Accessories for consoles

Major developers will dedicate the entire 2016 to VR-development, but this does not mean that the consoles will remain in the past. The market of accessories for them is not the most extensive one, but we have gathered  3 new items that are worth of attention of every PS4 and Xbox One owner.

PlayStation 4 PS4 Wall Mount Holder Bracket White

Already released.

PlayStation 4 PS4 Wall Mount Holder Bracket WhiteAlthough the era of consoles with wired controllers has been left far behind, the catastrophic collisions of the console with the flooring occur quite often - whether as a result of the hyperactivity of your cat or your own clumsiness. It seems that in ViMount were thinking about the problem and launched the brand wall mount for Sony's flagship console onto the market. The construction is made of steel and is mounted on the wall with four screws and almost invisible holders provide secure fixation of the console. By hanging the console on the wall, you kill two birds with one stone – protect PS4 against accidental knocks and other kinds of harmful physical impacts, and free up some space near the TV. Well, if a plasma screen is hanging on the wall, and the PS4 took a modest place on a near standing stool, then ViMount is a definite must have.

Price: ~$39.99 Check the current price

Sony In Ear Stereo Headset Headphones with Microphone for Sony Xperia Z, Xperia ZL, Xperia V & Other 3.5mm Devices

Already released.

Sony In Ear Stereo Headset HeadphonesThis is the first headset from Sony that was specially released for game consoles at the end of 2015 and escaped worldwide attention in the light of New Year releases. The first thing that catches your eye is its compactness and mobility. It's targeted primarily at those who feel uncomfortable while using "full-weight" headsets for a long period of time, and surely is perfect for those cases when you have a rather good audio system that copes well with its tasks, however, you wanted to play, when you flatmates have a deep sleep already. The headset is equipped with a 3.5mm connector that allows you to use it with a PC and other mobile devices easily. It is connected with PS4 via a controller, allowing you not only to listen but also to communicate with other users via a built-in microphone.

Another interesting feature is a built-in box with the noise-reducing AudioSield technology. Neighbours started Sunday renovation, exceeding all the sound in the game? Press the button and the problem is solved. It stands no reason that the module can't be powered up by absorbing external noise, so it should be charged from time to time. But the battery will hold out for 14-15 hours – which is quite enough. The only drawback is its cost ~ $ 100. For such a sum, one could buy a fully-featured headset.

Price: ~$18.97 Check the current price

Xbox One Wireless Controller Dusk/Copper Shadow

Release date: the end of April 2016

Xbox One Wireless Controller Dusk ShadowThe range of controllers for Xbox One was extended with two new models - Dusk Shadow and Cooper Shadow. And almost nothing has been changed but for color, however, the controller’s visual appearance differs greatly from the vanilla version. And all due to the fact that the previous controllers didn't stand out with a bright palette of colors (but for Lunar White), so even a neutral blue metallic and copper look quite fresh. If your old controller has become clapped-out, pay attention to these models.

Xbox One Wireless Controller Copper Shadow