand, it produces one of the most state-of-the-art TV and console headsets. It happened so that Ear Force Recon 50X is an indeed worthy product. The build quality is acceptable, the surround sound is deep and even the earpieces are made of decent materials which won’t make your ears fall off. The “under $50” price niche makes this device extremely attractive for a console gamer.

Turtle Beach: Check the current price

SADES SA-708S Stereo Gaming Headphone Headset with Microphone

Sades SA-708S Headset: photo

This is an affordable option (available for only and its cheapness is the typical gamer cheapness kind. Add some gloss and bright red color and voila: your headset is ready. As for the drawbacks we’ll name rough design. The cheap plastic creaks and the microphone’s bumpy rotation will irritate you. Fortunately, the quality of the headset itself is quite decent and it even provides a return on investment. Yes, the material quality leaves much to be desired, but if it’s your first headset or a temporary replacement of a product of better quality, you’ll be just fine.

SADES: Check the current price

Finally, we’ll list a wireless option as a separate item.

The Best Wireless Gaming Headset for Xbox One

HUHD HW-399M 2.4Ghz Fiber-optical Wireless Gaming Headset. Reviews Xbox One Wireless Headset

HUHD HW-399M 2.4Ghz Wireless Gaming Headset: photo

This headset is connected via an optical audio cable rather than Bluetooth. The lack of a cable frees your head movements, and decent materials provide for a comfortable experience. When it comes to the drawbacks, the inflexible microphone is an issue. As for the advantages, we’ll distinguish worthy sound and good value for money. Xbox One Wireless Headset. This is definitely a decent wireless option which has no competitors due to its uniqueness.

HUHD: Check the current price

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