We got to test Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch from GearBest.com. We’ll judge its quality on these grounds. We’ve tested for quite a long time, for about 2-3 weeks.

The watch is shipped in a nice, durable and strong box. Once you open it, you’ll find the actual watch on a foam stand and a cardboard box with a short USB cable and a charger. The manufacturer claims that the device is IP65 water-resistant (which means resistance to water jets poured under pressure from any direction). I took a shower, got caught in the rain and built a snowman while wearing this watch. Everything is alright, the device functioned properly. -20 º C frosts weren’t an obstacle for its operation either. The battery was low immediately, but the sensor worked just fine.

Nothing peeled off or fell off during the test period which is great.

First Start

first start of Zeblaze Watch

The smart watch turns on quickly, within 7 seconds. First you’ll see a short Zeblaze intro on the screen, and then you’ll see the desktop with the clock. You get to choose from 7 types of clock faces ranging from an analog clock face to a digital date and time indicator. Of course, you are requested to set the date and time when you first start the watch. After that let us switch to the app menu and focus on each app closely.

The Menu

Everything is simple and customizable here. The top right corner has a watch and a battery indicator; there are 4 app icons on the screen. The number of icons can be changed, but 4 are optimal. You can scroll up and down through the desktops, scrolling is looped. Here is the full list of perks at your disposal:

  • Phone book
  • Dialing
  • Call history
  • Messaging
  • Remote notifications
  • Finding the device
  • Alarm clock
  • Calendar
  • Music playback
  • Remote camera
  • BT connection
  • File manager
  • Pedometer (step counter)
  • Color theme manager
  • Stand-by reminder
  • Heart rate monitor (requested monitoring)
  • Heart rate monitor (real time monitoring)
  • Sound recording
  • Stopwatch
  • Calculator
  • Settings

Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch

Neither our loyal readers nor other people who have encountered smart gadgets will be surprised by any of these features. But for the sake of completeness I feel it is necessary to cover every detail. Moreover, we’ll go through every particular feature.

The Smart Phone–Compatible Apps

I’ll describe all of them as a whole. Long story short, I tested everything and it works. There is no magic of course, no dragons fly and no sick are healed but everything is operating properly as it should. There are some nuances, though. These drawbacks are subjective, but we’ll list them since it’s our job to give our opinion of the product.

It was somewhat difficult for me to work with the phone book and call history as I am a man with rather large hands. The response is clear and unbiased but since the screen is so small I was likely to press something by accident. I refrained from text messaging on this watch from the very beginning.

The speaker is fairly quiet. When listening to music or speaking outdoors you will barely hear your interlocutor. The microphone is acceptable if you hold the wrist with the watch at a distance of 40 cm from the mouth.

By the way, if your smart phone has two SIM cards, you’ll have to pick an active one on the phone as the smart watch doesn’t support such a feature.

Bluetooth connection was excellent. I have already prepared myself mentally to use some voodoo magic for it to work, but both the Android smart phone and the iPhone 5S have connected instantly, which is awesome. It is unclear though why the manufacturers chose to only support the advanced OS.

The Smart Phone–Compatible Apps

The smart watch is only compatible with Android 5.1 and higher and iOS 8.4 and higher, which is a small share of today’s market. Should the product be planned to sell in future as well, this won’t be justified. The competition is intense and there definitely will appear models with a wider range of functions at the same or more competitive price.

BT Connection and Find My Device share the same idea but are implemented differently. The watch is connected to a smart phone via Bluetooth. The only possible reason we see for making several apps for this is to show off.

The File Manager is a regular task manager; it allows opening and removing files.

We enjoyed the Color Theme Manager. There are only 2 color themes and there is a separate app for them.

Music Playback

The music playback is done from the smart phone. It doesn’t lag and the sound comes off the watch’s speaker.


After syncing the image is transmitted to the screen of the watch. After that all you have to do is tap a single icon to take a picture. You can also use it as a baby tracker: put the smart phone over the baby’s cradle and proceed to do your business while wearing the watch within the radius of Bluetooth connection, obviously.

Remote notifications service means choosing the apps on the smart phone to get notifications on the watch from. Facebook, your email and Skype will all send notifications to the watch. You’ll be able to read the messages only as there is no reply option. However, this will do to help you decide whether it’s necessary to take the phone out of your pocket.

Pedometer (Step Counter)

It works properly and counts the steps well. It is enough to turn it on once as it will work autonomously. It works if you cheat as well: if you imitate walking on purpose, the counter will go up. Fake steps are minimized though as I tried keeping my arm at rest while walking (the counter worked) and driving (the counter didn’t work).

a pedometer in the Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch

Also the minimum set includes counting the distance and burnt calories. Initially you set your height, weight and the desired result. Your goal can be to burn n calories or walk a certain amount of meters or make a certain amount of steps. It’s hard to verify the burnt calories counter, but it does count the steps well. I tested it both on myself and my wife and the difference in the results was correct.

Sleep Monitor

It works properly as well. The app version is the most limited one as it won’t show you the sleep stages. It will only show the beginning, the end and the evaluation (good, bad, excellent etc) of your sleep based on the app’s own algorithms. I found out by myself that the monitor stops working once you wake up. My wife also helped me determine that the delay in the beginning of monitoring is plus-minus 5 minutes.

Heart Rate Monitor

The monitor operates properly when functioning at request. All you have to do is have a seat and wait for about 10 seconds before a figure appears on the screen (a correct one). Real-time monitoring lags a lot, if I put it mildly. It’s tolerable you sit still on the sofa, but the result was sorrowful after a hardcore test when I jumped, jogged, then sat down, lay, jogged again and lay again.

First of all, I almost died. Second, after a jog the monitor showed that my heart rate was first 120 beats, then 50 beats and then 240 beats. The result was also unstable when I was calm. Long story short, this app surely can’t be used for medical purposes. In general, most of the smart watches can’t, but still keep this fact in mind when making your choice.

Stand-By Reminder

It’s simple hence it works well. All you have to do is set the time period and once the timer counts to it, your wrist will vibrate. This is a good app for health control.

A Smart Phone App

You can get the link for smart phone app download if you read the QR code on the watch’s screen or in its manual with your phone. I would also recommend downloading a third-party app for this smart watch, as the standard one only offers the walking distance and burnt calories histories. In addition, smart visuals will illustrate your result as a percentage. There are other functions which imitate ones that are available without downloading the app.

Our General Impression and Summary!

Zeblaze Crystal Smart Watch Review

All in all, I liked the watch. Its battery works in the stand-by mode for 4-5 days and for 2 days when connected via BT. The exterior is pleasant, and the watch is trendy and will suit various styles of outfits.

The price is reasonable provided everything is as claimed on the GearBest.com. In reality the watch is overpriced. I personally would rate it 8.2 out of 10.

Comparison with Samsung Gear Fit

For the sake of completeness, let us compare this product with the device of a different price segment, Samsung Gear Fit. The manufacturers position the device as a fitness gadget, but in reality it looks like it is yet another smart watch. It has only two competitive edges over Zeblaze, which are a screen of better quality and the battery is twice as powerful. The rest is all the same.