In the United States alone, seasonal affective disorder is estimated to significantly impact over ten million people. Experts estimate that millions more suffer in silence, never sure why their mood, relationships, and productivity dips during the long winter months.

Light Therapy Lamps: What's the Hype?

As research around the condition has mounted, light therapy lamps have grown in popularity. Through simulating the brightness of the sun, light therapy helps those with a motley of mood disorders to achieve better sleep, focus, and happiness in daily life.

What Are the Benefits of Light Therapy Lamps?

According to research, light therapy is thought to directly affect neurotransmitters associated with mood, sleep, appetite, and anxiety. Many have found long term success through working or relaxing in front of a light therapy box for anywhere from thirty to sixty minutes a day.

Aside from SAD, light therapy has also helped many cope with conditions like depression, jet lag, sleep disorders, and even dementia. Exposure to sun-like light may help to relieve the underlying causes of mood disorders.

When light boxes were first developed, they were excessively big and bulky. Nowadays, light therapy boxes are built to be powerful yet compact enough for convenient travel and storage.

As always, if you're experiencing negative mental health symptoms, it's best to first consult with your primary care physician before self-treating the condition with light therapy.

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp

Miroco Light Therapy Lamp: photo

Ultra thin and completely foldable, the powerfully bright Miroco light therapy lamp can slide into small places for long-term storage. It's convenient enough to fit next to your laptop, on the kitchen counter, on your desk, or any other environment.

The safe, UV-free LED light mimics the brightness of a sunny day by producing over 10,000 lumens. The natural lighting helps to substantially lift moods affected by overcast days, winter, or seasonal affective disorders.

With a smooth dimmer, it's possible to adjust the brightness from twenty to one-hundred percent to fit any time of day. Many buyers prefer to dim the brightness as the day starts to end, allowing them to achieve restful sleep at night.

The lamp even comes with a thirty minute timer that allows you to set the lamp brightness for pre-programmed times. When you turn the lamp off, the memory function allows it remember your last brightness setting for pain-free use.

The only consistent criticism consumers have is that the light therapy lamp must be plugged in at all times to work. It doesn't feature any rechargeable battery; however, wireless lamps often produce uneven brightness after a long usage session.

Pros Cons
  • Produces 10,000 lumens to mimic natural sunlight
  • Can dim to suit any environment at any time of day
  • Small and portable enough for convenient use
  • Lamp lacks more sophisticated timer functions
  • Must be plugged in to work

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