When referring to German watches, we mean branded watches made by German manufacturers or military-style watches. The latter ones boast amazingly robust construction and can effectively withstand brutal and extreme conditions. A bright example is German Military Titanium Watch by GPW, which is one of the few official military watches. This model is made based on watches designed specifically for Crisis Reaction Forces.

Among timekeeping hobbyists, the phrase “Made in Germany” is nothing to be scoffed at. Though it took a while for the watchmaking industry to recover after reunification in the nineties, German manufacturers have once again become closely associated with quality, craftsmanship, and artistry.

Now, many German specific brands become annual high performers on the wristwatch market. In particular, the luxury brand MeisterSinger, which is based out of Münster city, has elevated the weight of the German name in watch design.

In the late eighties, the self-taught jeweler Weller Brassler founded the company, primarily manufacturing watches out of hard quartz. Only 10,000 pieces are sold annually out of Germany, owing to their exorbitant price tag.

MeisterSinger Phanero Mechanical Watch: photo

The Main Features of German Watches

If you're interested in German watches, you'll notice a few common design themes. Many German timepieces are constructed from durable materials like stainless steel, genuine leather, and Japanese quartz. Stitched leather, mineral glass, and Hesalite glass are also very common materials.

German watch faces can typically be distinguished by their bold design, clear lettering, and chunky dials. Yet it's also not uncommon to see thin, Bauhaus influenced fonts, thin bezeling, and unassuming cream coloration.

Trusted Brands of German Watches

Potential buyers should know that German watches are typically more pricey than their American counterparts. Even so, if you want a piece that will - with a little maintenance - last you decades, look into Junkers, Laco, and Junghan watch models.

For an affordable piece, many customers recommend the Junkers Professor (9.04) piece. With sapphire-encased glass and a stainless steel chassis, this corrosion-resistant watch is guaranteed to make a striking impression on first sight.

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