If you love the look of a traditional watch, yet desire all the functionality of a smart device, then a hybrid smartwatch may be the perfect device for you. Unlike Apple watches or Android Wear devices, hybrid products look exactly like old-style analog watches and have no touchscreen. 

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Garmin vívomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch: photo

How Do Hybrid Smartwatches Work?

Yet under the hood, these slim and stylish devices are able to track your steps, heart rate, sleep quality, sync to your phone notifications, and much more. Most hybrid products pair with a specific application on your smartphone, where you will be able to interact with the watches' gathered data.

It common for these products to feature alarms, automatic time zone adjustment, and programmable buttons that can be configured with different controls. Capturing a photo, changing songs, or discreetly silencing your phone has never been easier.

There's no limit to the way that most hybrid watches can be customized, either. Regardless of your technical background, many products make it very simple to sync the watch to different apps.

Trusted Brands of Hybrid Smartwatches

Fossil hybrid watch: photo

The Fossil hybrid watch allows users to sync an app with a specific hand on the device that will zip around. For example, if a user has associated a messenger app with the number four, the extra hand could point to that digit when a notification has arrived. By contrast, other brands may feature a subtle LCD band that blinks when you've received a notification.

Of course, every hybrid smartwatch is different: some may boast a longer list of features than others. Since these products vary so widely in functionality, it's important for you to first conduct careful research before opting for any particular device.

Skagen hybrid watch: photo

Keep on the look-out for some of the most highly rated and customer-approved brands. In particular, Garmin and Skagen hybrids are known to appear deceptively traditional while boasting a huge degree of customizable behavior.

Garmin vívomove HR Hybrid Smartwatch: photo

In particular, the Garmin Vivomove HR allows users to stay connected with music controls, smart incoming call notifications, and calendar reminders.

With seamless Elevate application pairing, this device constantly measures heart rate that can be automatically graphed in the app. Users even have the ability to opt out of "smart mode" in order to secure a longer battery life between recharge cycles.

TOP Best Hybrid Smartwatches

1. Fossil Men's Collider

Fossil Men's Collider: photo

Featuring a deceptively classic design, this stainless steel Fossil hybrid watch comes with all the latest smart device compatible technology. Through pairing with your iOS or Android device, you can seamlessly track heart rate, activity, and sleep quality through in-depth wellness stats.

Users appreciate their enhanced ability to receive, view, and respond to smartphone notifications with this product. You won't have to sacrifice the traditional timepiece feeling: control music, check your calendar, and view weather updates discretely at any time.

With an incredible two-week battery life and high energy efficiency, you won't have to worry about the frequent charging needs most smartwatches have. Better yet, you can customize the three programmable buttons with any behavior imaginable.

Pros Cons
  • Offers three programmable side buttons
  • Notification display is unobtrusive and blends in with watch face
  • Genuine leather strap can be swapped for different watch styles
  • Some complain that the watch vibration is too weak for notifications

Fossil Men's Collider: Check the current price

2. Fossil Men's Hybrid Smartwatch

Fossil Men's Hybrid Smartwatch: photo

Retrofitted with notification monitoring, activity tracking, and custom goal setting, the Fossil men's smartwatch packs in the look of a timepiece with the behavior of a smart device.

With an estimated year of battery life, this water resistant watch relies on highly efficient micro-controller movement to seamlessly pair with your smartphone.

Unlike other hybrid devices, the watch face doesn't change in appearance, but will unobtrusively port collected data to your phone. It's easy to keep tabs on your health with this product's activity, heart rate, and sleep tracking.

Wish there were more options? No worries, this Fossil watch has a higher degree of user customizability than ever. You can optionally configure it with automatic time zone adjustment, weather monitoring, goal setting, and smartphone notification pairing.

Pros Cons
  • Water resistant design makes it appropriate for use in shower, pool, and shallow water
  • High degree of user customizability
  • Indistinguishable from a traditional watch with excellent smart device capability
  • Luminescent digits aren't as bright in dim lighting as other watches

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3. Garmin Vívomove 3 Hybrid Smartwatch

Garmin Vívomove 3 Hybrid Smartwatch: photo

Cloaked in sleek silver and gray metal, the Garmin vivomove provides all the functionality of a sophisticated analog watch and smart device.
The hidden touchscreen display seamlessly reacts to you, making it only visible right when you need it. Once you interact with the screen, the hands dynamically move away.

Stay connected with incoming call, text, and voice notifications. Easily pull up info from text messages, calendar updates, and more with a compatible smart device.

The Vivomove is even built to collect robust information about your energy levels, pulse, respiration, menstrual cycle, stress, sleep, hydration, and much more. Through connecting to your smart phone's GPS, you can easily track outdoor activities and even automatically categorize them by type.

The only consistent criticism buyers have is about the somewhat short battery life. Due to the large amount of metadata collected by the Vivomove, the battery lasts an average of four to six days before needing a full recharge

Pros Cons
  • Comes in wide range of distinct shades and materials
  • Collects endless amount of information related to your personal health and wellness
  • Watch has hidden touchscreen that only appears when you need it
  • Somewhat short battery life compared to competitor devices

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4. Skagen Connected Men's Holst Titanium Hybrid Smartwatch

Skagen Connected Men's Holst Titanium Hybrid Smartwatch: photo

Without any charging needed, the Skagen Connected watch lasts over six months before needing a battery change. Through providing high efficiency pairing with smartphone functionality, the Skagen tracks a vast amount of information related to your health and ports automatically to your smart device.

Crafted with a titanium case and band, the clasp-closure bands are interchangeable at any time for a cleaning or style change. Depending on your particular needs, the bluetooth-enabled watch can even be programmed with new behavior or notification syncing capabilities.

With no added features, the Skaagen keeps track of smartphone notifications, activity, time zones, and health data. Many users use is to discretely change their music or control their camera from a distance.

Aside from smart device functionality, the Skaagen is built with a high quality and durable finish. The titanium bezel, band, and clasp keep it just as fresh-looking as the day it was first purchased. Moreover, the watch itself is wear and water-resistant up to one feet depth.

Pros Cons
  • Discrete music change and camera controls
  • Titanium material keep watch durable and corrosion-free for years
  • Water resistant up to one hundred feet depth
  • Some complain notification buzz is too slight
  • Poor visibility in no-light conditions

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